Scully's Baby


April 10. 5 pm
Dr. Hill's Office

"FUCK! I can't believe it. How could this happen?"

"I don't know, Dana." exclaimed her Doctor.

But, she secretly knew. It happened 3 months ago.

Jan 10. 7pm.
Dana Scully's Residence

"Hi Mulder. What's going on."

Her partner walked in the door and kissed the agent with hot, violent passion. The paranoid man put his hands on the redhead's curved ass.

"UM." The FBI beauty grabbed Mulder's crotch and unzipped his fly. He had on silk boxer's that Dana quickly got rid of. Finally, she popped her tongue in his mouth.

Fox's hands traveled around her back and groppedher large jugs. At last, he broke the kiss. His big hands clawed at the women's shoulder straps of her blue satin dress and whipped it to the floor.

THANK GOD! She didn't have on underwear.

The beautiful agent unbuttuned her partner's shirt, and tugged it off. "Fuck me hard, Mulder. Cum inside me." she pleaded.

The black-haired man laid his partner on the floor and guided his cock to her lips. In one shove, his entire cock was up Dana's cunt.

"OH, FUCKING YEAH. YESSS. I LOOVEE IT. HARRDER!" The georgeous women growled.

Mulder furiously squeezed her breast as he humped the beautiful lady.



"YESS. CUM IN MY DIRTY CUNT." The red-head screamed. I'M A NAUGHTY BITCH!"

"Oh, shit, I'm CUMMING!" He thumped his partner and friend one last time and his jism erupted inside Scully's womb. "AHHH."

Scully violently spilled her huge orgasm around Fox's member. "OH...DAMN IT. AHH."

April 10. 5:01
Dr. Hill's Office

"Well, perhaps your partner thinks it was an alien." The Doctor laughed.

"Yeah," Scully grinned. "Maybe." She had a hard time concealing a smile in memory of that one passionate night between them.

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