tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 06

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 06


That night as Cheyenne slept, she dreamt of her parents and the night they left her at the orphanage, she then saw as they and the eight other parents were attacked by Fredrick and his evil servants. She watched how they blew their parents up because they would not join him. Then she found herself face to face with him in her dream.

“Why do you bother me Fredrick? You were destroyed by your own right hand man.” She told him.

“Revenge. That is what I am seeking on Gore warrior or Otis as you know him by.” Fredrick told her.

“Why when we have destroyed them? What more of revenge could you want?” she asked him getting even closer to him.

“He will return to collect his child, they try to convince me it was my blood and sperm that created her when in fact it was his,” he told her.

“We destroyed him he is not coming back and the child never nursed off of the bitch’s breast.” She told him.

“Are you one hundred percent sure Cheyenne? Can you be sure he was destroyed and she did not suckle from those breasts when your body was inhabited by the so called queen of darkness?” he asked as their bodies were almost touching, she could almost feel his breath on her face.

“Yes .you are trying to throw me off track; I plan on winning this battle for my own revenge of my parent’s death.” She told him, as they stood so close as if they had known each other before being kidnapped by him.

He touched her hair with his fingers.” You’re as beautiful as your mother, but she did not want to be my queen, you have her same traits.” He said smiling.” The love for your father was her death.”

Cheyenne awakened finding she was still in her bed with Hank lying next to her sleeping.” How do I tell you I am a witch?” she whispered to herself. Cheyenne slipped out of bed and went to check on the child sleeping down the hall.

Opening the door slowly she looked inside where she saw the child sleeping soundly. I am sure she never sucked the breast milk. Cheyenne thought to herself when a hand gripped her shoulder tightly. Cheyenne jumped as she turned to see who it was standing there. ”Damn it Hank start making some noise will you!” she said irritated.

“I am sorry that I scared you.” He said holding her in his arms.

“I am sorry for snapping at you I have a lot on my mind.” She said hugging him. “Let’s go back to bed.” She told him smiling up at him.

The next morning Hank was out in the fields plowing unaware that he was being watched by Gore warrior and his companion Rip snake standing in the woods. “Gore warrior why are we here? “ He asked knowing that if caught by the witches they would be destroyed by them.

“It is time for my child to be conceived.” He said watching Hank on the machinery.

“The girl is here being raised by the witches have you forgotten?” he questioned Gore warrior.

“My son must be conceived by the high witch Cheyenne.” He told him smirking at the thought.

“By the witch who is going to destroy all of us? Are you mad?” he asked looking at him like he lost his mind.

“No its how we win the battle, could she kill her own son? When she could not kill the traitor Aggatha’s son? “He asked smiling. “Then I plan on taking my place at the throne with her as my Queen.” He told Rip snake.

“The girl is supposed to rule the kingdom of darkness.” Rip snake told him.

“Her mother was human so that makes her only half demon.” He explained to him.” I have other plans for her.” He said laughing.

Now I must go and take over his body do not come back around here until I summon for you.” He told Rip snake.

The unsuspecting Hank had stopped for a drink of water when Gore warrior with one leap jumped into Hanks body. Hank was in pain as Gore warrior inhabited his body then his head dropped from passing out. Hank raised his head up smiling with green glowing eyes.” Now it is time to visit with my ever so lovely wife.” He said to himself as he let out a thunderous laugh.

Gore warrior went back to the house to find Cheyenne in the shower as he picked up her gown smelling the sent of her on it.” How I have missed your gorgeous body.” He said removing his clothes to join her in the shower.

Cheyenne jumped when the shower door opened.” Hank you startled me.” She said smiling at him.

“I thought it would be nice to join you in the shower,” he said smiling taking the wash cloth as he washed her breast he kissed her.

“Mmmm Hank I thank you are being a naughty boy.” She said as she began to wash his body slowly.

“I want you Cheyenne.” He said pushing her up against the shower wall, kissing her softly; he fondled her breast he picked her up so she could wrap her legs around him.

He entered her body as she let out a moan, he began to ram his stiffness deep inside her, and they made love so wildly in the shower as they came together in an explosion so powerful it weakened Cheyenne. “Oh Hank our love making just keeps getting better and hotter.” She told him as she leaned against him.

