tagGroup SexSchool Days Ch. 09

School Days Ch. 09


Jeff awoke, his mind still reeling from the recent events. A quick glance at the bed found April and Tina still asleep in each other's arms, both women looking beautiful. Quietly, he made his way out to the patio and stood there looking at the stars. Jeff was unsure of how this whole relationship would work out and, even though there had been no mention of it, he was sure there would have to be a place in it for Tina. His thoughts wandered to their time together. It had only been a few weeks, but it had been a frantic time as they had sex in just about every place and every way imaginable.

Her sexual appetite had matched and even occasionally exceeded his. They would pleasure each other three, four sometimes five times a day. Then there was the sex itself, Tina would try anything, role playing, submission, dominance, nothing was taboo for her. It shouldn't surprise him that she also liked girls; it went right along with her nature. Jeff was engrossed in thought and the sound of her voice startled him.

"Whatcha thinking about out here in the dark by yourself?" Tina asked in her seductive voice.

He turned to face her. She was wrapped in one of the hotel's complimentary robes, the thin grey cotton gapping at the top to show her pert breasts.

"You," he said somberly, "and her," his finger pointing at April's dozing form, "and what all this means and if I can be okay with it."

Tina glided up to Jeff and wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tight as her head came to rest on his chest. "We have some time before we need to worry about that; can't we just enjoy being with each other for a little while longer?" She asked, turning her head and kissing Jeff's chest, her lips slowly moving to his nipple as her tongue flicked across his hard nub. His guttural moan and hands clasping her head to him gave the answer and her hand grasped his cock, quickly stroking him to hardness.

"Get on your knees and suck it like you used to," he implored. "I want to blow a load in your mouth you little cum slut. Fill you up with my spunk and then you suck me 'til I'm hard again, and I'll fuck you senseless."

Tina was instantly wet. She loved it when Jeff treated her like a slut. She especially loved dressing up like a hooker and having Jeff treat her like a rented piece of ass. Squatting in front of him, she sucked on his thick cock, coating it with her spit and stroking it while she sucked on the head. Her free hand was between her thighs rubbing her swollen sex as Jeff pressed his cock into her mouth.

Tina loved the feel of hard flesh sliding along her lips. She remembered back to all the times she sucked Jeff off during their time together. Just thinking about it made her wetter, memories of frantic blowjobs in stairwells, cars, even one night on a park bench.

"Come on Tina," he urged, "take it all."

She relaxed her mouth and he filled it with his cock, his hand on the back of her head, pressing it to his groin. With measured strokes he fucked her face, lips sliding along his veined shaft. Her tongue would occasionally brush across the tip sending shudders down his spine. Rhythmically he rocked his hips, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth, her cheek bulging as he filled her.

"That's it, suck on my cock and drink my sperm. I'm gonna fill your belly with my thick gooey spunk. You want that, my slippery seed sliding down your throat?"

Tina could only moan her agreement, her mouth filled with cock, the tip tickling the back of her throat. Her exertion had opened the robe exposing her breasts to the cool night air, nipples stiffening from arousal. The fingers massaging her wet pussy worked in time with the cock being thrust between her lips. Her hand was drenched with her juices and she rubbed them into his heavy sac.

Jeff leaned back against the railing, his cock ready to explode. The slick feeling around his balls, coupled with Tina's talented tongue and deep sucks, brought him to completion. With a grunt of release he shot his load into her mouth. Tina greedily sucked down the warm juice, the salty taste pushing her to release as well. Her pussy contracted around the fingers shoved inside her, whimpers of pleasure muffled by the cock still filling her mouth. Slowly, Jeff's erection subsided, the limp dick falling from Tina's mouth to rest against his thigh.

"Go sit on the lounge chair," Tina directed.

Jeff began to respond but Tina shushed him and he went and sat on the chair. Dropping the robe Tina walked naked toward him, the moonlight dancing across her supple body as she crawled between his legs. His cock twitched the second the tip of her tongue touched it. She licked its length, kissing the head and balls before fully engulfing it. Tina purred as she licked the lingering taste of Jeff's cum from his cock. It took only a few moments before it had grown to its full measure.

