Seaworld Interlude


"This is nice." I said as I stepped into what was basically a four sided curtained room with a ventilated canvas roof, a light and a ceiling fan.

"Should be for two hundred bucks." She said looking over her shoulder. "I wouldn't have sprung for it, but my sister wanted a place for the kids to get out of the sun." She turned around with a large blue tube of sunblock and held it out to me. "Wanna do my back? I didn't put any on because of my shirt, but if I'm not going to be wearing it I better have some sunblock."

"Sounds like a smart idea." I said, reaching for a towel sitting on the large picnic table in the middle of the cabana. I quickly dried her back and then squirted some lotion on my hand and began rubbing it back and forth across her shoulders while she held her long blond ponytail out of the way.

"You have a nice gentle touch." She said quietly, dropping her head forward and sighing softly. "Been an awfully long time since I had a man touching me.

"Thanks." I answered as I worked farther down to her back, my fingers sliding under the little string that held the top in place. "How long is an awfully long time?"

"Here, let me get that." She said, reaching one hand behind her and quickly pulling the little bow that held the string tight. "Almost two years." She finished as she pulled the strings around to her front.

With the string suddenly gone I was able to slide my hand up and down her whole back, spreading the cool cream gently over every inch of skin I could reach. I put more cream on my hands and then slid them both around her sides and down over her hips until my hands hit the waistband of her bottoms.

"That's nice." She cooed softly. "You can push the waist down a bit so you can get some around there too."

"Like this?" I asked softly, my fingers hooking into the tiny shorts type bottom and pushing it down until almost half of her round butt was exposed.

"Uh huh." She answered as I ran my hands over the newly exposed skin and then slid my hands around her hips, pushing the material down over her hips as well. I slid my hands back over her butt, pushing the material down even lower until the elastic made it slide down under the curve of her round cheeks, exposing almost her entire ass. I squeezed her ass as I stroked it with my lotion slicked hands, my fingers pressing into her soft skin and making dimples as I drug my hands up the curve of her cheeks.

"Oh damn. That's good back there." She moaned softly, turning her body so she was facing me, her top hanging down between her two large round breasts and her suit bottoms rolled down so that her blond mound was exposed over the top of the roll of material. "Wanna do this side too?"

"Like you have to ask?" I answered eagerly, reaching for the sunblock and drizzling some back and forth across her big tits. Her tits, now fully exposed, were creamy white except for the faint curve of tan around her neck. Her twin oblong nipples were pink and puckered, almost twice as high as they were wide. Her pink nipples were rock hard and sticking out as far as they were wide, the tips easily sticking past my fingers as I cupped both tits with my fingers spread around each nipple.

"Ohhhhh you do have nice hands." She said softly, watching my hands slowly stroke and massage her soft breasts, cupping and squeezing them as I spread the lotion. I trapped her nipples between my fingers, teasing the hard protrusions as I squeezed and pulled them playfully. "Mmmmm hope you don't mind me playing too." She said huskily, her hands reaching for my trunks.

"You don't think anyone will come in, do you?" I asked as she pushed my suit down and let it slide down my legs to the ground.

"They might." She answered breathlessly as she wrapped both hands around my cock, her fingers not quite able to close around my girth. With both hands wrapped around my shaft my head and a couple inches of my length protruded as her hands stroked down the length of my shaft. "God what a cock. It's got to be the biggest one I've ever put my hands around."

"So is this safe?" I asked her as I slid one hand down her stomach and curled my fingers inside her bottoms to stroke her soft pussy.

"Probably not." She moaned, pulling my cock harder as my fingers slipped between her pussy lips and stroked slowly along her clit. Using my cock as a handle, she pulled me around until her ass was against the table and then used one hand to work her bottoms down her thighs until she could step out of them. "I want this inside me." She whispered as she lifted herself up on the table and leaned back, pulling my cock toward her now exposed and spread pussy.

"Ohhhhh damn." I groaned as she guided my head between her hot wet lips and used her heels to pull my ass toward her, forcing my fat cock inside her velvety tunnel.

"OH god yessssss!" She hissed as my shaft slowly pushed into her, spreading her lips and her surprisingly wet tunnel. "Fuck me. Make me come with this hot cock!" She moaned loudly.

