tagHumor & SatireSchool for Scandal: Period 02

School for Scandal: Period 02


This is a straight up no-frills wish-fulfilment/gratification scenario based around a loose school satire for people that enjoyed the first chapter, which can be found in the 'Group sex' category. This submission is more tongue in cheek and belongs more firmly in the humour/satire section.

As with the first chapter, feedback and comments are appreciated, as are votes.


Period 2

My mind was still reeling from the events of my first lesson at the school I was substituting in today. I was flushed, short of breath, and practically having to lean against the wall of the drama studio to keep my knees from buckling underneath me. My consternation, however, was not because I had been subjected anything like an intellectual tour-de-force from my students, nor was it that the lesson had degenerated into the usual cavalcade of abuse, incivility and derision that usually greeted me as a supply teacher.

It was that I had witnessed a carnival of erotic debauch and excess that both shocked and aroused me to the core. Students undergoing rehearsals of the upcoming school play 'What the Butler Saw' had not only been unfaithful to the text, but had stretched the concept of artistic interpretation to its very limit, broken it, and come out the other side absolutely saturated in cum. What I had been privileged to see was truly incredible, and had culminated in what I beheld in front of me now: two giggling eighteen-year-old schoolgirls engaged in a succession of deep, cum-filled kisses as they struggled to cinch themselves back into the black latex stockings and vertiginous platform heels that, for some inconceivable reason, comprised the uniform in what I was increasingly seeing as less of a school and more a hotbed of lascivious activity. What was more, it all appeared to be sanctioned by the staff, who, to my incredulity, actually appeared to participate in this illicit behaviour.

Speaking of members of staff, I had one in front of me now. Miss Taylor, a six-foot blonde of the kind of beauty so staggering and intense it makes you afraid to look at her, improbably clad in what can only be described in a PVC catsuit, had just handed me my schedule for the day. I had havered over getting involved in the saucy activities of that lesson myself, despite an invite from a dildo-plugged student of such scalding sexuality that I had nearly shot my load on the spot. My load remained; at least for the present. My composure had utterly vanished.

Miss Taylor shooed the students out of the drama studio and urged them onto their next lessons. Rachael and Amy, my two star pupils, were still connected by the chin with a slender rope of cum as they passed me at the door, and went out into the corridor without the slightest concern about their appearance. They even light-heartedly compared the amount jizz that still clung to their hair. Rachael, who had kneeled underneath two dicks that had jetted their loads onto her friend, had her blonde tresses heavily matted with the stuff.

"Great lesson sir," said Amy as she left, finally fitting her huge boobs back into her bra, not before licking an errant droplet of cum from her nipple.

Trying to get some answers, I buttonholed Miss Taylor. "Excuse me," I said, strangely unsure of whether I should have the temerity to draw her attention to this outrageous and saucy behaviour, "but I can't help but have noticed... there's something different about this school."

Miss Taylor smiled. "I've heard it called that before."

"Well... it's just that... is this normal... procedure?"

"That's how we like to do things round here. You seem to be fitting right in."

"But, you appreciate my concern, surely. It's just that there's something... a little odd about this place."

"There's no big mystery, Mr White. This is a school for the sexually gifted. We take on students who are sexually precocious, and, with a slightly altered curriculum to your usual common-or-garden state school we turn these people into the finished product. Think of it as a kind of... liberated finishing school. The nurturing of the sexual potential of this country's youth."

"I see."

"So don't worry if it's a little different to your usual bill of fare. It takes all sorts to make a world. Just muck in, do your best. We're a little short-handed here today. We're very broadminded here as you may have noticed."

"I had noticed that, yes."

"Just treat everyone as you would wish to be treated. And after you've finished this period, come to the staffroom at breaktime. You can help me decide how much cream I have in my coffee."

With that statement hitting me directly in my solar plexus, she turned on her high heels, and walked out the door and down the corridor. I gasped with barely suppressed desire and went to try and find my next class.

