tagGroup SexSchoolteacher's Initiation

Schoolteacher's Initiation


Jackie couldn't believe it, what had started out as a girlish prank now had her dirty dancing at a summer fraternity party with a man young enough to be her son.

It had all started out innocently enough. At the end of the two week long teacher's workshop a bunch of the "girls" had decided to go out and unwind before their flights back to their respective home states. A few drinks at a couple of the local establishments without eating dinner had them all a bit light headed, giddy and giggly.

Rachel, the group's unofficial social leader during their two-week stay, had them singing show tunes at piano bars and skipping down the street from one pub to another. When she arranged this "ride" to a "party" with a bunch of college age guys Jackie had no clue what she had gotten herself into.

The fraternity house was a huge brick structure and seemingly every light in the place was lit up. The volume of noise was incredible from the music and the raucous partygoers. Jason, the good looking one who had invited them, directed their crew, all eight of them, toward the bar and handed them large glasses of something concocted in a huge trash can; "grog" they called it.

Jason urged them all to chug-a-lug their first glass to "catch up" with the rest of the partygoers. Of course Rachel cheered them all on as they tipped the large plastic glasses bottoms up. The purple beverage tasted not unlike Kool-Aid though it evidently had some alcohol in it. A second glass was quickly forthcoming and Jason excused himself to tend to some "fraternity business" he called it and the guest party sipped their drinks and recounted the activities of the week.

The ladies were sort of huddled in their group as the younger revelers swarmed around them like a hive of bees with no one paying any attention to their apparent differences in age. Rachel was towed off towards the dance floor as were some of the rest of their party when Jackie felt someone grab her elbow and start to pull her toward the dance floor, it was Jason. "Finish your drink so we can dance," he directed. "Oh, no, no. I can't", Jackie resisted. With his persistent urging she relented and allowed herself to be towed onto the dance floor after gulping the rest of her drink.

Jackie had a younger-than-her-age face and were it not for her child bearing proportioned hips and somewhat sagging breasts the nearly 50 year old blond would have passed for a college senior. Jason spun her a few times upon reaching the floor and then pulled her close and asked her if she was having a good time. The next song got off to a roaring start and her answer went unheard.

The booze and the fatigue of two weeks away from home were having their affect on her judgement. She let herself be tugged and pulled this way and that by Jason with him glancing her breasts with his elbow and hands as he caught her on spins and twirls.

A slow dance started and he pulled her into his arms and wrapped them tightly around her waist with his hands resting lightly on her upper buttocks. She was just getting into the rhythm of the song when a voice said, "may I cut in?" Jason pulled away and a muscular young blonde man who looked like a football player clutched her into his arms. "Hi, I'm Seth. Jason always gets to dance with all the pretty girls. Now it's my turn."

Jackie enjoyed the flirtatious remark, "Hit on by someone less than half my age". She smiled inwardly to herself. Seth pulled her close and wrapped his long arms around her waist and pressed her breasts into his chest. She could feel his "package" against her thighs through the thin material of his khaki shorts as he moved her around the crowded dance floor.

He was a good dancer, athletic, and moved gracefully. The heady odor of his perspiration and pheromones was getting her blood up a bit. She saw Jason excusing himself through the dance floor crowd carrying three glasses of grog and with a handsome young black man in tow.

"Seth, let Peter dance with Jackie for a bit we have some business to take care of out back," as he handed both of them a glass of the strong drink.

"Jackie, this is Peter. I hope you don't mind if I take Seth for a bit. He's our treasurer and he needs to write a check for more booze. Drink up Jackie. We can't take advantage of you if you aren't good and drunk," he joked.

"Sure, sure," she said as Peter hauled her into his arms and danced her off into the crowded dance floor.

If Seth were a good dancer then Peter was a great dancer. He moved fluidly across the floor and had the gentlest touch Jackie could remember from a man. He moved her easily across the floor, spinning, dipping and ever so casually brushing her breasts with the back of his hand or an arm and he gripped her full buttocks with both hands as he pulled her in for a slow dance. She ignored it as she enjoyed the attention of the good looking young man and her judgment and inhibitions were more than a bit impaired from the alcohol in her system.

