tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 08

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 08


Once Hank was gone from the house Gore warrior read the deed learning where she was. He began laughing because he would be there before Hank when he heard Cheyenne summons him.” why is she sending for me?” he asked himself as he vanished.

Gore warrior materialized in Cheyenne’s bedroom at the other house. “Why are you summoning me Cheyenne?” he asked looking at her lying so beautiful in the bed.

“Are you not my master? Am I not your queen? Do we not share a son together who is in my stomach growing into a great warrior?” she asked looking seductively to throw him off track so that the others who were waiting to help destroy him.”

“You remember our union then?” he said going to the bed to where she laid.

“Yes Gore warrior I remember how you tricked me into being your queen.” She told him smiling up at him.

“Then you know you belong to me now and will serve me as your master.” He said lying next to her rubbing her stomach where their child laid protected from harm.

“Yes I do know.” She told him as she got out of the bed.

“Come back here and pleasure me now.” He ordered.

“No I do not feel like having your hands touching me ever again.” She told him turning to face him seeing the confusion on his face turning to anger as he realized she was going to blow him up when she doubled over grabbing her stomach in severe pain she dropped to her knees.” Oh my God my son! What is happening? “She asked as the pain became so severe she was crying.” Help me somebody, help me!” she yelled out as the pain was intolerable.

Gore warrior out of fear of losing his child’s life picked Cheyenne up in his arms laying her on the bed.

” No this cannot be happening not now.” he said as Cheyenne laid in a ball on the bed with sever stomach cramps.

“Get Aggatha quickly or our son will parish.” She said crying, as the pain was intolerable.

Aggatha came to Cheyenne seeing her in pain she vanished to bring the doctor back. In a matter of minutes the doctor was there beside her.” Here drink this potion it will stop the pain. Gore warrior please leave the room.” She asked.

“No not when my son’s life is in jeopardy.” He said.

“Your presence is upsetting Cheyenne which is causing the pain.” The doctor told him.

Gore warrior left the room as the three began to whisper so he could not hear them.” The child is keeping you from killing his father. His death will have to wait until the child is born or loose the child.” The doctor told her.

Fredrick stood beside her bed.” it will have to wait since you’re the only one powerful enough to destroy him.” He told her sadly.

Aggatha tell Gore warrior to come here Fredrick disappear. ” Cheyenne said as the pain was easing.

“How is our son?” he asked her.

“Fine and if you want him to stay that way you must leave me alone until his birth, that means I do not want you anywhere around me .” she told him.

This angered Gore warrior as he grabbed her throat to strangle her.

” Do not try and keep me from my son or I will kill you.” He told her looking more of a demon now then ever before.

Cheyenne sent him into the wall so hard with one swipe of her hand.” do not fuck with me Gore warrior or I will forget you are my son’s father. As far as any union you tricked me by getting me drunk and I do not recognize it.” She told him as he picked himself up off the floor.

“Your mine and you will be coming with me when our son is born.” He told her looking at her,” I will leave but the day of the birth I will return.” He said as he vanished from the house.

Cheyenne lay in the bed rubbing her stomach.” why must you keep me from destroying him my child? He will only destroy us and all that is good.” She said as she rubbed her stomach as Fredrick appeared beside her bed.” Fredrick why is the child protecting Gore warrior?” she asked her new comrade.

“Do not forget Cheyenne not only are you carrying a child that is part of you but of Gore warrior as well and that makes him warlock & demon.” He smiled as he looked at Cheyenne laying there so lovely just as her mother had many years ago.” it almost saddens me to look at you for you are your mothers image.” He told her becoming misty eyed.

“You loved her didn’t you?” She asked him seeing for the first time softness about Fredrick.

“We were lover’s Cheyenne and she became pregnant with my child, we were going to leave but then greed and power possessed me and I chose the dark side. Your mother could not give up her belief in the good she worked so hard for. So we went our own way. She met Murk shadow and he took her with the child as his. Your mother Charmelmystic named our daughter Mystic shadow after her and him. Mean while I became more evil with more power and went back to claim what was mine. Of course, she denied me and even tried to fight me, but out of anger I blasted her and the others killing them on the spot, they had placed their children and my daughter somewhere that I could not find them for protection, but I found them. I tried to destroy them, but it was I who was destroyed by my own man.” he looked at her waiting for a response from her.

