Secretary Ch. 05


Victor/Vivian... dammit she had to get it straight in her mind. Fuck what her body looked like, she still couldn't help thinking of herself as a woman. The only time she really thought of herself as a man was when she fantasized about fucking Brenda, bending the trampy slut over the copier machine and raping her. Not that it would be rape... out of everyone in the office Brenda was the only one in a position to notice the changes that Vivian had gone through on her way to becoming "Victor" (would she ever get used to that?) And yet she didn't seem bothered or surprised. It couldn't be that she didn't notice. In the bathroom Vivian overheard the other office ladies talking about her, saying how masculine looking she'd become and yet how quiet and reticent.

Someone had even suggested that perhaps Vivian had gotten a sex change and was ashamed of it.

Well, yes and yes... but it wasn't exactly voluntary. Maybe things would be easier if she just came out and said, "Yes, I'm a man." and went on with her life? It didn't seem to bother anyone, they all said hi to her on her way into the office, although she sped past them with her head down - afraid to meet anyone's eyes.

Maybe. Maybe that's what she would do eventually, but right now... right now she still had to figure out what was going on. Obviously this wasn't a dream, this was real, she was now a woman trapped in a man's body. And apparently that was affecting her in someway... she found herself checking out other women on the street, and she couldn't help the fantasies that sprung up in her head about Brenda. Everything about her was more aggressive, she'd probably be stellar in court right now... not that she wanted to go out in public. Fortunately her next court date was still a few weeks away, an easy settlement she didn't even have to see the client, just fill out all the paper work.

The first place to start was with Brenda.

Brenda who flirted and didn't wear a bra under her shirt anymore. Or panties under her skirt for that matter. Brenda who didn't seem at all perturbed by the changes in her boss. Who in fact seemed rather pleased by them. Cute, sweet, sexy little Brenda with the long brown hair.


The first thing that Vivian saw when she got into the office, much earlier than usual, was Brenda, in the second room, bending over the copy machine yet again. This time, the skanky little slut was not only without panties, but the skirt of her "business" suit was short enough that her entire pussy was on display. If she'd behaved like this downstairs than Vivian wouldn't blame the men down there for acting like such pigs towards the girl, the way she was such a cock tease. More than anything, this change in her secretary's clothing and behavior convinced Vivian that Brenda knew something about what had happened to her body.

That delicious heart-shaped ass swayed back and forth, along with her hanging hair, as the girl bobbed to music that only she could hear in her head. Peeking out between the cheeks of that delectable ivory ass was the crinkled brown hole of her anus, set atop the long pink wetness of her pussy. And the girl was wet, her pussy juices were glistening on her folds. Vivian felt like her heart had stopped, more than ever she was starting to feel like a man... just like the other day when she had explored her body and had really started to think of herself as Victor. It was almost as though she had a split personality, and the sight of her slutty secretary was bringing the part of her that was Victor to the forefront. She could feel her dick hardening inside her pants, swelling with arousal at the sight of her secretary's feminine charms.

To Victor's shock, he realized that Brenda's shirt was wide open, the girl wasn't swaying to music in her head, she was playing with her nipples, pinching them hard. Obviously, Brenda hadn't thought that her employer might arrive to the office early, and was taking the time to play with herself. Softly moaning, the girl rubbed her breasts through the unbuttoned shirt. Victor wished that he could see what they looked like, fully revealed rather than in the enclosed confines of her office wear.

As he watched, Brenda slipped a hand down to her pussy and began playing with the folds, rubbing her entire pussy with her fingers before slowly sliding one finger into her hot, seeping hole. Then she began moaning.

"Ohh.... oh yes...." a second finger joined the first, and then a third as she began rubbing her breasts against the cool glass of the copier, holding herself up with one hand, "Oh God.... yes.... OH YES.... YES MS. SCHAFFER FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!"

Vivian froze as the girl called out her name... She's fantasizing about me????


She did know! She really did know something!!!! How else could the little tramp know that Vivian was Victor... that Vivian even HAD a dick! And here the little bitch was, masturbating over Vivian's predicament! Glorifying in it!

Rage swelled up inside of him, rage combined with lust as Brenda writhed in orgasm against the machine, screaming out, "VIVIAN! OH GOD VIVIAN!! YOUR DICK FEELS SO GOOD!!!"

I'll just bet it does, Victor thought grimly, wait till you get a taste of the real thing you little whore. With a steely expression and a raging hard on he stepped forward, all the frustration, anger and confusion of the past few weeks seeming to come together to make his dick swell its largest yet.

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