School's Out


I laughed as she showered me with a few choice words while surveying my handiwork. Then she calmly asked me to finish cleaning her up. "But no funny business," Tracy warned me. I chuckled and assured her that I would be good, as long as she was. After all, it was she that stuck her ass in my face, not the other way around.

I finished wiping away as much of the man-juice as I could and gave her a little pat on the ass. "That's as much as I can do," I told her. Tracy took a couple of towels, squatted unceremoniously, and wiped at her crotch to get the last of it. Even then I was taken in with how sexy she was. I couldn't believe she'd been right under my nose for years and I'd never recognized how gorgeous she was. Of course, it had only been over the last few years that she'd really developed into the vixen before me.

When she was done, Tracy flopped into the chair beside me. She leaned over a bit and put her hand behind her, rubbing at her butt. "That stings a little," she said, referring to the hickey. "I've never had one before," the girl confessed. Then she sat back and added in a sultry voice, "But it stings in a good way."

Tracy reached over and took my hand and we watched Debbie service the other four males. I was curious to find out more about Debbie's background so I asked Tracy about her. She told me that Debbie had moved to our town from one nearby almost a year ago. She had opted to commute to her old high school until graduation and that's why she hadn't been around us. Her mom and dad traveled a lot on business and she had no siblings. She also told me that Debbie had graduated in the top ten percent of her class.

"What a combination," I said.

"What do you mean?" Tracy asked.

"Smart and a slut." I answered with a chuckle and in a completely joking manner.

Tracy smacked me playfully on the arm and replied, "That's terrible!"

I assured Tracy I was only teasing but my comment got the conversation moving in the direction I was more interested in; the pair's sexual history. After a couple of moments, Tracy confessed that Debbie had become somewhat of a sexual mentor for her. I had already assumed that, but it was interesting to hear it confirmed.

I nudged Tracy, pointing in Debbie's direction, and asked, "Did she teach you how to do that?" just as the brunette swallowed Mark's cock, right down to his balls.

Tracy smiled mischievously and replied, "We've been practicing."

As we looked on, Debbie let Mark's rod slither back out and she took a couple of deep breaths. Then she engulfed him again, pausing about halfway down his shaft, then forcing him all the way home. Mark groaned out loud and I could see his butt clenching. I knew he was about to blow, and so did Debbie. She waited for just a moment and then pulled off of him with a slurp. Immediately, Mark began spewing his cum onto the girl's face. Some landed in her hair, some streaked her cheek and some ended up in her open and willing mouth.

The guys all cheered as Debbie sucked the last of Mark's juice from his tool. He backed away and Debbie moved on to the next dick in line. It belonged to Rusty. I doubted that he'd have much to offer after the previous day's activities, but she went after him with no less abandon. In just a matter of minutes, he too was grunting out his load. Surprisingly, it was nearly as big as Mark's had been. Most of his seed splattered onto the side of Debbie's face and dripped down onto her tits before she could close her lips around the head of the boy's penis.

Debbie finished sucking Rusty dry and then turned to Kyle. Once more, she bobbed her head on him a few times and then forced his manhood down her throat. I was mesmerized watching the guys' dicks disappearing into Debbie's face. Tracy was watching intently as well and her grip had tightened just a bit on my hand. I had to wonder if she was just being entertained or if she was trying to pick up a few pointers. I hoped the latter and that she'd practice on me.

My attention went back to Debbie as she worked on Kyle. He was now holding her head in his hands and fucking the girl's face. He slowed and Debbie pulled free for a moment, gasping for air. Then, without hesitation, she took his root back into her mouth and pulled him completely in until his balls were pressed against her chin. I could see her tongue working the bottom of Kyle's shaft and that must have been more than he could handle.

Kyle stepped back, pulling his hard meat out of Debbie's oral cavity. He took the pole in hand and gave a couple of jerks, then sprayed his white cream into the girl's face and open mouth. One strong jet struck Debbie in the eye and she flinched, causing the remainder of his cum to splash onto her neck and tits. When he finished blasting her, Debbie pulled Kyle back toward her. With one eye squeezed shut and cum covered, she suckled his cock head to get the last few drops, just as she'd done with the previous two.

