School's Out


But we'd no sooner settled the issue when Mark spoke up. "Aw, hell!" he complained. "I just remembered that I have to help my sister move next weekend." Dejectedly, he went on, "There's no way I can get out of helping her, but you guys should go ahead without me."

We all shared our sympathies with him and agreed to carry on with the plan. I wouldn't have said it to Mark, but I didn't really care whether he would be there or not. I planned to have both of these hot women again, at least once each, if not more, the next weekend. But Mark's misfortune did serve a purpose; it reminded me that I needed to call and cancel a date that I'd made for the following Saturday night.

It wasn't very much longer, maybe a half-hour later we all decided to turn in. The fire was waning and it had been a long day. I had given some thought to having another go at one of the girls but let it pass. Frankly, I was too bushed to make the effort. Plus, I knew that both Debbie and Tracy had to be exhausted. I could only imagine how spent poor Rusty must have been. Of course, at that point I knew we would be getting it on the following weekend, making my decision a little easier.

We said our 'Good nights' and the group scattered in various directions; first to relieve full bladders and then to their respective tents. Joe and I entered ours and he flipped on our light so we could see to get situated. The first thing I noticed was a big wet spot near the foot of my sleeping bag. At first I couldn't figure out what could have caused it and wondered if an animal had wandered in and took a leak on my bed. But then it dawned on me that the spot was right where Debbie had been sitting as we watched the 'Tracy and company' show conclude. Apparently the deposits Kyle and I had left inside her leaked out while we sat there. "No big deal," I said to myself and crawled inside. Actually I was a little proud of the souvenir.

Joe said, "...night," and switched off the lamp. I echoed him and knew that within a couple of minutes he would be asleep. Even when we were little and had sleep-overs, Joe was out almost before his head hit the pillow. I also knew that a few minutes later he would be snoring. I was always a little envious of his ability to simply switch off. For me, bedtime usually meant half an hour of tossing and turning as I tried to get comfortable and push out the thoughts that always seemed to crowd my head.

Tonight was no different. I felt more awake after I laid down than I did before. My mind was racing as I replayed the day's events, and thought about the next weekend. To make matters worse, Joe started snoring right on cue, just as I knew he would. I was becoming somewhat frustrated and was preparing to give Joe 'the nudge' when I heard the zipper of our tent being pulled.

I leaned up a little to try and see who it was and made out the silhouette of a female passing through the opening. At first glance I couldn't tell which of the two it was. But when she bent to zip the tent closed, a beam of moonlight washed over blonde hair and I knew it was Tracy. A moment later, she was kneeling next to me. Her hand lightly touched my shoulder and she whispered, "Can I sleep with you?"

Without answering, I simply unzipped my oversized sleeping bag and held it open for her to crawl into. As the girl climbed in next to me, I realized that she was still nude, like me. Her skin felt soft and delicious as she squirmed herself into the bag and pressed against me. Once Tracy was situated, I zipped the bag closed again and then wrapped my arms around her. Our legs were soon tangled with each other and we kissed. Not a heated "let's get it on" kiss, but rather a warm and tender one. "This is nice," Tracy whispered.

"Uh-huh," I returned. That was the only conversation we had. And for as difficult as sleep had been for me just a few minutes before, now I was totally relaxed. All my cares were gone and my eyelids were almost instantly heavy. Tracy's body felt warm and comfortable pressed against me and I was as content as I had ever been.

When I woke up, Tracy remained snuggled close to me and I still had my arms wrapped around her. I watched her sleep for a few minutes, relishing the feel of her naked flesh converging with my own. Her face was angelic and her tousled hair made her somehow more desirable. I remember thinking, "I could get used to this." But I had to caution myself to not read more into the girl's presence than what I knew was true. And that was simply that she hadn't wanted to sleep alone.

I heard some rustling outside and quiet voices. One of them was female and since Tracy was asleep in my arms, I knew it had to be Debbie. Just then Tracy began to stir. I tilted my head down and placed a light kiss on her forehead. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled up at me. "Morning," I said in barely more than a whisper.

