tagAnalSchool Days Ch. 08

School Days Ch. 08


Jeff sat in the warm water, his mind trying to come to grips with the events that had occurred this weekend. The love of his life had come back into his arms only to tell him she also enjoyed women. The woman she was currently enjoying was his ex-girlfriend and they were willing to do anything with him or with each other that he wanted. It was like he had become a rock star. While there was no denying he enjoyed the incredible sex, he was having doubts about being able to have a relationship like this.

He decided to put those doubts aside however when the two girls walked arm in arm out onto the balcony. They were definitely not two of a kind. April was curvy and voluptuous while Tina was lithe and toned, but both made his cock stir despite his recent releases, and by the time they were in the tub with him, one on each arm, his cock was hard as steel.

Jeff draped his arms over their shoulders, his hand resting on their breasts, as he slowly toyed with their stiffening nipples. He felt hands on his shaft as they turned into him and alternated kissing. He first explored April's mouth with his tongue, her full lips sucking on it as it swirled in her mouth. Shifting to Tina, he kissed her lightly before she took the initiative and pressed into his mouth. The two girls then pressed their lips together all the while still stroking Jeff's hard dick. The kissing and rubbing continued until they once again had him on the edge of release. Breaking away he said, "Why don't you two enjoy each other for a little bit and let me calm down."

April and Tina needed no encouragement as the brunette swung her legs over the busty blonde and began rubbing her tits as they kissed. Jeff looked on, amazed at the raw sexuality emanating from the two women. Tina lowered her head to suck April's nipples and Jeff felt a tinge of jealousy at the look of pleasure on April's face. Her arms were spread across the back of the tub, eyes lidded over, and her mouth slightly agape. She looked as if she were in a state of complete bliss.

Unable to remain on the sidelines, he slid behind Tina as she continued pleasuring April. The first thing she felt was his hands grasping her breasts and pulling roughly at them. Next was his cock rubbing along the crack of her ass as he kissed her neck and shoulders. Instinctively Tina raised her hips, striving to capture Jeff's stiff cock between her thighs, and on her third try succeeded in pinning it between her slick sex and April's legs. She rubbed her pussy along the shaft while still sucking on April's tits, her body aglow with sexual pleasure.

April opened her eyes to see her boyfriend behind Tina, his hands roaming across her chest as he kissed the nape of her neck. Though Tina was adept at teasing her nipples and nursing at her breasts, April felt a little jealous that Jeff was so eager to pleasure the brunette, and quietly wished that he was touching her.

"What did you say?" Tina asked pulling her head from the mountainous tit.

April was surprised she had voiced her thoughts out loud. "I asked if we could switch places."

Tina nodded knowingly, and stood up to allow them to switch and Jeff went with her, his cock now pressed tightly between the firm globes of her ass. As Tina pulled away from him, April quickly took her place, pressing her ass against his thick cock and gasping with pleasure as it pressed into her crevice. Jeff's hands reached around to cup April's heavy chest, the droplets of water beading up and falling into her cleavage.

Instead of sitting, Tina pressed into April, kissing her full lips as one hand went to her breast and the other trailed between her legs. Sandwiched between her two lovers, all April could do was delight in the feeling of pleasure coursing through her. She moaned loudly as Tina splayed her pussy open to the warm water of the hot tub. The next sensation was Jeff lifting her leg allowing him to slide his cock into her moist snatch. He slid easily in and out of her well-lubricated hole, Tina playing with her stiff clit, pushing her closer to release. Just as she was on the verge of coming, Jeff pulled out of her.

"Put it back in," April pleaded, her pussy aching with need.

"Oh I will," Jeff hissed ominously, "but not in your pussy."

April gasped at the realization. She had made the promise earlier in the car but didn't think he would make her keep it, especially after bringing Tina into the mix.

"What's the matter?" Tina asked, bringing her lips to April's.

