tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSeduced by a Stranger Ch. 01

Seduced by a Stranger Ch. 01


"How much have you had to drink?" Reagan asked Kathryn curiously, never having seen her shy reserved baby sister so lucid.

"Just one rum and coke." Kathryn slurred drunkenly, staring down in fascination at the empty plastic cup.

"Did you leave your drink sitting unattended?" Reagan asked suspiciously, knowing that Kathryn wouldn't lie about the amount she'd drank.

"Yes." she nodded vehemently, emphasizing the s. "When we went and danced a few minutes ago. Why?"

"Some one's dosed you baby girl." Reagan said knowingly, scanning the crowded night club, searching for any one that might be watching her younger sibling. "Come on. I'm taking you back to the hotel now." she ordered, leaning down to slide her arm around her sisters waste and helping her to her feet.

"Why? I'm not ready to go yet." Kathryn frowned, digging in her heels childishly.

"You have to trust me Kathy. Some one put something in your drink for a reason." Reagan explained over the blare of the suddenly obnoxious noise of the club.

"Oh." Kathryn nodded seriously. "You're no fun." she giggled as Reagan led her out to the car.

"I'm so sorry for being so mean." Reagan placated anxiously. "Shame on me for not allowing you to stay here to get kidnapped or raped or worse."

"You, my dear, have a very vivid imagination." Kathryn sighed as her sister deposited her none to gently into the passenger seat and strapped her in lovingly.

"Better safe than sorry." Reagan said ignoring her sisters drunken taunts.

"Very true." Kathryn sighed, turning her attention to the blur of passing lights. "Wow" she sighed in amazement.

"I don't even want to know what you're seeing." Reagan laughed, driving the rest of the two miles to Kathryn's hotel in complete silence.

"I'm not tired." Kathryn announced as Reagan pulled into the parking lot of the Days Inn her sister had purchased a room at.

"I know you aren't honey, but you're going to take a shower, eat something, the climb into bed." Reagan said firmly as she helped her sister into the plainly furnished room.

"Oh? I am, am I?" Kathryn asked already slipping hotly out of her clothing, all the way down to her satin slip. "Will you turn on the air?" Kathryn asked softly, feeling as though her blood was beginning to boil.

"No honey. I'm sorry but you need to sweat this shit out of your system... What the hell ever it is." she said firmly, pressing her hand softly to Kathryn's warm forehead to check for a fever.

"I don't have a fever." Kathryn snipped, swatting away her sister's hand in annoyance. "I'm just fucking hot. Go home. I'll be alright." Kathryn demanded. "Better yet go back to the club and have the night out with your friends that you had planned. I'm fine I promise." Kathryn's slur subsiding immensely from earlier. "I'm going to jump in the shower and cool off then it's bad cable and strait to bed." Kathryn assured her.

"Are you sure you'll be okay with out me?" Reagan asked nervously, not comfortable with leaving her sister in the condition she was in.

"I'm positive. If I need you, I swear I'll call." Kathryn smiled. "I'm feeling better already." she lied, refusing to admit that the room had began spinning moments earlier and the sudden pounding in her skull was causing waves of nausea.

"Okay. But call me if you need me." Reagan smiled, sparing only the slightest glance back at her sister before she fled the room.

The door was barely closed good before Kathryn stumbled blindly for the bathroom. She made it to her knees in front of the lysol scented toilet seconds before the contents of her stomach began to come up in painful waves. So deep in the throws of sickness and overwhelmed by the pain in her head, she couldn't forced herself to react to the feel of foreign hands lifting her hair gingerly from her cheeks and neck.

"That's a good girl." a deep unrecognizable voice soothed as she continued to vomit mercilessly. "Get it all up." he continued as his free hand began to stroke her back lovingly. "You'll feel much better soon." he vowed.

"What the fuck?" she managed to choke out, before she began dry heaving.

"It's okay Baby. I'm going to take care of you." he promised.

"Who the fuck are you?" she asked exhaustedly sitting back onto the marble floor.

"Who am I?" he asked, the hurt think and obvious in his deep husky voice. "I'm the man that loves you." he explained, as though she were simple for even asking such a question.

"Are you the one that did this to me?" she questioned, turning, despite her pain to attempt to look at his face.

"It was the only way to get you alone." he answered, justifying his actions all in the same breath.

"You couldn't just ask?" she sighed, dropping her head as the bright hundred watt bulb was too much for her eyes to endure at the moment.

"You would have refused." he said knowingly. She sensed his massive body drop behind hers. To her surprise, his strong arms encircled her waste and lifted her to her feet as though she were as weightless as a rag doll.