“You’re my father , you raped me, you gave me to Gore warrior that night and you dare stand in front of me now?!” she asked feeling the anger grow inside of her.” I should send you to a place so barren for the rest of eternity. Why did you do that to me for?” she asked as tears ran down her face.

Fredrick looked at her seeing the pain but she had to know.” I had become mad Cheyenne remember I went completely demonic mating with ones family member was not uncommon, just unholy.” he told her.” you have my blood flowing through your body which makes you the powerful witch you are today. Just use it the right way and don’t give into the temptations of more power that will come your way.”

Cheyenne in total disbelief.” I find out I am bound to Gore warrior, carrying his child, I find out you are my father, what is going to come next?” she asked

“Aggatha is your grandmother." He told her.” she came with me as she watched me slaughter my whole family but she worked for me to keep me from you and I never knew for a moment she was a traitor, spy whatever you want to call her.” He explained to her as he floated from window to window.

Through her tears she looked at him.” anything else that has been hidden from me?” she asked afraid to hear if there was.

“No Cheyenne just use your knowledge to work for you for both of your parents were very powerful warriors as well as your stepfather.” He told her regretting the choices he had made in life.

Aggatha came to the door seeing Cheyenne crying.” you told her everything didn’t you Fredrick?” she asked him. “In death you become righteous?” She asked disgusted by him. ”someone wishes to see you Cheyenne.”

“Who wants to see me?” she asked as she wiped her eyes.

“I do Cheyenne, I want to see you.” Hank said standing in the door way.

Cheyenne looked at Hank.” Why so you may burn us at the stakes?” she asked him as her mind reeled with mixed emotions.

“I have regretted telling you that Cheyenne. I came here to tell you that I love you and want to raise the child as mine.” He told her coming to the bed.” I can’t live without you Cheyenne you’re my world without you in it, it does not revolve.” He told her sitting on the bed next to her kissing her hand.

Cheyenne began laughing. ”History is repeating it self father.” She told Frederick.

“Who are you talking to Cheyenne?” he asked as he could not see Frederick standing there as he was ghost.

“Show your self to him father.” She told Frederick.

When Hank saw Frederick standing there he was shocked.” He is your father?” he asked in disbelief.

“Oh there’s more I just found out, Aggatha is my grandmother, and Gore warrior is my child’s father and I am bound to him in a UN holy union. And our marriage is not recognized in the supernatural world.” She told him breaking down into tears.

He took her in his arms holding her.” you’re my wife no matter who recognizes it. You and I are bound in holy union and I am not leaving.” He told her as she cried in his arms.

“My child will not let me destroy his father. “ She told him crying in his arms as a child.

“Cheyenne you must pull your self together in order for this to work out or history will repeat itself completely.” Frederick told her.

“I know, I know and I will.” She told him rolling her eyes at him.

“Until we get things cleared up with Gore warrior Hank you should sleep in another room so we do not infuriate him any more since he has claimed Cheyenne as his.” Aggatha told him.

“I will do what ever it takes, just as long as Cheyenne loves me.” He told her.

“I love you Hank.” She told him. ”oh one more thing my real name is Mystic Shadow.” She told him.

“I will stick with the name Cheyenne.” he said as he kissed her.

“I will show you to your room.” Aggatha told him.

That night as Cheyenne slept soundly Gore warrior stood over her. He had silver dusk standing next to him, his female seductress that he used for his pleasures. “Make your self look like Cheyenne go to the mortal Hanks room and seduce him, then in time you will talk him into giving his soul to us.” He said smiling at her.