After the short kiss April just looked at her with a mixture of fear and excitement. Finally she whispered, "I made a promise that Jeff wants me to make good on."

Tina smiled, her mind quickly settling on the likeliest exploit. "You promised him your ass didn't you?"

April nodded, her pussy leaking into the warm water of the outdoor spa. Tina took her by the hand, "let's go get you ready." Turning to Jeff she told him to give them a few minutes before joining them in the bedroom.

Jeff waited as long as he could before moving to the patio door. He stood there leaning against the door frame, watching Tina prepare April to give up her ass. April was on her knees, her bottom raised high in the air as she rested on her elbows. Tina was behind her, rubbing her swollen pussy and drizzling lubricant over her ass. With practiced fingers she massaged the slick liquid around April's puckered asshole.

"That feels nice," April moaned as Tina's fingers slid along her pussy and ass.

"It's gonna feel even better when your boyfriend comes over here and sticks his thick cock in your ass," Tina replied as she motioned for Jeff to come closer.

Jeff wasted no time and was quickly on the bed behind April. Tina took his cock in her hand and slowly rubbed it along the crack of April's ass. April pressed back, eager to feel Jeff inside her, his thick cock spreading her ass cheeks. Tina pushed the cock lower, coating it with the copious fluid leaking from April's aroused cunt. Slipping her fingers into April's pussy, Tina coated them and gently massaged around April's puckered anus, slipping first one then two fingers into her.

"Relax," Tina cooed, "I'm just trying to loosen you up a little."

Slowly she worked the opening larger and larger before replacing her fingers with the tip of Jeff's thick cock. Her sphincter immediately clamped down, trapping the crown inside her.

"Oh fuck that feels so good," she moaned as her hand moved to her pussy and Jeff slowly pushed deeper.

"You're ass is so fuckin' tight," Jeff muttered as he pressed deeper, April's ass stretching to accommodate him.

"Oh baby give it to me, it feels so good. I can't believe we never did this before, I feel like I'm on fire. Fuck my ass; stick that big thick cock deep in me."

Jeff pressed harder, sliding deeper into April as Tina looked on in a state of indescribable arousal. They no longer needed her help, and she had pulled a thick vibrator from her bag and plunged it deep in her smooth wet pussy. She moved it in time with Jeff's slow thrusts into April's ass. This went on for several minutes before April noticed her. She couldn't believe how aroused she was with her boyfriend fucking he ass as she watched her girlfriend masturbate.

Though April had her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy in time with Jeff's thrusts, she wanted more. "Tina," she moaned, "did you bring it?"

She nodded her head.

"I want it."

Tina was surprised but nodded and set about rummaging through the bag again. Jeff didn't even notice the exchange, the pleasure of being deep in April's bottom consuming his thoughts. He was surprised to see Tina sliding underneath April and even more surprised at the long pink dildo strapped to her hips. April lowered her hips to accept the surrogate cock, and Jeff felt her ass get even tighter as the dildo filled her pussy. It took only a few seconds for the rhythm to be established and April was thrashing around in a continuous state of release as both her holes were filled and being vigorously fucked.

She was in such a state of bliss that she didn't hear Jeff scream her name as he shot his load inside her, but she felt the warm liquid splashing in her ass and that pushed her to another orgasm. Her body shook and spasmed as tiny shocks rippled through her before collapsing onto Tina. She felt Jeff pull his cock from her ass, his issue seeping out and trickling down to her pussy where Tina was still enveloped.

"That was incredible," April stated pulling herself off Tina and lying back on the bed.

"I told you you'd love it," Tina gushed. "And he's got the perfect cock for it too. Long, but not huge, and nice and thick."

Both women looked over at Jeff who had collapsed in a chair. His cock hung limply between his legs and he appeared to have dozed off. "Not a bad idea," April offered. "I think we could all use a little rest." Tina agreed and they curled up together on the king size bed and drifted off to sleep.

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