Gore warrior hid his face into her shoulder so she could not see his glowing eyes.

He picked her up carrying her to the bed where he began to kiss and lick her body.” There is more to come Cheyenne.” He said as he mounted her body.” I can’t get enough of you.” He told her as he moved his body in a slow grinding circular motion.” I feel your heat growing with in you Cheyenne.” He said grinding harder.

“Oh Hank, Hank, Hank!” she said as she was ready to climax.

“Cheyenne we will be together forever!” he said as he rammed her harder until their fluids flowed together as he hid his eyes from her by turning his face away as he closed his eyes. Thinking of how he had tricked this witch in believing he was her husband.

Cheyenne kissed his lips.” I need to go finish my shower then I am going to town for a few things.” She told him.

“Go on I will just lay here for a bit thinking of our future ahead of us.” He said smiling for he was with the woman he wanted from the first day, he saw her in the office. As Cheyenne was showering, he watched the child outside playing

.” my daughter soon we will all be together.” He said aloud to himself.

He decided to go to the barn to look around this place trying to find the witches room. Once inside of the barn he was visited by Dusk shroud the eldest of the dark side, he was dressed in a long black hooded robe with a long white beard.” Have you gone mad?” he questioned Gore warrior.

“No I want the mother of my son to be powerful and we all know Cheyenne is the High Priestess of the white light.” He told him.

“You fool! She is not going to join us! She is for the good and innocent to protect them from us!” He told him.” when she finds out how you tricked her she will destroy you and that means we all will fall with you because of your being over sexed! “He told him.

“She will not kill our son and he will be powerful with both of our powers.” He told him.

“What of your daughter she is meant to kill Gina it is written.” he told Gore warrior.

“She will just be a small sacrifice for the prince of darkness to be born.” He told the old man getting tired of the conversation.

“Gore warrior have you forgotten she destroyed the queen of darkness in battle before she had all her powers? With out the girl where will we get another one to replace her?” he asked.

“Cheyenne is going to rule the Dark Side by my side or she will die,” he told him with glowing eyes as he gritted his teeth.

“When she finds out you killed her husband she will destroy you fool. “The old man told him.

“He is not dead just on vacation lets say, until I am done with his body. When I am sure she has conceived my son then I will leave and he can come back with out any knowledge of what has happened.” He said laughing.” he will think he was man enough to impregnate Cheyenne.” He told him.

“So how then do you plan on taking Cheyenne and the boy?” He asked Gore warrior.

When my son has his powers I will come back collect my son and queen.” He told him.” Now leave here before you ruin everything.” He told Dusk shroud.

Later that evening Gore warrior watched Gina torturing a small kitten outside. He walked up to the child kneeling down in front of her.” I will kill you if you do not start acting as you are supposed to act.” He said with green glowing eyes.

Gina was startled.” Father? You’ve come for me?” she asked smiling thinking he was here for her.

“ no it is not time for you, but if you kill one more person giving away who you really are I myself will rip you apart you little bitch!” he told her sounding demonic making her release the kitten she had been stabbing with a needle.

“Yes father I under stand.” She told him looking scared.

“Now go play like normal children!” he ordered her.

Gore warrior went back inside of the house to his bedroom looking in the mirror he could see his true reflection.” Soon, very soon my son will be conceived.” He said looking in the mirror when he heard Cheyenne coming into the room. “So what did you do in town?” he asked her as he looked at her body so toned, built as he had seen no other woman so perfect and she was his forever.

“I bought you a gift.” She said handing him a small box.

“What is it?” he asked smiling at her.

“Open it silly if you want to know.” She said teasing him.

He opened the box up seeing a chain with a gold eagle. "Oh Cheyenne it is great thank you.” He told her kissing her.” What is the occasion?”

“Nothing just that I feel I have been neglecting you and I need to tell you something Hank.” She said feeling uneasy.

“I am not a guardian angel, but a witch.” She told him.

He looked at her confused. He does not know she is witch! He thought to himself.” A witch with a broom stick and all?” he asked trying to act as Hank would.

“Yes baby the whole thing.” She told him.

“I see.” He said looking at her.” I don’t know Cheyenne if this will work,” he told her looking angry.

