tagMatureSchool Girl Rayne

School Girl Rayne

bySean Renaud©

Anne had never been a huge fan of the rain. Born and raised in Southern California she only saw a few storms a year and those were usually an annoyance filled with traffic delays, flooded streets and being stuck inside until the rain decided that it was done ruining life.

This one however was quite a bit worse than usual since it had apparently come out of no where. When Anne had left for school there were a few puffy white clouds lazily floating around the sky. The nineteen year old didn't normally make a habit of checking the news before heading off to class or much at all. That was what Twitter and Facebook were for; anything worth knowing would get mentioned by someone. Today that was a decision was regretting.

It wasn't just the rain that was upsetting today. It was being trapped outside in it, in her school uniform. Slipping around in the modest heels with absolutely no grip was frustrating enough to keep her from focusing too much on the fact that her white blouse was completely soaked through. Her bra wasn't designed with modesty in mind so not only was her top transparent but the cold had her nipples hard and standing out like spotlights. The black pleated skirt was again not designed with the idea of being wet while worn. That combined with sheer underwear gave a near perfect outline of everything a proper girl kept private and no amount of pulling and twisting seemed to be eliminating that. It seemed most things made it cling even more closely and it was ultimately a waste of time since nobody was outside to see her.

Equally distressing though was the fact that she'd forgotten her house key. It was probably in the house on her dresser or possibly in a pants pocket. Where ever it was Anna would worry about it once she was dry and warm. Until then she was just pissed she didn't have it on her and could only hope that a neighbor was home.

"Well I have to start somewhere." She grumbled to herself looking around at the three other apartments that made up her complex and deciding to start with Mrs. Harper. He was an old widower and most likely she'd have her comfortable in slippers and a robe sipping hot chocolate in minutes. Normally Anna wasn't much for being fawned over but the other two options were worse. Right then hot chocolate sounded really good anyway. It was disappointing when pounding on the door and jamming the doorbell didn't get her a human response. Kacy was in the window staring out at the drenched girl and Rex was barking excitedly at the door but neither the cat nor the dog could let her in.

That left her with either the three college boys up stairs or Old Man Alfred. She'd seen the way all of the men looked at her before and she'd be lying if she claimed she wasn't equal parts elated and disgusted. Anna loved it when she caught the boys magically on the walkway when she was on her way to the pool and how they'd equally mysteriously show up fifteen or so minutes later. Not once had they already been in the pool before her or stayed after she left. It was apparently a coincidence they all had to leave right as she started drying off and could always find away to stall long enough for her to be walking in front of them. Anna was guilty of dropping her keys more than once on those days and once when she knew her mother wasn't home her top somehow had slipped off to her absolute horror while she stood in the doorway. She was so distraught she didn't even cover up when she spun around to make sure that nobody had seen her. Once she saw the guys she shrieked in embarrassment and fumbled her keys in one hand, top in the other for almost a full thirty seconds before vanishing inside. There were three of them however and while she didn't really think they'd do anything against her will she didn't trust any of the four of them, herself included, in the situation.

Alfred on the other hand at least made an effort at being subtle. He watched her from behind cracked shades and sat out on his lawn with a newspaper most summer afternoons. There were much better places in the complex to sit, but none to get a glimpse of the bikini clad college girl on her way to and fro the pool. Anna didn't believe in sixth senses or anything but she swore she could feel it when he was staring at her. It didn't prompt her to close the blinds when she went to take her showers. She made bit of a point making sure that she was facing the window when she masturbated. Even though he was a creepy old man the way his eyes caressed her flesh was exhilarating. He was probably too old to even get it up and certainly too old to do anything without her complete consent.

That was enough to make the decision easy. The old man would stare at her but she was more than used to having that happen. Anna felt a slight shiver travel the length of her spine and knew he was at the window. She couldn't see him; she could just feel his eyes on her breasts. Her suspicion was confirmed when she only had time to knock twice before the door was opened revealing Alfred. He was wearing a maroon robe and a pair of slippers and based on his hair he'd just gotten up. "Hi." Anna squeaked at the old man. The door had just opened and she didn't think he'd even looked her in the eye yet. "I forgot my key and it's raining. Can I come in and wait for my mom to get home?"

Alfred's eyes were still traveling up along her skirt and her belly when she spoke. "I'm sorry honey but I can't. I've lived a long time and seen to many men like me get taken advantage of by hoodlums." He was just passing her belly and pausing over her breasts. He wouldn't have had a better view if she was actually topless.

"It's just me." Anna complained stomping her foot and then motioning behind her. As soon as she turned his gaze moved to her butt and she grinned slightly. He was just teasing her. "Look its cold and I'm soaked to the bone. Can we skip the part where you play dumb and I play coy and you just tell me what you want?"

Alfred did his best to look shocked and insulted but instead had a weird sort of wide eyed half smile. "Well you're clothing is soaking wet and I can't have you tracking it all in the house."

