Indian Maid Spanks Me Ch. 02


Again, I hesitated for a moment, and again, I saw her shake her head in displeasure. Before she could say another word, or slap me again, I walked over to the toilet, squatted on the commode, and began to urinate.

As my piss hit the bowl, a warm feeling of humiliation swept over me, as I realized I was now relieving myself unabashedly in front of my maid. I had a full bladder, and the urine continued to stream down, making a noise, all the while emphasizing my indignity and lowly status.

After I was done, I was given some water and tissue to clean myself, which I did. I was told to go and stand obediently beside the hot tub, and this time, Rashida squatted down on the commode, and began to pee. I watched as Rashida urinated loudly. She seemed completely to not care that I was there -- until she was done. Then she beckoned me to get the lota (mug) of water and some tissue. I grabbed those and walked up to her.

"Well?" She looked up and asked, in a slightly irritated tone.

I understood. Whereas when I had urinated, I had cleaned myself, but I was now her slave (or as Rashida called me, her "bitch"). Here, Rashida was my Mistress and I her "slut". I was to clean her.

She parted her legs and I rubbed the wet tissue between her legs. My hands became warm as her urine spread there, and I used the water to clean her and then myself. A little bit splashed on her legs; this upset her and resulted in me getting a slap. I used another piece of tissue, reached between her legs and rubbed her wet pussy thoroughly, cleaning her. I then turned around to the sink and washed my hands. Upon finishing up, I noticed she was still sitting on the commode.

"Get on your knees, my bitch. It's time you satisfied me properly," She announced. I knelt down so that my lips were now just above the toilet bowl, heading right between her legs. Her strong feminine smell made waves of pleasure go through my body. Rashida reached out and grabbed my ears with each hand and started to twist them.

"Use that mouth of yours in here now and worship my cunt, baba!" Rashida directed. "Start licking! You have 5 minutes or it's across my lap again. And if you cum," She used a finger to point at my now semi-erect penis, "I will thrash you so hard you will forget your name. Now, quick, start licking your queen!"

I slid my tongue between Rashida's pussy hairs, finding her wet cunt and felt the folds of her clit. My tongue was working up and down her clit as her pubic hair smashed against my face. As I continued to eat her out, Rashida tried to maintain her balance on the commode, as her orgasm began to build. My tongue started to hit the mark as I felt a warm gush of fluid.

As soon as Rashida felt she was about to cum, she ordered me to shove my tongue inside her cunt hole and, in her words, "fuck her with it". It was all that was needed as she quickly came, grabbing me harshly by my ears, rubbing her wet clit all over my face.

"Not ... bad ... for ... starters, my bitch," Rashida panted, letting go of my ears. She slapped me once, then again, and then said, "Now, baba, let's get you into the bath so we can get clean."

Rashida got into the tub and slid into the warm relaxing embrace of the water. The soapy foam circled around her boobs and she purred contentedly at the bath. As a maid, she would never have dared to do this if my parents were home. However, my parents were not here, and I was completely under her domination to even think of protesting.

It was a slow and long bath session where I had to clean and scrub every part of her body, while getting slapped every time I did something wrong or displeased her in any way. After she was done, she ordered me to dry her off, and then I wiped myself off with the towel. Rashida then dressed herself as I stood and watched.

First, she was facing away so I was staring at her lovely, huge, buttocks. She bent down to put on her huge panties. Then she slipped into her petty coat and brought it up to her waist, where she tied it up. She then turned so she was now facing me, her boobs open and bouncing around. She ordered me to grab her brassiere. I had to go around the back and do up her bra, all the while controlling my urge to cum. Rashida then put on her blouse. Finally, the sari went back up, around her, leaving her ample waist and navel completely exposed. Rashida, my maid, was now dressed, and I was still nude.

She then slipped the belt "noose" back over my neck. Obediently, I knelt down so I was on all fours. Rashida laughed.

"So you like being a bitch, eh, baba? I didn't even have to order you to kneel -- you did it yourself." My face went flush with shame. Rashida bent down, twisted my ear, and gave my cheeks a series of sharp slaps to signify my lowly status.

She then led me back to my bedroom on a leash like the servant animal I was. Once she locked the door, Rashida untied the belt and ordered me to stand up. She then told me to bend down so my hands rested against my knees, and I was bent over with my butt sticking out.

"Now, baba, did I bring my cane in here before our bath?"

"I don't think so, bua." I replied honestly. "When I was kissing your feet, I didn't see a cane in your hand."

"Hmm. I could have sworn I brought my cane here." Rashida grumbled. "Now I will have to go back to my room to bring it."

She ordered me to remain in position until she was back.

"If I come back and see you move, even slightly, baba, I will multiply the canings by ten! I want that bum sticking out nice and clear until I am back."

"Yes, bua."

I dared not move as Rashida left the room, leaving the door ajar. I could hear her heavy steps walk across to the other side of the house. There was a silence for a long time. No doubt, she was rummaging through her room for a large, long cane that she had kept especially for this occasion. My butt winced in anticipation of the pain that was no doubt about to result due to that cane. I wondered when Rashida had obtained it. I could hear her steps as she was walking back.

Then I froze. I heard laughter -- and it wasn't Rashida's. It was Rubina's! She was back! And the door to my room was open! Should I go over and shut it? That would mean moving, and leaving my position that Rashida had forbidden me too. I did not want Rubina to discover me in this situation, but I did not want more canings from Rashida, or her displeasure. Confused, alarmed, flush with shame, I stood rooted to the spot in my position.

I could definitely hear voices now -- Rashida and Rubina. There was laughter and snickering, and they were approaching the room. However Rashida alone entered the room, and turned and shut the door. Phew!

"Did you hear Rubina's voice?" Rashida asked me.

