tagLesbian SexScarlett & Violet Pt. 07

Scarlett & Violet Pt. 07


*Author's Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual acts are at least eighteen years of age.


Chapter 1

At nearly eight months of pregnancy, Amber Goldman was miserable. Normally quite thin, her joints ached from the extra weight she was carrying. The bulge in her midsection made it nearly impossible to get comfortable, especially at night. The bags under her eyes were testament to her sleeplessness.

Yet, every time the baby kicked, she smiled happily. Violet Smith, her lover, shared her smile as she felt the kick and rubbed some more lotion on Amber's round belly. They kissed softly and Violet put the bottle of lotion on the nightstand.

"Oh, no, missy!" Amber protested. "You're not finished with that yet! You promised me a back rub last night!"

"I did not!" Violet laughed, knowing that Amber was lying through her teeth.

"And a leg rub too," Amber went on. "You promised."

"Amber, you are a big fat liar," Violet laughed, reaching for the lotion.

Amber lay on her side; sighing and moaning as Violet vigorously kneaded her lover's tired and stiff back. She started at the shoulders, moving Amber's dirty blonde hair aside, and worked down the spine to Amber's slender buttocks. Amber yelped and laughed as Violet playfully slapped her left buttock.

Amber stretched her nude form out on the large bed and sighed in contentment as Violet knelt between her slightly splayed legs and picked up one of her swollen feet and lovingly rubbed the lotion into her dry skin. Slowly, sensuously, Violet rubbed the calves, then the knees, then and the thighs.

"Oh, Baby, that's so good," Amber groaned as Violet's fingers reached her hairy pussy mound.

Violet lowered her head to the profusion of brown hair and sucked the puffy lips into her mouth. She sucked and nibbled at the swollen pussy lips for a moment, then found Amber's small clitoris and lightly bit down on the hard nub.

"Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck!" Amber grunted in orgasm.

Finally, Amber gently pushed Violet away from her over-sensitive pussy and Violet walked on her knees to the head of the bed and lightly kissed Amber's smiling lips. Amber rolled over, trying to get comfortable.

Violet put the bottle of lotion back on the nightstand, turned off the overhead light and stretched out next to her lover. Violet draped an arm over Amber's belly and Amber scooted her thin buttocks back until she felt Violet's thick blonde pubic hair resting against her backside. Violet pressed her lips to Amber's shoulder blade and kissed her.

"Good night, lover," she said.

"Good night, Baby," Amber mumbled, so close to the sought after sleep. "I love you."


The five foot, seven inch twenty one year old never thought of herself as gay; she never even fantasized about being with another girl. She had kicked her perpetually stoned boyfriend out just before Christmas last year, then couldn't stand living in the roach and rodent infested apartment for one more minute.

Violet Smith, the pretty twenty one year old had just rented a two-bedroom apartment and needed a roommate. Amber knew that Violet was gay, but desperation drove Amber to rent the spare bedroom.

She watched the five foot three inch blonde bring home a few lovers and felt a strange pang of jealousy. Violet wasn't brazen or militant about her homosexuality; quite the opposite. Violet was very mindful of her roommate's comfort level; choosing to go to her lovers' apartments whenever possible, and if her lovers were at their apartment, Violet was very discrete, did not display affection in front of her roommate.


One morning, Amber woke up feeling quite sick. She staggered into Violet's bedroom and Violet cuddled and comforted her. The discomfort wasn't an illness; it was a baby growing inside of Amber. Violet pledged her help and support and Amber knew that she would never turn her back on Violet, never find anyone that loved her as openly and as completely as Violet. She confessed her love and the two roommates became lovers.


The smell of French toast woke Amber from her slumber and she smiled happily as she got to her feet. Before she could waddle into the dining room, though, she urgently needed to scurry to the bathroom.


"Good morning," Violet smiled and put the plate of French toast in front of Amber, along with the bottle of warmed maple syrup.

"You're the best," Amber said and looked up into Violet's pale blue eyes.

"You are," Violet insisted and playfully tweaked Amber's large nose.

Before Violet, Amber always hated her large nose, a 'classic' nose according to her mother (who had a nose job, thanks to husband number three). Violet somehow convinced Amber that it was actually part of her beauty. Violet somehow convinced her that ALL of her was beautiful.

