tagGay MaleSchool Gets Different Ch. 02

School Gets Different Ch. 02


Hi, I'm Ben. Remember me? I'm the guy who sucks his teachers dick for high marks in physics. I you don't remember, my Physics teacher Mr Franklin told me that if I gave him a blowjob three times a week in exchange for good marks. At first I saw it as a very frightening chore, but I gradually started to enjoy it. In fact, the more I did it, the more I would find myself getting hard as I sucked on Mr. Franklins penis. Then one Friday, after everyone had gone home, something happened that changed my life at school even more dramatically than Mr Franklins deal.

It started off as a normal day. I was in the science lab with Mr. Franklin. He was sitting at the bench and I was crouched in the hollow underneath it. He had his pants around his ankles and his shaft was standing straight up. I shivered a little as I slowly ran my hand from the head down to the base, and wrapped my hand around it. I brought my other hand up and started gently playing with his balls. I used my hand to bring his cock down towards me then stretched my tongue out of my mouth. I liked to start off gently at first, and I used the very tip of my tongue to tickle my way up the bottom of his shaft and up to the head.

I licked around the head very slowly and once I had covered the entire thing with my saliva, I took the whole head into my mouth. I heard him moan above me and felt his hand stroke through my hair. This elicited another shudder from me. I felt like a real cocksucking slut when he stroked my hair, and I liked it. My cock started twitching and that set me off. I started licking and sucking on his dick with passion. I'd move my head forward and swallow as much as I could before backing off and licking around the head. I was moving down his head when I heard the door to the classroom opening. I panicked and tried to move backwards, but his stroking hand clamped onto the back of my head and pushed me back down. I heard the voice of my principal talking and that panicked me even more. If he found out I was sucking dick for grades, I could get expelled and he'd definitely make me stop doing it. At that point I wasn't sure which point upset me more.

My struggling must have excited Mr Franklin because before I knew what was happening he powerfully down my throat. The combination of my throat being full of cock and the cum blasting down my throat made me gag noisily. I was still coughing when Principal Clark dragged me out from under the desk. He looked pretty angry. I glanced at Mr Franklin and he was looking at the floor and trying to pull his pants up without drawing any attention to himself.

"So, that's why your grades have skyrocketed suddenly, you little whore." Principal Clark practically spat at me. He reached out and grabbed the front of my pants. "And your all hard too. Well, if you don't want to be expelled you're going to have to do something for me too." He lead me over to one of the desks and made me put my hands on it, palms down. By now everything that was happening was a sort of blur, I was so nervous about what was going to happen. I put my hands on the desk, which made me bend slightly. Principal Clark bent town and pulled down my pants and boxers, letting my cock spring free. By now it was throbbing quite hard, it had been excited for so long. "Now don't turn around and don't make a noise" Principal Clark instructed me.

I felt his hands spreading my asscheeks and I knew what was going to happen. I had read a few gay stories on the internet since I had begun sucking Mr Franklin. They excited me. I remembered that what was about to happen could be pleasurable or painful depending on how you reacted. I tried my hardest to relax myself back there. I felt a finger spreading something very cold all over the tight ring of muscle that was the entry to my arse. 'Well, at least I'll be lubricated, he's not planning on hurting me' I thought to myself. As I had been told, I didn't turn around but I couldn't help gasping when I felt a cock slide over my left asscheek and settle at the entrance to my darkest region. Principal Clark began to push and I struggled to keep myself relaxed. He broke through my anal ring which brought forth another gasp from me. He stopped moving his dick for a second and I started to feel a bit of pain. A tear ran down my cheek and I felt Principal Clark start moving again. It felt good as he moved deeper and deeper and my whole existence started to narrow down to the effort of not making a noise.

Before I knew it, I heard Principal Clark say "Good boy, you've taken it all." I was shocked. I expected this to reach far into me and hurt more than I could imagine. But he didn't feel that deep to me, and the slow movements in and out of me felt good. Principal Clark started to increase the speed of his thrusts and I unconsciously moved my ass back towards him. 'Little slut likes it' I heard Principal Clark say, but by that point I didn't care. I was still struggling not to moan and my cock was throbbing with each push into me. Suddenly, Principal Clark grabbed my hips and held me still as he pumped into me furiously. 'Oh shit!' I couldn't help moaning as I felt waves of pleasure tinged with pain spread all over me. I felt his cock bursting in my ass and with each pump he seemed to stimulate me even more, as his cock swelled and subsided. Then it was over. I felt him pull out of me, which felt extremely strange. "You can turn around now if you like' one of them said, I'm not sure which because I was in a daze. I turned to see Principal Clark moving over to a sink to was himself off and Mr Franklin standing and smiling at me. I began to wonder how much of a surprise this was for Mr Franklin. I was still rock hard and it was pretty obvious.

'You've done extremely well' Principal Clark said. 'Unfortunately, that isn't enough to keep my silence. You will come to my office everyday after school and we will repeat todays lesson.' I didn't know whether to be delighted or horrified. 'What about Mr Franklin? Can I keep going with my payments to him' I managed to quiver out. 'Yes, but you'll have to do him at lunchtimes, so I hope you know how to be discrete.' Principal Clark smiled. Gone was the anger and cruelty I had seen before. 'You have earned yourself a reward' He said. He gestured to Mr Franklin and to my shock, he knelt before me. I felt a hand reach wrap itself around my cock. I moaned at the unexpected pleasure as Mr Franklin positioned my cock in front of his mouth. Mr Franklin was all business and wasted no time in wrapping his mouth around my cock. He started taking me deep inside his tongue seemed to be working all the way around my cock. I was so stimulated by this time that it didn't take me long and I exploded into his mouth. He swallowed it expertly and I knew he was no stranger to sucking cock himself. I glanced at Principal Clark wondering what kind of arrangement these two had. Principal Clark just smiled at me. 'I'll see you tomorrow.' With that he chuckled and walked out.

Mr Franklin gathered his things, told me where to meet him for payment next and he too left. I stood there for a while, my ass starting to burn a little and my cock slowly deflating. Then I smiled, pulled up my pants, grabbed my bag and went home. School was getting a lot more interesting.

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