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Second Helpings


It was only a matter of time, two days in fact. I couldn't stop thinking about David's cock and I had to see him again. My heart was pounding as I walked to his front door, he opened it before I could knock. I didn't have time to say anything, the door closed and David stroked my bottom and said, "I hope you're here to have a good time because I've thought of nothing else since you left." That familiar throbbing sensation between my legs, the pounding in my chest said it all. Well not quite all, my cock was jutting out inside my loose fitting pants, David could not miss it.

His hand moved slowly down my pants, inside, down my shaft to my balls. He was so gentle, I longed to feel his lips on me, I ached to be sucked and if more was on offer, what would I do? He gripped my shaft around the base and used the fingers of his other hand to circle the head. My cock twitched and jumped under his touch. I had to fight for control.

He guided me though the door to his bedroom, the duvet turned back ready, he was obviously expecting me. I wasn't expecting the long slow kiss he gave me however, our bodies pressed together, our excitement evident to each as we ground our hips against each other. This time David was first to the draw, his hands pulling down my pants to expose my erection. Without hesitation he engulfed my cock head with his mouth, his tongue working the underside firmly.

I was ready this time, no way was I going to cum as quickly as the first time; this was a blow job I wanted to savour. David's head moved back and forth, his tongue round and round, my knees nearly buckled as he took me right to the edge, his lips pursed around the tip. I managed about five minutes of this blissful teasing as he used the tip of his tongue to trace the ridge of my penis, then I felt his teeth rake gently over the sensitive flesh and I could hold back no longer. My cum burst from me like a geyser, David showed his pleasure by moving his lips up and down the shaft swallowing all I could give him and finally licking my cock clean. He came back up for air, kissing me again, his tongue thrust deep into my mouth. This was by no means the first time I had tasted my own cum, though usually it was from Alice's pussy, lips, or on occasion, her cute little arsehole.

I looked down to see David pulling on his cock, gently stretching his foreskin backwards and forwards. I moved to take him in my mouth but he stopped me, "Not this time," he said with a grin. He turned me and pulled my shirt over my head. I was naked, and I watched in the mirror as he stripped. He looked good, what was I thinking, here was a man naked behind me and I was admiring him. His hand caressed my buttocks and I felt his breath on my neck followed by a gentle kiss. His cock pressed hard against the small of my back as he moved his hands over my chest, my nipples responded, the feel of Alice's big erect nipples flashed into my mind and I felt my cock stir once again. So did David as he gently stroked it.

I knew what was going to happen, I couldn't resist, didn't want to, I had to experience it all. David moved a finger down between my arse cheeks, it was wet and I moaned when he teased my anus, probing, stroking and finally penetrating. I could feel his excitement as he turned me, lay me on the bed. He stroked his cock, it glistened with the lube he had in his palm. He pushed a pillow under my arse and whispered, "Open your legs and lift them in the air." I obeyed feeling like a virgin about to receive her first cock, I suppose with some justification.

David knelt between my legs, "Put my cock against your arsehole," he ordered, I obeyed again, his cock throbbing in my fingers, "Move it round," I did. "Faster," I did. He pushed gently, then more firmly. I felt my anus stretching, stretching, giving way as his rock hard cock bored into me. It stung like hell until it slid all the way in. David moaned, I gasped.



"Let's fuck,"

David drew back and trust, he felt so big, pushing in , withdrawing almost all the way before plunging forward again, again and again, harder and harder, faster and faster. I was dizzy, it felt almost surreal as his balls slapping against my arse, my anus stretching with each thrust. I gripped him with my knees as he pummelled my arse, I heard myself shouting "Oh David, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." Fuck me he did, relentless and glorious. My cock, rigid and throbbing, my hands grabbing at my lover. "Yesssssssssssss!" My semen surged from my untouched cock and splashed onto my chest and face.

David rammed his cock into me deep, deeper than I thought possible he yelled "I'm cummmmmming," and shot his load into me.

He collapsed onto me, gasping for breath, I held him close, this time it was my lips that found his with a long slow loving kiss. I felt his cock slip from me, my anus hot, tingling and yes, sore from the pounding it had taken. David rolled off me, "You suck cock and take it up your arse better than anyone I know," he laughed.

"Just like my wife," I replied.

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