tagBDSMSecrets Ch. 01-02

Secrets Ch. 01-02


Chapter 1


"I'll have a black coffee and a Danish donut. No, wait...make that a filled long john, those are the best this time of the morning." With a slowness he lacked Bruce rubbed his right eye with the back of his hand.

She was perfect. Her body had the right curves. Her hair was the right length and those tits! They moved when she walked. With care Bruce moved just a little in his chair so that he could have the best view of her ass as she walked away.

He swallowed hard when she rounded the corner and disappeared into the kitchen. He'd eaten in this same restaurant everyday for the past week just to see her walk around and smile at the customers. In this time he'd learned she had no real personality, but damn did she have a body.

Thoughts of her in his bed laying naked and wanting him caused some distress. But he kept it hidden beneath the table and was silent.

Then suddenly she was before him sitting his food and coffee on the table. He'd not even seen her approach, damn. How had he missed her?

"Will you be having anything else sir?" she asked in a soft sexy voice laced with sarcasm and disinterest.

"I'm good," was his only reply. Why start something he knew he wasn't going to finish. He had to get back to his regular job in just a few days, so a roll in the hay with her was out.

He sipped his coffee and gazed at the paper, glancing up every once in a while when he smelled her perfume or heard her voice nearby. He wanted to get in all the glances he could before it was lost to him forever.

"Would you like cream in your coffee sir or do you prefer it black?" He glanced up and watched her lay two containers of cream before a new customer seated in the next booth.

Maybe he'd order an egg...

The customer only nodded never even bothering to glance upward. He had no idea what he was missing Bruce assured himself and took another sip of his coffee which was growing cold.

Nothing about her advertised her sexual preference or tastes. She was all business, even to her associates. A smile never curved her fully rounded lips. A blush never broke on her smooth clear whitish skin. She was so professional it made his pride ache.

"Hu...excuse me...miss?" now he felt stupid wanting her to refill his coffee when she appeared to be very busy seating another customer. Yet she smiled and assured him with a nod that she'd return in a few minutes to see to his request. This woman deserved a raise. He glanced beneath the table and realized he'd been giving her one all week, but those didn't pay the bills, or keep clothes and food in on her back and in her stomach. So what really made her tick?

"Yes sir," she replied as she walked back to his table carrying the coffee pot, "what can I do for you?"

A calmness surrounded him as images of what she could do for him bloomed in his mind. He refrained from announcing them and pointed, instead, at his coffee cup. With grace she refilled it and moved away.

She has such style in her walk it almost made him rise again, but he glanced at the head lines and was able to control it.

Central Packers were once again beaten by the braves the headline read and Bruce knew he was in for some long discussions once he arrived home.

With care he laid the wrinkled paper back on the table and fished in his pocket for a tip. He might not be able to fondle those tits, but he could at least tip her enough to buy some sexy undies. Why didn't they have girls like her back home?

Several more customers entered the diner, and Bruce realized it was time for him to leave. As much as he didn't want to leave the free show behind he did have work to do and he had ethics.

"Have a good day sir," he heard her call out as he moved toward the door and fresh air. "Come again," said another waitress nearer to the door then she, and smiled warmly at him as he stepped into the sunlight.

The sun felt good on his face as he stepped towards the car and withdrew the keys from his pocket. His scheduled classes began today at 11 am and ended at 4 pm. He'd gone over his notes already and was prepared for questions and assistance if needed.

Why he'd been the one to have to travel surprised him as John was the better teacher in the field and had wanted to take the trip. He was happy teaching at home and watching football on TV every Saturday night or at least when possible.

But the board of directors had voted him in to take the teaching assignment and so here he was teaching language arts in a city he couldn't even remember the name of.

He turned the ignition key and the car started at once.

Worked waited for no one, he pulled into traffic and headed towards work.


Chapter 2

Tuesday Morning

Tuesday morning and all things appeared to be bright and sunny. Coffee was served in the hotel lobby. Bruce felt uncomfortable. Hotel stays were just not his cupa tea. He'd be thrilled to be at home right now grading papers and working on a quiz.

Keeping a journal was something he'd adopted back in high school when he felt the urge to murder the librarian over a book he just felt he had to have and she'd just loaned to some other kid who wouldn't enjoy it. In the end it had been returned all beat up and muddy. He had, of course, never murdered anyone except in works and printed material that were for 'his eyes only'. Later he'd felt the fool. But writing it down helped and so he'd kept at it now for over twenty years.

"More coffee?" The hotel clerk asked before she dumped the remaining mixture down the sink. Bruce just shook his head no and got up with his journal in hand and headed towards his car parked just outside the door.

More sex is what she needed he decided as he listened to the engine turn over and catch in the rented car he'd picked up last week. She appeared to be all snippy and guarded. Most women who didn't get enough sex acted like that.