"Uh huh." I grunted, reaching my hands back up to her big tits and squeezing them in time with my strokes in and out of her velvety wet tunnel. "Geez. I won't last long doing this. It's been a while since my cock was inside a pussy!" I groaned through gritted teeth, the feeling of my climax already building with me.

"It's ok. I won't either." She squeaked as she tried to hump her hips in time with my strokes. "Ohhhhhhhh shit!"

"Uh. God. Gonna Cum!" I grunted, trying to hold back the inevitable.

"Yes! Do it!" She squeaked, her whole body trembling and shaking. "OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!" she cried softly. Her body suddenly jerked spasmodically around me, her pussy clenching and squeezing my cock as her orgasm washed over her. "God damn!" She panted as I stood there, my own body jerking and twitching as my cock emptied what felt like a gallon of cum into her pussy.

"Geez." I mumbled as I stood there catching my breath, looking down at her creamy soft skin and big breasts. Her nipples still stood fully erect almost begging for me to continue playing with them. I slid my hands back up to her breasts and gently stroked the tips of my fingers around each creamy soft orb, letting my fingers bounce over her nipples one at a time. "You know. You have one hell of a sexy body."

"You're just saying that because you got to fuck me." She answered with a soft giggle.

"Naw. I'd still call you sexy even if I wasn't fucking you." I told her honestly. "But since we did I want to say it was really really good!"

"Well, thank you. Your cock felt pretty damn good too! I'd love to leave it in me longer, but I think we better get dressed. Not sure how long before my sisters kids come back and it would be a real shock to find us like this."

"Yeah. That would be a shock, wouldn't it?" I said, pulling my softening cock from her and shuffling back a little. She sat up on the edge of the table, a stream of white cum suddenly leaking from her pussy and dripping into the sand below while she worked to put her top back in place. I pulled my suit back up and tied the strings, while I watched her adjust the little triangles of cloth over her tits.

"It's a shame you have to cover up. You really do look pretty damn hot."

"Well, I'm glad you think so because I'm kind of hoping for a repeat later."

"I don't think that will be a problem." I answered her while she slid off the table and stepped into the bottoms of her suit. She wiggled the tiny shorts over her hips and gave me one last little playful flash of pussy, by bending over in front of me before pulling them all the way up.

"Just a little something to think about for later." She said after she stood back up straight. With a last wiggle she pulled her bottoms up and then stepped over to me, wrapping her arms around my neck. She pulled her body against mine and stepped up on her tip toes to press her lips to mine, giving me a long slow wet kiss, which I returned eagerly. I let my hands slide around her and cup her ass through the suit, lifting her slightly, as I squeezed her cheeks. Our tongues darted into each other's mouths and played hide and seek with each other as we stood embraced.

"Damn. You can kiss too." She panted when we finally broke the long embrace. "I can feel my pussy sending little tingles all over my body."

"Yeah, so can you. That kiss was enough to make me hard again."

"Really? So soon? I know exactly what to do with that!" She said, reaching down to my trunks again and digging into the front for the string. She quickly untied the string and pushed my trunks down, wrapping her hands around my cock as soon as it was free. "Oh hell yea I know exactly what to do with this!"

"What's that?" I asked, sliding my hands up from her ass to the string around her neck.

"Ride it stud, ride it!" She giggled as I pulled the string around her neck letting the two triangles covering her tits fall away and expose her sexy tits again.

She let go of my cock and took hold of my hand. "Shit! Pull up your suit and come with me." She whispered, grabbing a towel from the table and wrapping it around herself.

I was still pulling my suit up when she disappeared out the gap in the back of the curtained cabana. I quickly hustled around and followed her out the back and looked both ways, finding her head sticking out the gap of a cabana two away from where I was standing. I walked over and slipped inside with her. "What was that all about?"

"I heard my sister's voice. They were coming back. The people that had this cabana had to leave early. We should be safe here." She said breathlessly, dropping the towel. She slid her hands down to her hips and pushed the bottoms off, followed by the last string holding the top in place. With her standing completely naked she turned to look at me. "So what are you waiting for?"

"Nothing I guess." I answered, letting go of my trunks and allowing them to slide down to my ankles. I stepped out of my suit and took the hand that Terri was holding out for me. She pulled me over to the table and then pushed me back until I had to sit on it.

"Go ahead. Climb up." She whispered, urging me to slide back on the table, which I did. She climbed onto the table on her hands and knees, straddling my legs, her big tits hanging down toward me.

