Screen Shots


"What are you doing?" She sounded surprised and angry.

"Back rub, chick. Hush and enjoy."

"I do not want a back rub. Get off me!" She twisted, trying to turn away out from under him, but his position gave him too much advantage.

"Sure you do. You just wish you didn't. I've seen pictures."

That took the wind out of her sails and her struggles died immediately. "Oh. Oh, God. Oh, nooo..."

He leaned close to her ear, his hard-on pressing against the curve of her ass. "Oh, yes. Delicious pics. Pics of you and me doing delicious things. In fact, I have a couple I want you to see." He sat back up and pulled out his phone. The pic-messages were already prepped and were on her phone in seconds. He pumped a dollop of lotion into his hand and rubbed his palms together, then ran lotion-coated hands over her shoulders as she cautiously opened the pics on her phone. The first one showed his hand on her tit, thumb alongside a partially-swollen nipple. She whimpered softly. "Oh, God, you didn't." She advanced to the next one. This time, he was naked and his hand was obviously in her crotch. It wasn't visible in the shot, but his body positioning made it clear his cock was in or at least close to her mouth.

"Wanna see what I did with Viv?"

"With ... Viv?" She groaned. "You didn't."

He sent the next two, one of him sucking on her nipple and one of him standing naked over her, cock between her legs. "Viv loves pics. You should send these to her."

"It'll drive her crazy."

"Oh, I have no doubt. Send them and tell her Daddy said he was returning the favor."

He worked on in silence after she sent them, content to let her stew in her own thoughts, no doubt wondering what he was going to do and not sure what she hoped he would do. Once her shoulders were done, loose and slick, he pulled the tail of her shirt up to work on her lower back. He moved back to give himself more leverage, not coincidentally positioning himself so that as he leaned forward and pushed with his thumbs, his cock was pressed between her asscheeks.

Once her back below her bra was done, he turned around, still straddling her, and began working on each leg, from ankle up to the hem of her boy-shorts. Finally, with both legs done, he ran his thumbs under the waistband of her shorts and slid them down over her ass and off her.

She gave a surprised squawk and started squirming again.

"Oh be still," he said. Another dollop of lotion, this time applied directly to her ass. His hands began working it in to what began as complaints. He smiled to himself as her squirms changed from uncoordinated efforts to get away and settled into a smooth rhythm of enjoyment. He turned around again to face forward, quickly sliding out of his gym shorts. He kneaded the underside of her butt, sliding a thumb down between her legs to find her pussy was greedily wet. Moving back to his original spot, he nudged the swollen shaft of his cock down between the cheeks of her ass and lined up on her pussy. A gentle push with his hips as he leaned forward to massage her shoulders again and she was impaled.

"Oh, God."

"You like it?"

"I wish I didn't. God. God, fuck me, Daddy."

He unhooked her bra and helped her struggle out of the tank-top and bra, tossing them to the floor. "There. Now lay still and enjoy the massage."

He kept his hips still, letting the massage move her along his shaft until her first orgasm hit.

"UNH!" She pushed up onto her hands and knees, panting and shaking. "More, Ben. More, harder, deeper, anything. Just keep fucking me."

"Wanna send Viv a pic?"

Mutely, she fumbled her phone out and worked with it as he held her hips pulled against him, his cock deep inside her. He took the cell-phone from her and out to the side to take a pic of them. He sent the pic to Viv with the caption, "I didn't leave her any other choice. This is right now. When is my other little stepslut gonna come visit daddy?"

"Mmmm, she wants you."

Setting the phone down, he took her by the hips and began moving her against him. "I know. But she can't have me if she's not here."

Soon, her hand was between her legs, stroking his shaft and furiously working her clit. It wasn't long before she exploded with a pillow-muffled shriek and collapsed.

Ben reached over and picked up the phone. Viv had written back "OMGOMG Plz sir can your stepslut cum play right now? More pics?"

Laughing, he took a pic of himself straddling Pauletta's collapsed form then one of her pussy holding his cock. "I think she's on her way over."

"Ummmm. If I manage to use you up, it won't do her any good."

He leaned forward and bit the back of her neck, pleased by the squirming that resulted. "Sure, if."

She shoved her hips up and back. "I can go a lot longer than you can."