“But it would work if I was the guardian angel?” she asked

“Well there’s only one way you can prove to me it will work.” He said

“What can I do to prove to you it will?” she asked.

“Straddle my lap.” He said.

When Cheyenne did as he asked he slipped his hands under her shirt on her breast.” It’s starting to convince me a little bit more.” He told her smiling.

“Well let me convince you more.” She said removing her top she pushed him back on the bed where they began to make love again for hours.

Cheyenne was exhausted by the time they had stopped making love and slept in his arms thinking she was safe and sound in the arms of the man she loved .As Gore warrior held her smiling knowing soon she would become pregnant with his son.

The next morning when they awoken Gore warrior was fondling her. Cheyenne sat up in bed looking down at him.” Are you going through a mid life crisis or something?” she asked him wondering why he wanted so much sex.

“I don’t know maybe I am I am sorry if it bothers you.” He said acting mad.

“Cheyenne felt bad for upsetting him.” I am sorry that I made you mad it’s just not like you to want so much sex.” she tried to explain to him.

“Maybe I was just trying to add some spice to our marriage. I am sorry if it bothered you. “He said getting out of bed looking out of the window.

Cheyenne came up behind him after stepping out of her gown and pressing herself up against his body. “Take me please.” she whispered in his ear.

Gore warrior turned around taking her in his arms as they fell to the floor where he ravished her body roughly.” Tell me you’re mine, all mine!” he whispered in her ear kissing her all over her neck and ears.

“I am yours, I am all yours!” she told him as they exploded together in an orgasm so powerful she laid there as he laid on top of her both of them breathing heavy.

The rest of the day he spent in the field acting as Hank plowing the field when Rip snake appeared.” Well now if this is not a picture the great Gore warrior doing mortal work.” He said as he taunted Gore warrior.

“What do you want?” he asked finding his humor boring.

“When you get tired of the witch let me have a crack at her. “He said as he was taunting Gore warrior. ”I watched her giving it to you this morning and that witch is what I want to ride me log and hard.”

Gore warrior became in raged with anger sending his counter part flying through the air he raised his hand up in the air as Rip snake was dangling in air he made his other hand look as if it was strangling him.” You ever speak of her like that I will kill you.” He said in an evil calm voice dropping him to the ground.

“Gore warrior you don’t just want a son with her! You fell in love with her when she destroyed the queen of darkness! Didn’t you?!” he demanded of Gore warrior who could destroy him in an instant he was so powerful.

“She is going to my queen and you will show her respect!” he ordered him.” I fell in love with her when I first laid eyes on her.” He said looking almost kind.

“Demons, warlocks of our kind don’t fall in love Gore warrior! You are going to bring us all down because of one witch!” he yelled at him.

“Leave now or I will kill you I swear!” he told the man as his eyes glowed green his voice sounding demonic.

Rip snake vanished before Gore warrior could kill him.

“I am in love with her, as soon as I know she has conceived my son I will leave only to come back at its birth.” He told himself, or was it he was trying to convince himself that he could just walk away from her. “No!” he yelled as he was fighting his heart from becoming soft.

Cheyenne met the other women to work out she was tired. The other women noticed how bad she looked.

“Cheyenne what is happening to you?”

“Hank is happening to me, it’s like he can’t get enough sex lately.” She told them.

“Your complaining I have tried seducing Saunders no luck, and forget Roger I think he has gone celibate.” Gloria told her.

“I got Saunders last week.” Lindsey told them.

“Anyone get Roger?”Gloria asked.

They all answered no.” but I saw him with a girl two weeks ago who looked just like Cheyenne.” Alicia told them.

“Let’s stop gossiping and start working out.” Cheyenne told them feeling even more agitated because of her deep feelings for Roger.

The women worked out for hours unaware that Hank left with out telling anyone. As Gore warrior drove down the street when he spotted a woman walking down the road he stopped next to her.” need a ride?” he asked her smiling.

“Why yes thank you,” she told him getting in the car.” I am just going into town.” She told him.

“That’s nice.” he said not paying attention to her as he turned the car into the woods.

“Hey what are you doing?” she asked trying to open the car but he had locked them with his magic.