"Damn," listen to his own thoughts, had he turned into a woman who needed sex. He was here to teach not evaluate everyone's need for sex. He tried to turn his mind onto a different subject by rewinding yesterday's class and how well it'd gone in his mind.

No luck there, the beauty with big tits kept interrupting his thoughts with the wiggle of her hips and the blank look on her face as she worked. He watched her go from table to table collecting orders and serving her customers.

The traffic light turned green and the cars around him began to move. The diner was just up ahead. Without even thinking about it Bruce pulled up and stopped the car. These old diners were a thing from the past, but so majestic in the early sun's light that he simply couldn't help stopping for just a moment, he reasoned, to snap a photo, while he was here why not grab a cup of coffee and a donut.

He pulled the camera out of a compartment in his dash and prepared to snap a picture. The sun was over his shoulder and gave the restaurant the added light of mystery. Several people were milling about in the front and just to one side a familiar shape stood waiting to go inside.

He zoomed in for a close up. Yes, it was her! She was smiling. He'd never seen her smile before. It felt like a rose opening its petals to the sun. His heart warmed in just that glance yet he never snapped a picture, just kept watching. He felt like all his yesterdays and tomorrows were lost somewhere in that smile. He had to capture it to live. He licked his lips several times and started clicking the camera.

Who was she talking to? It was another employee from the restaurant he reasoned out because they each had on the same pinkish uniform with white skirts. The wind blew and her hair fanned out around her like tail feathers on a peacock. The sun captured it and reflected off of it in such a way as to give it vivid colors where none existed. He felt memorized.

Then she opened the door and entered. His world collapsed. He threw the camera back inside the car and frowned. How could this be happening? He'd never been taken by one woman so completely. In all his years of living alone, staying single, he'd never been this attracted to any woman like he was attracted to this one. It was good he was leaving in; he counted the days up in his mind, three days. No woman had the right to capture his mind like she did. Nor, did she have the right to make his life so difficult with images of her nude and being fucked by him in his bed.

He walked towards the restaurant, knowing now that he had to look at her again or feel guilty for the rest of the day, because he didn't get his share of 'paradise.'

Several of the normals greeted him with smiles and waves as they too walked in and were seated immediately. He waited. She appeared busy seating an old couple near the food bar and he wanted her to walk with him to his regular seat, or somewhere near his regular seat.

"Sir?" a kind waitress asked as she prepared to escort him to the nearest table.

"I'm not ready yet," he admitted and motioned for her to escort the couple behind him to the nearest table.

Several times she returned and moved people waiting to tables in the restaurant or to the bar stools located along the side of the restaurant where folks, such as he, normally sat.

After about ten minutes everyone was seated and the waitresses began collecting orders. He watched her spin around the room as if she were on roller skates. Her curves never evaded his eye. She was like a diamond in the rough! She set him on fire.

He waited until she came towards the entrance again and then moved to be seated, smiling at her as she approached, almost out of breath.

"Sir?" she questioned as she grabbed menus and waited for a moment.

"Seat me next to the window if you can," he found himself saying as he pointed toward what he knew to be her section of the dinning room.

"Of course sir," she replied and started walking in that direction in a hurried pace.

To touch her would make him melt he was sure of that. So he kept his hands to himself and tried to look and act professional.

"Nice day isn't it." He commented as he slid into the corner booth and she handed him a menu.

"Lovely," she replied and didn't look up. "I'll be back to check your order soon." With an ease he didn't have she moved away quickly and headed towards the kitchen.

He watched her retreating back as she moved. Something appeared different about her today, but he wasn't sure just yet what it was. Her hair, now tied in a ponytail, streamed down her back like a snake ready to strike at any given moment. Her hips moved like a pussy cat in heat and her legs were long and...

She had a new tattoo on her ankle.

She appeared seconds later from the kitchen carrying a serving tray and several cloth napkins over her right arm. He tried to look again at her ankle. This was the first sign that he'd seen on her that made her appear, 'human.'

She walked past him and assured him she'd be back in just a moment to take his order. He nodded and tried to see her ankle as she walked by. Was that rope burns?

He didn't get the chance to look closer, because she rounded a corner and disappeared. Did she have rope burns just above the tattoo? He searched the table for the local paper and found it tucked in with the salt and pepper containers. He withdrew it and realized he was shaking. With care he laid the paper back down on the table and folded his hands in his lap to hide them.

"May I take your order sir?" He looked up with a start. "UH...I'll have..." a blank surfaced across his mind and he was lost.

"Sir?" she questioned and waited a few minutes more for his order.

Damn, what was wrong with him? He swallowed hard and replied, "Same as yesterday."

"As you wish sir," she answered which seemed very odd to him. Like a butterfly she moved away from his table visiting many on her way towards the kitchen. What secrets did she hold he wondered and could he find out just one of them?

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