Jackie didn't know how she wound up in the huge meeting room of the frat house. Jason, Seth and Peter had kept her dancing, and drinking, for the last hour with only a short bathroom break and the three of them had accompanied her outside for a breath of air. Somehow they had directed her through an outside door into the house meeting room done in raised mahogany panels, devoid of furniture except for a long narrow table on the inside wall and a small table supporting a lamp with a single bulb. Huge, nearly floor to ceiling windows with heavy drapes bracketed the two outside walls. The cool temperature of the air-conditioned room felt marvelous.

The young men directed Jackie toward and end of the table and sort of pushed her sitting up on it and started to nuzzle her neck and rub her thighs, back and neck. Jason, in front of her and Seth and Peter to her left and right overwhelmed her senses with their ministrations. The alcohol had numbed her senses and their hands began roaming more freely, tweaking her turgid nipples through her blouse and brassiere.

Peter tilted her head back with a handful of her blonde hair and kissed her full on the mouth. As quickly as he moved his mouth away she was smothered by a kiss from Jason and then Seth. While they weren't kissing the blonde teacher their hands and mouths freely coursed over her middle-aged body.

Jackie felt her blouse being tugged out of her skirt and the buttons being undone. She swatted vainly at the hands but the tongue in her mouth kept her from saying anything until it was broken. "I can't...I'm married...." She got out before another crushing kiss muted any other response. "You guys are young enough to be my...."

She never did say "no". Her senses were awash in passions she hadn't felt since the groping sessions when she was in college herself. The three hard bodies and hardening erections she felt pressing against her had her blood boiling.

The rush of cool air on her nipples made them stand out like pencil erasers and made them easy targets for the nimble fingers of the young college men as they pulled her blouse and bra from her upper body. Her mouth was covered with a kiss, one nipple was being swirled by a tongue and the other rolled between a thumb and forefinger.

Jason, standing in front of her, broke the kiss and the young black man quickly placed his mouth over hers. Jackie felt her skirt being pushed up over her hips and Jason reaching for the waistband of her panties. She felt herself lift her hips off of the hardwood table to accommodate their removal.

She sensed the juices of her sex wetting her ass cheeks where they contacted the table. She reached for Jason's belt buckle and undid the front of his pants as the other two men continued their physical stimulation of her mouth, nape of her neck and nipples. Her hand snaked inside his boxer shorts and grabbed the stiff wand of flesh she found there. "What am I doing," she asked herself as she pulled him closer as she spread her knees to provide him access to her sex.

He pushed her knees up and back making her slippery portal an easy target for his rigid member. He slid in almost full length on his first thrust and the smell of her own secretions wafted to her nose as he withdrew his sex-coated wick. The urgency of the caresses of the other two admirers tending her increased with Jason's tempo as he slid his cock in and out of her slippery vault. She felt her inner lips gripping the slippery cylinder of his cock as he pounded it in and out of her.

She was nearing orgasm, the skin to skin contact with six hands, the rigid member and stiff pubic hair stimulating her vulva had her about to explode when she felt her young lover stiffen and felt the pulse of his penis as he sent jet after jet of semen into her vagina. Her disappointment was short lived as Jason quickly extricated his softening tool from her only to be replaced by the thick, black, cock of a very eager Peter.

Her young black lover quickly assumed a rhythm that had her cooing into Seth's mouth as he continued to kiss her. Without Peter there to help support her weight, Seth lowered her onto her back on the table as his Greek brother pumped in and out of her. Jason was no where to be found...must have gotten his fill and went about his business. How wrong she was.....

Her orgasm came crashing down on her like a tidal wave. Peter's long, fast strokes had set her off like a stick of dynamite. He was courteous enough to bury his cock to the hilt and ride her through her spasms pubic bone to pubic bone.

As her orgasm subsided Peter again began his urgent pumping. Seth continued kissing and tweaking but took a break now and again to take a look at the action that was going on in the liquid junction between Jackie's upraised legs. Peter's black member coated with her cream and that of Jason's orgasm; popped momentarily into view and then disappearing into her slippery folds. She felt Peter stiffen and mutter, "your turn" to Seth and he gripped her by the hips and thrust forcefully into her as deposited his pearly cream in her pink tube.