"Yes, bua." I replied. "She's back then?"

"Yes, her uncle is leaving for the village, so she couldn't spend the night there." Rashida looked at my, still bent over, my hands on my knees, in the same position as when she had left me.

"Good, you haven't moved." She clucked her tongue approvingly. "Now tell me, baba, the door was open, Rubina could have walked in any time, yet you didn't move. Why?"

She was going to make me say it.

"You had ordered me not to move, bua." I answered. "I am already being punished by you; I did not want to add to it."

"Excellent! You have been trained well. Now! Back to the caning, baba."

As Rashida spoke, I wondered if Rubina had seen the large cane in Rashida's hand -- the cane that Rashida was now swinging to and fro as she approached me. I wondered if Rubina had asked Rashida what the cane was for. She must have seen Rashida enter my room with the cane! Just how much did Rubina know of my punishment sessions with Rashida?

"Have you ever been caned before, baba?" Rashida asked me, causing me to return to the present.

"Only once, bua." I responded. "Mrs. Helen, our Social Studies teacher, once took me to her office and caned me for not doing my homework."

"That wasn't too long ago then." Rashida correctly deduced. "Was it on your bare bum, or did you keep your trousers on?"

"She caned me over my trousers, bua."

"Good, so this will be your first bareback caning. Now," Rashida instructed, "I want you to walk over to your study desk, bend over the chair and hold on to the seat of the chair. Please assume that position now, baba."

Suppliantly I did as she asked.

"Please spread your legs for me, baba."

I felt the tap of the cane on my inner thighs as I spread my legs far apart. This made my dick and balls hang down completely exposed, between my legs. I felt very vulnerable.

"You will get eight strokes of the cane." Rashida decided. "As before, count them out loud, and make sure to thank me after each stroke. Do you understand, baba?"

"Yes, bua!" I replied.

I felt a tap on my already sore bum, heard a swoosh through the air, then WHACK! A bolt of lightning shot across my ass cheeks, jolting my whole body.

"OUCH! One! Thank you, bua. Please cane me again."


"Ow! Ow! Two! Thank you, bua. Please cane me again."

Rashida tapped my cock and balls with the tip of the cane. This made me very aware that I was naked in my room, bent over my chair with my legs apart. And, I was allowing my maid to see me this way and cane me. Not to mention, my other maid was in the house and could hear us.


"Ow! Three! Thank you, bua. P-p-please spank me again."


"Ouch! Four! T-t-t-thank you, bua. P-p-p-please spank me again." Tears were streaming down my face.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Rat-tat-tat! I froze. It was Rubina! The door wasn't locked. Surely, she wasn't coming in!

"Apa!" Rubina called out to Rashida from the other side of the door, using the respectful term when addressing an older lady. "I am going to bed and wanted to say good night."

"Yes, Rubina." Rashida called out. "Good night. I will see you in a bit. I have some business to attend to here."

"Yes, apa, I am sure you do." I heard a stifled giggle, and then heard her steps walking away.

"How many strokes was that?" Rashida asked me. I was tempted to lie, but I knew it wouldn't get me anywhere.

"Four," I answered, still bent over.

"You are doing good. Halfway there." Rashida told me. "Four more strokes to go."


"Five! Thank you, bua." Now I was feeling a mixture of pain and humiliation, knowing it was possible Rubina may know what Rashida was doing to me on the other side of the door, which strangely made me aroused. "Please cane me again."


"Six! Thank you, bua. Please cane me again-"

Rat-tat-tat! Again, there was the knock on the door!

"Yes?" Rashida asked aloud. "Rubina, what is it?"

"I wanted to say good night to baba as well." Rubina's replied. She then laughed. "He is in there, isn't he?"

"Of course he is. Wish your other maid a good nights, baba."

"G-g-g-good night, R-r-rubina!" I mumbled in pain.

"Good night, baba." I heard a snicker, and then Rubina was gone.


"Seven! Thank you, bua. Please cane me again."

"This will be the last stroke." Rashida told me. "Stay in position and do not rub your butt until I tell you to."

Although the cane stung my bottom, I still had an erection. The shame from my spanking and caning, coupled with the Rubina incident, kept me sexually aroused!


"Eight! Thank you, bua." I made sure to hold my bent over position. Finally, Rashida told me to stand up. She then turned me around so that I was now facing her, my dick erect.

"You have been very good with the punishments today, baba." Rashida praised me. "So I am going to reward you with something I won't do often."

Rashida walked over until her boobs were practically in my face. Then she went down on her knees! Kneeling down so that her nose touched my prick, she opened her lips. Rashida slowly took my dick in her mouth, engulfing it completely.

"Mmmm ... mmmm!" I was in heaven as she licked my penis up and down. My very first blowjob! Rashida kneaded my balls with one hand as she held me around my waist with the other. She started to suck me harder and harder. I knew I would cum at any point now.

In less than two minutes, I shot a big load of sperm into Rashida's inviting mouth. She swallowed every drop of my spunk before she allowed me to take my dick out of her mouth. I continued my in and out motion causing the last vestiges of my seed to dribble into her mouth. Her furious sucking cleaned out the last milky white drop and she let all of it go down her throat.

Rashida stood up, wiping her mouth clean with the back of her hand.

"That was tasty. Good night, baba!"

With that, she was gone, leaving me once again slapped, spanked, caned, humiliated, but strangely, completely happy.

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by Anonymous

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by spankedboy11/03/15

Thank you Anon for the comment. Yes, Rashida was there to guide me, hence she disciplined me. I loved her for it.

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by Anonymous10/28/15

Perfect sequel

I love the way how the guy has submitted his life to her so called servants in hope that he'll have a much better future under their guidance! I can, in fact place myself at his position and my own maidmore...

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