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School Spankings

byJoseki Ko©

School Spankings

Hi sis,

I know it's been awhile since I've written you, but I've got a story I just have to share. There is a teacher that I used to have in high school that paddled me a couple of times in the 12th grade It was really embarrassing since I was 18.

That was a long time ago but I still see her now in our small town. She has changed some because back then she was younger and very pretty but now she had put on a little weight but she still looks nice.

She lives alone now because her husband was killed in a car accident about 5 years ago. I average seeing her at least once a week in the super market or Wall mart or in the business I own.

My problem is that I have had fantasies about being paddled by her ever since high school. I would love to be on the receiving end of one of her "punishments" once again. When I see her there are usually a lot of other people around but I just know that sooner or later I will have a chance to talk to her alone.

I thought about bringing up the subject of old school days and see if she remembers padding me. I also thought about "confessing" about the 10 or 15 times I skipped her class and did not get caught. Back then skipping her class would earn you at least 7 good hard licks with her wooden paddle for only one offense.

I thought I could get her started talking about the old days and slip something into the conversation to bring up the subject of paddling but I really don't know how to start.

That is why I am writing you sis. Can you possibly help me with a little advice? Any ideas?

Thank you.

Your cyber sister,
Bobby Sue Layton.


Hello to you to sis.

No you don't write often but this is a goody let me share something with you.

The first time I got some enjoyment out of being spanked, was 18 as well. I was in twelfth grade in the 85/86 school year and it was one of the last years that the public school system in Kansas City, permitted spanking by teachers or the administration.

I had a big crush on my teacher; she was in her late 20s and from Kentucky, so she knew how to spank. She would always take us out in the hall to get spanked, and she used a strip of leather about a foot long and probably 2 or 3 inches wide. The implement didn't have a handle, yet it would still probably be considered a strap. (Hence, my fetish for being whipped with a leather punishment strap as an adult)

Anyway, she would have us put our hands on the wall and arch outward, plus she would admonish you through out the spanking and then a little more after the swats. She would usually give somewhere between 6 to 15 swats per punishment. The swats themselves would not leave bruises, but your butt would sting for awhile afterwards. She was fair but firm, besides the swats I was also quite taken with her southern accent, when she was mad at us.

When I was away from school I would think about her and the punishments she rightfully gave out, I was experiencing my first erotic feelings that year in which I was 18 years old. For some reason, thinking about her turned me on, more than seeing a Playgirl Magazine at that age. And my teacher, dressed conservatively, nothing was ever skin tight of coarse, but most of her dresses and pant suits made her form look most pleasing.

After a hallway spanking was complete, she'd send us back to our desk and she would usually smile and say something to the effect of 'Well girl, are ya gonna behave and stop talkin' in class?' I would always nod quickly. Now, she would smile and talk down to us at this point, not out of meanness like a Top might, but to show that she is not mad at us anymore. I firmly believe that she was a major influence and icon for me pertaining to the love I have for being spanked as an adult.

Your desire on having your former teacher spank or paddle you is also a fantasy that I still have about my 6th grade teacher to this day. My problem is that my teacher still teaches in the Kansas City school system to this day. And she's very married.

I've seen my teacher a couple of times throughout the years, once at a restaurant and another time at a Starbucks. She still remembers me, however. I suspect it's because she knows what a crush I have on her. I remember talking to her for 5 or 6 minutes at Starbucks not too long ago, I wanted to bring up my spanking issues pertaining to her and my D&S activates and pursuits in my life so damn badly. I didn't do so, out of respect for her and the fact that we were in public, plus I was afraid I'd scare her.

The closest I came to the subject was that I asked her about how different is teaching nowadays compared to when she had me as a student during the 85/86 school year. She smiled sweetly and explained to me that it's more of a challenge to teach nowadays and that high school children are sometimes difficult to reach, but that for the most part the kids realize that they either do as she says or they get sent to the office. I asked what happens if they get sent to the office and she explained that they are given a choice of being suspended or sent to after school detention, and that if they are suspended they then have to go to Saturday school and if they get sent home then they have to attend summer school.

I went out on a limb and asked her how effective the alternative of summer school or staying after school is. Compared to corporal punishment was when I was in your class? (I could barely make eye contact when I asked that last one) She was reading my eyes and could tell that I was thinking something. I was afraid that she could see right through me. And there's a chance she very well might have and if she did she never let on for a moment. With a matter of fact look on her face and a semi tight lipped smile. her answer to my last question was, "Well, dealing with discipline problems back when you were in grade school was allot easier and I was able to get my point across to the troublemaker very quickly with a visit in the hallway or with a few stern words. Now, we have to send them to the principal's office or send them to detention." At that point the last minute or two was spent talking about where I went to college and what I do for a job and so on. When she mentioned the "visit to the hall way"... I thought my heart was going to beat through my chest as a flood of memories came pouring in.

Just being around her in recent years in passing, I get the feeling that she probably isn't in to the D&S scene or pleasurable spanking. Although she very well could be into it with her husband, but I will never know.

Bobby, what I tried to do here, is I tried to skirt the fringe of the issue with her. The best I could. But when I stop and look past the fantasy and my big crush that I still have on her. I could plainly tell that there was no way I could take any steps towards approaching my former teacher with the idea in mind to possibly rehash some of those trips that we took into the hall way with the strap.

Sis, if I were in your shoes I would, invite your teacher out for some dinner or maybe just some coffee somewhere. And get to know her. Before you bring up the subject of spanking, find out if she's comfortable discussing her personal life. Chances are you will not find out if she holds any interest in adult spanking the first time you see her. That's probably going to take time. Once she feels comfortable talking to you, ask her what her interests are when she isn't working. If she talks about herself, be sure to complement her. Make her feel pretty and pay attention to her. The more time that you spend with her and the more that she trusts you. The more that she will share with you and the closer you can get to subject of spanking and what your desires are. Most of all be honest and take it slow.

Although I know nothing of you and your former teacher, I'm just throwing ideas at you that might work. Try and find out how open minded she is in her personal life. If you are just aching to get to what's on your mind ASAP. You can take the chance and ask her about the spankings that you got from her in high school, something like you telling her that you remember the spankings that she used to give you and that they made quite an impression on you to do better and to behave without repeating whatever it is you did to get paddled. Bring up a specific instance that you got paddled for that you can relate to in a conversation with her. Watch what her reaction is. If she seems surprised or embarrassed then either drops the subject or just give her a genuine smile and maintain eye contact. If her reaction is a good one then you might be able to approach the subject of what's really on your mind. But all this is going to take time, the biggest thing here is just be honest and don't try and bullshit her. I suspect your former teacher is probably smart and fairly intuitive. So be careful there. Like I said, I don't know a whole lot about either of you. So I can only pitch a few ideas from what you said in your letter.

Personally, I hope it works out for the both of you.

I wish you all the luck in the world Bobby.

Have fun Lilith

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