tagSci-Fi & FantasySecret in the Secret Ch. 03

Secret in the Secret Ch. 03


Emily hadn't been expecting this. She had expected a small area for free weights, perhaps a bench or two, but nothing like the five squat racks complete with Olympic lifting platforms, several stations for bench pressing and a section for free weights with weights from the smallest of two pounds all the way to two hundred pounds.

She stared at the massive dumbbells. Who could lift that much? All the inmates in the exercise area were female, as were the guards that were supervising. She headed to the squat racks, putting on a twenty-five weight on each side.

"Emily." Amanda walked past her, carrying a stack of white towels. Handing Emily one of the towels, the brunette winked at her. "Have fun." Actually, squatting 135 pounds wouldn't be too bad. She tried to convince herself that she hadn't been motivated by the sexy young brunette that was now walking away, giving her a great view of her small perky ass.

She set up the barbell and put the bar across her back, squatting down. Immediately she regretted her overconfidence, the bar felt way too heavy and with a grunt she dropped down, the bar crashing down onto the safety bars with a loud clang.

"Oh my god, are you ok?" Amanda had rushed back, concern showing in her features.

"Uh, cramp." Her cheeks burned as she started to take off the weights.

"Be careful, I wouldn't want you to get injured your first day here." Amanda said with a relieved smile. "Here, let me help." She took one end of the bar and Emily took the other, together they were able to re-rack the barbell.

"Thanks, I haven't lifted in a while; I think I lost some of my strength." Emily said, embarrassed.

"I'm the same way." Amanda nodded sympathetically. "Just let one of the guards know if you need a spot, ok? I'm just going to put these way." Amanda said, nodding at the towels on the ground. With a jolt of shame Emily realized that Amanda had dropped them when she thought Emily was in danger. Ok, no more showing off. Not that it worked anyways. She probably thinks I'm an idiot now.

Emily continued squatting at a less ambitious weight of 95 pounds, sometimes looking over to see if Amanda was nearby, wanting to talk to her more. Unfortunately a very butch woman with well-defined arms and short blonde hair was talking to her. Amanda looked extremely bored and was staring vacantly at a spot beyond the woman, but the woman seemed oblivious to this. Emily stifled a chuckle and continued with her workout.

The rest of her workout passed without incident, Emily was a lot more cautious now. She was just finishing up with some stretches when she looked over and saw Amanda out of her guard uniform, dressed in casual black sweatpants and a black sports bra with lime green splashes across it. She barely recognized her without her guard uniform, and if it were possible, Amanda looked even better with her workout clothes on, she looked more friendly and approachable. Oh fuck....she has perfect abs. Emily stared at the woman`s small waist and washboard abs, a feature that most girls probably would`ve killed for. When she sat down on the bench Emily saw her defined back, the feature causing blood to rush to Emily`s lower regions.

Ok ok, back to stretching. Emily told herself, trying to shake the image of Amanda`s body from her mind.

The butch woman who had been chatting with another inmate started to head towards her again and Amanda made a quick beeline for the bench press area. This time Emily snickered and the blonde woman glanced her way. She quickly made herself busy with some hamstring stretches. Amanda was lifting what looked like ten pound plates, at a total of 65 pounds that wasn`t a bad bench press weight for a woman her size, considering that most women didn`t bench much at all.

Stop staring at her, you`ll creep her out, Emily scolded herself, forcing herself to stay focused on her glute stretches. After a few minutes she decided it was safe to look up again. She almost gasped to see that Amanda had more than a plate on either side. She was too far away to see exactly how much weight was on the Olympic barbell, but the 45 pound plates totalled 135lbs altogether, and Amanda was pressing more than that with relative ease. That`s some skill, Emily thought, feeling incredibly jealous. Hell, if she could bench 135 pounds even once she would have ran around the gym area high fiving everyone. She made a mental note to ask Amanda if she had any special techniques.

She glanced at her pamphlet. Oh shit. There was only ten minutes to get from the courtyard to the kitchen for kitchen duty, and it was on the other side of the prison. There was no time to waste.

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