"Now this I like." I said quietly, cupping both tits in my hands as she crawled farther up my body. "Just a little more this way though."

"Why is that?" She asked, crawling just a few inches farther up my body.

"This is why." I answered, squeezing both tits into cones, her hard nipples poking out toward me. I lifted my head and sucked her right nipple into my mouth, swirling my tongue around and around the hard protrusion while sucking it deep into my mouth.

"Ohhhhh yeah. I can deal with that." She cooed as she lowered her hips down to rest on mine, her wet pussy rubbing against my hard cock.

"So can I." I groaned after allowing her soft tit to slide from my mouth with a loud slurp.

"You like that do you?" She asked, wiggling her hips to work her pussy a bit harder on my cock.

"Oh yeah." I answered, giving her left nipple a playful lick.

"Then you're going to love this!" She said quietly, lifting her hips and reaching between her legs for my cock. She rubbed my head up and down her wet pussy a few times and then slid slowly back, pushing herself down over my fat cock. "OH shit oh shit oh shit!" She moaned as she rocked her hips, working herself farther and farther down my shaft.

"Mhph." I agreed, her left tit sucked deep in my mouth.

"Uh...God yes." She moaned as she started riding up and down my length, each stroke bumping her clit into the base of my cock and then sliding up my shaft until only my head remained inside her. The feeling of her soft wet tunnel caressing my cock was incredibly overwhelming, inching me slowly up the slope toward climax.

Terri pushed herself upright, pulling her tit from my mouth and using her hands on my chest to push herself higher until she was sitting upright on her knees. She began bouncing up and down on my hips, driving my cock forcefully inside her with each stroke, her huge tits bouncing and swinging wildly as her pace increased, each stroke sliding her soft tunnel up the length of my shaft and then slamming down and driving my head into the end of her tunnel.

"OH FUCK!" She squealed as she rode me, her ass slapping loudly on my thighs with each stroke. "Ohhhh shit this feels so good!"

"Yeah, it does." I moaned. "Just keep riding me like that. Ohhhhh God. You feel so fucking good!" I groaned loudly.

"ohmygod" She whimpered as she continued to slap her ass against my thighs.

"TERRI!" A female voice exclaimed a few feet from my head, "What are you doing?"

"Oh shit!" Terri cried in surprise, her hands flying to her tits and trying to cover her nakedness with her arms. "Diane, what are you doing here?"

"Hell Terri! I should ask you the same thing." The woman said.

"I'm having sex, what does it look like?" Terri said a bit defiantly, moving her hands back to my chest and then starting to slowly ride up and down my shaft a few inches. "You wanted me to come find a hot guy...well I did."

"But here? Damn."

Terri closed her eyes and kept riding my cock. "Yeah. Here... and right fucking now!" She said, bouncing a bit harder. "Not only does he have a fucking fantastic cock, but his kiss is hot enough to make you wet and he sucks tits like a pro. So unless you want to get naked and play too, I'm going to finish here."

"Geez Terri, when did you start talking like a slut?" The woman said.

"Right now I feel like one and it feels pretty fucking fantastic, sis. So either take your clothes off or leave me be!"

I felt Terri start bouncing harder, her tits once again bouncing wildly as she moaned loudly with each stroke. "Yesss. That's it. Right there. That's going to do it. Ohhhhhh fuck yes. Fuck my pussy with that fat cock! God yes. Soooo good." Terri moaned, her legs trembling slightly as she used them to bounce herself up and down my shaft. She reached for my hands and pulled them from where they were trying to corral her bouncing boobs and interlaced her fingers with mine. She used my hands to help balance her as she bounced harder, her cries growing more pronounced with each passing second.

"Fuck yes! Oh yeah! There...Right there! Um fuck. God I'm going to cum!" She cried much more loudly than I was comfortable with. "Shit shit shit!" She squealed as she slammed herself down on my cock and her whole body shaking and trembling as she sat moaning loudly. I could feel her pussy clenching and squeezing my cock as she sat there squeezing my hands.

"Damn." Terri finally gasped as her body began to settle, the trembling that had her wracked her whole body reducing down to little spasms and twitches. "I don't think I've ever come that hard." She said, opening her eyes to look down at me. "Fuck Dena!" She said looking over at the corner of the cabana.