"Yeah this is so much more sensible." she snapped, squirming futilely against his rock solid chest as he carried her back into the dimly lit bedroom. "Why did you drug me? And don't tell me that it was the only way to get me alone." She questioned as he deposited her gently onto the king sized bed. Alas she was able to take stock of the intruder. She couldn't help but cringe when she noted his 6 feet 4 inch frame. His body looked as though is was crafted of solid steel. To her annoyance, his face was covered with a black wool mask, exposing only his bright green eyes and thin pink lips. The man was a mountain. She decided quickly that attempting to fight him would be pointless.

"To get you to leave that fucking club. You have no business in a place like that. You're a good woman. Only whores and whore wanna bes go into places like that." He explained in a cold scolding tone as he sat his massive frame onto the bed beside her.

"Weren't you there as well?" she questioned, averting her eyes, once again trying to shield them from the dim light.

"Only because you were." he said defensively, studying her face intently.

"What do you want from me? Better yet, how in the hell did you get in here." She asked curiously.

"Hotel door locks aren't as secure as every one would like to believe." he laughed, amused at how easy it had been to compromise her lock. "Why do you keep looking down?" he asked curiously. "You can't see my face."

"I have a migraine. No doubt a side affect of what ever you slipped in my drink. The light is killing me." she explained, weighing her options or lack of options carefully.

"I'm sorry." he frowned, rising from the edge of the bed to switch the lights off, leaving the only light to fill the room being the soft glow of the television. "Is that better?" he asked hopefully.

"Yes. Thank you." she said softly, studying the intruder, trying desperately to gage his intent.

"I didn't know it would make you sick Kathryn." he sighed honestly, once again returning to sit on the edge of the bed next to her. "I'm so sorry."

"I don't think it did." Kathryn sighed softly, not knowing why the sincerity behind his apology moved her so. "When I get migraines, they usually cause the nausea." she said honestly.

"But the drugs probably caused the migraine." he frowned refusing to allow her to let him off the hook.

"Most likely." she nodded. "Will you give me some strait answers now about who you are and why you're here please?"

"I have been." he said seriously, his eyes belying his confusion.

"Who the fuck are you?" she growled bitterly.

"I told you. I'm the man that loves you. God do you not listen?" he snapped peevishly.

"Well I seriously doubt that because I have no fucking clue who you are, which means you can't know me either. And since you don't know me, it's impossible for you to love me. Unless of course you're a nut job. Which considering all the fact, I think that is probably the most logical conclusion." She realized her mistake too late as she felt more than saw his massive fingers reach for her throat. Panic set in as he began to squeeze her already soar throat, cutting off her air supply.

"If I don't love you then it only makes sense to me to kill you." he bit coldly.

"I'm sorry." she choked, wrapping her hands around his large wrist pleadingly.

"Don't tell me how I feel Kathryn." he warned, loosening his grip on her neck, caressing the angry red marks that began to appear soothingly.

"I am so damn confused." she sighed honestly, scared to release the puny hold she had on his wrist.

"You're just tired Baby." he soothed gently, allowing his finger tips to stray lower down her neck to the low cut of her slip. Lightly his stroked the showing cleavage with determined fascination. "The last few months have taken a harsh tole on you. I'm going to change that Baby. I won't treat you the way that self centered bastard did. I'm going to take good care of you." He said solemnly.

"How do you know me?" she asked curiously, oddly not concerned with his roaming finger tips. Despite herself, she found his light caress relaxing.

"I'm the one you should have fallen in love with. But that piece of shit Derek made his move first." He shook his head, obviously angry with some past encounter he'd had with her ex. "He knew how I felt about you and he still went after you. I should have killed him. But he seemed to make you happy and I didn't want to hurt you." he said honestly.

"Are you and Derek friends?" she asked confusedly.

"We use to be. Until he went after you." He explained simply.

"Why have I never met you?" She asked, trying to place who he could be.

"No. Since Derek knew how I felt about you, he didn't want me any where around you. He didn't want the competition." He laughed. "But none of that matters, because you're mine now and I'm not going to be stupid enough to let you slip away twice." He said firmly.

"Um okay." She breathed, at a complete loss for understanding. "So what exactly is your plan? Drug me... then... What?" she asked, needing the medication in her purse, but scared that if she broke contact with him that he would go into a psychotic rage.

"Then show you how much I love you." he smiled suggestively.

"And how were you going to go about that?" she asked, knowing that she was not going to like his answer.

"How do people usually show their love for each other. Don't play niave Kathryn. It doesn't suit you."