Silver dusk walked quietly to Hanks room where he slept in his bed, she slid into the bed next to him as she began to kiss him so lightly, and Hank woke up seeing Cheyenne next to him.” Cheyenne should you be in here?” he asked as she slid her hand into his pajama bottoms.” I need love Hank.” She told him as she felt him responding to her touch. She slid the night gown off of her then straddled him as she began to ride him slowly; he kissed her lips, as he caressed her breast. As she began to get him to get more into the seduction she cast a spell over him and turned back into her natural form of long black hair, blue eyes, her body was voluptuous and he was falling more into the spell deeper and deeper as his passion grew.” Give your soul to me to own Hank and you can have me forever.” She said rubbing her breast as he was being drained from her.

Before Hank could answer Fredrick appeared breaking her spell.

” Hank come out of it or you will be doomed”. Fredrick’s voice boomed startling Hank.

“what the hell?” he asked knocking the woman to the ground where she vanished.” who was that?” Hank asked jumping out of bed.

“Gore warrior knows you’re here and that is his mistress she was going to have your soul if I hadn’t stopped you two.” Frederick told him.” Go to Cheyenne I am sure Gore warrior is there.”

Hank ran to the room where he found Gore warrior standing over Cheyenne.” get away from her!” he yelled

Cheyenne woke up seeing him by her bed using her powers sent Gore warrior out the window.

Hank explained to her about the woman and Frederick saving him in time. Cheyenne knew they would have to go where he and the others would be safe. She had Hank stay in her room that night to protect him from what ever else Gore warrior had planned for him.

Aggatha and Frederick convinced Cheyenne where ever she goes he’ll find her. They arranged for each one to take turns watching over the others while they slept when they were the most vulnerable.

“Six months later…”

“I am so huge!” Cheyenne said looking at herself in the mirror wearing a blue jean maternity dress. Her stomach was protruding, her hair turned back to dark brown.” I can not wait to have this child or the Good Year blimp is going to be jealous.” She joked with Tammy.

“Cheyenne what are we going to do when the time comes?” she asked fearful of the out come after the child’s birth.

“We are going to pray everything comes out ok for all of us.” She told her looking very serious when she noticed Gina listening at the door.” Gina what are you doing?” she asked the young girl.

“Nothing Cheyenne, I was just standing here! Everyone only cares about that stupid baby!” she said looking at her stomach with such an evil look.

“We care about you too Gina.” She told her walking up to her and pinching her cheek.

Not thinking.” I can’t wait until we are together with my daddy.” She said smiling up at Cheyenne.

“Your daddy?” Cheyenne asked the young girl wondering what she meant.

“Yes he is my daddy too not just the dumb baby’s.” She told Cheyenne hating the child she was carrying and then went flying into the wall so hard it knocked her unconscious.

“Who did that?” Tammy asked looking around.

“I think the baby did, I felt it kick when she went flying.” Cheyenne told her as she tried to help to revive the child.

That night as everyone slept Cheyenne snuck down to the kitchen where she found a package of raw liver. She was licking her lips as she removed it and placed it on a plate. As she sat down at the table she grabbed the meat with her hands as she began to devour it. Suddenly Aggatha knocked it out of her hand.” Stop it Cheyenne! You have to fight those cravings! The cravings are a demonic nature to eat raw bloody meat.” She told her holding her shoulders.

Cheyenne began to cry. ” Maybe I should just go to him and give in Aggatha.” She said as she looked at the raw meat and couldn’t believe she was eating it.” What have I done to all of us?” she cried feeling so lost and weak from her pregnancy.

Aggatha looked so sad remembering when her own daughter went through this.” The baby will come out like us my dear you will see.”

Aggatha told her with a smile hoping to convince Cheyenne that everything would work out, but she also tried to convince her self.

Cheyenne went back to her room she heard Gina talking to someone, she opened the door to find Gore warrior sitting on her bed.” get away from her!” she ordered him.” You were told not to come back here ever again!” she yelled as a hard wind began to blow in the room, Cheyenne feeling her anger rage and threw a lightening bolt at him.

Gore warrior moved out of its path before it could hit him.” Stop or I will kill your mortal husband who you have been keeping house with here!” he yelled.” My daughter keeps me well informed on you Mystic Shadow.” He told her calling her by her birth name from her parents.