I would have arrived there a lot more quickly had I paid more attention to the map of the school that Miss Taylor had provided me with and less to the agglomeration of students in the hallway, sporting various configurations of shiny, skin-tight fetish gear. I was also attracting quite a bit of interest myself. There is nothing so very extraordinary about a young male teacher in school for only a day generating hormonal activity in impressionable young girls, but this was something entirely different. Here the air was charged with an overpoweringly kinky atmosphere, and the sexual aggression of these young women was similarly hard-edged. More than once I had my ass pinched as I made my way through the stream of nubile students. I felt myself blush, but I was also flattered. The girls picked up rapidly on my awkwardness. By the time I reached the science labs the air was ringing with catcalls.

I went inside the classroom. I could see roughly fifteen students, already sat on high stools behind the lab benches. Thankfully, the girls here maintained their decorum and behaved with rather more respect than their colleagues had done in the corridor, but there was still a noticeable shiver of anticipation that greeted my entrance.

"Hel-lo sexy!" some girl said as I made my way to the front desk and sat down.

"Right," I said, addressing the class, attempting to summon some semblance of authority from somewhere. "Who's your normal teacher I'm covering for."

"Mr Bolton," said a sexy little cupcake in the back row, "but he's nowhere as hot as you are, sir."

I felt that the best thing to do was to keep a lid on the salacious comments for the time being. I still, after all, had a job to do.

"Alright, settle down," I said. "I'm Mr White. Let's see if I can find some work for you to do."

"We know what we're doing today, sir," volunteered a girl in the front row. She was a short brunette with an impossibly busty pair of boobs. For a moment I was hypnotised by her delicious curves, sat as she was between two slender, similar looking blondes, each of whom fondled one of the girl's breasts. Both of them look at me in a challenging way, seeming to dare me to ask them to refrain from groping the hot little piece between them. Little did they know I was in no mind to stop them.

"What's your name?"

"Nicole, sir."

"Alright Nicole. Why don't you tell me what you're doing."

"It's an ongoing project, sir. Inventions that will make the world a better place."

"Sounds interesting."

"Actually, most of us have nearly finished. Our group at least. We're getting towards the testing stage." As she said the world 'testing' a particularly creative tweak of Nicole's nipple from the girl on her left evinced a sensuous groan from her lips.

"Everyone happy with that?" I said to the class. "Okay, get in your groups and get cracking."

The class divided up among themselves into three groups, and started to produce various pieces of apparatus from cupboards and shelves dotted around the room. Each group was comprised of four girls and one boy. I had a vague premonition that the remit of the experiment would have precious little to do with such altruistic notions as ending famine or preventing disease, and would probably centre rather more around more kinky affairs. In this I was not to be disappointed.

I went over to Nicole's group first, at the front of the room near my desk. They were manhandling what looked to be quite a complex arrangement of electrical gear on the table, fiddling with the buttons and plugging in various leads in sockets.

"What's this?"

"Remote blowjob machine, sir," reported Nicole, appearing at my elbow as if from nowhere and pushing her tits up against my arms that I had folded across my chest.

"You must be joking."

"No joke, sir." Nicole pointed to what looked like a stiff black rubber dildo that was resting by a suction cup upon the tabletop. "This is station one, or Robo-cock, as we call it. It's fitted with thousands of tiny sensors that read every instance of physical contact that happens to it, and change it into data."

"The data travels along these wires," resumed another girl in the group, a hot, dark-eyed brunette with blonde streaks in her hair who had begun to maul Nicole's tits in front of me as though it was the most natural thing in the world. "It ends up in this box." She indicated a square black container about the size of a shoebox. "This is the plastic pussy. Inside here is a latex sheath we've designed modelled on my very own hot little love-tunnel, sir. This transfers the sensations from Robo-cock and implements them directly in here."

"That's quite ingenious," I admitted. "And is it as good as the real thing?"

"As good as, if not better, sir," Nicole said. "Today we're going to test it on Dominic. And we're going to suck on that thing so hard were going to make his dick crumble like volcanic ash. Vicky, why don't you get him ready to go."

The two blonde girls busied themselves fitting a large battery-pack to the apparatus as Vicky gave Nicole's tits a final squeeze and dropped to her haunches in front of Dominic. "Eight out of ten boys can't tell the difference, sir," she said, winked at me and unzipped his fly. Predictably, the boy was already rigidly engorged, and his tumescent dick fairly sprang out of his boxers. Vicky, however, had been turned to address me, and received an unexpected faceful of cock as she turned back towards Dominic, the large prick pistoning upwards to strike her on the nose. She slapped Dominic playfully on the belly: "Watch it, you."