Tina slowed her ministrations, softly kissing the purple crown as she nuzzled the smooth taut skin against her cheek. Rubbing her pursed lips across the tip, Tina slowly stroked the shaft, coaxing a few drops of pre-cum to the surface. Her tongue flicked out and captured the slick liquid before swirling around the head.

"God that feels so good," Jeff intoned.

Tina looked up at him from between his legs, "Not as good as good this is going to feel," she said as she stood up.

Facing away from him as he sat on the lounger, Tina rubbed the cleft of her ass along his slick shaft. Grasping Jeff's tool, Tina lowered herself onto it, groaning as the head passed her labia, filling her hot wet pussy. She loved the way it stretched her and her mind once again conjured up images of their previous liaisons. Quickies in the car, long luxurious foreplay followed by slow tender lovemaking, and heated animalistic fucking.

Leaning back onto his chest, she gave him access to her breasts. His hands encircled her firm mounds, kneading them with his unyielding grip. Tina writhed in pleasure, her hips bucking to meet his thrusts.

Jeff was spellbound by the pleasure emanating from his groin. Tina's tight pussy was gripping his slick cock, the velvety walls surrounding him in wet warmth. She leaned forward, breaking free from his grip on her breasts, and began bouncing up and down on his thick shaft.

Tina's fingers danced across her hard clit, waves of bliss coursing through her with each thrust of Jeff's big dick. Through half-open eyes she saw April standing in the door way watching them, one hand massaging her heavy chest, the other running along her pussy. Catching her attention, Tina motioned for April to come closer. Deliberately she walked toward them, her prodigious chest bouncing enticingly with each step. She bent down and kissed Tina before continuing to Jeff. Throwing a leg over the chaise lounge, she pressed her wet sex to his lips.

Jeff eagerly licked April's moist box as Tina spun around on Jeff's cock to allow her access to April's ass. As Jeff licked and sucked at April's clitoris, Tina's tongue was exploring the full, firm globes of April's bottom occasionally rimming around her puckered asshole. April's pussy gushed as she ground it on Jeff's face, her juices coating him.

"That's it," she moaned, "eat my pussy while that black-haired slut fucks you. Stick your tongue in my cunt and make me come all over your face. "

Jeff grabbed April and pulled her to him, his hands spreading wide her ass cheeks, allowing Tina better access to April's rear.

"Oh fuck yeah, baby," April screamed in bliss.

Tina thrust her hips up and down driving Jeff's cock deep inside her, her pace not slowing, even after his muffled cries of release. She felt the hot cum splash against the wet walls of her pussy as she pressed her tongue in April's behind, tasting the remnants of Jeff's earlier conquest. Her pussy contracted around him, trying to milk the last bit of cum from him.

The combination of penetrations pushed April to her orgasm, her body shaking with release before slumping onto Jeff and sliding down to sit between him and Tina. Their lips met in a slippery kiss, Tina sliding off Jeff's tool to join them in their post-coital kiss. Lips alighted on each other quickly and passionately as the three took turns kissing each other.

As the kissing slowed, Tina stood and pulled April off Jeff. "Come on back to bed April. Jeff is trying to decide if the three of us being together is a good thing or not, so let him stay out here by himself and think about it."

April bent down and kissed her boyfriend tenderly on his lips. "I promise you it will be wonderful thing," she whispered in his ear before taking Tina's hand and disappearing into the suite.

Jeff watched them walk away, and somewhere in his mind realized that she was right. No one was suggesting they all move in and marry each other. He loved April and that meant wanting to make her happy. If Tina could provide something he couldn't, and that something made his love happier how could he deny her that? Plus there were certainly benefits for him.

A smile formed on his lips as he slid into bed between his two girlfriends. That they were both his girlfriend would take a little time to get used to but, as their warm bodies pressed against him, he figured it wouldn't take too long.

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