tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 11

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 11


Cheyenne, Roger and Saunders walked in where the first victim was killed it was Gina's teacher's house. As she walked in the living room where it happened a vision came to her she could see the teacher and him coaching one of his students to remove her clothing, but she could not visualize on the student nor could she hear her name when he said it. She could see he was having sexual relations with someone but not the person, she saw the knife plunging into his heart killing him but not the one doing the killing.

"I don't understand why couldn't I see the person who did this?' she asked herself a loud." it as if I was blinded to the person capable of killing, but felt the power and gratification they received from it and nothing else."

"Well let's try another one." Roger said to her.

They went to the where Gore warrior first made his appearance and she felt that he had been there. She even saw when he grabbed the person's ankle but again not the killer. She walked into the bathroom where all she could see was a melting face in the mirror. "Gore warrior you were here but why?" she asked looking at the mirror when she started to see his image coming into the mirror.

"What connections do you have to this murder?" she asked him.

He smiled then faded away. "Damn it!" she said knowing he was here that night. When she walked back into the room with Roger and Saunders she saw the man's body lying on the floor as it had been the night of the murder, no one else in the room saw it but her. Realizing she was reliving that night. Gore warrior was here. She thought to her self, she felt him. As she walked past the man he grabbed her ankle, Cheyenne began to scream it felt so real. She knew Gore warrior had jumped into the murdered mans body but why? She heard him screaming at her." You bitch! So your glad I am dead!" she was trying to get away as she felt herself being dragged closer to him. Roger and Saunders stood looking at her, not knowing what was happening to her. Finally she broke loose of his grip and ran outside looking both ways not sure where to run for safety. Cheyenne finally snapped out of the spell that she had her re-live that night of the murder. Roger and Saunders ran to her.

"What just happened in there Cheyenne?" Roger asked her looking at her as if she saw a ghost.

" Gore warrior was there, he knows the murderer, he was angry with her for being glad he was dead, he projected himself into the dead man's body and grabbed her ankle as he yelled at her, she broke away running outside but was confused as to which way to go then I came out of the vision. I re-lived it as if I was her." She told them as she was a bit shaken by tonight.

Roger got a call on the police radio another victim was found a truck driver." Are you up to going?" he asked Cheyenne worried at how she was being effected by the murder scene.

"Yes, is the victim still there?" she asked thinking perhaps she could get a better vision of the perpetrator.

"Yes they have not touched anything." He told her.

They drove out to where the murder had just happened a few hour's ago. Cheyenne touched the truck, she saw him talking to a red haired woman, while he was on the stretcher in the body bag Cheyenne opened the bag and touched his hand. The woman was in a sexual frenzy slashing him repeatedly as she was having an orgasm. "She is very sick and demented, these are sex killings, its how she gets her thrills and she actually gets energy from it." Cheyenne described the woman to Saunders, they even pulled up a set of finger prints and red hair from inside the truck. Cheyenne never saw her in her demonic form just as the dead woman. Roger took Cheyenne home while they went back to run the prints. Cheyenne went into her room since everyone else was either out or in bed. She took a deep breath maybe I can call on Gore warrior in the dream world and he will answer my questions she thought to herself. "Gore warrior I call for you to come before me." She said aloud. She waited for a few more minutes but nothing. "Gore warrior please I need to talk to you." She said in an almost pleading voice. Still he did not come to her. Not realizing she had fallen a sleep. she began to dream again of the dark room and there was Gore warrior waiting for her." What do you want from me Mystic Shadow?" he asked as he stood with his arms folded he had on a white T shirt and blue jeans that fit him tight, the shirt out lining his muscular physic.

"You know who murdered that man and why were you there?" she asked him.

"I am not telling you anything, you betrayed me and now you want my help? When you decide to take the place beside me then I will help you all you want."

"Your dead, do you want me to kill myself to be with you?" she asked.

"You should know Mystic Shadow you cannot kill an immortal," he told her as he walked away from her and into the black clouds with the lightening bolts striking all around them.

Cheyenne was being shaken a wake by Roger. "What is it Roger?" she asked trying to come fully a wake.

"We got a match on those prints; they belong to a woman who has been dead for over ten years." He told her as she sat up in bed." Do you think it's a demon?" he asked.

"I will try to find out." She told him as she got out of bed. "I need the woman's name." she told him getting out of bed in her long white silk nightgown.

Roger looked at Cheyenne feeling sad and lonely. "You look just as you did fifteen years ago, some of us are aging and feeling our ages." He told her.

"If I had my choice in this I would have chosen to grow old with You. Instead I will live an eternity lonely." She told him not realizing what she had told him looking depressed by her thought.

