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Schoolgirl's Daydream


"Fuck yeah," I said to Dane senior year as we glanced around the room at the students sitting at their desks. We were playing "would do, wouldn't do," which was great because we were both bisexual. Every student, male or female, was fair game. We'd discreetly go around the classroom and tell each other if we would or wouldn't fuck each person. Occasionally, an interesting response would slip out, like "if you put a bag over his head" or "I'd let him blow me."

The "fuck yeah" however, was directed where my eyes had just landed... on Jessica. She had a beautiful face and stunning eyes, sun streaked hair and a stud in her nose. She had a gorgeous body, a generous handful for each breast, and an adorable butt. Her smile was dazzlingly white. She was very close to perfect.

She sat three seats down from me in English 12 Honors. I wanted to touch her so badly...I wondered if she had her belly button pierced. It would look hot on her, I was sure.

I had already tuned out the video we were watching about some supposedly phenomenal major poetry festival set in our home state of New Jersey.

I crossed my arms and leaned forward so that my breasts rested on my school desk. I let the grainy surface rub my breasts, then slipped a hand inside my unzipped sweatshirt. I felt my fingers against the silkiness of my bra and the hardness of my nipple.

I daydreamed about Jessica . . .

I imagine her spread out on a bed in front of me. I slide her top off and strip off her tight jeans. She wears simple but pretty underwear. I slip her panties down and toss them aside, take off her lightly padded bra; I want to be the only thing cupping her breasts. She is absolutely glorious naked.

I stand before her and let my clothes fall to the floor. I perch on the edge of the bed [JH5]and run my hand from her knee to her foot. Even her feet are pretty, an extension of her long, tanned legs. Her toes are painted a pale, shimmery shade of blue, and I lightly tease the soles of her feet with my tongue. I kiss her toes, drawing each individually into my mouth. I drag my tongue over the pads of her toes, glancing up occasionally to look at her naked. Every time I see her hot body lying there, every time I hear her take in a breath, moan, or gasp, tiny as the sound might be, it excites me more. I next move up her leg but bypass her cunt, kissing her flat stomach and underneath her breast. I kiss her neck once, and she responds happily, but I don't linger. I continue on towards her shoulder and down her arm. I want to arrive at her hand, to suckle her fingertips, to taste the metallic twinge that her silvery rings leave behind.

All I really want is to dive into her sweet pussy, and lick her until she screams. I must tease her first though... After I relish her fingers in my mouth for a bit, I go back to her beautiful torso. She is round enough that I cannot see her ribs, but when my mouth touches her I can feel the outline of the cage containing her heart. She lies still for me as I move around her body, almost as if she would miss something if she were to move. I know on the inside she is writhing as I kiss her breast in circles, moving closer and closer to her sensitive nipples. When I finally arrive, I let only the tip of my tongue wander around the edge in a slow but steady movement. I grasp her nipple lightly with my teeth, and the serenity of the previous moments is over. She lets out a moan and grabs me, one hand in my hair and the other on the back of my neck, while at the same time finally allowing her body to respond, surrendering. Her hips try to find mine and I pull my body up next to hers so that her pelvis can make contact with mine; it's been searching for something to grind against. Her lips find mine and we compete to taste more of one another.

My hands are still roaming her body and hers now find mine too. She cups my breasts with her hands and rolls my nipples between her fingers. My lips are on her neck, hers are on mine; our bodies are in a rhythmic give and take. . .

Dane coughed, then gave me a silly grin, as if aware of my daydream. Most people in the room had fallen asleep. The teacher was grading papers at his desk. Dane stuck his nose back in his book.

I pinched my nipple hard, trying to be discreet. I clenched my vaginal muscles together in my seat, feeling my folds rub against my clit. I'm start to breathe hard and my body is begs for release after my fantasy.