Amber had always felt that her thirty-two a cup breasts were woefully inadequate, but Violet, who possessed beautiful thirty-eight D sized breasts lavished much attention to the small breasts and small nipples. Violet lavished much attention to Amber's small hips and buttocks as well and slowly Amber began to see herself through Violet's eyes. She began to see that she was beautiful.

Chapter 2

"See you tonight," Amber cheerfully said as she got off at the eleventh floor.

Violet smiled and waved as the doors of the elevator slid shut and continued to the twelfth floor of Ubelhorn & Associates.

"You are looking more and more beautiful every day," Lori, the bone thin red head said from behind the rotunda.

Amber smiled in appreciation of the receptionist's compliment.

"Thanks, but I don't feel very beautiful," she admitted and waddled past Lori.

"Have a nice day, Mrs. Ubelhorn," Amber called out.

Lori laughed happily.

"It's not 'Mrs. Ubelhorn' yet," she called back.


Violet waited for her computer to warm up, and then busied herself with the next morning's presentation. She hated doing presentations at male dominated job sites; not because she was gay, but because of how sexist most male-dominated job sites tended to be. They were either too busy trying to hit on her or trying to intimidate her to effectively hear her presentation.

She was planning on pushing mutual funds based 401K savings plan that would be of benefit to most of the thirty seven employees of National Repairs, an automobile body shop, but less than half would sign up, if her experience was any indication. She surprised herself by finding out that she, as terminally shy as she was, had a real knack for doing these presentations and a real flair for anticipating the questions and concerns of the average Joe.


Amber's desktop alarm went off, alerting her to her upcoming appointment with Andrew Darrow in Ubelhorn & Associates' legal department.


Andrew Darrow groaned inwardly as he watched the mpeg; the man's large fist was disappearing into the splayed, stretched pussy and, although the sound was turned down, her moans could be heard. Whether they were moans of pain or pleasure was not obvious to Andrew, but he liked to imagine they were moans of pain.

He liked to imagine it was his hand and the pussy was that of his first, second, or third wife. Wife number one and two lived off of his alimony checks, while wife number three still wore his wedding ring, and did her part to siphon the rest of his meager salary.

He sighed as the mpeg came to an end, and then brought up his next favorite mpeg.

The attractive blonde clenched her eyes shut and bravely opened her mouth for the stream of acrid piss that spurted from the large cock. Andrew liked to fantasize about doing this to his wives. Actually, he imagined doing this to almost any female he came in contact with; he was a true misogynist.

Raised by a single mother, beaten almost daily for any number of reasons, being told daily that he was filthy and disgusting simply for the sin of being a male. As a result, he was cowed by women, afraid of them, was easily manipulated by them. He also held a large degree of animosity toward them, but lacked the courage to ever do anything about it.

A knock at his door told him that his ten thirty appointment was there and he quickly shut down the video display and barked out for the visitor to enter.

He listened as Amber Goldman explained the purpose of her visit, pursed his lips and finally asked a few questions.

"But what of the father?" he asked.

"I don't know who the father was," Amber lied. She had no desire to allow Victor any contact with her child.

Andrew knew it. The slightly attractive girl was nothing but a fucking whore, sleeping with anyone that had a cock.

"I was raped," Amber lied.

Andrew felt his cock begin to swell at the thought of frightening this girl, slapping her, making her suck his cock, all the while fearing his anger if she failed to please him, then kicking her onto her back and plunging his hard on into her dry pussy.

"Yeah, but I didn't bother going to the police," Amber said, feigning a sob. "You know how they are, act like it's your fault, like you asked for it or something."

"Parents?" Andrew dared to ask; afraid his voice would give away his excitement.

"I've never known who my dad was, just that my mom got a check from him," Amber said truthfully. "And as for Mom, she doesn't want a damned thing to do with me or with the baby.

"Fine, fine," Andrew huffed and began to search his database for the correct documents.

His gay assistant (no female worked for Andrew Darrow for longer than two months; his constant bullying of them drove them to quit) witnessed the signatures and put his own signature and Andrew promised to have the documents filed ASAP.

As soon as the door shut behind her, Andrew logged onto the Internet to search for pregnant bondage and torture pornography.


Violet smiled happily as Amber stuck her head into the small office.

"Hey! What brings you up here?" she asked.

"Had to see Mr. Darrow about some stuff," Amber said. "But just wanted to stick my head in, say 'hi' before getting back downstairs."

Violet wrinkled her nose in distaste; Andrew Darrow's hated of women was a thinly disguised secret among the females in Ubelhorn & Associates' Human Resources Division.

