tagErotic Poetrysearching for sex

searching for sex


you're like an animal
who's on the hunt
and you're in search of
a tight, hot cunt
well you're not the only one
who's in heat
i'm so horny for dick
that i'm searching the streets
when we get together
it's like the fourth of july
we're so eager for sex
we'll give anything a try
we tear of our clothes
then hop in the bed
first you finger my pussy
next i give you head
then we move into
a sexy sixty-nine
and we each stick a finger
up the other's behind
you pull out a paddle
and spank my behind
i'm so aroused
that i'm losing my mind
i get even wetter
when you call me out my name
i like it rough
and i feel no shame
you grab my hair
you bite my neck
no part of my body
do you neglect
i kiss your body
from head to toe
then take your dick in my mouth
sucking it nice and slow
i lick the pre-cum
from your cock's slit
and even though you cum
we still don't quit
i sit on your face
and you tongue my sweet snatch
you palm my juicy ass
then give my back a scratch
when i'm ready to burst
i nut on your face
in a pussy eating contest
you'd take frist place
we each get to cum
now it's time to rest
the size of your load
tells me i was your best

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