Seth looked down at her oozing love pit as he moved between her legs and saw the cream of her other admirers adorning her pubic hair, the table top, the fat outer lips, and very pink, very open cuntal folds. Jason had returned and quickly applied his mouth to hers just as Seth slid his tool into her creamy depths. Seth was well into his fuck when Jason disengaged his mouth from her's and whispered into her ear "Babe, I've got a pledge here who has a hard time getting laid because of his complexion. Would you "do" him?"

"Well, I don't know," she grunted as Seth plowed her furrow with his steely shank.

"Geez, it'd mean a lot to him to get a piece of ass from a great looking woman like you."

Seth's pace quickened and she knew he was about to cum inside her. She was near another orgasm herself and knew Seth wouldn't take her over the edge. "Yes, yesssss, " she hissed as Seth drove his member into her and released his pent up passion.

The pimply faced youngster was just that. A complexion too pale for the summer weather but she felt a considerable stretching as he shoved his pole into her well fucked hole. Jackie sat up on her elbows and looked down at the fat member protruding lewdly from her crevice. It was as pale as her young lover but its girth sticking out of his pubic patch was quite impressive. The tugging on her inner lips had her motor revving in only a few quick strokes and then he came. "Oh, no," she thought at she felt the hot cream of his climax run out of her pussy around his cock and down the crack of her ass.

She was pleasantly surprised when after only the briefest of breaks the young man began his humping again; slowly at first, but then more vigorously after a couple of minutes as he managed his second "wood". "Oh the benefits of youth," Jackie thought to herself as he drove his substantial member into her again and again.

Jackie came twice more on his monster cock before the "zit kid" dumped another load of jism in her love tunnel. She barely had time to consider her surroundings when another young man she had not seen before appeared between her legs and rubbed the head of his cock up and down her oozing cunt.

"What, who's this," she muttered drunkenly to Jason who seemed to be supervising her royal screwing.

"Oh, this is Jeff, Jeff needs some too. It's all right isn't it? He's got blue balls too. Can you give him some relief?"

Jeff looked right into her eyes and said in a Texas drawl, "I'd certainly be grateful, ma'am."

"Ma'am," she thought as she nodded and he slid his rock hard penis into her slippery cove," I'm old enough to be his mother and he's slipping me a hard one."

Jeff lasted only about a minute and a half before he grunted and began spewing into her warm depths. He came for almost as long as had screwed her. "For intensity, he rated number one," she thought to herself.

Seth and Peter appeared at her side again. They had brought her a pillow and laid her gently back on the table with the pillow supporting her back, neck and head. "There's some more guys here who want to fuck you," Peter tactlessly whispered in her ear. "They've all heard what a great pussy you've got," Seth added. "I told them you were great." While all the chatter was going off in her ear she felt yet another rod slide home. She looked up into the smiling face of the blackest young man she'd ever seen.

"Gee, ma'am. What they said is true your are beautiful and, and, and, I just love the way your pussy feels 'round my dick." "Shit," she thought; she'd already lost count of how many guys she'd banged tonight already. Was it four, or five, the young black man tensed, his eyes rolled back in his head and he grimaced as though he'd been gut shot. Jackie sure did love seeing this young man enjoy himself.

The next two young men were white and Asian and lasted about a total of a minute each. She felt the pool of semen on the table and it was seeping back up around her ass cheeks. Sometime during the rutting she was getting her skirt had been pulled up over her head and all she was wearing now was her pair of white canvas shoes and matching socks. She had to pee and sat up. The young Asian was just leaving the room as he was tucking in his shirt and Jason, Peter and Seth were still standing around her like they were afraid she were going to run off. "I need to pee," Jackie said "and I need another drink, too. I'm likely to come to my senses and realize that I've fucked eight or nine of you already.

Peter produced a white terry robe and draped it loosely over her shoulders and helped her off of the table. Her ass drug across the pool of semen that she had ejected and it dropped in gobs on the wooden floor. "Oh, gross," she said as she was led by the arm to a nearby john with the slick, silvery goo running down the insides of both her thighs.