She'd had one run-in with him and he had threatened to quit and to bring a lawsuit against her. Thankfully, Kenneth was able to placate both parties. Violet made a point of steering clear of the fussy little man whenever possible.

"Is he always so 'friendly?'" Amber whispered to Violet.

"Yeah, 'Friendly,' that's the word I'd use to describe him," Violet smirked.

"Okay, I was beginning to think it was me," Amber said, then with a wave, left Violet's office.

Chapter 3

"Baby, baby, wake up," Amber was saying.

Violet came to and turned on the light. Amber was clutching her belly and groaning.

"Baby, please wake up!" she cried out and doubled up in agony.

"I'm here, sweetheart," Violet said and clutched Amber's hand.

"Baby, I think she's coming!" Amber grunted and was again gripped by the shooting pains.

"Are you sure?" Violet asked.

The baby was not due for at least another month. Almost as if to answer, Amber's water broke and amber howled in absolute pain and terror.

Okay, okay, let's see," Violet was mumbling to herself as she hurriedly dressed. "Call Doctor Fizelah, go to Piedmont, what's Doctor Fizelah's phone number?

"Number four on your speed dial," Amber sobbed as Violet helped her pull her sweat pants up.

"Why do babies come in the middle of the night?" Violet asked as she supported Amber as they walked as rapidly as they could to the door of the apartment.


"You look like a doctor," Amber smiled despite her tears, as Violet, now dressed in scrubs, blonde hair stuffed inside of a surgical net, appeared in the cramped delivery room.

"And you look like a mommy," Violet laughed and clutched her lover's hand.

The nurse's aide noticed that Amber's blood pressure was dropping very rapidly and alerted Doctor Fizelah to this. Doctor Fizelah barked some orders to the nurse, who scurried away and returned a moment later with a vial. Doctor Fizelah broke the seal with the needle of a small hypodermic syringe.

Amber felt light-headed. The pain in her belly was lessening; she could barely feel it anymore. She could barely feel Violet's hand in her's anymore. (The nurse had shoved Violet away so that they could work on Amber.) She turned to say something to her lover and saw the absolute fear and terror in her lover's eyes. She smiled, trying to reassure Violet; the pain was gone now, there was nothing to worry about. She saw Violet's lips move, but heard no sound.

"I love you," Amber said and closed her eyes, a smile on her lips.


Lili Marie Goldman was a scrawny four pounds and four ounces and thirteen inches long. She had her mother's classic nose and her father's deep brown hair. Violet looked through the glass at her as she slept in the small incubator.

"You are so beautiful," she whispered.

As if Lili could hear her, she opened her light brown eyes and looked at Violet.


Toxic Anemia. Violet had never heard of it and looked it up on the Internet. A simple blood test would have detected it in the pregnant girl, and a simple prescribed medication would have helped her immune system beat the toxic levels of white blood cells that were attacking the iron rich red blood cells in her body. But because her insurance did not require her health care provider to test for it, it was never discovered.

Chapter 4

Amber's mother put on quite a show at the funeral home, sobbing and weeping loudly and clinging to anyone that was foolish enough to come within her grasping reach. Amber would have been pleased with the number of friends she had in attendance, and the number of Ubelhorn & Associates employees that took the day off to attend her funeral.

Mr. Gustav Ubelhorn gave a brief but heartfelt eulogy to an employee he'd had for less than a year, but would be missed and would be difficult to replace.

Amber would have also been pleased with the simple headstone Violet ordered.

*Amber Michelle Goldman

Beloved mother and friend.

1987-2008. *

Violet very firmly told Ruth Lassen Goldman Steinman Rosenberg Iselhoff that she was welcome to Amber's furniture and clothing, but any jewelry or other keepsakes would be held for Lili Marie Goldman, Amber's daughter, and that Ruth could come pick up the furniture and clothing when she paid for her daughter's funeral.

A very bitter Ruth Lassen Goldman Steinman Rosenberg Iselhoff stomped to her Mercedes-Benz and returned to Miami and began to search for another husband.

Chapter 5

After nine days, Lili was released to violet Smith, named by Amber Goldman as Lili's guardian, should anything happen to amber. When Andrew had plopped the file on Violet's desk the day after the funeral, even he was touched by Violet's gut-wrenching sobs.

