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Scratching an Itch?


This was the third time we had met, gradually innocence was lost and desire began to control our actions. The first time was in the park, in public with a gentle walk and lots of talking, a few brief touches, holding hands and a couple of stolen kisses.

The fire being primed and fed with enough fuel to blaze a path to who knows where.

The second meeting was more discreet, both knowing our desire to be alone desperately smouldering but unsure about where we wanted this to go. We chose lunch in your car, again in an out of the way park. Away from prying eyes this time, offering more privacy and anonymity that we felt was needed. At last we managed to spark and we melded together like vapours in a mist.

Exciting and sensual though our meeting was it was also rushed and interrupted. Ultimately our privacy was not total and so our intimacy was denied too.

As I step over the threshold of your doorway my heart is beating like a drum, I can almost hear the booming in my ears as blood rushes around my body and I try to keep my breathing in check. You look stunning, simple jeans and a tight white t-shirt. Your figure displayed beautifully, your full breasts contained but visibly rising with each deep breath – maybe you are trying to control your composure too.

You close the door behind me and I am on you, lips meeting lips, tongues battling in each other's mouths as my hands grasp you hard and hold you tight against my needy body. We kiss for only a few moments but long enough to ensure we have said hello properly.

I slip my shoes off and you take my hand offering to quickly show me around your house.

We walk into your large living room, light flooding in from the windows that deliver a view of the sprawling countryside, almost devoid of other inhabitancy just trees and fields for as far as the eye can see.

I grasp you around the waist and pull you in for another kiss, softer this time, savouring your taste on my lips and swimming in the sparkle of your eyes. Still close to you I tell you to put your hands in the air above you head, which you do without hesitation. Gripping the bottom of your t-shirt I lift it up over your stomach and breasts, up over your shoulders and head and off you completely.

Your arms still in the air, I let my hand caress down your arm and body briefly grazing your breast over your white bra before gliding to the back of your jeans as I lean in to kiss you again. Tongues dancing deeply as we push our bodies closer together again.

This time you break the kiss and again take my hand to continue your tour, out of the living room to the foot of the stairs. Blushing you tell me you feel all self-conscious with your top off, I respond by saying you are beautiful and there is nothing to be self-conscious about. You are stunning, simple as that.

You lead me upstairs and the tour begins to become pointless, all the doors upstairs are open and we can see a bathroom and three bedrooms. I stand silently looking at you, hand still holding yours. We both look at the open doors before you begin moving forward and to our right and into one of the bedrooms.

In the bedroom I release your hand as you quickly pull the curtains together a little then turn to face me.

Neither of us needs to say anything, actions now being the language of the moment and I put my arms around you and kiss you hard, my want and desire showing in my kiss. Your kiss mirroring mine as our hand begin roaming over the others bodies.

My hands go to your bra, deftly unhooking the clasp and allowing the two parts to slip away, slowly pulling the strap off your first shoulder before it falls to the floor under its own weight. My hand is immediately on you, lifting one of your breasts feeling its exotic weight as my thumbs brushes over your extended nipple. I roll your hard nipple between my finger and thumb, marvelling at the fact I am touching you and your body is responding to me.

My head lowers and kisses your neck, then your shoulder, then throat before working down to your breast and taking your nipple into my mouth. Teeth gently pulling, tongue circling, lips worshiping your dark, hard nub.

I take a step back and slowly, purposefully undo my tie, folding it and putting it in my pocket before unbuttoning my shirt as you watch me from a foot away. You hands on my neck and my arm as the shirt moves and reveals my body to you.

I remove my shirt completely and for some reason hang it up behind me before returning my attention back to you. Stand now half naked in front of me, I reach for your jeans and pop the top button open then slide the zip down. My eyes flitting briefly between your blue eyes, your open sexy lips and your jeans as I push them gently down your thighs.

As the jeans pool around your calves you step out of them casually, now dressed only in a small white thong. I turn you around to get a good look at your ass before slapping your ass cheek and leaving my hand in place to feel the fullness of your sexy ass.

