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Scratching An Itch


"What can I be thinking?" I thought as the city faded into fields. "Seriously, what is going on with you that you would agree to such a thing. You have never met this woman and you've barely talked online and only once on the phone. Sure, you've seen pictures but that means absolutely nothing. She could be a total psycho and even if she IS really a woman, what kind of a woman agrees to this in such a short time." Talking out loud to myself. I did have to admit the thought of what was about to happen was exhilarating.

Just then I realized I missed the exit. My exhilaration and excitement turned to almost fear as I didn't know when the next exit was and I hate to be late. I pressed harder on the gas pedal picking up speed finally seeing the next exit after what felt like an eternity but was probably no more than a minute at most.

"A stoplight, come on. Do the cows really need a stoplight way out here? I know it is right off the interstate but seriously. A tractor can't travel that fast." I said beating my hand on the steering wheel. Finally the light changed and I got turned back in the right direction. My anticipation growing once again as I started to settle my fear of being late. Paying much closer attention this time I took the right exit and to my joy the rest stop was almost desolate. There was only one other car there and a semi that was parked close to the exit. I frantically looked for her car but saw nothing that could have even passed for the blue suv that she told me about. I found a semi secluded parking spot under the shade of a tree. I settled in trying to relax and lit another cigarette as I watched the sun set the light splitting into its red, yellow, and orange as it settled into the clouds. As the seconds ticked by my heart pounded first in my chest then into my neck and my head. Making my skull feel like the skin of a drum pounding out a primordial rhythm.

Looking up after lighting my second cigarette, I saw it the blue suv pulling in slowly. Through the window I could see outline of her brunette hair and the glint of the fading sun shine off her face as she scanned the parking lot finally coming to rest on my car as she passed and pulled into the space behind my car. I didn't know quite what to do. Should I get out or should I just wait for her to come to my car. I decided on the later as to not look to excited and to just play it cool.

(You see we had met on some dating website when I was intrigued by the fantasy she put in her profile. To put it simply she had stated that all she wanted was a very discreet and unencumbered meeting for mutual masturbation. So, I replied expressing I also had the same fantasy. We didn't really talk much, mainly just about the possibility and specifics of how we both wanted to experience this as well as exchange some pictures to make sure we knew what we were getting into and that we found each other attractive enough to be able to masturbate at the sight of one another.)

I saw her fiddling around in her car for a bit, checking her hair and makeup. Finally, the door swung open and I saw the first glimpse of leg appear from her car. As she set her foot on the ground I noticed she was wearing quite possibly the sexiest heels I had ever seen. They were incredibly tall black pumps with a single strap that buckled around her ankle. My eyes quickly ran up her long, tight, silk encased leg as she swung her other leg out of the car. I got full view of the top of her stockings as both legs met. My breath got caught in my throat as she emerged from the darkness of her vehicle. She straightened her skirt as she stood. Her breasts strained against the white cotton of her blouse. They looked huge almost too large for her frame. My cock now engorged strained against my pants as I watched her walk the short distance from her door to my passenger door. Everything seemed to go in slow motion as her long brunette locks bounced as she walked and her breasts seemed to dance under her blouse. As she approached my car door I could see the shirt was almost see-through and although her breasts were incredibly perky she didn't appear to be wearing a bra. The tell tale rings of her piercings caught my full attention.

She opened the door and slid in gracefully her skirt riding up to reveal the tops of her black micro fishnet stockings once again. My mouth was dry and I couldn't have spoke even if words were coming to me. I hadn't noticed my mouth gaping open and I was staring as if in a hypnotic trance. She just giggled but didn't say a word. I jumped as my neglected cigarette burned my fingers and brought me out of my trance. Once again she giggled and tipped down her sunglasses. Our eyes met for the first time and I was amazed by the beauty and intensity of her soft brown eyes. As she slowly pulled the glasses from her face her eyes traced down my body locking on the bulge in my pants. As she stared intently at the tent in my pants the tip of her tongue came seductively to the corner of her mouth.

