Students Rule II Ch. 02


She felt his hands on her head as his body began to tense. She picked up the pace, oblivious now to everything except pleasing the cock that was filling her mouth.

"Yes!" Virginia hissed in encouragement. "He's ready. Make him cum in your mouth."

With that, Brian's hand grabbed hold of Cori's hair as he thrust himself into her. Soon he was emptying his sperm into her mouth, holding her head still while he filled her throat.

When he finally freed her, Cori pulled away. She looked up at her young master and smiled, the look on his face telling her everything she needed to know.

And then she turned to Virginia.

Without hesitation she threw herself at the older woman, forcing the principal onto her back on the floor with Cori lying between her widespread legs. The two women quickly threw their lips together, their tongues shooting back and forth, sharing the fruits of the teacher's efforts. And as they writhed together, Cori's hands moved to untie the strap behind Virginia's neck. This time, nobody stopped her.

As the strap came free, Cori broke the kiss. There was a hunger in her eyes as she slid the top of the dress down the chest, finally revealing the magnificent orbs she'd dreamed about. For several seconds she just lay there, staring at the rising and falling breasts. And then she attacked.

She threw her hands and mouth at those beautiful breasts, massaging them while her tongue began bathing the nipples. The tongue bath soon grew to light nibbles on the excited tips, and then to something harder than mere playful nips. The massages, meanwhile, were progressing to firm squeezes and chest mashes. Through it all, Ms. Lee was squirming and writhing beneath her as her dress rode further and further up her legs until finally, the two women were pressing their naked pussies together.

Cori slid down Virginia's body until she was on her knees and perched above the vortex of those beautiful legs. She quickly pushed the unwanted dress further up Virginia's torso, leaving the principal totally revealed. Then she lowered her mouth to her clit.

Virginia squirmed as Cori's tongue danced across her clit. She reached down, grabbing her head to hold her in place, all the while moaning as she arched her pelvis towards the mouth. And when the finger slid in her pussy, she nearly lost it. She knew her release was imminent.

Cori had become so engrossed in the culmination of her fantasy that she'd put Brian totally out of her mind. For the moment it was her and Virginia, lovers at last.

When she felt a hand on her hip and a cock pressing against her pussy lips, it all came back. But it wasn't Brian Bitner, a High School senior about to commit an immoral act that came rushing into her mind, it was Brian Bitner, her master, about to take liberties with what was rightfully his. And then she pressed herself against him and awaited his pleasure.

When he thrust his cock into her, she gasped, her mouth coming free of Virginia's clit as she nearly lost her balance, which in turn caused Virginia to gasp as she grabbed the head and pulled it back to her clit. Cori struggled to maintain her presence between her two lovers as one assaulted her pussy with his cock while the other held her head against that throbbing clit. It was a struggle she couldn't win as all sanity vanished from her world, leaving her as little more than an orgasm waiting to happen.

But it was Virginia who came first, bucking her body from the floor as that oh so familiar feeling swept through her body. Cori was right behind her as a climax the likes of which she'd never experienced crashed through her body. She felt Brian's body going tense moments later, seconds before his sperm began shooting into her love canal. And then she collapsed onto Virginia's chest.

* * *

She hadn't really passed out. She'd just lost all interest in anything except the pleasure that was gradually fading from her body and the softness of the breasts she was snuggling with. She'd heard some commotion, but paid it no heed.

So when she finally rolled off of Virginia's body -- at Virginia's prompting -- and onto her own back, she was surprised to be looking up at a fully dressed Brian Bitner. When she saw Ms. Lee climbing to her feet, pushing the unwanted dress that still adorned her waist the rest of the way off, she still made no move to stand up.

She was vaguely aware of Brian smiling down at her, telling her to have fun, and that he'd see her tomorrow. A slight smile was the best answer she could come up with as he bent over to give her right nipple a little pinch before turning and walking away.

* * * * * * *

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My dear linkznut;

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