Anna's eyes hooded over slightly. "Is that all?" Alfred nodded slowly. Anna took one last glance around to make sure that the complex was still empty and then quickly kicked of her shoes. She wasn't putting on a show so she undid her blouse and squirmed out of her socks in a single motion. She had to wriggle to get the wet skirt to come off. "Okay. Clothes are off." Alfred didn't move from the doorway when Anna stepped forward though. "Really?" She sighed realizing the problem instantly. "Fine." She took her bra and panties off then picked up all of her clothing and with a huff pushed it against his chest moving him out of the way at the same time.

"Well aren't you a lovely young lady. So polite too." Alfred grinned and shut the door behind her. "I'm gonna go throw these in the dryer real quick. You can wait here." Alfred said turning to walk away.

"Hey! You can't just leave me still cold and wet in your living room!" Anna squealed making a point of covering herself up as best she could with just her hands and a twist of the hip. Judging by the gleam in his eyes and the way she could feel them on her thigh he actually preferred her attempt at modesty. There wasn't much she could do about that though.

"I only said I'd let you in. I didn't promise you anything else. If you want your clothes back though you're free to go back out in the rain." Alfred said.

Anna narrowed her eyes slightly. For a second she'd really believed that it was going to be that simple. "Fine what else do you want from me? You've already got me naked in your house you old perv." She saw his robes twitching slightly just beneath his waist. Apparently she'd been wrong about him being too old to get a proper reaction from.

"Well you look like your freezing. Look at you shaking like a leaf. We should probably get you in the shower and warm you up." Alfred said.

"Let me guess and you want to watch?" Anna sardonically replied following him into the apartment.

"No. I want to personally make sure you're cleaned properly before I have you sitting on anything." Alfred replied. "Do you want your clothes back now?"

"No. Stop fucking asking. Just show me to the bathroom." Anna was trying to sound like she was angry with the old man but the words came out more as a purr than anything remotely angry. He must have had eyes in the back of his fucking head though since she could still feel them from her painted toes to her pursed lips. It was a little awkward trying to stay covered up as she walked through the apartment and it wasn't until she got to the bathroom that she realized just how stupid trying to cover up from a man who was about to give you a shower actually was.

Anna honestly couldn't remember the last time anybody had been in the bathroom with her. Certainly not the last time that it had been a man with her in the bathroom. She was determined not let herself look embarrassed or aroused or scared or anything. The old man had her between a rock and a hard place but she'd be damned before she gave him any satisfaction.

He hadn't even touched her when she failed that particular test of her will power. A pleasant moan escaped her lips the exact second the slightly too hot water struck her chest and cascaded down her body. A hot shower after being out in the cold rain was really the best. For a second she completely forgot he was even in the room as she turned around to let the water run down her back and over her ass.

"See isn't that better?" Alfred stepped into the shower as he spoke.

Curiosity was either a better or simply better motivator than spite because Anna immediately glanced down at Alfred's crotch over her shoulder. It was only for a moment before she quickly turned her head forward determined to hold perfectly still. She wasn't really sure what she'd expected and old man's parts to look like but she'd known it would be different. This was maybe a little on the thick side but otherwise it looked just like every other man he'd had seen in the buff. "Oh just do what you need to do." It was another failure to sound truly upset at her predicament.

Holding still was much harder than she'd been expecting. He had strong hands and when he started washing her shoulders she had to hold her breath for a moment to keep silent. It only got worse from there as he worked his way down her back. She hadn't even known she had a hot spot just behind her elbow that made her tingle. She knew without turning that he was smiling when she tensed up at that. That smile became a light laugh when he repeated it on her other arm. She refused to give him the satisfaction of a response though. Anna was thankful to be facing away from him when he moved down her buttocks and thighs since she could bite down on her lips to silence herself without him noticing. She couldn't stop her back from arching though when he lingered on the back of her knees. It was only for a moment and he pretended not to notice as she returned to her rigid stance but she knew he'd seen her. "Okay turn around."

Anna glowered at the wall. She knew that there was no way she was going to be able to keep herself from reacting to his touch. If he'd been able to get those reactions from her knees and elbows she was going to lose it when it got to her breasts. She didn't even make an effort to steel herself as she turned around and he started washing her again. "Go on you pervert. You know want to touch my breasts so go on." Anna knew she couldn't make eye contact with him without him seeing right through her so she angrily turned her head away from him staring at of all things his toilet. Just as she'd expected when the washcloth passed over her nipples she gasped and pushed herself towards his hands. "It's not you old man. They're just sensitive." She grumbled. He didn't say anything in response, he just continued on down over her belly. He surprised her by being incredibly brief over her vagina but he was back between her thighs again and this time she had to clutch his shoulders to keep her balance. She didn't care at the moment if he knew it felt good, there wasn't anyway of denying it anyway. When he stopped she had remember that she was playing the bitch and not say anything. Alfred let her rinse down and dry off in silence stepping out after having done the same.