You laugh with the slap and suggest I've wanted to do that to you for ages, smiling I agree but that's just the tip of what I want to do to you. Grasping your thong I slip that down and off of you before pushing you gently backwards towards the bed.

You don't need much encouragement and climb onto the bed as I remove my socks and undo my trousers, again taking time to fold them neatly and hang them out of the way. My boxer shorts though are off quickly and I move towards you on the bed.

You are sitting up waiting for me so as I get close you reach for me and pull me on top of you, our naked bodies pressing firmly against each other. My lips crushing against yours, my chest pressing on your breasts, and my hard cock sandwiched between us.

I feel you open your legs as your arms wrap around me, your hands seem to be everywhere, in my hair on my back, on my ass pulling me on to you. Your touch is electric, every inch of your body connecting with mine feels like a spark of electricity as I am flooded with sensations and overwhelmed with your presence.

I so want you, I need you but I have patience and waiting is half the fun.

I pull back and kiss down your body, slowly kissing and licking your skin, neck, chest, breast, nipples. Fingers joining in, squeezing and pulling as my tongue and mouth taste your skin.

I move lower, avoiding your stomach – I remember your dislike of that area of your body (incidentally it looked fine and gorgeous just like the rest of you) and kiss the junction at the top of your thigh and pelvis, then lower down your leg until I have moved completely off the foot of the bed. I see you raise your head as you wonder what is happening and there is a look of surprise in your eyes as I grasp both of your ankles and pull you physically down the bed until your bum is almost to the edge.

I'm now kneeling on the floor between your legs, your pussy is inches away from my face. Your pussy is trimmed with just a small patch of dark hair, and a small string loop is protruding from your visibly damp lips. I know exactly what the string is, having told you I wanted you to use them today.

I rub my thumb up and down your lips and you audibly sigh from having contact in that area, I softly pull the string loop down a little and tease a finger between your lips. You are very wet, but you have had the love balls inside your pussy for about an hour and my finger eases into your little pussy without any resistance.

You had been leaning forward a little watching me touch you. But with my finger inside you, your head has collapsed back onto the bed eyes closed and mouth open now lost in your own private pleasure. Twisting my finger a little I feel the balls inside you and move them gently and my finger probes inside your hole. Your scent is intoxicating, musky and sweet.

Before I realise my mouth is on you licking and sucking at your lips, savouring your juice and your flavour, licking my own slick finger as it slips out of your pussy covered in your love juice. In and out my finger moves, my mouth moving up fractionally seeking your pleasure button. Your change of breathing and small noises indicating I might be on the right track. My tongue flat and wide lapping at your clit, then pointy and circling it. In between letting my mouth close over you completely and sucking.

I pull a little at the string and you gasp as a ball pops free, then again as I remove them completely, to be replaced by two fingers deep inside you.

My licking continues, my pace now steady and consistent as I feel you slip a hand towards your pussy and spread yourself under my mouth, opening yourself wide to my ministrations while you move slightly to maximise your pleasure. My tongue now flicking your clit firmly as my fingers rest inside you, filling your pussy and softly rubbing your g spot.

Your breathing already ragged now coming in short sharp bursts and your spare hand moves from playing with your hard nipples into my hair – holding my head in place pushing me harder onto your pussy. Your body is twitching beneath me, stomach and thigh muscles contracting as you moan and force my head harder into you.

You gasp and try to lift up your hips and I hear a stifled cry as you cum under me, pressure on my fingers and your pussy clenches and my mouth and tongue continue to suck and lick at your clit.

I slow my tongue action, switching to a gentle sucking before your hands grasp the sides of my face and pull me away from your swollen pussy up towards your breathless mouth, my lips smeared with your scent and juice.

Encouraged by your forceful hands I quickly smother your body, our naked torsos melting together as I lay between your still spread legs, my face hovering directly over yours, the look of satisfaction and pleasure in your eyes wonderful to behold.