"There are far-reaching commercial applications for this device, sir, as I'm sure you can imagine," Nicole said, as Vicky began to assault Dominic's cock with a few luscious, preliminary licks.

"Like what?"

"We're working on a version that can operate over the internet. Give a blowjob in the UK and receive one in, say, America. The perfect thing for separated couples, for example. The only drawback is, you can't exactly transmit cum via optical fibres. And considering how I love to swallow, it's not ever going to replace a bona fide head to head encounter. Or bona fide head, I should say, sir."

At this, Vicky withdrew her mouth from around Dominic's dick with a dirty, guttural noise, already trailing long sticky streams of saliva. "If Nicole starts to go on about her cum swallowing proclivities at great length sir, just ignore her. All we ever hear in this class is 'blah blah blah, the dicks shot this much, I swallowed all five loads, blah blah blah."

"Not so much a cum swallowing whore as a cum swallowing bore, sir," added one of the blonde girls. Nicole took the teasing with good grace, but pushed Vicky's head all the way back onto Dominic's lengthy rod in retaliation, nearly choking her friend. "Shut up, you, and suck dick like you're supposed to."

I was slightly disappointed to have Nicole's pneumatic little body leave my side, so decided to disengage from that group and moved on to the next one in the middle of the classroom.

"What's your project, then?" I said to the short, honey blonde little fox that had called me 'hot' at the beginning of the lesson. Her name turned out to be Laura.

"Augmentation, sir. We've got Jeff here who's agreed to be our guinea pig. Hs been working hard with various techniques to increase the size of his member."

"Brave boy." I said, watching with interest as the rest of their group set about probing and poking his genitalia with a large array of measuring instrumentation.

"Jeff's been just shy of eleven inches for a good while now, we're hoping to push well past that today as we've been working extra hard in order to get him extra hard."

I looked over at Jeff. He was leaning back against the desk, his knuckles completely white as he gripped against it. Spearing out in front of him was a cock of such prodigious size and bulk that it almost looked prosthetic. Actually, it was all too real, a fact to which its dismorphic bulging and obscene pulsation attested. It jutted upwards from his groin at the base and then described a slight downwards arc, as if the monstrous size of the livid purple head that topped the shaft carried too much weight. Two girls were kneeled at either side of him, unsuccessfully attempting to measure the shaft, which twitched and spasmed as they tried to wrap their latex-gloved hands around the massive girth of the thing. Jeff obviously found their touched delightful, because the immense protrusion from his groin jumped at the physical contact and still appeared to be in the full throes of its exponential growth, becoming noticeably larger and more rigid as I watched. Before long the two girls – one a blonde, on a brunette, both gorgeously tanned – hit upon the idea of putting their hands together and each wanking their own side of the prick off in tandem with the other.

"It looks like we're going to need something a little bigger than a twelve-inch ruler..." one of them noted with a note of triumph in her voice.

"Looks like your experiment has been a success," I said finally said to Laura, tearing my gaze from the mesmerising show.

"The real experiment is too see which one of us is going to be able to take that thing the deepest, sir," Laura replied, running her finger down the side of her mouth as she watched the rest of her group grapple with Jeff's rapidly ballooning member. It looked as though it was taking all three remaining members of the group to tug and stroke Jeff to the fullest extension of his length. I could see stiff veins truncating from the shaft as one of the girls deposited a long string of drool onto the now-massive tool. Laura obviously couldn't bear to be separated from the horny sight from too long, and rejoined the fray, reaching under the morass of massaging hands to cup Jeff's sizeable scrotum and give it a slow, sensual squeeze.

I went to see the final group in the class. Here, four girls had been just as enterprising as their classmates and had produced comparable results to the previous group. The difference in this instance was that the boy pinioned to the desk, currently manhandled and groped by four pairs of curious hands was sporting a ball-sack of enormous proportions.

