tagErotic PoetrySecret Passions

Secret Passions


Where shall we meet
at the beach, warm breezes hot sands
swimming nude in the tumbling surf
diving and playing hide and seek
teasing and tantalizing each other
hands exploring underneath washing waves
reaching and pulling bodies close

your hands moving over my bottom
nibbling your ear and whispering encouragement
your legs wrap around my waist
my hands underneath your hips
feeling my lips touching you
your hard shaft sliding between my lips
as you lie back and float

sweet and salty the taste of you fills me
as warm waves brush against my lips
taking you deeper swallowing you
lips gliding from tip to base
as my tongue teases and tastes
your eyes closed in ecstasy
as you revel in my silken touch

feeling my lips, my tongue
stroking you, probing the tip
tasting the salty sweet pre-cum there
sucking you deep lips teasing your swollen sack
holding your head deep inside
squeezing… licking…
tasting you and sea

hands moving over your bottom
caressing… pulling you closer
fingers teasing along the crease
feeling you push up deeper into my hot mouth
fingers slipping into the crease
teasing round and round
as lips tighten around your rod

finger sliding slowly in
feeling you trembling with desire
pushing against my hands pleading for release
opening you to new passions
as you glide deep into my throat
round and round… in and out
penetrating and devouring

coaxing cream to the tip
savoring the flavor of your desire
hearing your moans in the pounding waves
driving you wild with desire and lust
swelling and throbbing in my mouth
gathering your cream with my tongue
releasing you … capturing your lips

sharing the taste of your passion
as my tongue teases between your lips
letting the waves wash us to the shore
warm sand rubbing against sensitive flesh
then sliding away with the retreating wave
hot summer sun bathing glistening limbs
cool breezes teasing nipples erect

you turn on your side pulling me into your arms
sliding your hands down across my breasts
lower… running your fingers over my stomach
moving lower still seeking hidden heat
my body trembling beneath your exploring hands
until finally your fingers reach the juncture
and dive deep into my molten heat

hands clutching you tightly
as your fingers seek and tease my button
explore moist depths and return to tease
unable to control the responses
your talented hands coax from me
closing eyes as the upward spiral begins
with shuddering spasms release is achieved

wrapping your body around me tightly
as your hand continues to stroke and coax
swallowing my cries of abandon with your lips
your flickering fingers sparking yet again
leaping flames through my blood
making all thought flee from my spinning head
as once again you fling me from the peak

gasping and pleading for you to fill me
your lips curve into a slow sensual smile
eyes filled with tenderness watching
the passions and desires flitting across my face
held tight against your hard body
your fingers playing a new tune
seeking a more abandoned response

cries of wildest passion sound through the air
your lips capturing swollen nipples
suckling and nipping increasing the fire
burning through my quivering limbs
sending me spiraling even farther out
past all hope of return to sense
covering me with your body as I scream

releasing your holds upon me
thrusting hard… fast… deep…
as my body seems to explode from within
burying your hardness in my liquid heat
driving the fires higher and hotter
and sending streams of molten cream deep
the passionate joining of two becoming one

(c) DarkDreamerwithHope

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