As Kyle stumbled back toward one of the chairs, Debbie swiped at the wad covering her eye. With most of the jizz clinging to her finger, she sucked it into her mouth and then let her clean finger seductively slip form her lips. "Mmmmmm," she teased, then wiped the remainder from her eye and sucked her finger clean again. She opened her eye and blinked a couple of times, some of the goo still sticking to her lids and lashes. When she could keep it open, she went in search of the final hard cock; Joe's.

Joe had been idly stroking his massive meat while he watched Debbie get hosed by the other guys. He took a step toward her and she reached out for his huge schlong. Taking it in her hand, her fingers barely reached around the tool. She looked up at the thing in admiration, almost as if she didn't know where to begin. Debbie gave him a couple of half-strokes and then squeezed outward, milking a huge droplet of pre-cum from the end of the monster.

As the droplet began to stretch away from Joe's penis, Debbie dipped her head and caught it with her tongue. Keeping her mouth open and tongue out, she rose upward until she made contact with the plum-sized head of Joe's member. Once there, the girl slowly closed her lips over him and began a gradual and steady teasing. I knew that Joe was a patient guy, and he let the girl take her time, working him at her own pace.

I had to wonder if Debbie would attempt to deep-throat Joe as she'd done with the other guys. I didn't have to wait long to find out. Within a few minutes, Debbie was stuffing more and more of his big rod into her mouth. Her lips were stretched around the veined shaft and she was struggling for breath. I glanced at Tracy and she was watching wide-eyed, transfixed on the sight of Joe's huge member filling her friend's mouth. She jumped, almost imperceptibly, and tightened her grip on my hand again when Debbie gagged with nearly two-thirds of Joe down her throat.

The gagging was a sure sign that Debbie was at her limit, but she wasn't deterred by it. She pulled free and gasped for air for a couple of moments and then worked Joe's prick back down her throat. It was an amazing sight. You could actually see her throat bulging with Joe's girth as she forced inch after inch of him in. But again, at about two-thirds or maybe a little more, Debbie had to stop. She didn't gag this time but pulled free anyway.

Determined and with eyes watering profusely, Debbie was not giving up. Once more she drove her oral cavity forward on Joe's turgid and saliva coated member. She paused at about the halfway point, drew a few breaths in through her nose, then steadily pushed her face toward Joe's abdomen. Amazingly, she closed to within an inch of the base. Close enough that Joe's pubic curls were touching the girl's distended lips.

Joe was just as amazed and growled, "Ohh Baby.... Nobody's done that before."

Debbie slurped her way off of him and then repeated the process, her spit dripping from her chin and Joe's dick. When she bottomed out this time, Joe howled, "Damn, Babe... I'm-Uhhhh... I'm gonna cummm!"

Quickly Debbie withdrew to a more comfortable depth and grabbed the remainder of Joe's shaft with her hand. She stroked him a few times and Joe signaled his release with, "Oh...Ohhh OH-Yeahhhh!"

Debbie continued to tug Joe's cum into her mouth until he was dry. Then, pulling back with her lips working like a squeegee, the girl let Joe slip from her mouth. She swallowed hard and smacked her lips loudly followed by a long, "Ahhhh!"

Tracy and I sat there, almost stunned, for a moment and then I realized I was hard as a rock again. At almost the same time, Tracy noticed my condition and laughed out loud. She wagged her finger at me and chided, "Uh-Uhh. You put that thing away. I can't go another round today, I'm way to tender down there for that."

I really hadn't planned on tasking her, but I couldn't resist the urge to tease Tracy just a bit. "Come on, Baby..." I whined, "Just one more time."

"No way you horny boy," Tracy retorted, "And don't even think about asking Debbie. Just look at her, she's a mess. And worn out too!"

I looked over at Debbie and she was indeed a mess. Even though she had swallowed every drop of Joe's ejaculate, everything the other three had shot on her was running down her face and chest. Their cum, mixed with a good deal of her own spit made the girl look like she was oozing. She had shiny splotches all over her from the waist up and the bright morning sun was sparkling off of her torso.

"But..." I began to teasingly contest.

Tracy cut me off, "You'll just have to wait til next weekend."

~~ The End

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