Secretary Ch. 02


Vivian slammed down the phone angrily after having gotten into a furious debate with her colleague that turned into an out and out verbal brawl. Shaking a little, she sat down at the desk, wondering what on earth was wrong with her. This wasn't the first time in the past couple weeks that she'd lost her temper like this, but she just didn't know why. It was such an odd feeling, as though she was completely on edge, taking some of the smallest things far too personally; and the anger gave her such a rush of adrenaline that she couldn't keep quiet. Being aggressive wasn't a problem in the courtroom of course - she'd just finished a case brilliantly the day before - but she did need to be able to keep a hold on her temper!

Sighing, she decided that she just needed more sleep. She'd been feeling rather off lately, as though there was something off balance in her body, it had made sleeping very difficult.

Pushing the intercom button on her phone she asked, "Brenda, could you please bring me a cup of coffee?"

The usual chipper voice of her secretary answered, "Of course Ms. Schaffer, right away!"


Brenda walked in with her usual smile and the cup of coffee, which had its usual addition of the little white pill. Things were not going as quickly as she'd hoped, part of it was that the first couple of weeks Ms. Schaffer hadn't been drinking much coffee... although of late she'd been drinking more. As she walked into the room she could feel her boss's eyes on her shapely legs, which were well displayed by the shortness of the skirt and the high heels she was wearing. Bending low over the desk to set down the coffee she imagined that she could feel her Vivian's eyes peeking into her shirt to roam over the firm curves of her cleavage.

"Is there anything else I can do for you, Ms. Schaffer?" she asked, practically purring.

Vivian cleared her throat, "No thank you Brenda, that will be all."


As her secretary sashayed out the door, Vivian realized that her eyes were riveted on the compelling sight of Brenda's ass as it swayed back and forth. It was only when the door shut that she was able to look away. Slumped in her desk she wondered just what on earth was wrong with her... it wasn't like her to be attracted to another woman. Granted, she'd had her college crazies along with everyone else, but she'd always preferred men to women. And she hadn't been attracted to Brenda when the young woman was first moved up to her office... in fact that was how she came to work for her, so that the men downstairs wouldn't be sued for harassing the young secretary.

More and more, Vivian was starting to sympathize with them. Brenda's skirts seemed to be getting shorter and her heels higher, although she always looked professional. And had she always kept her top three-buttons unbuttoned?

Maybe she just hadn't noticed before. Wiping a hand along her slightly sweaty forehead, the lawyer forced herself to get back to work.


Brenda had been getting rather frustrated until she called her friend John, the same friend who had given her the pills. She hadn't seen any difference in her boss at first and had thought that maybe he'd given her a bad batch of pills. Over the phone he detailed the changes for her; first the changes were hormonal. Vivian would start to become more sexual, her emotional state would become less stable, she'd be more prone to primal emotions such as anger and lust. Her body's changes would mostly be internal for awhile as they changed from female to male organs; eventually she would start to become more muscular (if she worked out - which she did and Brenda almost salivated at the thought of the possible manly physique), her breasts would shrink, and finally she would grow a penis and balls.

Giggling a little, Brenda sat at her desk as she realized that this scientific phenomenon gave a whole new meaning to the expression, "Grow a set."

Now that she knew the progression of changes she wasn't so worried... she was sure now that Vivian was watching her every time she came into the office. And she was making sure of it by wearing her most revealing business clothes; all the classy but sexy suits that she'd had to put away when the men downstairs had been all over her. She certainly wouldn't mind if Vivian started doing that, so why worry? The other thing she had noticed was her boss's temper, the way that it was getting less controlled...

'Just like a man', she thought. And smiled at the thought.


A week and a half later Vivian was extremely sexually frustrated. Although she was masturbating almost every day she didn't seem to be getting the fulfillment that she needed. It seemed as though thoughts of sex had practically taken over her body - and disturbingly most of her fantasies seemed to involve her secretary. Every so often she wondered if her clit was bigger than it had been before, sometimes it seemed to peek out and brush along the inside of her panties when she got aroused. Which was often now, especially with Brenda dressed the way she was. And was she imagining it or was her secretary throwing her side-long glances and subtly flirting with her?

Every day she felt more and more confused about the thoughts and urges running through her head and body. It seemed as though she was working out twice as hard as usual, trying to use up all this extra energy that she had. The extra workouts were certainly showing though, her arms and legs seemed more powerful than they ever had been before.

Quickly she began to get dressed for the workday... and frowned as her bra sagged around her breasts. She was only a 34B, she didn't have that much boob to lose... and yet there was all that space where there hadn't been any before. Come to think of it, her bras had seemed looser recently. It was probably just due to the heavy workouts she was putting in. Maybe she was losing weight.

That thought sustained her until she got to the kitchen to make breakfast and stepped on the scale. She'd gained 10 lbs. Gaping at the weight reading she was stunned. Getting off the scale she decided to try again, maybe it had been a mistake... but no, the scale came up with the same weight. Well... muscle weighed more than fat... so if she was losing fat and gaining muscle that wasn't anything to complain about right?

But it was a very uneasy way to start the day.

At the office, Brenda was more flirtatious than ever. That afternoon Vivian masturbated in the bathroom... was it her imagination or was her clit really getting bigger??

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