I harrumphed importantly to announce my presence. A girl disengaged herself from the melee and came up to me wearing a cheeky little smile. She was clearly a popular girl, supremely confident, with long, lustrous blonde hair that riffled over her shoulders and cascaded down her back. Her eyes were dark, narrow and nasty and her lips were not so much bee-stung as they had been mercilessly attacked by the whole hive. They were red, permanently pouting, and as lustrous as ripe fruit.

"Balls, sir."


"I'm Trudi and my group is interested in balls. That's the subject of our experiment here. We've taken one ordinary boy - Matt, here - and put him on a course of specially formulated drugs designed to increase sperm production. We've been treating him for a few weeks, now, but we might not get the results we were after today, because we know he's been a little bit naughty."

"How so?"

"We know he's blown his load a couple of times when he should have been saving up, but we never got a chance to measure the volume of his issue, because, as usual with this class, Nicole got there ahead of everyone and gobbled it up. It's almost as if she were trying to sabotage our experiment."

I looked back at Nicole, who was at that moment excitedly announcing to her group that Dominic was at full hardness and preparing to stick the black box on his dick.

"We figured we wanted to see some results," Trudi continued, "so we upped Matt's dosage of pills and we're hoping for something really special from him today." She extended a latex-gloved hand and reached down beside her to cup Matt's enlarged ball-sack. "Isn't that right, sweetie?"

I could see Matt's testicles respond to her stimulation and slither around the confines of his scrotum. They looked cartoonishly bulbous, easily as large as a pair of tennis balls. Trudi held them together and pulled them up, looking for all the world like it was a juicy giant peach that she couldn't wait to bite into. "He's been on a course of some pills that we specially developed. Two of those babies a day and he's going to squirt like Niagara falls. Purely in the spirit of scientific research sir," she added, relinquishing her hold and allowing the remaining minxes in her group to greedily fall upon Matt's huge, apple-shaped testicles with their willing tongues and mouths.

"We were thinking of having another experiment based around the same theme, actually, sir," Trudi resumed. "If we could enlarge Matt's balls we figured we'd be able to do the same with out boobs."

At this, she undid a clasp at the back of her latex corset, shucked it off and let it fall away from her midriff into a shiny little pool around her ankles.

"But then, we thought, why mess with perfection?"

Trudi posed with her hands on her hips in front of me and thrust her boobs brazenly towards me. She hadn't been exaggerating. She sported a tremendous set of full, luscious globes with a deep, glorious tan sitting high atop her chest and tipped with a small pair of brown nipples. They weren't just perfectly round, they were big. If God existed, and had chosen to invest his absurd world with any higher meaning whatsoever, I was looking at it. Trudi lifted one of her boobs to her mouth and touched the tip of her tongue to the irresistible little bud of her nipple.

Something came over me, a reckless impulse, impossible to deny, and I found myself leaning forward, extending my own tongue and reaching out towards her tits. Before I knew it, our tongues had touched, and were dancing together like figure skaters on the platform of her nipple. The feeling was so intense I thought I had had an electric shock.

Swiftly, I withdrew, suddenly all too conscious of my transgression, but Trudi merely winked at me, enjoying my embarrassment. To all intents and purposes, I felt had become my wildly throbbing dick and I retreated back to the front of the classroom and sat at my desk.

So there it was; enormous enlargements of male appendages, excessive sperm production trials, and remote-control blowjobs were so far the order of the day. The reckless, lascivious ingenuity of the students in this school was totally mind-blowing. By this time the lesson was already one-half of the way through, and from my vantage point at the front of the classroom I could see only a seething mass of sexual activity. My mind was still reeling from the implications of my unsanctioned lick of Trudi's white-hot tits, and my immense boner now allowed me to empathise with how Jeff must presently be feeling.

I gathered my thoughts. The parade of naked flesh was beginning to get into full swing. Fortifying myself, I decided to make my presence felt again, and went back to the first group testing their remote-blowjob device. By now Dominic had his eyes squeezed tightly closed, and the black cocoon fastened upon his groin buzzed, hummed and vibrated gently. It was obvious that the apparatus was replicating the sensations that Robo-cock was receiving very efficiently, because the student was murmuring deliriously, thrusting his hips forward and back to match the increasingly violent rhythms produced by the machine.

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