Tracy didn't say anything for a moment. She drew in a deep breath and then exhaled with a long, yawning sigh. Her eyes averted toward my chest and, timidly, she said, "Sorry about intruding last night." Before I could respond she continued her story. "Debbie and Mark hooked up again last night after everyone went to bed. They took a blanket and went down by the lake and I was lonely," she explained.

"No worries," I told her. "I was glad to have the company." She looked up again and our gaze met. I could see a desire in Tracy's smoky blue eyes. Not necessarily sexual, but more of a longing for something that was missing. I have to admit, something 'clicked' at that moment and I found myself wanting more of this adorable creature, in every way.

Again there was silence between us for a couple of minutes. I was struggling with what to say next. My mind was made up that I wanted to pursue something more with Tracy and, if I was reading her right, she wanted the same thing. But for the life of me I couldn't formulate the words. Finally I managed to force my mouth open. "I feel silly asking since we've known each other for so long," I said meekly. "But would it be okay if I called you sometime this week?" I asked, then proposed, "Maybe we can grab a bite or catch a movie."

For as feeble as my effort seemed to me, I guess it was well received because a wide grin grew on Tracy's face and her eyes sparkled with delight. "That would be great," she chirped. Then she tilted her head further upwards and captured my lips with her own. We shared a lingering, passionate kiss with Tracy's tongue teasing my lips.

By the time the kiss ended, my manhood was erect and throbbing against the teen's thigh. I felt her hand brush down my torso, over my hip and then settle between us. Her fingers wrapped around my shaft and Tracy began a gentle massage of my organ. Her touch set me on fire and I crushed my lips to hers, stabbing my tongue between them.

As we kissed I noticed that Joe was still firmly entrenched in his sleeping bag. It seemed to me that Tracy was ready for a tumble and since her back was toward him, I didn't know if she realized he was still in the tent with us. So, when our mouths separated, I told her, "Joe's still in here."

With an evil little grin, Tracy replied, "I don't care. I want you to fuck me."

That was good to hear because by that time pre-cum was oozing out of my dick and Tracy was smearing it all over the head. Her fingers felt magical on my tool and I was rearing to get inside of her. And I, like her, didn't really care who seen or heard at that point. My only concern was that someone might want to join in, and I wasn't feeling particularly generous. I was being a little selfish, I guess, and wanted the girl all to myself.

I unzipped the sleeping bag and tossed the top back to allow for more room. Then, as I drew my hand back, I caught her leg just behind the knee and hoisted her thigh over my hip. Tracy instinctively guided me into her already dampened vagina. I pushed into her a few inches and she released the grip she held on my tool. I pulled back slightly and then pushed into the maiden again, going a little deeper than before. While I did, I was watching the girl's face. She had her eyes closed, biting at her bottom lip, and she moaned softly as I began to very slowly plunge in and out of her.

The position was not very good if you were wanting hot, rampant sex, but it was perfect for slow and tender lovemaking. And that was exactly what I wanted to do with Tracy, at that moment anyway. My suspicion was that she too wanted something a little less intense than the previous night's romp had been. Not that she hadn't enjoyed the more vigorous activity, or wouldn't again, but for now her mood seemed to indicate she wanted something softer.

While I continued to gently saw in and out of her box, which was becoming increasingly wet, I began a series of soft kisses and gentle nibbles. I let my tongue slide up her throat, along the jawbone and proceeded to her earlobe. My lips drew the soft flesh in and I bit down on it ever so softly. A husky moan escaped her throat and a shudder raced through her gorgeous body.

We lay there for a couple of minutes kissing, groping and slowly screwing. Our position, as I said, was not the most advantageous. I could only manage about half strokes at best. As we made love I began to contemplate my next move and how I could improve the esprit de corps. While considering my options my eyes wandered over Tracy's shoulder and I caught a glimpse of Joe. Looking again, I could see that he was no longer asleep. Instead he was wide awake and propped up on one elbow, head in hand, watching us with a wide grin. I'm quite sure that he had a great view of Tracy's beautiful ass and my dick plugged into her tight pussy.

When Joe realized that I was making eye contact with him, he pointed at himself and then at us. It was his way of silently asking if he could join in on the fun. I shook my head "no" and he did a soundless, overly animated finger snapping motion. Then he nodded his head and gave me the universal "O.K." symbol made with his index finger circling around to his thumb. Joe and I could almost read each other's minds and I think he already knew that he wasn't invited to this party. But I couldn't blame him for trying; I would have.

