tagErotic PoetrySecret Joy!

Secret Joy!

byUncle Pervey©

There was a girl that lived down the street,
She wasn't really a girl at all.
Cause she was 35 years of age,
And she was slender, and not too tall!

She was shy, but she was real friendly,
And her mind was like a six year old.
Audry could be bribed so easily,
And candy to her, was just like gold!

I'm a pretty devious old man,
And I got on her parent's good side.
They dressed her cute like a little girl,
And she wore her frilly things with pride!

It didn't take me long to figure,
Out the candy that Audry loved best.
I bought a lot of the kind she liked,
To entice Audry into my nest!

I persuaded her to come over,
And I taught her some simple board games.
I'd be careful and make sure she'd win,
Because how she sat kept me inflamed!

We'd play our board games while on the floor,
With her sitting right across from me.
Audry would sit there cross legged and,
Her dress would creep up, and let me see!

Audry always wore frilly panties,
And her sex would be outlined just right!
This was a "Glorious" distraction,
And my eyes could feast on it all night!

The panties Audry would wear were thin,
And I could see there wasn't much hair.
Just the outline of her sweet pussy,
Made me wish that I could see it bare!

I made sure there was lots of red pop,
Cause Audry loved this drink best of all.
I knew she'd have to pee pretty soon,
And my bathroom was just down the hall!

It wasn't long before she wiggled,
And said "I think I gotta go pee."
I got her up and said "I'll help you,
Come on Angel and just follow me!"

Audry followed me to the bathroom,
And I helped her pull her panties down.
I even helped her sit on the seat,
And Audry looked at me, and she frowned.

"I don't really need help Uncle John,
I'm a big girl now, and I know how."
"I know you do, pretty Angel girl,
But I'll wipe you dry a new way now!"

My hands kept sliding along her flanks,
While I waited for her to get done.
When I heard her peeing slow, and stop,
I smiled "Now let me show you some fun!"

Audry looked confused but said "Okay,
Is it gonna be fun for me too?"
I said "Yes, Darling scrumptious Angel,
You'll be giggling, before I'm through!"

Audry asked "Where's the toilet paper?
I need it to wipe my birdy dry."
I said "No you don't sweet Angel girl,
If you'll just stand up, and let me try!"

So I helped Audry get to her feet,
And I kept her dress above her hips.
I told her to move her legs apart,
And started sucking her with my lips!

I sucked and licked her pussy real good,
And made sure to move my tongue inside.
I lapped and swallowed, every sweet drop,
And licked on Audry's clit, til she sighed!

Pretty soon Audry was giggling,
And I'd moved her legs on my shoulders.
I sucked her clit, then moved to her hole,
And I shoved my tongue in her, bolder!

By this time Audry was humping me,
She was squirming and squealing "Oo oo!
Oo Uncle John that feels so, so good,
Oh, you're not gonna quit now, are you?"

There was no way I was going to stop,
Not when I could taste her cum flowing.
I kept slurping out her pussy's hole,
Then switched to her clit without slowing!

I sucked and licked the wet from her clit,
And rolled it's swollen meat with my tongue.
I got all the love juice Audry had,
And I knew I had, barely begun!

I helped her pull her panties back on,
And she giggled and asked "Uncle John?
After we play the board game some more,
Can we pretty please, have some more fun?"

I pulled her to me, and kissed her lips,
"Yes Darling Angel, we surely will,
And the next time I'll tickle your hips!"

"Did you like the way I dried you off?
I know it was lots of fun for me!"
"Oh yes Uncle John" Audry giggled,
I loved the way you dried my Peepee!"

"Good precious Angel" I grinned at her,
"Now lets sit down and play some more games.
After awhile, if you want me to,
I'll show you more games, that's not the same!"

We played some games til Audry got bored,
And she had to go potty again.
I gave her another good licking,
Then the new games I promised began!

Audry was wearing a pretty dress,
With lots of pleats, trimmed in pretty lace.
I had her squat down over my head,
And rubbed her covered crotch, with my face!

Then I licked Audry's crotch with my tongue,
And followed her sex line all the way.
She "Ooed" and giggled, as my tongue moved,
It was obvious, she liked my play!

I pulled her panties down and kissed her,
From her pussy's front clean to her back.
My cock was throbbing, as my tongue moved,
And licked inside her tasty ass crack!

Audry squealed with her sudden pleasure,
Audry tasted innocent, and sweet!
Before I got up, I did one thing,
I slipped Audry's panties off her feet!

I gave Audry's luscious lips a kiss,
Then I led her into my bedrrom.
She kept her dress on, but I undressed,
My tongue was going to be her groom!

