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Secret Gassy Hobby


Mary was feeling a little worried. She was due to go to college in a couple weeks, which meant she had to move into the dorms.

"Can't I still commute from home?" Mary asked her parents.

"Oh no!" They said, "You wouldn't be getting the full college experience." They explained.

"Well," Mary tried, "Can I at least have a single dorm? How will I have any privacy if I share room with someone?"

"That's more expensive," They said, "And unnecessary, you'll make more friends and socialize more if you share a room with someone."

Mary valued her privacy and alone time. She was a straight A student, attractive and friendly, but incredibly shy. Boys frequently sought out her attention because she was so cute and nice. Boys and girls alike found her pleasing to look at, with her black hair and blue eyes, her full figure, and her adorable round plump butt. She was a little on the short side, which was something that made her insecure sometimes. Though she frequently got calls from potential boyfriends, she preferred the company of her female companions. Mary just felt more comfortable with them.

Though she was looking forward to her studies in college, she was very anxious about having to interact with new classmates, and roommates too now!

Oh dear! How would she ever get her privacy? Mary had this one particular past time that she could only feel comfortable doing alone: farting heartily. Farting and masturbating to be precise. Mary loved the feeling of having full bowels, an enlarged stomach from gas, and then letting loose long disgusting farts.

Mary particularly loved it when she had the house to herself (her parents frequently went out), so she could partake in this disgusting activity.

Mary was incredibly embarrassed of this fetish, and could never bear for anyone to find out. However, she just enjoyed it so much she couldn't possibly stop. Time and time again, she would swear that this was the last time she would ever partake in this shameful fetish. However, when alone, she'd always find herself thinking the same pleasurable thoughts, and eating the same gaseous foods that made such explosive reactions within her system. Only recently had Mary come to terms with her fetish, but that didn't mean she wanted anyone else to know! Best keep it a secret, rather than embarrass herself in front of her parents or a roommate.

"Well, we're off to the theater, Mary." Her Mom said. "Dinner is in the fridge, we'll be back late past midnight."

"Ummm, okay," said Mary, breaking out of her naughty thoughts, "Have a good night."

As soon as the door closed, Mary headed to the fridge.

"Hmmm, what did Mom leave this time" Mary pondered as she looked through the fridge.

"Broccoli, bean dip, chicken..." Mary enjoyed picking the foods that would get the most reaction out of her. She decided to go with the broccoli, brussel's sprouts, baked beans, and some soda as refreshment. Mary collected the items of gaseousness and took them to the living to eat in front of the TV, as was her ritual. Mary also wore a pair of tight tight jeans, so as to better feel her swelling stomach. She just loved the feeling of tightness around her ass and stomach! Mary got wet in anticipation.

Mary turned on the TV, squeezed her cute fat ass between the sofa pillows, and started to gorge. She ate quickly and heartily, knowing it would put the most amount of air pockets in her stomach. She drank the soda thirstily, and tried to avoid burping as much as possible. Mary wanted to make sure the gas went in the OTHER direction.

Mary knew that she was eating and acting like a disgusting animal, around people she was very polite and ladylike. Her parents had frowned on impolite behavior such as farting or burping-even as a joke! Thus Mary knew she had to keep this a secret forever, and only be disgusting when no one was watching.

"Although..." she thought, "It would be so amazing if I could do this with someone..." She longed to find another to share this fetish, she sometimes fantasized about having one of her gal pals fart on her lap. Alas, Mary knew she'd be far too embarrassed to ask such a thing.

Mary finished gorging, and rubbed her belly while watching TV. Now was the time she would feel her tummy and intestines digest, and she would aid its progress by rubbing her tummy and moving her ass a little in her seat. She was getting so wet in excitement! She was soaking through her jeans, nearly getting the sofa cushion wet! Fortunately, from past experience she knew the sofa cushions would not show her stains. Thank god her mom never noticed...

"Oooh," gasped Mary as her tummy rumbled. She was feeling it already, her stomach gurgling and processing. Mary was feeling so full and stuffed, but she would not allow herself to use the toilet until the very last minute. She would prolong the pleasure even if it risked shitting herself.

Her stomach groaned and rumbled some more, and Mary rubbed it more. She put her hand in her pants to feel her increasing wetness (no easy feat! considering how tight the jeans were now!).

Her tummy was so swollen and rumbling horribly, she gasped, and had to lean to her side to relieve some of the pressure.

"Ppphuurt!" went her ass, followed by Mary gasping "Aaahhhhh!" in relief. It felt soooo good to get that gas out! She sighed and smiled, in her happy place.

Mary sat up and resumed watching TV. She enjoyed the feeling of getting wetter and wetter through her jeans. She grunted a little, and pushed a puttering fart, "Prbbt, prbbt, prrt", and moaned enjoying the hot gas warming her ass and pussy.

Mary became aware of the noxious smell coming from her ass, but that couldn't be helped. Brussel's sprouts really did her in, and the beans sure didn't help either.

"Oh," she thought, "How I wish I could just cut loose on someone's face," then she twisted her face in a grimace and pushed a loud droning fart through her tight jeans. "Pppprrrpprroooom!" it went!

"Ungh..." she groaned in relief, something about wearing tight jeans made her farts sound extra noisy. Her ass was really getting started now in the frequency of farts, she started pushing more and more to get them all out.

"Ungh, ungh," she pushed with grimace, her ass pooted along fiercely.

"Prrrft! Pooom! Phhhrrrrrrt!" The gas was getting extremely dense around her, but nowhere near as dense as it was in her system. It felt so good to get it out of her ass, but she clenched her tummy still feeling the fullness of her bowels.

"Ohhhh," she groaned, "I'm going to need to shit really soon." She looked towards the toilet. "Not yet, not yet," she told herself, "I can hold it for a little longer."

She kept farting, continually one after the other, then she let loose a long wet sounding chain fart!

"PLLLBLblblblbprrrrrrrrrt!" This one had her doubled over with her ass in the air just tearing away.

"Oh my god!" She said genuinely surprised, "That was so-" just as Mary was about to say "huge", her ass took her off guard blasted out a huge crackle of explosions. Mary was still doubled over in the floor, clutching her stomach, her ass, seemingly having a mind of its own, cracking of huger and wetter farts. Mary needed the toilet, NOW. She crawled carefully and slowly to the toilet, her ass farting squeakily with each movement. Her bowels were threatening to explode in her jeans in a very messy way, she had to be extremely careful not to fill her panties up. Mary was already sure she had to have stained her panties brown with her wet ass blasts.

Her shit was pushing hard against her asshole, she REALLY needed to shit. But Mary couldn't risk messing her pants on the way to the bathroom, she started getting desperate.

She continued trying to crawl slowly and steadily, but without warning her ass emitted a wet slapping sound and all was lost! On hands and knees, Mary lost it and commenced shitting her pants very loudly.

"Blaaat! Braaaapt!" went her ass.

"Oh no!" she yelled, but it was too late. There was nothing she could do but stay there a finish filling her pants. She shat and shat, and her jeans just kept getting fuller and fuller. She was highly aware of the heaviness and the warmth spreading across her ass. It felt good to get all the shit out, so she enjoyed the release and relief of her bowels.

Mary grunted to squeeze out the last couple turds, and turned around to see how enlarged the ass of her jeans were. It felt so heavy, she couldn't believe that all that shit was inside of her! She waved her ass around just to get a feel of the weight, then carefully went to the shower to clean off.

In the shower, she pondered to herself, "Now how will I ever do this with a roommate around?"

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Too close to heart sometimes with shitting myself, but do like to fart! Holding it right until the end is best

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