He came to an area where he stopped and slapped the woman.

” Don’t you know you shouldn’t ride with strangers?” he asked in a deep demonic voice.

The woman was too scared to even scream. Gore warrior got out of the car stepping out of Hanks body and freezing him in place. He then dragged the woman out of the car; he raped her savagely as he kept repeating he did love her! He bit into the woman’s throat with green glazing eyes. He feasted upon her body until he was full and his anger had calmed down.

Gore warrior stepped back into Hanks body then drove back to the house where he saw Cheyenne sitting on the bench swing. As he got out of the car she smiled at him as she was happy to see him. I am in love with her, just as they think I am. He thought to himself as he walked up to where she was sitting. “Did you enjoy your work out?” he asked her giving her a kiss on her lips.

“Yes I did.” She told him.

“Let’s go out tonight Cheyenne.” He said needing to be away from the house and having her alone to himself.

“That sounds good to me Hank.” I will go shower and get ready.” She told him as she hurried upstairs.

As Cheyenne showered she was happy to be going out. she picked out a red dress that was sleeveless , cut low exposing most of her bust, the back was cut down to the top of her buttocks, the sides were cut out in round circles showing her flesh. She put on make up out lining her red lips in a deeper red. She wore her hair up on top of her head with tiny diamond earrings. She picked out a three piece black suit for Hank to wear out. That night they went to dinner where Gore warrior plied her with Champagne. Cheyenne was getting very drunk as he kept insisting on her to drink. When they were leaving the restaurant he had to carry her to the car. A drunken witch he thought to himself. He looked at her body as he placed her in the car.” we’re going to have fun tonight Cheyenne.” He told her.

Cheyenne looked at him with one eye opened as she slurred her words.” Ok letsh have fun.” She said waving her hands about.

Gore warrior turned into a graveyard instead of taking her home. Once inside of the mausoleum he ripped her clothes off her. Seeing she was so drunk, he stepped out of Hanks body sticking him up against the wall frozen still. As he turned back to the drunken naked Cheyenne grabbing her by the head of hair he had her perform oral sex on him. ”Ah Cheyenne.” He said laying her on a tomb on her back and then he entered her.” Look at me Cheyenne.” He ordered her as he rammed her body with his.” Look at me and know I am your master and you’re my queen!” he said as his eyes glowed green.

“you’re my master and I am your queen?” she slurred looking at his face.” what pretty eyes you have.” She said touching his face as he kissed her fingers.

“Cheyenne cry out my name Gore warrior!” he said sucking her breast.

“Gore warrior!” she said as he ravished her body.

“Tell me you’re my queen.” he ordered her.

Cheyenne aroused by Gore warrior. Remembering the passion they shared between them when she had been abducted.” I am your queen Gore warrior.” She said as she began to become more alive. “I want you Gore warrior, I belong to you forever.” She told him as she began to straddle him taking him deep with in her.

“Do you want to conceive my son Cheyenne?” he asked her as he kissed her breast and lips.

“Yes, I want our son.” She told him as they climaxed together. Gore warrior was his demonic self when he planted his seed deep with in her.

When he finished with her, he stepped back into Hanks body as Cheyenne vomited into the ground. As she was falling to sleep he whispered in her ear.” Anything you recall tomorrow was just a dream.” He said as she slept next to him. “Tonight you sealed our union with your own words out of your mouth.” He said as he watched her sleep for tonight their union was sealed in a UN holy union.

That morning Cheyenne woke up not knowing where she was, ”oh my head it hurts so much.” She said holding her head.

Gore warrior touched her shoulder.” Guess you have a bad hang over this morning.’ He told her.” you were wild last night.” He told her.

Cheyenne was squinting her eyes as she tried looking around the room.” Where are we?” she asked laying her head back on the pillow.

“You had me stop at a motel where you ripped your clothes off and attacked me.” He told her seeing if she recalled anything.

“I attacked you?” she asked him.

“Yes you raped me to be exact.” He said smiling knowing the truth” you actually made me to let you give me oral sex that is how drunk you were.” he told her feeding her more of the lie to her.

“I am sorry if I was out of control last night.” She told him feeling really bothered by what she had heard about how she acted in the room.

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