I laid down on my back on the bed,
And helped Audry stand just above me.
My lusting eyes had a royal feast,
And they glorified what they could see!

Audry had legs long and delicious,
They were tapered like ALL legs SHOULD be.
I knew before we finished playing,
I'd taste every inch of sweet Audry!

After awhile, I helped Audry squat,
And feasted again with my hot lips.
I ate her pussy til Audry squealed,
And madly humped my face, with her hips!

Audry had NEVER had a climax,
But she had her FIRST one in my mouth!
She gushed her love juice, and I swallowed,
Just drinking all her love flowing south!

I heard Audry cooing, as she said,
"Oo Uncle John that thing's so pretty!"
I saw her reaching for my penis,
And I went back to her sweet "clitty!"

Audry cooed with pleasure, as she grabbed,
"Oo Uncle John this feels REALLY NICE!
It feels so BIG and HARD and so HOT,
Please Uncle John, can I taste it twice?"

"Of course you can Sweetheart, if you want!"
I could feel my cock start tingling.
When I felt her hot mouth take it in,
All of my nerves started jingling!

I was sucking Audry's tasty clit,
While she licked and sucked on my hard cock.
As we licked and sucked on each other,
Both our hips began to really rock!

Audry's hot mouth sucking made me cum,
And just about the same time, she came.
I felt her sucking, and swallowing,
And you know I was doing the same!

"Oo whee Baby," I sighed, "That was good,
You sure are a natural "sucker!"
"Thank you Uncle John," Audry answered,
"Now what's this NEW game you call "Fucker?"

"In a moment Honey, I'll explain,
But right now I HAVE to recover.
You did such a GOOD job of sucking,
I think I'll KEEP you, for my Lover!"

While we rested Audry stroked my cock,
And pretty soon my cock was swelling.
Audry giggled "Look at what I done!"
I smiled, "Girl, your touch is impelling!"

"Now move down, and straddle me, right there,
Swing your pretty leg across my lap.
Now little Darling, let me guide you,
And lower you down onto my shaft!"

Audry's eyes got big, and she cried out,
"Uncle John your hard thing feels SO hot!
I feel it sliding up inside me,
And Uncle John I think its a lot!"

Oh yes" I gasped, as I pushed it in,
"It feels so nice in there, ALL the way!
If you'll move your bottom, up and down,
Ah yes Baby," I moaned "that's the way!"

"Oo Uncle John! You're so HOT in there,
It feels like your thing is filling me!"
I moaned "Yes sweet Darling, it feels SO good,
Your hot pussy's tantalizing me!"

Both of us got a rhythm started,
And both of us started in cumming!
Audry and I gasped out with pleasure,
And as we both came, we were humming!

"Oo Uncle John," Audry was gasping,
"This game made me feel so good you know.
I felt a tingle in my tummy,
From your big thing squirting in me so!"

"Yes pretty Angel," I was moaning,
"Your sweet pussy milked my hard cock dry!
And after we've both rested Darling,
There's one more NEW game that we SHOULD try!"

"Now turn over onto your belly,
there's a SPECIAL PLACE you have back there.
All you have to do is lay real still,
And I'll give pleasure that we'll BOTH share!"

Audry turned over on her stomach,
And I gazed in awe, at her sweet ass.
Her naked buttocks was enthralling,
My Audry was a succulent Lass!

I started licking her scrumptious cheeks,
I licked and sucked all of her sweet skin!
I began penetrating her crack,
When I licked her asshole, she gasped then!

"Oo Uncle Johnny what ya doing?
It feels so good, and I'm so happy!
Oo Uncle Johnny, lick me good there,
Oo, you're making me feel so sappy!"

Audry cried with joy, as my tongue licked,
And she moaned as my tongue slid inside.
I tongue-fucked and sucked her sweet asshole,
And got it ready for a good ride!

When I quit her asshole was puffy,
It pooched out and turned a real dark red.
I moved up and onto Audry's back,
And touched her asshole with my cock's head!

My cock was slick with spit, and twitching,
And when I pushed it slid deep inside.
Audry yelped as I started pumping,
So I began real slow with my ride!

Before too long Audry's pushing back,
And squeezing my cock with her asshole.
She's making me feel like she's milking me,
And her fire inside ignites my soul!

I felt my hot cum start spurting out,
And I pushed inside her, all the way!
I filled her tight asshole with my cum,
Now Audry and I play, every day!

I tell Audry all about secrets,
And tell her I'll always be her boy.
I tell Audry that she's my treasure,
And my Audry is, a SECRET joy!!

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