You raise your head and engage in a flurry of small nipping, sucking kisses, all over my lips before finally sinking into a deep passionate kiss, your taste still swirling around my mouth but now shared between us in a lovers cocktail as we hungrily kiss and suck each other's mouths and tongues.

Almost without effort I find my cock at the entrance of your pussy and with a small thrust I am in you, you feel amazing, hot, very wet and it seems I can feel everything as I slowly push fully inside you. Only for a second as I enter you do I break our kiss, and then only to sigh with satisfaction.

I surprise you by gently moving inside you for only a few seconds before withdrawing and sitting on the edge of the bed. Pulling you upright and then telling you to get on your knees in front of me, you don't hesitate and quickly kneel on the floor between my legs, your hands moving up my thighs before reaching my erect and now wet cock.

I don't need to say anything as you begin with soft light kisses up the length of my shaft before your mouth engulfs me and your suck on my cock. One hand around my base moving up and down, your mouth bobbing gently, sucking and licking.

Each time taking me a little more into your mouth until I feel your nose pressing against my pubes. Your hand continues to rise and fall stretching my skin, which in turn is teased by your tongue and lips as you work on driving me over the edge.

My control is fading fast and you sense it, your hand and mouth both increasing in speed and pressure, a noisy sucking a slurping sound as you suck hard and I begin to gasp.

I grab your hair, taking a grip on your head to hold you in place as I feel the contractions start in my balls and you sink your mouth as deeply onto me as you can, my cock twitches and I groan.

I can feel my cock shooting blast after blast of hot creamy cum into your mouth but you continue to bob and suck, your hand now still but your tongue dancing and circling over me, my groans and sighs subsiding to be replaced by the soft slurping as you capture the last few drops of cum and swallow me down.

Grinning like you are very pleased with yourself you finally let my cock slip from your mouth, kissing it once or twice more before launching yourself onto me and kissing me hard on the lips.

We both crawl up and onto the bed properly, both breathing heavily but our bodies still pressed firmly together. It seems softer now, maybe the carnal requirement satisfied for now has been replaced by a more loving less urgent need.

Our kisses continue, experimentally to see what the other likes, I nibble on your lip, your ear, your throat. You run a hand over my hair and neck, my shoulders and back.

Slowly as we kiss and touch each other the stirrings of desire and want begin to re-emerge, they were never far, just temporarily dormant – recovering. But now they are back with a stronger need and they must again be satisfied.

My hands are on you, in your hair, on your neck, on your breasts. Touching you everywhere, I love the sounds you make as I caress your body, I think the noises alone without the heavenly feel of your skin would make me hard but the combination just intensifies my desire.

I dwell on your breasts, my fingers teasing your nipples, my palms flattening your ample breasts before I return to your nipples with a pinch and a squeeze.

You can feel me against your thigh as my stiffness increases and you snake a hand between us and take hold of me erect cock. Holding me firmly and slowly moving me again.

I kiss your breasts, lingering around your nipples, savouring the hardened points, wetting them with little licks and blowing on them before nipping your lightly with my teeth. Again you make your delicious noises from the briefest of pleasures, I think a CD of your sounds alone could make me cum, but I want to cum with you, in you and I want it now.

I kiss upwards from your breasts over your throat and under your chin, your tilt your head back to expose more of your neck to me and I oblige and kiss every last little inch. Progressing to your cheek and then to the corner of your gapping gorgeous mouth.

I am over you now, your body beneath me. You are pinned but not resisting, you have already parted your legs so I can have you. My stiff cock once again nuzzling against your damp pubic mound. I adjust position and slip inside you again burying myself deep in your pussy. You close your eyes, giving yourself to the feeling of our intimate connection as I raise and lower my hips slowly and begin to fuck you like I have wanted to for longer than I can remember. I am not rushing, I want to savour this, I want to enjoy every moment with you and extract every ounce of pleasure physically possible. Slowly slowly, as right now you are mine and mine alone.

Having cum so recently I know I can hold back for some time now so I can concentrate on you and making sure you get the most out of this, we fuck gently for a time, slowly moving in and out of you. Deep but soft thrusts, all the time kissing and telling you how beautiful you are.

