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Say My Name


Sounds of laughter and champagne glasses clinking together mingled with the ocean breeze. Nynia looked around at all the expensive designer suits and tried to breath through the thick haze of expensive cologne that did little to hide the true stench of the people. She watched as her friend Micah walked up to her, the main reason why she was at the party anyway. They were both beautiful women, but that's were the similarities ended. While Micah was day, Nynia was night with cocoa brown skin and eyes to match. She was an easy 5'6'' with curves in the right places. Her 36 C breasts were a great asset and not to mention she had a great ass to match.

"What are you doing over by yourself?" Micah asked, "Why aren't you mingling around with all the other men it's not as if you aren't the sexiest thing at this party!"

Nynia had to agree to that, but it didn't help that she was virtually the only black woman at her friends' engagement party and the men were busy being distracted by pencil thin white women. Nynia smiled at her friend, "Micah I would mingle, but I don't think these boys can handle what I can give them considering it has been a good 3 months since I've had any. I'm liable to attack!"

They both laughed, but in reality Nynia was tired of the same men coming up to her and ogling her from head to toe and expecting her to lay on her back underneath them for 5 minutes of unsatisfying sex. She watched as her friends' fiancée walked over to Micah and kissed her. Now that's what I want, Nynia thought to herself, Why can't a man look at me with love and adoration in their eyes?

"I'm going to go enjoy the view while you two make puppy eyes at each other." Nynia said to them as they laughed she tried to tell herself that she was happy for her friend, but in reality she wanted for her friend had, she was tired of being lonely.

Nick Brooks observed the crowd with the same enthusiasm as a trip to the dentist. He hated the parties were the women only saw him as a dollar sign; he gazed over at his friend Kevin. Thank God he got a beautiful woman that's interested in more than his checkbook, he thought to himself. She was a beauty no doubt with honey blond hair to the middle of her back and gold green eyes, but to him she was just average. He was looking for a change and it wouldn't be hard considering he was every ladies dream. He was 6'6'' purely muscle thanks to working on the family farm. He had thick blond hair and blue-gray eyes along with dimples to make even an old lady wish she were younger. It didn't help that his father was pressuring him into finding a woman and "making him some grandbabies before he hit the dirt." Then he saw her, the most beautiful woman standing at the balcony looking at the horizon. The emerald dress barely reached her knees, but blended perfectly with her cocoa brown skin. Dark curls fell just a little below her shoulders, he thought about what it would feel like to run his hands through those curls while he pounded into her curvy ass from the back. Just thinking about it made his mouth water for a taste. Hell what's the point in wondering when I can know the real deal, he thought as he walked over to the woman.

Nynia was enjoying the cool breeze against her chocolate skin when she felt someone coming up behind her.

"Enjoying the view?" a deep voice laced with a southern accent worked its way down her spine. She answered back a breathless "Yes. It's beautiful isn't it?"

"It certainly is beautiful...the view that is.", there was a smile in his voice whoever it was. Nynia turned around prepared to give this self-centered man an earful, but then her breath caught in her throat when she turned around and saw the most beautiful man she'd ever seen. Of course the same surprise was reflected in his eyes as he gazed down at her with open admiration. He gazed down at her with his laughing blue-gray eyes with a look that said he hadn't eaten in about two weeks and he wanted a taste of her now. Nynia tried to speak, but she seemed to have lost the ability to speak at all. Her friend Micah saved her as she came up to the two of them.

"Hey Nick I see you've met my gorgeous friend Nynia, and Nynia I see you've met Kevin's ugly friend Nick." Micah said sweetly. Nick threw his head back and laughed, a deep rumble of thunder that made her wet in places she thought had checked out for vacation. Not to mention the dimples in his cheek made her knees. Micah shoved Nynia a little and whispered to Nynia "You might want to close your mouth sweetie before you salivate all over the floor."

Nynia glanced around to see if anyone besides Micah saw her expression, but of course the sexy cowboy in front of her saw her expression. As Micah and her fiancée walked away Nick began to walk up to Nynia. Nynia noticed he had a lazy, sexual walk that promised pleasure beyond her wildest dreams. He leaned into her and she smelled raw power, and sex radiating off his muscular body. The suit did nothing to hide the fact that he was pure animal in bed. She got even wetter and her nipples hardened beneath her dress.

Nick noticed her arousal, hell he smelled it and damn he wanted a taste now, he didn't care if they were at a party with dozens of witnesses. Just seeing how she reacted to him made his cock jump up in his pants and considering his size it was evident how he felt about her. He saw that she noticed his cock by the way her eyes widened. He got close to her and took her earlobe into his mouth giving her a little taste of ecstasy. She gasped making him even harder and making his body hunger for her even more.

"Nice to meet you Nynia", he whispered into her ear, "And don't forget my name anytime soon sweetheart cause one night you might be screaming it."

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