He propped himself up on his elbows, stretched out along her back, enjoying the feel of her against him. He sent another text to Viv. "Door's unlocked, join the party." He chuckled. "Betcha she's naked before she clears the living-room."

Pauletta giggled into her pillow. "I'd imagine so. Oh, you are driving me crazy!"

He licked her neck, above where he'd rubbed lotion. "Mm-hm. That's the idea." She groaned and squirmed her hips against his. He laughed. "When I finally pop, I want you so used up that you can't move."

She groaned again, deeper and longer. "Please, Ben?"

"Please what," he mumbled into her hair.

"Please fuck me again. Or some more, whatever. Just...don't stop."

He chuckled again and ran one hand down her side to her hip. Carefully, he slid his hand under her belly and down between her legs. Her breathing increased as his finger found her clit. Slowly he began rubbing it in small circles until her hips stopped and twitching and began pumping. Then he switched to a slow side-to-side stroke.

"Ooooooooh, yeah." She straightened her arms from under her head to push against the headboard. "OH yeah.... God, yeah." Her hips started grinding against his hand in small circles, setting up a wonderful out-and-back stroke along his cock. He bit the back of her neck again and held on, letting her work herself to another orgasm. She whispered his name as the wave started breaking over her. "Ben... yeah. Fuck me so good." She broke into whimpering as his fingers slid back and forth over her clit and carried her up on the crest of the emotion. "Oh, daddy... oooh... please, yeah..."

Ben heard the front door open and quick, light footsteps cross the kitchen floor, only to pause at the bedroom doorway. He grinned, imagining Viv standing in the doorway, totally naked, watching the two of them and probably playing with herself. He pressed gently but firmly on Pauletta's clit as she rocked against his hand and she started shuddering. Finally, he licked her ear and whispered, "Cum for me. Now."

She pushed against the headboard, arching her hips down against his hand. "Unh...unh...oh... oh, Ben... oh, daddy..." He felt her pussy clench up in rapid spasms as her hips bucked. "Daddy... yeah... fuck me, daddeeeeeDADDY! AAAAH!" Her muscles locked up underneath him and she shook all over as the orgasm broke against her, carrying her away. "Oooooooh... ooooh God, yeah....oh, Daddy..."

Ben looked over his shoulder at Viv and blew her a kiss. She was stark naked and clinging to the doorframe as if she were about to collapse, one hand between splayed legs, eyes glassy. Slowly, she slid her fingers out of her pussy and into her mouth, grinning.

"Bitchin sweet..."

"Oh, God!" Pauletta howled and pulled a pillow over her head, whimpering. "You were watching us?"

"Bout damn time, bee. How many was that?" Ben held up three fingers. "Ooooh, and you meanies didn't call me first?" She stuck her bottom lip out in a pout.

"We sent pics." He snapped his fingers and pointed to the bed beside Pauletta. "Get over here stepslut."

"Unnnh!" Viv shivered all over and ducked her head, looking at him through her lashes. "Yes, sir, daddy-man." She scampered across the carpet and slid onto the bed. "How does daddy-sir want his newest stepslut?"

Ben pushed himself up onto his knees, keeping his stepdaughter impaled on his cock. "Naked, horny, and dripping wet."

"Mmmm... check, check, and OOOH!" She gasped as he ran his hand up between her legs and slid two fingers into her pussy. "And check," she sighed. She looked at him and smiled. "Can I call you Daddy?"

Ben laughed. "I thought you already were."

Viv squirmed in his hand, settling against the curve of his palm, and placed both her hands over his with another sigh. "Oh, my, you feel good. Mmmmm...a girl could get used to this." She stretched and arched her back, picking her tits up as if offering them to him. She turned and nuzzled Pauletta's shoulder. "Will you share your daddy, bee? Please?"

Pauletta whimpered under the pillow. Viv nipped her on the shoulder. "What was that, sis?"

Pauletta pulled the pillow off her head. "Call him anything you want, do whatever you want with him, as long as he fucks me!"

Viv giggled and squirmed, lifting her leg and draping it across Pauletta's back, just ahead of Ben. "I think she likes it, Daddy."


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by mezmerized02/19/18

good, but...

end result still being that Viv was involved, long term, kind of turned it off. Having her there, with everything up to the final goal, was good, and to send pix during the massage/fuck, perfect, andmore...

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