I didn't say anything to Tracy about Joe being awake. I figured the least I could do was to let him watch. And I really doubted that Tracy would mind. Looking back to her, her eyes were still closed and she was still chewing on her bottom lip. She had begun rocking to and fro in time with my abbreviated thrusts. Her left hand was dancing up and down my back, lingering when it found the top of my buttocks.

By this time my cock was itching to delve deeper into Tracy's sweet hole. To remedy that, I wrapped my arms around her firmly and rolled onto my back, pulling her upright over me. Tracy gave a yelp of surprise and then giggled quietly as she immediately slid down my pole. Our pubic bones mashed together and the girl gave a low groan as she rocked in place, skewered atop me. Her clit was sandwiched between us and she continued the rocking motion to milk the sensations.

I moved my hands to her chest and palmed a breast in each one. When I began massaging and squeezing them, another moan emanated from the beauty. At that point, Tracy ceased the rocking motion and started a slow, rhythmic up and down on my cock. Her hands moved to cover mine, almost as if she wanted to make sure they remained on her boobs. And then a few moments later she moved hers to my abdomen, for stability I suppose. In doing so, her arms drew closer together and thrust more of her chest outward and into my hands. So, while she rode me, I continued mauling Tracy's tits, pausing from time to time so I could tweak the fleshy buds of her nipples.

It didn't take long before Tracy had moved from a slow and steady undulation into a more urgent lunging as she drove herself down on my dick, over and over again. Her fingers were beginning to dig into my skin and I could see a thin line of sweat developing on her forehead. Her eyes were still clamped shut and she was mostly quiet, but occasional sighs and moans were telling me that she was thoroughly enjoying the ride.

I was in heaven too. Her pussy felt warm, tight and wonderful as it gently tugged my manhood when she drew upward, then encased me in all of its wet wonder when she pounded back down. Again the "I could get used to this" thought crossed my mind and I relished the idea that there was a very real possibility of Tracy and I having a relationship. And although she was self-admittedly a novice in the sex game, she was already an excellent lover. I was positive that if we did indeed hook up, we would enjoy many, many more steamy sessions together. And they would only get better with time.

The thought got me even more excited and I decided it was time to take over the 'driving'. I let my hands move away from Tracy's chest and I leaned up, drawing my face near to her breasts. I kissed and sucked her stiff nipples for just a few seconds, then I pushed her gently backwards. Tracy got the idea and went down onto her back beneath me, my cock never leaving the soft confines of her cunt.

Once Tracy was settled under me, I pushed my entire length into her eager hole and leaned down to kiss her. Our lips met, then parted and our tongues began an erotic dance with each other. While we kissed, I began to pump in and out of her but kept the pace of my hips slow and sensual, grinding them into the girl's when I reached the apex of my inward stroke. Her legs were splayed wide now, and wrapped around me. With each thrust forward that I made, she would softly squeeze me with them as if trying to draw me deeper.

Again, the soft and sensual only lasted a short time before the kiss ended in lieu of more aggressive fucking. I pulled back a bit, braced myself with my hands flat on the sleeping bag, then steadily increased my pace until I was slamming into Tracy with gusto. We were both grunting and moaning in pleasure, the outside world lost to our minds. Excitement was building in both of us and I think we were both feeling the glorious culmination of our efforts coming into reach.

I could definitely feel the first inkling of a climax lurking in my balls, but I wanted to be sure that Tracy got off first. So I made a final groaning thrust forward then quickly withdrew completely from Tracy's snatch. I think for the first time since we started, her eyes snapped open and she started to say something. Before she could find a word, I retreated and dropped my mouth to her soaked pussy. Instead of a complaint, a soft whine came from the girl as I jammed my tongue into her, launching into a full out assault of her gash and clit with my mouth. I wasn't taking it easy, as I had done the previous day. My goal was simply to give her a gut wrenching orgasm.

Tracy's hands found my head and she was writhing under my efforts. I could feel her fingers pressing me deeper into her crotch and she was moaning almost continually. The girl's juices were flowing freely and coating my mouth with their sweet flavor. Her taste was intoxicating and knowing that she was getting close excited me that much more. I was soon at the point where I knew I could blast off with very little stimulation.

