Say Please


"Awww. Poor baby!" Beth sneered. "So close. You were almost there weren't you? Just answer one question. One word and its all over. Are you ready?"

Daniel nodded, defeated; his body couldn't take any more of this teasing. He didn't even care about the camera, he just had to cum. Beth grinned in triumph.

"Tell me baby. Do you like to take it up the ass?" She sneered.

"Yessss." Daniel gasped, dominated and humiliated, unable to resist any further. Beth laughed, pointing the camera directly at him and switching it on.

At the same time, Isabella thrust hard and deep into his ass. Daniel groaned. Beth stood up; keeping the camera trained on him as Isabella slammed her fake cock into him again and again, making him gasp and squeal. Beth walked around filming him from all sides, he knew that the footage would be damning. There would be no doubt what was happening and who it was happening to.

Suddenly he was cumming. Beth laughed, keeping the camera pointed right at him as cum spurted from his swollen cock. Exhausted, Daniel slumped forward, his cheek landing in his own cum. Beth knelt down and patted his cheek as she turned the camera off.

"Good fagboy." She whispered. Daniel just moaned, too worn out to do anything.

Isabella unsnapped the harness on her dildo, leaving it embedded in his ass. Stepping away she looked down at him.

"The fucker won't hit you again Beth." She said. "You can keep the dildo, you might need it. This one's a real cock whore." Beth's laugh was evil.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/16/15

Someone copied your story w

It's not as good, but it is your work. I'll leave it up to you if you want to report it.

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by Anonymous08/08/15

Good story but....

I liked the story a lot but I feel that most good storys have a happy ending. The ending of "he wont hit you again" was kinda sad. I would have like too have seen a heartfelt sorry from Dan and a I lovemore...

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