tagInterracial LoveSay My Name Ch. 04

Say My Name Ch. 04


Nynia sat in the tea room and watched as the woman came forward. She had sophistication bred into her bones from her walk to her flawless skin. She was beautiful with caramel skin and high cheekbones. Her doe shaped chocolate eyes were bright with happiness as she came toward Nynia. Nynia rose out of her chair to bring her mother into a hug.

"Nynia sweetheart you shouldn't wait this long to see your mother." Janet scolded Nynia while trying to smooth out the wrinkles in her baby blue pantsuit.

"Mom I just saw you last week and you were too busy playing with dad to notice me. Don't you remember asking daddy to help "fix the pipes in the kitchen"?" Nynia looked at her mother with a grin. Her mother grinned back at her with the same sly smile. The waiter came to the table to take their orders, while Janet ordered her tea and sandwiches Nynia ordered a simple cup of tea.

Janet watched as the waiter walked away before she bullied her daughter. "What is it Nynia? You never pass up a snack."

Nynia smiled at her mother. "Mom I've met somebody, but...but I don't think I'm ready."

"Nynia what Robert did to you was dirty and hurtful. You shouldn't let something like that stop you from what you want."

Nynia reached across the table and grabbed her mothers' hand. They smiled at each other, but Nynia couldn't help the bitter ache of shame that fell over her. It was just a couple of years ago when she met her supposed knight in shining armor. Here she was struggling to get herself through school before her father got the big break and became Vice President of the local advertisement company. Robert loved her, so she thought, and whisked her off her feet. He took her out to fancy restaurants, bought her nice gifts, gave her a taste of luxury. She stupidly fell into his trap and married him, the worst mistake of her life. He turned into a different person then, staying out late at night, saying he had to catch up on work at the office. Then she found out about the other woman. He was treating her the same way he'd treated Nynia and when Nynia confronted him he bluntly told her that she was just a toy. He was using her because of her fathers' power in the business. Instead of believing him she denied the idea that Robert couldn't be in love with her anymore. She did everything for him to repair the relationship, but it just wasn't enough. She was tired of men treating her like an object and she feared that Nick was the same way.

Janet took Nynia away from her thoughts. "Nyn you know I love you, but you need to start living again. If this man is what it takes for you to start over then take the chance. He can't be like Robert sweetheart. Now tell me about this man who has you all rattled."

Nynia smiled at her mother and began to tell her about Nick. She left out the "how they met" part, but made sure to tell her about his pursuit of her. How he refused to leave her alone until she gave him a chance. They chatted about their lives while they snacked on tea sandwiches and tea. Nynia hugged her mother before she left to get ready for tonight. Tonight she'd be taking a chance and she hopped Nick was ready for her.

"Boy if you don't get out that damn mirror I'll have to shoot ya!" Russell smiled at Nicks' reflection. This woman has got to be an angel to make Nick act like this he thought.

Nick was nervous as he buttoned up his white shirt. He glanced over his reflection and then smiled. He had a private chef waiting at his home and a box of condoms in his room, you know just in case. Tonight Nynia was going to be thoroughly satisfied and mindless from the sex he planned on giving her. He turned around to his father and saw the smile on the older mans' face. He gave his father a hug before he walked out the house, but of course as he was walking out his father brought up the topic that he'd been avoiding for a couple of years.

"Nick you make sure that you treat this woman right because I want my grandbabies." Russell yelled.

Nynia paced back and forth over her living room floor. She had on a simple black dress that hugged her curves and showed off her lovely assets to perfection. She wore her hair down in curls and wore a simple silver necklace. She didn't even want to go on the date, but she just couldn't sleep with the man and not know anything about him. Her doorbell rang and she almost ran into the coffee table.

"Just a minute." She called out while she grabbed her purse and keys. She took a deep breath and opened the door and her mouth dropped to the floor. Even in something simple he looks so good. Nick was wearing a simple white button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His forearms showed off the tan he was getting from working out in the sun. A pair of black trousers covered the thick muscles in his thighs. As Nynia looked at him all she could think about was how good it would feel to wrap her legs around him. She dragged her eyes up to his face and saw the grin in his blue eyes.

"Well hell if I knew you were gonna be undressing me with your eyes I would've made it easier by coming here naked." He grinned when she looked at him in shock. Nynia smiled at Nick and almost went weak when he smiled at her fully. Damn I hope I make it through the night without attacking him she thought. She then looked down at herself and saw that she was a little overdressed. He seemed to notice her panic because he pulled her into his strong arms, his crisp scent made her moan.

"Don't worry about your clothes Nynia. We're going to my house to eat everything is set up. And before you ask no I'm not cooking. I don't want to scare you off before I actually have a chance to be with you." Nynia laughed at Nick and walked out the door with him, she was putting it all on the line tonight.

They pulled up to Nicks' home or rather his mansion as Nynia saw it. "Nick you live here by yourself? It's gorgeous." Nick looked over at Nynia and smiled to himself. If he had his way he wouldn't be living here by himself she'd be here laying in his bed every night waiting for him to come home.

Nynia walked into his home and had to catch her breath. The living room was masculine in every way. All of his furniture was black and the white brick fireplace in the middle added light to the room. Nick came up behind her and guided her to a place in front of the fireplace. After she sat down a man came in with two wineglasses and a bottle of champagne. Nick poured wine for each of them before he cleared his throat and looked at Nynia.

"Well Nynia what is it you want to know about me?" Nynia gave Nick a shocked look before she quietly asked him the basics about himself. His job, his favorite foods, colors, what were some things in life he wanted to do. She answered the same questions about herself and Nick watched as her eyes would light up when she was talking about something that gave her passion. She would crinkle her nose when he answered some of her questions and he couldn't help but grin at her. Their food had been brought out by Nicks' personal chef and butler for the night and the door softly clicked behind them before Nynia turned around and looked at him.