"You planned on fucking me?" she gasped, swatting his hand away from her body and sliding as far away from him as she could on the big bed.

"No. I planned on making love to you Kathryn. Something I'm sure you've never felt before with Derek. He's never cared about any one or anything except himself." he said harshly, hurt by her obvious rejection.

"Do I have a say in this plan?" she asked rising from the bed, assessing the distance between her body and the door, wondering if she could make it out of the room before he caught up to her.

"I guess Derek knew what he was talking about when he told me you thought you were too good for the likes of me." he bit, the anger apparent in not only his voice but his steel cold eyes as well.

"I never said that." she said, trying to keep the panic from her voice as she inched towards the door slowly.

"No but an uppity bitch like you probably always thought it." he spat, staring at the carpeted floor trying to hide his embarrassment, he looked up in time to see her bolting for the door. It only took 4 long legged steps for him to cover the space that separated their bodies. She pulled the door open just as his arm caught her around her waste. Angrily, he slammed the door shut with a loud thud.

"Help me." she began to scream despite the pain her loud shrills were causing in her brain. "Let me go." she shouted as he threw her on to the bed and came down on top her her heavily. She felt the barrel the 9mm he carried press coldly to her temple, the feeling stunned her into a deafening silence.

"You think you're too good to be with the likes of me. You don't want me? Fine, but if I can't have you then God damn it, no one will." he growled coldly.

"No Honey please." she panted as she heard the hammer on the gun engaging. "I do want you." she lied.

"I don't believe you. You're just trying to save your sorry ass." he bit. "You don't want me. You never have, you never will."

"I do." she whispered, forcing herself to press her hands to his hard biceps. Slowly, she ran her hands up his arms to his strong shoulders. Despite herself, she couldn't help but mark the differences in his solid body and the that of Derek's soft out of shape form. "You feel so good." she breathed, not certain if those words were spoken out of fear or surprised honesty.

"If you wanted me then why in the hell were you trying to make a break for it?" He asked, not buying in to her soft admissions, determined not to be swayed by the curiosity of her touch. "Why were you screaming for help?"

"Because I'm scared." she admitted honestly, pressing her hands between the scant space between their bodies to press her palms to the solid wall of his chest. Nervously, she began to toy with the top button of his black plain cotton polyester blend shirt. "I've never been with any one but Derek." she sighed, studying his chest instead of looking into his face, afraid he'd see the apprehension in her face.

"There's nothing wrong with that." he assured her softly, finding the tension in his body and voice easing tremendously with her admission. "I'm not going to hurt you Kathryn."

"I'm having a really hard time believing that when you have a gun pressed to my head." she said seriously. With slow steady finger, she loosened the top button of his shirt curiously.

"Too bad." he laughed humorlessly, seeing right through her innocent facade. "I get rid of the gun and you start screaming your head off again. I don't fucking think so." he growled, entangling his free hand deep in her long auburn curls. None to gently, he gave her head a rough tug back, forcing her to arch uncomfortably beneath him. "Damn you're almost a good liar."

"So are you." she groaned, her voice thick with pain and trembling with fear. Her mind began racing with the possible senarios of the night would end. None of them were to her liking.

"I've never lied to you." he argued woundedly.

"Like hell you haven't." she snapped, seeing a small glimmer of hope as he loosened his hold on her slightly. "You told me that you were the man that loved me. This is not how you treat some one that you love." She said firmly.

"You haven't given me much of a choice." He replied defensively. "You're the one that tried to bolt."

"I don't even know your name." she sighed. "Of course I'm going to try to get away from you. I have no clue who you are. My head is killing me. The room is spinning. That isn't really a combination for the makings of a beautiful romance honey." She found herself laughing at the oddity of the situation she found herself in.

"You're laughing at me." he snapped in a voice so cold and deadly that it sent chills racing through out Kathryn's exhausted body. "Just like every other bitch." He breathed, staring down into her smiling face. All Kathryn could read in his eyes was pure rage.

"Not at you honey." she breathed softly. Despite herself instinct seemed to be taking over as her hands nervously moved up his chest to his neck. Hesitantly, she found herself trying to draw him down to her. A moment of anxiety passed through her when the wall of a man didn't budge. Painfully, she stretched beneath him to curiously press her lips to his. To her surprise, he didn't respond, he laid atop of her as solid and unyielding as a piece of granite.

"Don't bother." he sighed against her lips.

"Kiss me." she found herself pleading softly. "Just once." she breathed cupping the back of his head in one more last desperate effort to engage him.

To be continued...

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