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Secret Desire


I wonder when you'll feel the heat of my gaze upon you. The way my eyes were stripping you bare as you sat there unaware, ignorant of my blatant perusal. I noticed you immediately, your presence drawing my attention, the way you command the very space you occupy. Confidence is a most attractive feature on a man and one only needs to look but once to know that you possess the trait. So I watched you as you sat there, smiling at those around you, speaking when necessary, every move of your body controlled and precise.

Fascinating, I thought to myself, it was as though I could view everything slowly unfolding in front of me. The turn of your wrist as you pulled your cigarette up to your lips to drag on it, the shape of your mouth, the hard lines, unforgiving yet strangely compelling, enticing my perverse mind. I wonder what would it feel like to run my fingers over your lips? The chords of your neck straining every so often as you turn to survey your surroundings, the pulse that beats steadily, beckoning, daring a person to notice the vitality of the life's blood that pumps within it. I find myself craving the chance to place my lips against that pulse, to feel it pump beneath my tongue as I lick your skin slowly, savouring the taste of you. I cannot seem to tear my eyes away, my gaze resting on the strength of your jaw and the determination I can glimpse in your chin, my fingertips twitching in nervous response to the signal that my brain is sending to them. I have never wanted to touch a person as much as I want to touch you right now. The need to discover every angle, sharp and cut, drawing me in like a sculptor with a piece of clay longing to create something amazing.

I look away for a moment to catch my breath and to steady my senses, being thrown off balance by my reaction to you. What is it, this feeling inside of me and the strange need that is drowning out everything else around me. I look back at you again, raising my eyes to yours, trying desperately to perfect the calm serenity on my face so that my emotions and thoughts are not displayed for public viewing.

Slowly I raise my glass and swallow back on whatever drink I've ordered, my brain ceasing to register the most simple things, but feeling the burn as the liquid slides down my throat. A burn that matches the heat that is touching my cheeks and making them flush. I have never been able to hide my desires, my body is a traitor in that regard. I can feel the warmth travelling to my lips, sure as the sun rises above, that they have deepened in colour to match the crimson tide staining my cheeks. Yet I still cannot help but want to continue along the path I have set out on.

Do you know that you have beautiful eyes? I would like to lean in closely and whisper that against your ear, just to see them open ever so slightly in response to the thought I am placing in your mind. What would they look like as you loose control and surrender to your pleasure? My eyes close on their own accord as my mouth runs dry at the thought of your body tight and excited, moving with single minded determination towards the ultimate prize. As I embrace reality again, I notice that you are watching me and I cannot look away fast enough to cover my tracks, so instead I decide to ride my wave of embarrassment out with some measure of dignity in place. My God, I can feel the muscles of my stomach clenching and the beat of my heart racing like a thoroughbred given free reign. I need some time to compose myself, so I lower my gaze and take a deep steady breath, raising my eyes back to you only when I think I can control my body's response. It takes a lot longer than I anticipate to regain my sense of self. You have shaken me that much. Your eyes are still trained on my face and I feel cornered. How did I move from being the predator to the prey? I notice your head tilt a bit to the side and an eyebrow raise in curiousity I assume to me watching you. You reach for your glass and raise it slightly in acknowledgement and I bite back a smile. It is that movement that draws my attention to your hands. My lips part in surprise as I watch them and think to myself how beautiful they are, so large, with lean flexible fingers that I can just imagine making its way across my body, stroking me slowly as I melt below your touch. The burning is back, settling firmly in the pit of my stomach. Oh to be that glass that your fingers are curled around.

I am sure that my eyes have darkened as the desire continues to make its way through my system. If you could only hear my thoughts right now, would they surprise you? I want to look my fill now and I don't care anymore that you notice my interest, so I capture your eyes and make sure you see as I allow them to roam over your body, a satisfied smile settling on my lips. The tables have turned again and I stifle my need to crouch before I leap into an attack.

I continue my mental assault on you, making my way down your neck to look at your collar bone peeking up out of your shirt. Such a tease, that collar bone, rising and falling with each breath you take. In my mind I have already started to undo your shirt, one button at a time, nimbly making short work of stripping you down so that I can see what lies below. I imagine pushing your shirt open, and a small groan escapes from my throat with that thought. I can picture your chest and nipples standing proud waiting for my touch, anticipating it. Sinking my teeth in the soft flesh of my lips, I fantasize about leaning into you and brushing my mouth across each one, letting my wet tongue touch you gently, swiping back and forth slowly, provoking the muscles of your stomach to clench in want. I think of resting my hand against your ribs and dragging my nails slowly over your skin, the hair on your body rising to the sensation. I won't stop now you see, because I am the one in control again. I look up at your face and see a tell tale sign of warmth spreading over your cheeks. Well, well, it looks like someone has figured out the direction of my thoughts and perhaps, just perhaps, it is affecting you as much as it affects me. How perfect is that? This time I incline my head, look down your body and then back up to your face and smile slowly at you. I can see you swallowing quickly in response to my frank appraisal of your body. I feel so feline right now, I could purr my satisfaction out loud and rub myself against you. Instead I settle for a little smirk, my smile curling up a bit to the left and my eyebrows arching in acknowledgement of what is happening between us. Are you ready to move forward in this journey? I grin in pleasure as I think to myself, whether you are ready or not, I plan on continuing along my way, sampling what I want, taking it if need be.