"Nick...why me? I mean you could have had any woman at that party yet you came to me." Nick waited a moment before he answered and then he turned to Nynia.

"Truthfully you amazed me. I saw you standing there and something in me made me want to know you. You were different, not like the typical woman I've been dating. Sure white women are beautiful, but I wanted something different. I wanted a woman who seemed powerful and who wouldn't take any shit off of me." Nynia laughed at Nick and Nick couldn't help himself anymore. He took their plates and pushed them to the side before he took Nynias' face in his hands. He began to kiss her slowly nibbling on her lips and playing with her tongue, but his body wanted Nynia now. He began to kiss her harder making her moan.

Nynia began to unbutton Nicks' shirt while he took her dress off. She pushed her fingers through his hair and tugged on it. He growled into her mouth and she became wetter. He tore off her bra and her panties then slowly dipped two fingers into her pussy. She moaned into his mouth and then bit his lip. Nick broke the kiss. "Nynia I'm not going to take you on the floor like some quick lay. Now stop touching me so we can make it upstairs to the bed." His country accent was thicker than ever and Nynia smiled at her ability to make him crazy. He carried her upstairs and took her into his bedroom. She moaned as he set her down on his black satin sheets.

Nynia looked up at him with a smile. "I see you have a thing for the color black." Nick smiled at her before he took his pants off and stroked his rock hard cock. Nynia knew he was big, but damn this was too much. He was at least 12 inches long 3 inches thick. She tried to move out of the way, but he grabbed her ankle and looked her in the eyes.

"Don't worry baby I'll fit, but if I have to come after you I'm not liable for my actions." Nynia smiled then quickly lost it as he turned the lights on. She tried to cover herself, but Nick pulled the covers off the bed. Nick grabbed her ankles to drag her to the edge of the bed.

"Maybe if I make you wet enough I'll just slide inside." Nick bent down between her legs then began to run kisses all over her thighs. Her eyes were glassed over and she was biting her lip.

Nick looked up at her then he stuck a finger deep inside her. "Baby do you remember what I told you when we first met?"

Nynias' eyes widened then she let out a low moan, before the night was over he was going to make her scream. She'd never screamed or made any kind of noise during sex, but Nick looked like he was going to make her wake up the neighbors. He bent down and slowly licked the outer lips of her pussy. He was fucking her with his thick finger making more of her juice come out. Her eyes rolled back in her head while his tongue and finger played with her. Nick pulled his finger out and she groaned low in her throat before she ran her fingers through his hair.

Nick loved tasting Nynia. Her juice covered his lips and half of his chin. He didn't want to scare her off by diving into her cunt, but he wanted more. Fuck it he thought. Nick threw his head between her legs and began to lick and suck on her clit. He shoved three fingers inside of her tight cunt and moved them inside of her hard and fast.

"Ahhhhh Nick...oooooohhhhhhhhh ffffuuuuucccckkkkk!!!!!" Nynia was pulling his hair and trying to push him deeper inside her cunt. She had her back arched and looked down at his other hand pinching her nipples. She starting moaning louder and began to groan when he started biting on her clit. Nick looked up at her through dark blue eyes and she almost came from looking at his tongue stroking her clit.

"Scream for me baby, scream my name now!!!" Nick started stroking her harder and faster and he started licking her cunt harder.

Nynia threw her head back in ecstasy and let the orgasm run over her. "NNNIIIICCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Nynia fell over onto Nicks' shoulders.

Nick took her mouth and began to kiss her softly then he picked her up off the edge of the bed and laid her down on her back. He leaned over her and almost came at he sight he saw. Her skin was glowing and her lips were swollen from his kisses. He looked between her legs and moaned at her wetness. She looked at him through glassy eyes and bit her lip. Nick leaned down to her ear "You want it from the back or front baby?" he whispered.

Nynia nodded her head yes and Nick smiled down at her. She didn't care which way she just wanted his cock inside her now. He leaned down and took one of her chocolate nipples into his mouth and sucked on her hard. She arched her back and put her hand in his hair before she wrapped her legs around his waist. Fuck I'm not gonna be deep enough if we do this shit military style. Nick picked up Nynia and sat on the edge of the bed with her in his lap face to face.

Nynia took one of Nicks' nipples into her mouth and sucked on it. His groan made her wetter, but before she could suck on him harder he pulled her head away from his chest and began to kiss her hard. He picked her up into his arms and had her raised over his massive cock. He sat her down on his cock hard and they both groaned at the contact. She started grinding on his cock, but he stopped her.

"Nynia I've waited too long for this and you're not cumming without me." He growled into her neck. He raised her up and down on top of his cock slowly. Nynia bit his shoulder while his thick meat pumped into her slowly. She refused to give him more satisfaction by screaming his name again.

"Fuck Nynia you're so tight!!! Damn I can't wait baby." Nick increased the pace and his strokes slowly became harder. Nynia gripped his hair tight while he started fucking her harder. She moaned as his hard cock pumped into her making her teeth chatter with every stroke. His strokes became faster and it was coming harder and harder for her to stop the moans coming out of her mouth. He pumped her up and down faster now. The sounds of their wet bodies smacking together only made her wetter.

"Nynia baby...fffuuuuccckkkk!!!! You're so good!!" Nick started groaning and he slid his hand down between them to play with her clit. Nynia got wetter and she arched her back. Her legs began to go numb and her body started tingling all over. She felt herself cumming before it started and she felt Nicks' hot cum through the condom. The orgasm was so strong and powerful that she didn't have any idea what to do. So she did the only thing she could think of...she screamed his name.

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