“You little traitor!” Cheyenne snarled at the child who hid behind Gore warrior from Cheyenne’s Wrath that she had never seen before.

“You enjoy your time with the mortal one, but just remember the day the child is born you are coming with me where we are going to rule the Dark Side.” He told her as his eyes glowed.

Cheyenne stood there looking at him when Gina stepped out from behind him looking at him.” I am the Princess of Darkness I am the one who will rule the Dark Side not you and Cheyenne.” She told him.

He looked at the child angrily.” Now that the Prince of darkness is coming into the world you will be his servant and that’s all.” He told her pushing her to the ground.

Gina became outraged as she looked at Cheyenne’s stomach as she grabbed a pair of scissors running at Cheyenne to stab her in order to kill the baby when Gore warrior made the girl rise into the air then placing her in his hand by holding her up by the neck.” I will kill you; you little bitch if you even go near him or my queen ever again.” He growled as his face turned demonic.

“Stop it let her go! She is just a child!”

” Cheyenne cried running to him to save Gina from him.

Gore warrior laughed awakening the whole house.” As you wish my queen.” He said dropping the child onto floor where she cried out from the pain.

“You bastard!” she yelled running to check on Gina.

Everyone was at the bedroom door the seven other women stood directly behind Cheyenne.

” Leave here now.” She ordered him as her face almost looked like stone and hate raged from her eyes.

Gore warrior vanished as Cheyenne held the child crying into her arms. “Someone needs to stay in here at night with her.”

Gloria took the child from Cheyenne.” I will stay Cheyenne.” She told her holding Gina in her arms.

That night Cheyenne dreamt she was in a grave yard, the fog was thick making it hard for her to see where she was walking when she felt hands coming out of the graves grabbing at her feet and legs trying to drag her in to them. Cheyenne was screaming as she tried to get away from them when she ran into Gore warrior.” Why do you fight everything Cheyenne?” he asked as he walked towards her.

“Stay away from me.” She told him as she tried using her magic to make him disappear.

“It doesn’t work here in the dream world Cheyenne we are both with out the use of our magic here.” He said pulling her up to his strong masculine body as he touched her stomach with his hand.” You know I will not let you raise him without being by my side,” he told her looking into her eyes.

“I don’t love you Gore warrior why would I want to spend eternity with you?” She asked him, his face was only from hers.

“You would learn to love me as you love the son we made together.” He told her almost in a whisper close to her ear.” I brought you here to talk to you my love.” He said kissing her neck softly.

“No Gore warrior stop it!” she pleaded knowing she was helpless against him.

“Our son wants us together do you not care what he wants?” he asked her as he pressed his body up against hers rubbing his hands along her back. He could feel she was fighting the temptation of his touch.

“Stop Gore warrior you will hurt the child inside of me.” She pleaded wishing she could wake up.

He caressed her breast, his lips softly kissing her neck, to her breast, taking her to the ground with him; he had her on top of him as he made love to her. He broke through her resistance to him. Giving into the temptation and lust, he made her feel.

After they were finished he smiled up at her.” We will be so powerful together Mystic Shadow.

“No I will not go with you Gore warrior.” She told him firmly.

“Then you will live without our son Mystic Shadow.” He said pushing her down on the ground where the hands began to grab at her pulling her down into the graves as he laughed at her screams. Hank was shaking Cheyenne trying to get her to wake up as she was screaming in her sleep. “Baby wake up it’s a dream.” He was telling her as everyone ran into her room.

“He has her in the dream world where she is helpless I have to go save her.” Aggatha told them just as Tammy threw cold water from a pitcher on her forcing Cheyenne out of her sleep.

“I should have thought of that one.” Aggatha said.

Cheyenne shot up in the bed soaked from the pitcher of water gasping for air as she looked around the room as everyone watched fearing for her safety. ” He had me in the dream world where our powers were non existent, he tried to seduce me and succeeded, I was helpless to his advances, the temptation and lust!” she cried.

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