tagInterracial LoveSay My Name Ch. 02

Say My Name Ch. 02


Nick cursed and turned onto his back. He looked up at his ceiling then looked down to the black silk sheets that were wrapped up in his legs and his massive erection. He'd been waking up the same way for the past month all because of one woman...Nynia. He brought his large hand down to his cock and slowly stroked it up and down imagining Nynias' pouty lips wrapped around the head of his cock. He imagined her tongue traveling up and down his cock then her mouth sucking him deep inside all the way to the base. Up and down his hand stroked, squeezing harder and harder every time his hand traveled up. His back arched and he let out a low growl, he became angry fisting himself faster and harder. The pain and pleasure combo became too much to handle as his heavy testicles tightened up and he came hard shooting his cum over the sheets and onto his 8-pack stomach. His hand continued to stroke him, squeezing every drop of cum from his cock. Damn her, he thought, I can't fucking get her out of my mind. He carried himself to the shower to clean up the mess he'd made. The vow he made to himself would come true soon, very soon he could bet on that. Nynia would be his soon and she'd be begging for more before it was over.

Nynia walked down the street to the local outside diner to meet her newly married friend Micah. Ever since that day she met Nick her body craved a taste of the forbidden. She even changed her whole wardrobe just in case he happened to come out of nowhere to claim what was his. She wore a caramel sundress that set her skin of perfectly along with a pair of gold sandals.

"Damn girl I'm glad Kevin's at home. I might have had to whoop your ass if he saw you like this!" Micah exclaimed.

Nynia laughed and smiled at her friend, both of them knew for sure that Kevin wouldn't dare hurt Micah for fear of Micah's family and the ass kicking he'd get from Nynia. Nynia sat down and they both ordered their food, they talked about the latest tings going on in each others lives until Micah brought up the subject that made Nynia cunt water.

"Nick's coming into town this week for a business trip if you catch my drift." Micah said with a wicked gleam in her eye.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Nynia asked innocently when she knew damned well what it meant. It meant the best sex of her life was coming soon and she wasn't going to fight at all.

"Come on Nyn we both know that when you first met Nick you couldn't wait to get him naked. Hell if it weren't for all the people at the party you guys probably would've had sex right there on the floor!"

Nynia glared at her friend to no avail. That's what happens when you let people get too close. They tend to forget that they're supposed to be scared of you.

"He's not interested in me and plus there's the whole issue of race." Nynia said to her friend.

Micah gave Nynia the evil eye "Nyn you know Nick didn't give a monkey's uncle about the fact that you're black. Hell it seemed to turn him on. Maybe you should give him a chance, but hey that's you passing up the best sex of your life."

Nynia absorbed what Micah said, but they didn't touch the topic of Nick anymore. She ended her lunch with Micah and left. While she was alone with her thoughts she thought of all the times since their first encounter she'd touched herself thinking about him. She thought of all the times she came, imagining that it was his cock instead of her fingers that were pumping inside of her juicy cunt. She shook her head to clear away the absurd thoughts and held her head up high as she walked into the Victoria Secret store. Tonight she was going to get a little country and a little rock 'n roll and she'd love every minute of it.

Nick walked up the sidewalk to the beautiful red brick home that he'd had built as a wedding present for his best friend and wife. Of course it should be beautiful considering he designed it himself to be the perfect place for a new couple. He got to the front door and knocked announcing his arrival. Instead of Kevin he got his beautiful wife Micah.

"Hey gorgeous, did you finally get rid of that disaster of a man?" He teased. Micah laughed lightly and gave him a hug.

"I tried, but he just came back and he's in the kitchen trying to cook." Micah replied jokingly. The topic of their conversation came out of the kitchen all dark and handsome. Kevin was two inches shorter than Nick and had dark brown hair, and hazel eyes.

"Hey you two!!! Stop making fun of me, it hurts my feelings." Kevin said then he pulled Micah into his arms and kissed her deeply. Nick made a face at Micah causing her to laugh and earning him a glare from Kevin. Nick just smiled his sexy smile and walked into the living room.

"Hey honey I'm going to go and run a few errands while you get dinner finished. And Nick try to be nice to Kevin you know he's very emotional." Micah supplied teasingly, she squealed as Kevin tried to grab her before she ran out the door.

"Damn woman!" Kevin said huffily "She's lucky I love her."

Nick just smiled at Kevin, but his smile disappeared as he saw the determined look on his friends face. He wanted to talk and it was serious. "What's wrong", Nick asked automatically.

"Nothing it's just that we have another guest...its Nynia." Kevin said. Nick stopped breathing as he finally realized that the night he'd been waiting for had finally arrived. He still remembered her face, her body, hell it was burned into his brain from all the nights he worked himself with her image in his head. Nick tried to play it cool "What's that supposed to mean."

"You know damn well what it means. It means that if you do anything to hurt her Micah's going to be gunning for your ass and when Micah's upset I'm upset which means I'll be after you too." Kevin said all seriousness lying on his face.