To help her along, I snaked a hand around her slender thigh and began strumming her swollen clitoris as I tongue-fucked her sweet hole. Her hips began to tremble and I knew she was on the verge. Shortly, her moaning stopped and her hands dropped away from my head. Tracy grabbed fistfuls of the sleeping bag and I could feel her whole body tensing up; the calm before the storm.

A moment later I felt her pelvis tilt away from my mouth slightly, but not enough for my lips to lose contact. A slow, rolling, "Uhhhhmmmm," came from Tracy's throat. Then I could feel her abdomen clenching as her hips thrust sharply upward when her orgasm hit. "Ohhhh... Oh-Oh-OHHHH!" she wailed.

I hurriedly scrambled back into my semi-squatting position and jabbed my hard-on into the teen's quivering pussy. The sensation was incredible as she continued to cum on my cock. I hooked my arms behind her knees and threw her legs in the air, letting my hands slide up to grasp at her calves. Then I began slamming my hips against her, driving my dick in as far and as fast as I could.

Tracy cried out, "Oh God, Ron.... Fuck me! Cum in me!"

That was it. My senses were already on overload and her voice pushed me over the edge. I stuffed my dick deep into her one last time and went rigid while what felt like a river of cum spewed into Tracy's womb. I could feel her pussy muscles clamping down on me and milking my dick for every drop. Even after I finished unloading, the pulsing in both her pussy and my cock continued.

After a few moments I released her legs and collapsed into a panting heap on top of Tracy. Her breathing was no better than mine as I could tell from her puffing into my ear. I slid mostly off of her, but kept my body in close contact with hers. We were both sweating and still gasping but our lips came together in a sweet, post-orgasmic kiss. I ran my fingers through her hair and gazed into her pretty eyes for a moment. Neither of us needed to say anything. We both knew how good it had been.

Just then I remembered Joe. I glanced in his direction but to my surprise, he wasn't in his bed. I assumed that sometime during our lovemaking he must have slipped out of the tent. He had. No sooner had I noticed his absence than we heard applause and whooping break out from not too far outside the tent. Tracy and I both swiveled our heads toward the sound and discovered the rest of the troupe, Joe included, peering through the large side window. I hadn't even thought about the fact that it was open.

Tracy and I both broke into laughter and someone outside chided, "Whaddaya' know... Breakfast and a show!" Tracy flipped the bird at the group and I pulled the sleeping bag somewhat over us. We snuggled together, content and happy, not really concerned with the fact we had been watched.

By the time we recovered and exited the tent, all four of the guys were gathered around a naked and kneeling Debbie. I noticed she had been wearing her baggy T-shirt again when I saw her through the tent window, but it was gone now. As we approached, she let Mark's dick slip out of her mouth and started an explanation. "After watching you two go at it, these guys all had their own tents going on," she said. "I told them I was too sore to screw, but I agreed to blow them."

Tracy and I pulled a couple of the camp chairs around and sat down. It was our turn to watch. But before Tracy had a chance to sit, Debbie nonchalantly informed her, "You're leaking girl."

Tracy twisted to look and Joe chuckled, "Ron's running down your leg, Honey." And sure enough, there was a long line of my jism trailing down the inside of the blonde's thigh.

Again, Tracy blushed with embarrassment but didn't let it get her down. She simply grabbed some paper towels and started to clean herself. But then she paused and looked at me. Tracy tossed the roll of towels to me and snickered, "You made the mess, you clean it off." Then she gave me a cute smile and added, "Pleeeease..." in a mockingly childish whine.

I chuckled and snapped off a few sheets, motioning her over. She stepped in front of me and turned her back toward me, spread her feet and backed up so that I had ample access to the mess. But then she teasingly bent over and pushed back at me, shoving her beautiful ass to within inches of my face. The guys all whistled and cat-called, encouraging her on.

I responded by leaning forward and biting into Tracy's right buttock. Not enough to cause real pain, but with some force. Tracy squealed and tried to jump away but I was too quick for her, grabbing her hips and holding her in place. She squirmed and fought and I finally released her, but not before I had managed a big red hickey on her ass cheek.

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