My hands roaming all over you. From your hair and face to your mouth where you suck on my finger, down to your neck – an area which you like and respond well to attention there, the slightest kiss or touch easily bringing signs of pleasure to your face and an accompanying noise to signal your approval.

Lower still my hands cajole your chest and your breasts.

I can never get enough of your breasts, soft fleshy mounds of you tipped with a peak of sensitivity I just want to kiss, suck and bite on all day just to watch you react.

You are not idle as you lay beneath me, your hands too are busy roaming. One in my hair, occasionally pulling it a little or rubbing my neck before guiding me towards you for a kiss. The other is on my back. Sliding freely up and down, fingers tracing my spine down to my ass where you hold and try to direct and encourage my slow teasing fucking motion.

We shift position easily me rolling on to my back and you sitting up and straddling me, you take the initiative and quickly guide my slick cock back into your pussy before sinking hard onto me and playing with your hair for a moment. I realise you are tying your hair back into a pony tail to keep it out of your face. The movement of your hands and arms up playing with your hair causing your breasts to raise and jiggle. Much to my pleasure as I lay watching you.

I can't resist your jiggling breasts and casually cup both breasts, squeezing and kneading them in the palms of my hands, marvelling at you as you smile and finish with your hair.

That feels good you tell me, keeping your elbows high in the air and you start to rock your hips as I tease and play with your nipples.

Your rocking motion becomes a shallow bounce and your hands drop onto my chest to give you some stability. Each time you lift and let yourself drop onto me my hard cock pushes deep into your pussy.

Sensations of warmth and wetness as your tight little hole grips me filling my head, my instinct takes over and I thrust up into you to match each plummet of your pussy my hands dropping to your hips so I can apply more pressure with my thrusts.

Your body is reacting to our intimacy and the noises I love so much slowly begin to rise again, small changes in your breathing, the occasional gasp or low moan. I know you can feel something building and I want it.

You lean forward, hands in my hair and our lips mash together tongues forcing their way into each other's mouths as I now grip your hips hard and fuck up into you. Your movements now stilled as I take over increase the speed of my thrusts. We fuck like this for a few minutes but I don't think it is quite hitting your spot so I opt for a change again.

Rolling you over so once again you are on your back, I break my kiss and move to take a nipple in my mouth briefly trapping it between my teeth and pulling before going lower down your body. I assume you think I am going to lick your pussy again as your hand goes onto my head and your legs spread a little more but I slip out of your grasp and off the end of the bed.

Grabbing your legs I pull you like before and ease you down the bed but instead of dipping my head to suck you I lean over you and take hold of your arms, clasping your hands together and moving them high above your head.

I hold you in place like this with one hand, as I guide myself into you with the other.

I have always wanted to fuck you like this, you know that, it's probably a power thing, one step short of actually tying you up but being in control.

You are naked beneath me, controlled, impaled and you look fucking sexy.

I ease into you and then begin to thrust, as the force of the thrusts build your breasts begin to bounce and ride up your chest before settling softly back before they bounce again with the next thrust. This vision alone is mesmerising, but the feel of your eyes burning into me as we fuck is inescapable. Those eyes blue and bright, shinning. Blinding me with an intensity, only matched by my own desires and needs. Your whole face glows, from the soft line of your jaw to the delicate perspiration forming at the edge of your hairline, everything about you makes me want more.

Your open mouth allowing soft moans of pleasure to escape as I thrust harder, releasing my grip on your hands and grasping your hips and thighs so I can increase my tempo and drive hard into you.

You're losing yourself now, moaning as I continue to slam your pussy harder now. Your breasts are wildly bouncing up and down, completely out of sync with my thrusting now, and with a longer moan you arch slightly pushing your breast up into the air as your pussy spasms and you cum for the second time, my hard cock still ramming hard into you a few more times, squeezed by your internal muscles as you buck and ride out your orgasm.

As you slowly subside I sink onto you pressing my weight against you, enveloping your delicate frame with upper body and sinking into a deep and passionate kiss.

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