She traced the neck of her blouse with her fingertips drawing down to her first button. Slowly she undid the button keeping her eyes intently on my bulge. Then the second button came undone and she slipped her hand inside cupping her breast massaging it slowly. Pulling her hand from inside her blouse the third button came undone. My eyes never left her hand as she undid the fourth button. Once again her hand disappeared inside and massaged her breast this time giving her nipple a little tweak. Sliding her hand across her chest, pulling the blouse open she massaged the other breast and rolled her nipple in her fingers. Reaching down she pulled up on the lever and slid the seat all the way back.

Running her hand slowly up her leg she lifted her ass pulling up her skirt giving my first glimpse of her beautifully shaven, and driping-wet pussy. Her red fingernails traced the lacy tops of her stockings and the suspenders of her garters as my car filled with her intoxicating smell. I couldn't take my eyes from her gorgeous legs and her glistening, delicate lips. Her hand rose to my chin as she brought my eyes to hers. Our eyes locked intensely as she reached down and slowly undid my pants. She reached in and I felt as if I would lose control and cum right there as her nails ran across my shaft as she delicately yet firmly grasped my cock. Pulling it from my pants her gaze left mine and locked squarely on my straining member. Tugging slightly to free it completely from its denim confines. A soft moan of approval escaped her lips as she replaced her hand with mine.

Her hands were once again on her body, one hand massaging her breasts and tweaking her nipples as she traced her nails over her swollen lips. Slowly I began stroking myself as I watched this goddess of a woman whom I didn't even know her real name play with her succulent pussy. My cock twitched and a moan crossed her lips as she plunged her finger into her wetness. My head was reeling watching her stroke her finger in and out. I could hear the soft wet sounds of her ministrations as I tightened my grip on my cock and began to stroke faster. She began to moan softly as she tweaked her nipple and run her finger over her swollen clit. Her head fell back and her moans got louder as her hips began to buck into her hand. She became impossibly more beautiful as she lost herself in what she was doing. My mouth watering, I longed to taste and caress this gorgeous woman masturbating less than a foot away. My own strokes became faster and my moans came louder as I used both hands to pleasure myself. Her head shot up and her eyes locked with mine with the most intense lust I have ever seen. Her moans seemed to call to me as if they were my name as they increased in intensity and pitch. Her face contorted with the ecstasy she was bringing herself to. Sweat glistening off her brow her head dropped back again as her moans got lost in her throat then finally releasing into a guttural scream. Her breathing quickened and all of a sudden stopped as her body tightened and her legs wrapped tightly around her hand. She relaxed all of a sudden and lazily rolled her head over to look straight into my eyes with a look of release and relaxation. I myself had forgotten about my cock as I watched in amazement at this woman who had transformed in front of my eyes into the epitome of love, lust and sexuality.

Her breathing slowed as she stared at me and I became aware once again of the strain and almost pain of my own engorged phallus. My strokes were immediate and fast as the need to release became more and more urgent. Moaning and grunting running my hand faster and faster along my shaft I couldn't take my eyes from hers as my balls tightened and my hips bucked. She leaned in close to me lazily massaging her breasts intently staring at my cock as the shaft filled with cum. She licked her intensely red lips as the first drops oozed from my tip. My head fell back as I let out a loud and intense moan as I the first shot leaped from my cock hitting her on the cheek. At once she grabbed my cock and took me into her mouth as cum continued to shoot from my cock. She took it all expertly devouring and swallowing all of it and driving me to higher and higher levels of ecstasy.

Once she drained my cock of all it had to offer she raised her head and looked me in the eye with a twinkle of accomplishment in her eye. She daintily wiped the edge of her mouth with her finger and softly kissed me on the lips.

"Thank you." She whispered in my ear, uttering the first and only words spoken, giving it a teasing little lick then opened my car door, stepped out, pulled her skirt back down then walked to her car and drove away.

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