I stood, took a final glance at Jessica, and exited the room after a nod from the teacher. I walked down the hallway and through the door with the word GIRLS stenciled on it. There was no one else there. Perfect. I rubbed my nipples through my shirt again and down my body as I headed to the handicap stall. I slid the bar on the stall door into a locked position and dropped down with my back against the tiled wall until I was sprawled on the floor. My shoulder bumped against the bench that was screwed into the wall as I quickly unbuttoned my pants. I rubbed my crotch outside my jeans then slid them down to around my knees. I teased myself as I had teased Jessica in my reverie, fondling my own breasts, running a finger around the very outside of my pussy. I was shaved, just as Jessica had been in my fantasy. I alternated in my mind between feeling her pussy and feeling mine. I touched my outer labia until I couldn't stand it anymore, and ran my whole hand over my vulva, jolting my clit, as my two fingers made their way inside my body. I reached deep into myself, rubbing my g-spot, feeling the sticky sweet lube that made it feel so good.

The outer door squeaked open. I shuffled around a bit so I would be more hidden. I held my breath as the person stepped into the bathroom, then stopped. She entered the stall next to mine and slid the lock shut. I closed my eyes and heard the person pull down her pants. I waited to hear the stream into the toilet so I could return to my play without being heard in the dead silence of the room. I heard a noise against the tile floor, so I opened my eyes and saw a pile of clothing on the floor of the next stall, and, to my amazement, Jessica's naked body scooting underneath the barrier into my stall!

She grinned when she saw the look of surprise on my face. "I was watching you touch yourself in English," she said quietly. "You got me so turned on.... I was hoping you'd come here to finish up with yourself... and that I might be able to join you." As she finished speaking she dragged a finger down my thigh to my pussy. I was sure my mouth was hanging open in surprise, so I took the opportunity to close it around her nipple. She let out a moan and brought my head up to kiss her. Her lips were amazingly soft and the kiss was incredible, but we were in a very awkward position so I shifted her onto the floor next to me.

She tore at my clothes, pulled my shirt over my head and tugged my jeans past my ankles. I was still sitting against the wall, and when I was completely naked she straddled me, pushing her mouth against mine. Her dripping pussy slid against my stomach and pelvis as she moved against me. I didn't know whether to first grab her round ass or her perky tits that swayed in front of me. I decided to grab her ass and go after her tits with my mouth. She was in heaven, as was I, rubbing her asshole with my finger, easing it gently in a tiny bit.

She was begging for more, begging me to make her cum. I lifted her off my body and seated her on the bench. She spread her legs, scooting to the edge of the seat. I knelt uncomfortably on the tile and licked the insides of her thighs. She grabbed my hair towards the back of my head and pulled me towards her dripping pussy. I slid a finger into her wet cunt, then took it out and brought it to her lips for her to suck on. She licked her juices off of my finger, sending waves of pleasure and temptation down my body. I left my fingers in her mouth and sucked on her labia. My free hand was in her cunt, as I licked from her clit to her asshole. I didn't know if she had ever been with a girl before, but I was fairly certain she had never been this far with one. And I was sure that no boy she had ever been with had ever given her this kind of pleasure orally. The juices were flowing heavily around my fingers and tongue and I knew she was close to climax. I rolled my tongue around her clit harder and faster. She began to moan loudly and rock her hips wildly. I prayed that the teacher on duty in the hallway was male, knowing that he wouldn't break school policy to enter the girl's bathroom to investigate the noise. 'He's probably standing there with his cock in his hand,' I thought with a wry grin. I hummed against Jess's hardened clit and sent her over the edge, prolonging the event by gently continuing my licking, then letting up the pressure slowly and gently.

She bent down to kiss me, pushing me back so I was lying on the floor and she could return the favor. Although she was inexperienced, she attacked my pussy with energy. She stuck her tongue up my pussy and lapped at my clit. My legs were around her neck on her shoulders, and once in a while she would bite the insides of my thighs. Her little nibbles sent my already sexed-up body into overdrive. She had only been touching me a few minutes when I exploded into climax.

She mimicked the slowing motions I had gone through with her, leaving me very satisfied. We embraced and spent a few more minutes kissing; I spent those minutes gazing adoringly at her body. We didn't say much to each other, giggling a bit as we dressed and straightened ourselves. Time had passed quickly, and we scampered down the hallway back to class. We entered the room just as the bell rang. We gave each other knowing grins, then collected our stuff and left, no promises, no need to speak.

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