"Okay so now we're all done right?" Anna asked softly. She'd stopped caring that she was nude though a towel would have been nice. It would have been a little better if he'd kept the towel and she didn't have to see him bobbing up and down with each step he took. "I've done everything you asked, taken a shower so know I can get some clothes on and wait for my mother?"

"If you want to take your clothes and go you're welcome. If you want to wait for your mother then I want a blow job." Alfred said plainly walking back into his living room.

Anna couldn't stop herself from grinning slightly. "Oh now you want a blow job. And after that I can stay until my mother gets home?" Alfred nodded. "Fine. When you die of a heart attack I'm not gonna feel bad." Anna sauntered forward as she spoke.

"Oh I invite you to try my dear." Alfred said plopping down on his couch and stretching out.

The old man was going to regret that. Anna knelt on the couch beside him grabbing his semi-flaccid cock in one hand and wrapped her lips around the head gently sucking and stroking. Knowing how much men loved her ass she arched her back so it was high in the air shaking it slightly. She'd noticed his girth earlier but it wasn't until she felt it return to its full size in her mouth that she realized just how big. It still wasn't the largest she'd had but she'd convinced herself that old man dick would be small and shriveled and the organ bumping against the back of her throat was anything but.

Alfred let her head loll back onto the couch a wide happy smile on his face. The young girl needed some work on her technique but she didn't lack enthusiasm. Anna was noisily slurping as her head bounced up and down over his cock working in tandem with her hands.

"I hope you don't mind." Alfred said roughly grasping her ass. He couldn't see her eyes widen. He did hear and feel the groan that flowed out of her throat and onto his cock. That seemed close enough to consent for him continue just gripping at her buttocks, pulling her a bit this way and that.

It had never occurred to Anna that she was somehow compliant to men or worse submissive. She'd always known that she was the one who held the real power but as this old man positioned her like she was a toy and did so by grabbing her by the ass and wrenching her into position she had to question that. She couldn't deny that his rough handling of her was getting her moist. She tried to close her legs a bit but he quickly corrected that and she didn't even think to try that again.

One thing Anna had never allowed any man to do was anal. They all wanted to do it and she'd refused every one of them telling them that she wasn't that kind of girl. Alfred couldn't see her eyes go wide when his fingers finally slipped between her parted cheeks. She went completely stiff at his touch. "If you want me to stop just say so." In her mind Anna screamed no which was enough to satisfy her. There was a light nagging in the back of her mind that told her going back to sucking his dick, this time lightly cradling his balls wasn't anywhere close to withdrawing consent. That voice was silenced when Alfred continued running his finger right around the edge of her anus. Anna didn't mean to push her hips towards his fingers. She wanted to believe that they'd simply grown a mind of their own or her own curiosity was pushing her. That nagging voice in the back of her mind was screaming something about submitting to a man but Anna simply slurped a bit louder to drown it out.

This was the part of a blowjob that Anna enjoyed the most. The part where the man was starting to jerk his hips and he couldn't possible refuse her anything. Right now he'd promise her the moon if she threatened to stop and that power excited her. She considered it for just a second and she must have slowed down. Alfred responded with a hard smack that warmed her ass and put the thought from her mind at the same time. Instead her focus was on making sure she pleased him. The nag in the back of her mind was silent as she started stroking as fast as she could manage. Anna continued to suck and slurp until finally Alfred lifted his hips filling her mouth with his warm cream. No matter what lies she might have told a lot of boys she didn't like the taste of cum or swallowing it and Alfred hadn't told her to so she simply let it dribble back out off her mouth. Each spurt coated Alfred's cock and Anna's hand with a more saliva and semen.

"There. I stripped, showered and gave you a blow job. Now can I wait here in peace until my mom gets home?" Anna was clenching her thighs together not sure if she wanted him to notice the wetness spreading halfway down her thighs or not.

"That was our deal. You can wait here in your clothes until your mom gets home. They should be dry and warm in about five minutes. I can get you a robe." Alfred offered getting to his feet. "I need to wash up anyway."

"I'll be fine thank you." Anna replied curling up comfortably on the couch. "Can you bring me a glass of water when you come back?"

Anna could hear the shower turn back on. It was difficult to fight the urge to run and climb back in with him but she was back in control of this situation and she'd be damned if she gave it back. He was only in for a minute anyway. A loud buzz announced that her clothes were dry just after that and he came back in a grey sweat suit with her cloths in one hand and a glass of water in the other. "Here." Anna took a moment and then took her glass of water. "Your clothes?"

"Just set them down." She barked. "I wouldn't want to accidently get them wet and have you take them away before my mother gets home. Who knows what embarrassing things you'd make do if that happened. You don't mind if I wait here naked do you?"

"Nope." Alfred put his hands in the air and then sat down next to her.

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