"I guess we'll have to term it 'paternity leave,'" Kenneth had shrugged when Violet came to him about taking some time off. "I mean, we can't call it 'maternity leave,' can we?"

That was the first smile Violet had felt in a few weeks; Kenneth's obvious confusion and trying his best to be 'politically correct,' even when it really wasn't called for.


Three weeks into her 'Domestic partner' leave as they'd finally filed it, Violet heard a soft knock at her door. Lili was sleeping in her crib, her little belly full of formula and her diaper nice and dry. As quietly as she could, Violet went to the door and peeped through the peephole.

Scarlett Ubelhorn stood nervously on the doorstep, the baby gift in her hands. The wrapping paper was already wrinkled from Scarlett's constant fidgeting.

"Hey, baby's sleeping," Violet smiled and quietly said as she opened the door and ushered Scarlett inside.

"Aw!" Scarlett oozed and aahed over the sleeping baby and Violet felt something akin to maternal pride as Scarlett praised the child.


"How have you been?" Scarlett asked as she sat on the small leather loveseat in the cozy living room.

Violet paused a long time before answering. She looked at the five foot four inch girl, her former lover and best friend, and couldn't form a rational thought.

"I don't know," she finally admitted. "Losing Amber still hurts so much I can't even think sometimes. Lili's up constantly, needing to be fed, needing to be changed, and needing to be held. Don't get me wrong, I love her with all my heart, but I'm worn out."

Scarlett nodded her head in understanding.

"Need to get away for a few hours?" she asked.

"Yeah, I think I do," Violet admitted, then burst into tears at her own selfishness.

"Don't cry, don't cry, it's all right," Scarlett crooned as she hugged the sobbing girl.

"Grandmother sent me over to see if you needed a babysitter," Scarlett admitted. "She says she remembers how big a pain in the butt I was when I was a baby and how she had to pay people hundreds of dollars to baby-sit me for an hour or two so she could get away."

Violet actually felt a laugh of relief bubble to the surface; Quan Xi, Scarlett's grandmother obviously knew and understood how overwhelmed she felt right now.

"So, as soon as Lili's up, we'll drive out to Grandmother's house, and you and I will go and get manicures and pedicures, okay?" Scarlett bubbled.

Scarlett felt a large weight lift from her heart. She had been so lonely these past nine months. Somehow, being in Violet's living room, being close to her former lover, felt right.


Grandmother, Quan Xi, beamed up at Violet and smiled and nodded as Violet gave very detailed instructions on the care of the baby and made sure to leave her cell phone number with Quan Xi and was still talking when Scarlett pulled her out of the house.

"She raised my Poppa, raised me, and is raising Lori's kids; I think she knows what to do if Lili needs to be burped, or changed, or fed," Scarlett teased.


"So, who going to watch Lili when you go to work?" Quan Xi asked Violet when the two girls returned after three hours.

Violet felt a terror grip her heart; she'd not even thought about what she'd do with Lili when she did return to work, but her leave was nearing it's end.

"I watch baby if you want," she continued.

"How much will that cost?" Violet asked.

"I tell you what, I charge you what I charge Lori, you big time executive at Ubelhorn & Associates, you can afford it," Quan Xi said and smiled.

"Um, okay," Violet, stammered.

"Grandmother, tell her the truth," Scarlett laughed.

"I charge Lori a big fat zero," Quan Xi laughed. "Think you can afford that?"

"But, Ms. Ubelhorn," Violet protested.

"Nah, nah, you call me 'Grandmother,'" Quan Xi ordered.

"But Grandmother, that's not right!" Violet protested. "I need to pay you something!"

"I tell you what, Scarlett say you real good girl, you say your prayers every night when you go to sleep, that right?" Grandmother asked.

"Well, yeah, you're supposed to," Violet blushed.

"You say a prayer for me, you pray every night that God always smile on me, okay?" Grandmother asked.

"I can do that," Violet smiled and made sure that Lili was bundled up before she and Scarlett left the house.

Chapter 6

"How's it going?" Kenneth asked as Violet returned the following Monday.

In answer, Violet burst into tears. The thought of being away from the baby all day long was unbearable. The guilt at her own relief to be away from the baby was unbearable. She was torn and pulled in different directions and didn't know how to respond.

Kenneth knew he ran the chance of being slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit but did not give a damn about protocol or political correctness at that moment. He hugged the sobbing girl and patted her back until she stopped. As soon as he could, he dove behind his desk again.

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