In my mind I am pressing my lips against your stomach and kissing you softly, teasing the area, barely allowing my mouth to brush across the surface. I know you can feel the heat of my breath against your skin and I use my eyes to pin you in place. Do not move, do not touch me, do not break contact, I command you silently with a look before diving back into my fantasy. Let us continue shall we?

I look back at your face and capture your eyes with mine, licking my lips slowly and travelling back down your body until my gaze settles on your jeans. Slowly I allow myself the pleasure of thinking about what lies below that piece of clothing. My mind reaches out and takes hold of your belt buckle, ripping it off neatly and efficiently and tossing it to the ground. Slipping a finger across the button at the top and flicking it open, ah, what do we do now? Well look at this, a zipper, a zipper begging me to slide it down and relieve the build up of some pressure. Being the accommodating individual that I am, I comply, dragging it down slowly as my fingers run havoc over the bulge that I can feel beneath. Should I slide my hand inside to touch you? What would you do if I wrapped my small soft fingers around your cock? Would you grow even larger in my hands? The thought of it makes me squirm in my seat and you smile knowingly at my discomfort. Cheeky wretch I think to myself, you shall not get back control that easily.

My seduction of your mind moves forward quickly now as I mentally slide your pants down to your ankles. I take a firm grip of your boxers and tug them down as well, my teeth clenching together in desire as your cock springs forward proud and free of its confinements. Sliding my hand around it carefully, I move gently up and down your shaft, learning the shape and feel of you. I am enjoying the feel of hard steel within my grasp, smooth, hot, hard steel. I close my eyes again and sink to my knees before you now, eager to taste you and feel you against my tongue. In my mind, I am looking up at you as you look down at me, the minute before my lips ease around the tip of your cock. My mouth is watering to taste you, surely you know that by now don't you?

I knew that you would appeal to me, the feel and taste of you pleasing me in a way that no words could explain. I am going to make you mine, there is no turning back now, not after I have had you like this. Pushing you back firmly until you collapse against your seat, your thighs falling open so that I can have better access to you. Sinking my fingers into your thighs, I pull myself up and quickly bend over to run my tongue along the length of your inner thighs and smile with pleasure as your muscles clench in reaction to my caress. I move around teasing you, brushing my lips close enough to your cock so that you can feel my breath against it, without actually touching it. Why is it that I didn't notice the seductive twist of your hip bones, surely I needed to pay homage to that as well? I slide my fingers up and trace the outline of them, softly, seducing my way along your body. I want you, oh how I want you. My inner lips quiver and ache to feel your cock buried inside of me, dragging back and forth across my already sensitized clit. I could feel the moisture pool between my thighs and couldn't wait any longer for what I needed, what I wanted, what I desired.

With a final glance into your eyes, I let you see my head roll back slowly and my back arch slightly as I set about mind fucking you into oblivion. Picture it if you can now, me, standing before you, with nothing but a smile on my face and a sparkle in my eye, slipping over your hips and sinking down over your cock, guiding it inside of me, tightening around you and looking at you intently as I take you. I am leaning forward enough so that I can arch my back and take you even deeper inside of me, moving up and down, testing my limits, bouncing gently and squeezing in time. Fuck. I don't ever want to stop feeling like this, so full, so complete. I slide my hands up around your neck and hold on for dear life as I take what I want from you. I am unable to control the fierce need pulsing through me now, acting purely on desire I ride you and fuck you until every other thought ceases to exist for me. I can feel my release starting to build powerfully and I know that there is just one more thing that I must do before I come apart.

Look at me, look at me right now. Oh God, its starting. I start to shake violently and suck air in frantically trying to control it, not yet, not fucking yet. One more thing I must do. Stretching up as much as I can without breaking stride, I press my lips against yours and demand entrance to your mouth, wanting to be part of you in all ways. I slide my tongue against yours and know at that point, I can let go now. I can let go finally.

Do you need anything else? I am hearing this question and wondering where the hell its coming from. Miss, do you need anything else? Blinking my surprise, I look up and watch the waiter clearing away my plate. I'm still here, seated, full clothed, drenched in my own cum and there you sit across the room, grinning wildly at me. I grin back and slip you a cheeky thumbs up sign. Just goes to prove, the mind is a very powerful tool indeed and dangerous in the hands of someone who knows how to use it to their benefit.

Tossing my money in payment for the meal, I smile secretly and think of how much more I was willing to pay for the pleasure of your company again.

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