She sat angrily in the hard chair outside the office, glaring at the two aides who had apparently been assigned to watch her.

“SO WHAT if I tried to run away last night...! I didn’t ASK to be sent to this STUPID school. It’s not my FAULT that my mother died and that my stepfather “just can’t handle me” any more! SO WHAT if the drinking and drugs and parties are a “little” out of control! It’s not like anybody really CARES anyway!”

The oak office door opened and the Headmaster appeared. “Come in Miss Gracen, we need to talk.”

She thought for a moment about refusing, but there was something in his voice that compelled her to stand and follow him into the office. She thought for an instant that she had heard the lock click on the door as he closed it behind her but no, that wouldn’t be right, would it..?

“Please sit down Victoria. I understand that you were caught in town last night, apparently at the bus station? Surely, you weren’t trying to leave us, were you?”

“So what if I was? It’s not like anybody here cares anyway. Plus, I’m 18 and I can do what I want!”

“Well, you are wrong about that Miss Gracen. Your stepfather and the courts have given us custody of you until the end of the school year. After that, you will be free to do as you please, but until then, I am afraid that you must abide by our rules. I am afraid that your little escapade last night has earned you a rather serious punishment.”

“Oh sure! What...? Bread and water for a week?”

“Hardly, Miss. Please stand and come over to the desk.”

Victoria did as he instructed, eyeing him suspiciously all the while, finally standing by the side of the large oak desk.

“Face the desk and bend over Miss Gracen.”

“No way! What, do you think you are going to get to paddle me or something? What are you, a big pervert?”

“Bend over the desk, Miss Gracen. If you do not, the two gentlemen outside will be called in to assist you.”

She glared at him and opened her mouth to refuse, shutting it abruptly as he strode toward the door. Angrily, she turned toward the desk and bent over a little, placing her palms on the desktop. “All the way over, Miss Gracen, your shoulders down on the desk.”

“NO WAY! I am not going to play this dirty little game with you, you perv!” Her tirade was abruptly cut off as he opened the door and gestured to the two men waiting outside. The three men stood just inside the door regarding her. “Shall I have your cooperation or not, Miss Gracen?” She met his steady gaze with angry tears in her eyes and took a breath for a scathing retort, but stopped short, backing up a step with her hands out in a warding gesture as the two aides took a step in her direction.

Her voice was small and shaking as she said, “Alright, alright, I’ll do what you want, just please send them out.”

“Very good, Miss Gracen. You have made your choice.” A gesture sent the two grinning aides from the room, closing the door behind them. “Assume the required position, Victoria.” There were tears in her eyes as she bent over the desk, feeling the cool wood against her face and through the thin fabric of her blouse. Waves of shame and embarassment washed over her, but at the same time there was a tiny voice in the back of her head whispering, “You know you want this....”.

“Stay there and don’t get up, or this will get worse for you.”

The tone of his voice told her that he was serious and that small voice in her head told her to obey, so she kept her head and shoulders down as he ordered, feeling vulnerable and exposed with her butt sticking out. She gasped as she felt his hand on her ass, rubbing her ass cheeks through the fabric of her skirt but her gasp turned to a whimper as she felt him pull her skirt up, exposing her panties to his gaze. She could feels his hands on her ass now, rubbing and squeezing as if he was assessing her.

“Please Sir, don’t.... Please don’t do this.... I won’t tell and we can just pretend that nothing happened. Please don’t...”

“Be quiet Victoria. Surely you have heard some of the other girls whisper about punishments here? Well, you are about to experience it for yourself. You had best be quiet and take it, or things will get much worse, I promise you.”

His large hand rubbed soothingly over her ass cheeks, but he suddenly drew back and smacked her hard twice, once on each cheek, causing her to yelp and jump in alarm. Hoping that her punishment was done, she started to stand, but his hand forcefully shoved her head back down and she realized that he had only begun...

She felt his hands on the waistband of her panties and knew that he was going to remove them. “NO! Don’t pull my panties down! I’ll be good, I promise. Please don’t, please don’t.....” Her voice trailed off into a sob as she felt her panties being pulled down to her knees, exposing her smooth round ass. She felt something being rubbed against her and turned her head just enough to see that the Headmaster held a long thin bamboo cane in his hand. Her eyes widened in shock as she realized that he intended to use this on her. Her hands flew behind her to cover her ass.

“Move your hands Victoria.”

“I can’t Sir, I can’t. Please don’t spank me, please....”

“Move your hands girl. This is the last time I will tell you.”

“I can’t Sir, please....” Her pleas ended abruptly as she felt his hands seize her wrists and forcibly move her arms, drawing them up to a position over her head. She felt something cold being snapped around each wrist and began to cry as she realized that she was now restrained.

“Please don’t Sir....please...”

The first stroke of the cane left a stripe of fire across her butt cheeks, bring a scream of shock from her, soon followed by whimpering, gasps and cries of pain as he began to stripe her ass, working methodically over her butt and upper thighs until her skin was a criss-crossed pattern of welts and red stripes.

Victoria felt him release her wrists but didn’t move from her position on the desk. Tears streamed down her face and she felt like her entire ass was on fire, but there was another feeling too. Her pussy had become swollen and wet and she realized that her punishment was really turning her on, in spite of the pain.

“Please Sir” she whispered.

“What is it Victoria? Surely, you don’t want more caning?”

“No Sir, no more caning. But, I need....I ... I’m sorry, I shouldn’t ask. I should be ashamed of myself.” She started to rise from the desk but felt his hand gently restraining her this time.

“What is it you need Victoria?”

Her voice was almost a whisper as she said, “I.... I want you to, to um... f-fuck me Sir... please. I need it really bad.”

“You haven’t earned the right to have my cock girl. In the meantime, maybe this will help.” She felt his hand move down the crack of her ass and moaned as his fingers slid over her dripping cunt. She pushed back against him, hold her ass as high as she could to get more contact as he began to rub gently over her clit. His feather light touch caused her to moan in frustration, but his hands controlled her completely, preventing her from getting more friction.

“You may not come without permission when you are with me Victoria. I want you to remember that. If you want to come, you need to ask for it.”

She almost laughed at this, but then remembered and felt the stripes on her ass and said, “Please let me come for you Sir. I need to come soon, please, please.”

He began to move his hand once more in light circles over her stiffened clit, sliding smoothly in the wetness of her cunt. She gasped as she felt a tingling warmth begin to radiate from her pussy. “Please, please”, she begged him. “That’s right little slut, very good. You may come NOW, if you like.” The pressure on her clit increased and the little bundle of nerves began to pulse. Her orgasm rolled over her in waves, leaving her gasping and breathless, helplessly riding the sensation as he continued to stimulate her. Finally, exhausted, she lay draped over his desk, feeling him gently draw up her panties to cover her wet cunt and the scarlet stripes on her sore, burning ass, smoothing her skirt down and rubbing soft circles over her tender flesh. He helped her stand and then handed her some tissues to clean her face and blow her nose.

She stood facing him and found that she was unable to meet his direct gaze, standing submissively with her eyes on the floor, unable to believe what had just happened to her. It was painful, strange, scary, a little dirty and unbelievably arousing! It also made her feel safe and cared for in a way.

“Very good Victoria. I think that you have learned a lesson here today and I believe that there may be many more in your future. Be here on Thursday at 3:30 and we will continue your instruction.”

“Yes Sir, thank you. I’ll be here.”

He unlocked the door and saw her out. The two aides gave small knowing smiles as they watched her walk down the long hallway - Headmaster had found a new teacher’s pet today and Miss Victoria had only just begun to discover the pleasures of submission.

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