tagLesbian SexSchoolgirl Foster Sisters' 1st Time

Schoolgirl Foster Sisters' 1st Time


My best friend, Lolli, had always had a troubled childhood. So many nights after school she would come over to my house, in floods of tears, and I would cradle her head as we fell asleep together. In this way, we were really close and she was my best friend in the world – she had been for years. Just after we both turned 18, things in her home life took a turn for the worse and Lolli moved in with my family and me.

Living with my best friend Lolli was exciting. We got to spend all day together but we argued like sisters too now that we shared a family. Or, in hindsight, maybe we were arguing like a couple because we both, deep-down, were secretly attracted to each other and trying to fight off those feelings.

I was the innocent type – never been touched, never even been kissed for that matter! Lolli, on the other hand, had plenty of experience dating boys – just, seemingly, never the right ones. Despite having had several boyfriends, Lolli was still a virgin too – she had tried to have sex with an older guy once but it didn't work because her virgin pussy was too tight and he couldn't get his cock inside her.

In a sisterly way, Lolli used to tease me. She was forever taking the mickey because I'd never kissed a boy and telling me that I should practice on her so that I knew what to do. She said this a lot but I always refused, since I didn't want to remember for my entire life that my first kiss had been with a girl. I wanted it to be special and romantic like in fairytales, which I thought meant that it had to be with a boy. However, one night, on a trip to my grandparents' house, I was snuggled up in a double bed with Lolli and I changed my mind. Suddenly I knew that I wanted her. I had always wanted her, really, but I had never let myself just cease the moment and kiss her.

Playfully, Lolli was teasing me, practically begging me to kiss her on her beautiful, full lips. We were both wearing matching pink pyjamas that my aunt had bought for us for Christmas. I thought that Lolli looked much nicer in hers than I did in mine. She had full, round breasts, firm and perky, and her nipples stuck out from beneath the material. I was much more flat-chested, with an almost boyish figure, and I wished I had amazing tits like Lolli's. As the moonlight shone through the window, lighting up Lolli's hazel eyes, the glow of her olive skin and those to-die-for curves overwhelmed me. I was still nervous about having my first kiss with a girl, though, and nervous that I'd be a bad kisser, so Lolli suggested I should try it on the back of her hand first. I did, and she said I kissed fine, which gave me greater confidence.

Next, Lolli suggested that I should practice my kissing technique on her nipples. I thought she was mad. Surely kissing her nipples was worse than kissing her lips and would make me more of a lesbian? But I was swept up in the moment, so very turned on by this gorgeous, young girl telling me what to do to her, and I pulled up her pink pyjama top to expose her perfect tits. As I kissed her already hardened nipple for the first time, she giggled, causing her to jerk a little and her beautiful breasts bounced in the moonlight. This girl was heavenly and I wanted to devour her. I sucked hard on her nipples, teasing them with my tongue and biting a little, feeling myself growing wetter and wetter as I got naughtier and naughtier with my foster sister. I was embarrassed about this so I stopped sucking on her cute, teenage tits and lay back next to her.

I must have been flushed red with embarrassment about how much I had got into that and how horny I had been acting towards my best friend. Lolli didn't seem to care though. She asked me once again to kiss her and, finally, I did. We kissed passionately for what seemed like an eternity, tongues swirling about each other's mouths and nails digging into each other's skin, leaving scratch marks all over both of our bodies. It was clear by now that we were both very turned on and we both wanted this. I couldn't believe Lolli wanted me too. All this time, when she had been off dating guys, I had looked at her perfect body and thought she was way out of my league. Yet now, here she was, in bed with me, and I was going to make the most of it.

Fired up with passion, I pulled Lolli's clothes, first her top and then her pyjama bottoms. All she was left wearing was a pair of pale blue and white French knickers, showing off her bare breasts and perfectly-rounded bum. I pulled her onto her side and slapped that ass hard. She giggled and bit her lip. Fuck, that was it. I had to have her right now. I had to see her, to feel her, to taste her. But before I could wriggle down to her mid-riff, Lolli had pinned me down, shoving her teasing tits into my face, smothering me, as she pulled my clothes off me too. If I could have taken her playful tits into my mouth whole, I would have done. This girl was my greatest dream come true. We kissed some more and rolled about in the bed and then, finally, I managed to get on top of Lolli and started kissing her neck, which made her breathe so loud and sexily, working my way down her chest and down her slim tummy until I reached those tempting French knickers.

I used my hands to spread her legs, pulling them apart so roughly that she gasped. I instantly buried my head in between her legs, absorbing the sweet smell of her tiny teen pussy. I began licking the top of her thighs, around the line of her knickers, and then, slowly began pushing her knickers to the side bit by bit so that my tongue could get closer and closer to the forbidden fruit. To my delight, Lolli had been thorough in grooming down there, leaving not one hair around her pink pussy and it looked absolutely amazing, glistening wet with moisture. Her velvet-soft vagina was so very ready for me. Not able to wait any longer, I pulled her knickers down, and began licking and sucking at her perfect pussy. It was the prettiest, little thing I have ever seen and smelled and tasted so sweet. Lolli was moaning and I was sure that my grandparents would hear us but I knew that they would never suspect that their innocent, little granddaughter was tongue-fucking their foster granddaughter. I felt so naughty to be doing something so shocking and forbidden. I loved breaking all the rules with Lolli.

Lolli's pussy was dripping wet, and my fingers slipped inside her as I continued sucking on her hardened clit. Her virgin cunt felt so tight and warm from the inside. I buried my fingers deep into her tight, teen pussy, giving her a real hard finger-fucking whilst still flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue. Lolli was loving it, wriggling and panting and moaning. I could tell she wanted to scream and she grabbed hold of the back of my head, digging her nails into me once again. So sexy. This just made me finger-fuck her even harder and faster, tearing up her innocent, little cunt. I was pummelling my fingers into her tiny cunt at full speed now. Suddenly, Lolli's hips started bucking and she was face-fucking me, as she panted and moaned louder and louder, climaxing with an earth-shattering orgasm that made her shudder for several minutes. I had taken her to another world and back.

I took a moment to lick up the pussy juices that were dripping from my fingers before wriggling back up the bed to kiss my best friend Lolli on her other lips. "That. Was. Amazing," was all she could stutter. We snuggled up tight, and fell asleep in each other's arms and that was all that happened between us for that night. But, needless to say, once I had experienced this gorgeous, teen beauty, I definitely wanted more. And I got it. Lots of it. We never could go back to being just innocent, little foster sisters.

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