tagInterracial LoveSeduced At The Bar

Seduced At The Bar


Alva was getting dressed. You could hear her humming in the bathroom every so often as she shaved her legs. Chet walked into the bathroom to see how she was progressing. Alva stared back at her husband as she stroked her smooth pussy with a grin.

"It's getting late, Alva. Are you almost done?"

Alva grinned back at Chet giving him the evil eye as she rinsed off the razor.

"I had to make sure my pussy was nice and smooth baby."

Chet walked up behind his wife and kissed her neck while touching the softness of her belly. Chet started to peck at his wife's neck as he asked her a question.

"How do you know you're going to get lucky tonight?"

Alva turned and kissed Chet on the lips before replying. "Have you seen my dress?"

Chet shook his head no.

"Come in here and help me put it on baby."

Chet followed his wife into the bedroom where she had a blue dress laying across the bed. She quickly picked it up and raised her arms over her head as Chet helped her slip it up and over her head and arms.

She wiggled making the thin blue material slip down her curvy body and laughed as Chet stood back taking a good look at his wife.

"Wow! I have to say that's hot baby!"

Alva smiled as she quickly leaned down and picked up a pair of white sandals and sat on the edge of the bed lacing them up around her ankles.

"Have you talked to that guy, Mike today?"

Alva looked up at Chet as she finished with the second Sandal.

"Of coarse I did honey. Mike will be there just like he promised."

Chet watched Alva lace up the last sandal as he hesitated asking the next question than just blurted out.

"Do you really think we should meet him down at Len's baby? You know there might be people from around town that might know us."

Alva moved her eyes up and grinned at Chet. She had that evil look on her face as she finished with the last sandal and soot up.

"Everyone knows us down at Len's bar. That's what makes it so exciting!"

Alva patted Chet on the cheek as she walked back into the bathroom to apply her makeup.

They arrived at Len's bar around eight. Chet walked directly behind his wife as they entered the bar. The bar was its usual dark with the televisions on in each corner and only the dim lights reflecting off the lighted beer signs hanging on the walls next to the bar.

Alva's heels made loud clicking noises as she walked in and stopped about ten feet away from the bar. Chet waived at the bartender as Alva looked around in the darkness.

Alva suddenly turned to look at Chet as she pointed toward the wall which was lined with booths in the darkness.

"There's Mike!"

Alva quickly started to strut over where she saw her date waiting anxiously in his seat. Chet watched as Alva approached the booth as the guy stood up. He saw her kiss the man on the lips as he stood watching from a short distance away.

Alva turned around and looked at her husband. "Chet, I want you to meet Mike. This is my husband Chet, Mike."

Chet reached out and shook Mike's hand. He had a firm grip and was about four inches taller than Chet. Chet watched as his wife slid into the booth next to Mike as the waitress walked over and took their order for drinks.

Alva started talking almost immediately. She wasn't shy and in fact she liked to be the life of the party when they were out. The waitress brought the drinks back giving Chet a strange stare wondering what was going on once she spotted the wedding rings on Alva's left hand.

Chet just shrugged it off as the woman walked away snapping and popping her gum in her mouth. What was it to her anyway? Hadn't she ever seen a white woman walk inside a dark bar before and sit down next to a black man?

Chet sat listening to his wife chatter away and within minutes she was starting to speak French. Chet took a swig of his drink as he chucked to himself. Alva was always making things interesting. She spoke fluent in French and this guy Mike knew how to speak it as well.

Chet just sat there as they spoke for the next thirty minutes or so until the waitress came back to refill their drinks. Alva was getting cozy with Mike now as somebody played a song on the juke box.

Chet looked around across at the bar. There were about seven or eight men seated at the bar. Chet turned back to look at his wife and caught them in a passionate kiss. Mike had his hands under the table and could only imagine where they were at that moment.

Alva suddenly turned and looked at Chet. "I think I'm going to take Mike out there on the floor and dance. Chet just shook his heads as he watched Mike slid out of the booth first and took Alva's hand as they walked out onto the dance floor.

They were the only couple dancing until another couple joined them on the second song. Alva was feeling the effects of those two drinks as she playfully moved her hands across Mike's chest as they danced.

She was moving more seductively now and got the attention of a few of the guys seated at the bar. Chet watched as Alva turned her body around and wiggled her ass in Mike's crotch as the men watched the show.

The next song was faster and Alva wasted no time as she playfully took Mikes hands and put them around her waist as she stood with her back turned away from him and started to wiggle her ass against Mike's crotch in a way that made them look like they were fucking standing up.

Alva even leaned forward to touch her toes as Mike held onto her ass banging into her cheeks as they moved around on the floor. The men seated at the bar started to clap their hands as they watched Alva dance with the tall handsome black man.

Chet couldn't remember exactly how it happened but Mike had his hands wrapped around Alva's waist but had moved them up and were cupping her boobs now as they men started to chant and clap asking for more.

Mike started to massage them in his big hands as Alva twisted her head around kissing him in the lips. The men at the bar were really getting into this now as Alva continued dancing with the tall handsome black man.

The men chanted for more egging them on as Mike took her in his arms giving her a long passionate kiss. Chet noticed the waitress standing at the end of the bar looking his way.

Chet had been snapping pictures with his digital camera as Alva danced with her date. Chet kept taking photos as Mike reached under Alva's blue dress and played with her bald pussy.

The men at the bar were saying things now wanting them to do more as Alva turned around and shouted back at them. She said something to the effect that she was horny. Chet couldn't exactly hear everything because the juke box was blaring away while they spoke.

Chet kept clicking away with the camera as Mike walked Alva over next to the bar. He was pushing his body up next to Alva as they leaned into the bar. The men were all clapping and cleared a spot on top of the bar.

Chet stood and walked toward the bar stopping about twenty feet away. Chet watched his wife and lover kissed before Mike placed her on top of the bar. The men kept encouraging them as Mike lifted the dress up over her ass.

Chet wasn't sure how it happened but Mike's pants were slipping down his waist as he climbed on to of Alva on the bar. Chet just kept clicking away as he watched the big black man as he inserted his cock inside Alva's pussy.

They were soon locked together on top of the bar as they small group of men looked on in disbelief. A few were laughing and others just stood starring at the interracial couple as they fucked.

Mike was kissing her passionately as she wrapped her arms around Mike's neck as they fucked. Chet kept taking pictures right up to the moment he heard Alva cum. The next thing he heard was Mike spilling his seed inside his wife.

Chet watched as Mike finally pulled out. To Chet's amazement, Mike was wearing a condom and wondered how the man had time to slip it on that big black cock. One of the men seated directly behind where Mike had just screwed Alva pointed out that the condom had broken.

Alva quickly inserted her finger inside her pussy and smiled and told the crown they were right. She took her finger out from between her pussy lips giving it a lick.

"Does anyone want to eat my cream pie?"

The men all started to talk and laugh and Alva finally got a taker as a balding man stepped forward swing her legs around the bar and quickly went to work eating out the cum from her pussy.

The only thing going through Chet's mind was that he would never be able to just stop in here for a drink after work any longer. Alva had her fun with a few of the men. She even gave a couple blow jobs before they called it a night.

Chet placed the small digital camera in his shirt pocket as he followed his wife out to the car where she kissed and said goodnight to her new lover Mike. They would make plans to meet again. It might not be at Len's bar but it would defiantly be another hot and exciting night ahead!

I hope you enjoyed the story. It's all true and told to me by my good friend, Chet. The story was hot and I have many more to share of Alva and Chet including the photos that Chet took at Len's bar that night.

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