Sea Sickness Ch. 06


With her free hand Alexis found her mother's already spread legs and the sopping wet cunt that they framed. Alexis' hand had to displace one of her mother's as it worked to bring pleasure to both of her sleeping partners. Alexis timed the strokes on her brother's cock with the jerky thrusts of her fingers into her mother's pussy. It was a tough challenge, keeping any sort of timing, while her own pussy was being pleasured. Alexis could feel herself getting closer and decided to try and finish the game quickly.

Sandra hungrily thrust her fingers into her daughter's pussy. She had wanted to have another opportunity to finger the tight depths, but had been unable to because of the frequent interruptions from Ryan and Simone. Now with Ryan sleeping, she was coyly fucking her daughter's pussy. Sandra was certain that Alexis had been needing the same thing, as her lips and channel had been soaking wet upon her fingers' first contact with them. And now she could sense from the tightening spasms coming from within, that Alexis was close to coming.

Ryan was having a hard time controlling his breathing and the subtlety of his movements. The steady up and down thrust of his sister's soft palm over his cock was driving him wild and he wanted to hammer into its cupped frame until his cum flew from his dick. He knew he did not have longer now and he hugged his pillow tightly, hoping to maintain composure just a while longer.

Alexis would come first, her hips jerking violently once before she managed to still them. Her mother's hands had obviously had some experience with pussy before (although Alexis assumed most of it was self-induced). And now with the fingers rolling in past her labia and into the tighter hotter depths of her pussy walls, she was unable to control her own need any longer. She bit her bottom lip, but still failed to totally stop a soft whimper from escaping her throat.

Ryan heard it and knew what it meant. He had felt some sort of brushing over his buttocks that was not intentional and he was pretty certain his sister was masturbating herself while she gave him a hand job. That small little cry of escape was enough to make Ryan come. His cock jumped in the small hand which held its length and Ryan's muscles tensed as he felt his semen run down the length of his cock and spurt from its tip. Just in time, Alexis' hand slipped over his penis' head catching the pooling hot fluid.

Sandra had heard and felt her daughter's orgasm. Inside of the nineteen year old pussy, a riot of muscle spasms and a flood of pungent sexual juice had exploded. Sandra's stroking slowed to a slow pet and she focused on the stimulation her daughter was giving her. Within seconds of her brain turning a spot light onto the sensations roiling within her core, Sandra reached the third orgasm of the party. Hers was smaller and more contained then her daughter's and she rolled back into her pillow, her mind fading into a blissful realm of relaxation.

Alexis was delighted with the way things had turned out. She was still uncertain how each of her partners would react had they known the full story behind the evening and decided to play it a little safer later on. But in the meantime she had a handful of fluid to take care of. Once Ryan's penis had stopped twitching within his shorts she pulled her hand, still cradling his seed, from their elastic waist and raised it slowly to her lips. With her own mouth right beside Ryan's ear she slurped down the salty, sticky puddle and licked her hand clean. She made sure to make a little noise, so he knew exactly what was going on. Once the thick man fluid was downed, she rolled to the other side, facing her mother. Staring at the barely outlined silhouette of the female beside her, she began to lick her fingers clean. One by one she sucked her mother's juices off of them until they too were spotless. Then with a cat-like grin she rolled back into her portion of the bed and immediately fell asleep.

Both of her sexual partners, her mother and brother, would lie awake a while longer. Their minds were still caught up with the intense sexual desire exhibited in her last action. Eventually they too would sleep- that final knowledge of their sister/daughter tasting their bodies' sexual secretions.

The next morning, when everyone awoke, there was a noticeable difference in the tension that had dominated the days prior. The family was friendly with one another, even bordering on chatty as they vied for each others attentions.

Only Simone's mood had not improved. She had fallen asleep in the bondage that she had so often surrendered to Allyson. Rest had not come easily but it had finally come. Early the next morning her alarm would sound and she would force herself to rise to face another day. After deftly tripping the release on the handcuff she removed the remaining restraints and dressed. From there she would bury herself in the monotony of routine. First she restarted the engines from the night before and set a course towards home. Then it was off to busy work- checking fuel levels, making sure the pumps were operating properly, listening to radio chatter, and reviewing weather reports.

A large named storm was threatening to cut directly across their return route. Simone knew she would not be able to outrun it, and unless she turned around, they would be caught in the outskirts of the foul weather. After studying nautical maps of their locale, Simone made a decision to move the yacht closer to a small chain of islands and into a natural cove formed by the reefs in the area. There the yacht would have some shelter from the harsh winds and waves and Simone would be able to anchor the boat. The trip would only take several hours and the storm would not hit for another day.

Ryan, Alexis, and Sandra listened to Simone's monotone expression of the coming storm, the need to anchor the boat in the coat, and its estimated time of arrival the following day, as well as how it would effect the time frame for the return home. All three found themselves slightly depressed by the remaining crew member's demeanor. They understood why she would be so, but found themselves wishing that they did not have to be around it. Ryan proposed a solution.

"Could Alexis and I row over to the islands? They aren't big enough to get lost on, and there are no other people around. We could explore and then row back tonight."

Simone just quietly nodded her approval. Sandra desperately wanted to go with them and avoid the gloomy fourth member of their party, but she found herself unable to do so. It was too cruel and Sandra still felt the sharp sting of losing Allyson. Deciding that it would be unconscionable to abandon her, Sandra agreed to stay behind.

Immediately, Ryan moved to lower the large rowboat that was suspended off the rear of the boat. Alexis knew why he was so excited, and found herself mirroring his enthusiasm. The young siblings rowed energetically towards the slim swath of islands that cut through the surface of the water. Sandra stared off the rear of the boat as she watched her son and daughter slip off to have a day of fun. She just hoped that Simone would not be entirely depressing company.

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