As she emerged from the bathroom after relieving herself and cleaning up a bit, she was quickly handed another glass of grog and Seth held another in his other hand in case she needed more sedation.

She looked out through the door into the dimly lit meeting room and saw only Jason and one other handsome young man standing beside the table. "One more, I can do one more," she thought to herself as she gauged this new young man to be the pick of the litter. Her husband had always talked about her "getting it" from a group of men while they were having sex. She wondered if he'd believe her tomorrow when she told him of this escapade?

She tottered out to the table, recently swabbed of the cum of her aforetold harem and the floor had been wiped as well. The handsome young man lifted her deftly onto the table and whispered in her ear, "I hear you're quite a woman." He tugged the tie of the robe open and fondled her breasts and ran his hands up her thighs and to her hips. "Undo my pants so we can get busy," he panted. She felt between his legs for the steely hard cock; she wouldn't be disappointed.

This young man was quite the cocksman. No simple sawing in and out like so many of her other inexperienced lovers of the night and he was no quick gun either. He screwed with style and she was purring like a kitten as he took her through orgasm after orgasm before he blasted his load into her.

As her last lover backed away from the table she saw another had been admitted to the room and he was jacking his ebony rod with his right hand. He stepped between her legs, gripped her thighs and slid his pole home and commenced pounding his thick, black meat into her pink pussy without so much as a word.

She lost track of the next few men that penetrated her. It was a blur. They must have made the last drink extra strong to ensure her compliance with their horny desires or else she was purposefully blotting it out to justify her slutty behavior. She drifted from one orgasm to another as they pounded her with their fuck sticks and was only slightly aware when each clenched and spilled their silvery seed into her warm hole.

"Big John," was all she heard and when she looked up she realized why. A huge black man had entered the room. He must have been 6'6" and weighed over 300 pounds. He had a huge chest and arms to match. "So, this is the little fuck princess all the boys been talkin' about," he said as he stepped between her outspread knees ran a fat thumb over her cum coated pussy, clit and blonde pubic patch before lifting it toward her face and rubbing it across her lips. "You been good to all these fraternity brothers? I hear you been real good to most of 'em. Well, you see. I'm the closer as it were. I'm the last dick you'll have to worry about tonight hon'." He reached to his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled out a member that looked more like an arm than a cock. "You see why they call me "Big John" baby?"

Jackie looked on in awe as he positioned the shiny black head between her pussy lips. Jason, Peter, Seth and some of the other "fuckees" also gathered around to watch as John slid his meat into her warm depths.

John dragged the head of his enormous member the length of her well fucked slit several times as if painting it with the cum deposited by the others standing around watching the spectacle before them. Jackie lay there propped on her pillow and looking down at her sperm filled pussy as the fat head of the huge black man's cock massaged it. He used his hand on the shaft of his tool and ran the head the entire length of her slit pausing momentarily to pay special attention to her clitoris.

"Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm. This sure is some fine looking pussy here, honey. You must be one hot piece to have drained all this out of these young boys here. Ol' John boy going to try to not disappoint you too bad now." With that John slowly started to ease his massive fuck stick into Jackie's quivering box. His fleshy bulldozer pushed her inner lips inside her pussy and his girth filled her so that the semen of her earlier lovers was forced out around the shaft of the large black man. "Howeeee, look at all the cum come out of this girl. You guys did a good job of fuckin' her. Look at all that love juice she had in her.... and look at all of John she got in her now." His pubic patch was flush up against hers and soaking up some of the combined fluids of her pussy and that of the number of cocks who hand spent their loads inside her. Jackie hadn't remembered being this full since she had given birth to her two babies but that wasn't nearly as pleasurable as this huge piece of meat wedged into her now!

John pulled his ebony rod almost completely out of her which left her quim gaping open and a river of cum running out the bottom of her opening. He thrust back into her and buried the entire length of his shaft to his nutsack in her blonde hair covered snatch. He withdrew again and stabbed his length into her again eliciting a grunt with each thrust.

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