I craned my head around and saw a woman standing there, her bikini bottoms around one ankle, one huge tit hanging out of the bikini top and both hands busy, one between her legs, frantically frigging her completely bald pussy and the other squeezing and pulling the rock hard nipple.

"Shit Dena! That bad?" Terri asked her sister.

"Uhhh. Fucking A." Dena replied.

"Here. Why don't you look at it too then." Terri said, letting go of my hands and lifting herself up off my cock, which slapped loudly against my stomach when it slid clear of her pussy. She leaned back on my thighs, her pussy pressing against the base of my cock and balls. She wrapped both hands around my shaft and held it almost vertical, her hands not quite able to close around my fat shaft and a good third of my length sticking out the end of her hands. "Just look at this big fat cock. Just think how it would feel sliding in and out of you. Can you feel it, pushing into you, stretching you?" Terri cooed as she slowly stroked her hands up and down my shaft, her hands twisting back and forth as she stroked.

"Oh god." Dena moaned, taking a short little step closer to where we lay on the table.

"Mmmmm so big and fat. Can you just imagine how it would feel squirting it's hot wet cum deep inside you?"

"Oh shit sis." Dena moaned, stepping closer again, the bikini bottom falling off her other foot so that all she had on was the partially askew halter style top.

"You know you want it. You want to feel it fill you, stretch your tight little pussy!" Terri said quietly as Dena took yet another step, bringing her half naked body within a few feet of me.

"Oh shit. You know I like to hear it dirty." Dena squeaked.

"I should I heard you banging your boyfriends enough times when we were younger. You always loved to hear them talk to you."

"Uhhhh Fuck yes. Keep talking!"

"That's it. Are you ready to cum? Do you want to see him squirt his cum all over your big tits? Spray them with his cum so it's all dripping down your big fat tits?"

"Fuck yes. Make him squirt on my tits!" She said, quickly pulling her hands to behind her neck. In a few moments she had the neck strap off and was working to pull the rest of her top off. She tossed it aside and then stepped over the bench right to side of the table, standing with her thighs pressing against the table.

"Come on stud. Squirt all over those big tits!" Terri said with a grin. "I've always wanted to do this."

I rolled myself on the table slightly reaching across my chest to close my hand around one of Dena's big tits, squeezing and massaging the huge tit, easily half again as big as Terri's.

"Oh shit." Dena moaned as I played with her tit. "Ohhhh god I want that in me. I want to ride that fat cock."

"Oh no. You just stand there and watch it squirt all over you. This is one you won't get to fuck."

I wiggled myself as close to the edge of the table as I could with Terri sitting on my thighs, but it was enough for me to wrap a hand around Dena's ass, sliding my fingers between her legs to tease her pussy.

"OH SHIT OH SHIT!" She squealed as her body twitched and shook.

"That's it sis. Let it happen."

"AHHHH shit!" Dena squealed as her juices surged over my fingers and running down her legs.

"Oh fuck!" I grunted as my body jerked, a huge gush of cum launching from my over stimulated cock, the white cream splashing on Dena's right tit. Shot after shot of my cum launched out onto her tits and chest until it was sliding and dripping down and off her big breasts.

"That's it." Terri cooed, slowly stroking my cock as it oozed the remaining pent up cum out over her hands. "I don't know who came harder, you or my sister."

"Close tie I think." I answered breathlessly.

"Yeah. Those fingers did the trick." Dena added, my hand still wrapped around her thigh and teasing her sopping wet pussy.

"Yeah, well we better get something back on. We made enough noise to attract plenty of attention." Terri said, letting go of my cock and climbing off my body and the table.

"Uh huh." Dena answered, sliding both hands around her big tits, massaging the cum into the huge soft orbs.

Terri tossed my suit onto my leg as she picked up her own suit and started to untangle it. "Come on stud. Better get your fingers out of her pussy or she'll be climbing all over you."

"And that's a bad thing?"

"Yeah. My sister is married, and I'm not going to contribute to her cheating."

"Yeah. Good point." Dena said. "Wouldn't want to get caught on a naked man that wasn't my husband."

"Yeah, a guy pretty much hates that." I said as I swung to a sitting position on the table.

"You seem to speak from experience." Dena said, stepping from between the table and bench and then stepping to where I sat, reaching out and sliding her hands up my thighs and grabbing at my softened cock.

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