Nick turned a charming smile on his old school friend "I won't give her anything she doesn't want. And trust she'll want everything I offer her." Nick wasn't about to let anyone get in the way of his goal especially since he'd waited what seemed a lifetime for it to happen. Tonight was the night, his ebony princess would be wrapped up in his sheets begging for his cock and he'd happily give it to her.

Nynia walked up to the beautiful house and knocked on the door. Of course her instigating friend Micah would answer the door. "Hot damn girl, you going to get you some tonight!" Micah said.

Nynia smiled to herself she wore a black dress that hung to all her curves. It had straps that barely held in her voluptuous breasts. The barely there dress didn't even cover her thighs. She bought it and the black lace thong with matching bra for this special occasion, Nick was going to beg before she gave him some. At least that's what she thought until she saw him. He was sexier than before in a pair of blue jeans that did little to hide his arousal. He wore a black t-shirt that hugged his muscles and showed off his black tribal tattoo that covered his right bicep. Her mouth watered wanting to trail the tattoo with her tongue and taste the erection that begged for her. His blond hair longer than before reaching down to his shoulders now, but it only added to his sex appeal. His body was golden from the sun and seemed to beckon her to feel him. Hell even his cowboy boots made her pussy quiver with anticipation.

Nick stood there like a dog with its tongue hanging out of his mouth. Damn she was hot tonight and she must be wanting the same thing he wanted. And if she didn't she was going to get it anyway. He saw her nipples tighten and he licked his lips trying to hold back the moan that was making its way up his throat. "Hey Nynia nice to see you again."

Nynia almost came from the sound of his voice. It reminded her of the Wild Wild West when it was cowboy territory. The southern accent didn't help her pussy as she became wetter. She feared that her juices would begin to run down her leg, but from the look on his face he'd make sure to clean them up with is mouth.

Micah broke the tension as always "When you two are done fantasizing about each other dinner will be in the dining room."

Dinner went smoothly as everyone made small talk with each other, well mostly Micah and Kevin made small talk with each other. Nick and Nynia just stared at each other trying to figure out who was going to make the first move. Nynia looked up and met his blue-gray eyes he quickly looked away. Nynia feeling ashamed admitted defeat. Who was she to think that he actually wanted her? "Well thanks for the delicious meal Kevin and thank you for inviting me over. It was nice seeing you again Nick." Nynia walked the walk of shame to the front door, but before she could reach it a strong hand gripped her small one.

"Let me take you home Nynia." a husky voice whispered in her ear. Nynia didn't even know how she ended up in Nick's car, but that was all that mattered. She could smell him up close and got even wetter. She slid her hand between her legs and was shocked at her own wetness. She was soaked and hot she slid a finger over her clit and shivered at the sensation. She pulled her hand away, but her cunt begged for more attention. She looked at her body she couldn't just finger herself in Nick's car even if it was dark.

Nick ground his teeth as he smelled Nynias' arousal. She thought she was smooth when she slipped her hand between her thighs, but he saw her anyway. His cock got harder knowing that she worked herself to the thought of having sex with him. He took one hand off the steering wheel and calmly slipped it onto her thigh.

"Nyn you shouldn't do that yourself. You should let a professional handle it." He said teasingly. He bit his lip at the sound of her laughter it was light and sweet. She spread her legs inviting his hand to play with her. He slipped his hand between her thighs, but didn't touch her sopping cunt. He massaged her thighs and watched as she threw her head back in ecstasy. Fuck it he thought it's time to make her beg. Nick lightly touched Nynias' juicy pussy. She moaned from the touch. He began to play with her rubbing her outer lips, but being careful not to touch her clit he wanted, no needed her to beg. He dipped one of his fingers inside her heat circling the outside of her pussy while she groaned. He slid one finger over her clit and she gasped. "Nick..." she cooed softly as his fingers began to massage her cunt. He slipped two fingers inside of her and began to pump in and out of her slowly. His thumb circled and played with her clit. Nick couldn't take anymore he pulled over and killed the engine on the car. He focused on Nynia as she began to ride his fingers. He slowly added a third finger inside her wetness making her moan louder.

"Scream for me baby." Nick growled at Nynia. His voice was deep from his desire, but he needed her to beg for him. Nynia arched her back as she felt her orgasm building higher and higher. "Scream for me Nynia." Nick demanded.

"NICK!!! I'M CUMMMIINNG!!!" Nynia screamed as his fingers made her come. Her pussy gripped his fingers while her juices flowed down his hand and onto her thighs. She was breathing fast and hard. Damn that was good! she thought to herself. She watched as he brought his hand up to his lips and licked each finger dry making sure to get every drop of juice she gave him. They stared at each other transfixed by one another. "Nick...I...I don't think we should do this." Nynia said softly into the darkness. Nick growled angrily and ran his fingers through his golden hair.

"Nynia don't think this is over." he growled, "Soon you'll be begging for my cock." Nynia smiled softly as Nick warmed the engine again and moved the car onto the road again. Soon she will be mine and I'm not letting her go this time Nick thought to himself as they drove past the sky. The game had started and Nick planned on winning.

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