Roger smiled realizing it was a slip of the tongue because she was still tired. He knew now she did love him. His hands began to shake knowing she loved him after all. "Her name is Sarah Diego she was murdered ten years ago by her abusive husband." He told her showing her the picture and not letting her know she just gave him the secret of her heart.

Cheyenne had a vision of a person using her image right down to every detail of this woman." it has to be an evil witch because my vision of her has been blocked from being able to identify her." She told him. "If we can catch her while she is using the woman's identity literally speaking then I would be able to drag her out and vanquish her." She told him trying to wake up.

"I will let you go back to sleep Cheyenne." he told her as she looked extremely tired.

"Thanks I don't know why I can't wake up, it's like I took a sleeping pill and I didn't." she said falling back onto the bed. She fell to sleep instantly. Roger covered her up before he left the room.

Cheyenne found herself back in the room, she saw cracks in the floor opening up filled with lightening bolts coming up at her. Cheyenne had to jump over the cracks so they could not hit her." Stop it Gore warrior! Stop it!" she yelled out as she saw him walk out of the clouds.

"I did not do this!" He said looking around at the ground seeing it was ready to cave in with Cheyenne, running to her he picked her up in his arms as she wrapped her arms around his neck." someone wants you dead very badly." He told her as they looked into each others eyes.

" You know why you can not get me out of your thoughts? The same as I can not get you out of mine our blood mixed making us joined together for eternity." He said holding her hand up showing her the scar on their hands as he held her tighter in his arms.

"You were destroyed. You're just a spirit now." She told him feeling his face so close to her lips, his lip's almost touching hers. She fought hard to fight his spell he had on her.

"only my shell you destroyed, unlike Fredrick I am your real demon, and you sent me to this place of no where except lightening and clouds to watch the souls come in." he said then kissing her lips.

Cheyenne tried to pull away from him, he was to strong for her to stop him finally he stopped as she looked in his eyes." let me go Gore warrior please." She asked him.

"All you have to do is wake up and you will be away from me, unless you really don't want to wake up that is." He said kissing her again then Cheyenne woke her self up touching her lips as she could still feel his lips as if they were still on hers.

About that time Fredrick came popping in to her room." I got some news on Gore warrior, the council of darkness has doomed him to 100 years of solitude or until he destroys you. Because he lost the battle to you that day. You know your wedding day." He said taunting her slightly.

"He could have let me been electrocuted tonight but saved me." She told Fredrick.

"I guess he is getting soft." He told her shrugging his shoulders.

So he cannot come into the world, but he did the other night." She said looking seriously at Fredrick.

"His spirit can come, but he can't do anything to anyone." He told her. "Unless of course he projects himself into a body," he told her looking worried. "But it won't last long; he is not allowed to dwell in human form." He told her trying to convince him self that Gore warrior was helpless.

"Thanks for the information Frederick. I need to get some sleep though." She told him.

'that's ok I got a hot date with twin sisters tonight." He told her disappearing.

Cheyenne smiled as she thought of him the Romeo of the ghost world. She lay in her bed wondering why he saved her when he could have released himself from his hell.

Gore warrior's spirit appeared in Gina's room he knew she was the one trying to destroy Cheyenne. that she was able to gain her powers through sex and killing her victim like the black widow spider, He pulled the sheet back exposing her nude body. Gore warrior raised his hands over her body watching as she began to glow brighter while her powers were entering him.

"No! "She yelled." who has stolen my powers?" she demanded to know when she looked into the mirror where Gore warrior was laughing at her.

He knew I tried to kill Cheyenne to make it look like him and this is his way of punishing me. Damn it she thought to herself as her powers were almost diminished." I will leave her alone! Just leave me alone please." She begged him.

Gore warrior learned he could do things to people in his spirit form, now that he collected her powers he could do more. Smiling at his new found knowledge decided to cause some chaos among the mortals. He began raping women while they slept in their beds next to their husbands; too afraid to say anything because they could not see anything they questioned their mental stability. If two men were standing in an elevator he would touch one of the men's buttocks causing them to fist fight. He waited for Hanks return home from camping before he would cause problems there.

The first night home Cheyenne and Hank made love to each other as Gore warrior watched with out their knowledge of him being in the room. After they had fallen to sleep Gore warrior crept under the covers performing oral sex on Cheyenne as she slept. Cheyenne was moaning in her sleep waking Hank as he watched his wife having sex in her sleep only when she came to an orgasm did she wake up seeing Hank looking at her curiously.

"What just happened to you Cheyenne?" he asked wanting to know why she just experienced a sexual moment.

"I don't know, I guess I was dreaming of you." She said trying to figure out what had just happened since she was not even dreaming.

"Were you dreaming of me or was it of your lover Gore warrior!?" he asked as he had never seen her body come so alive before, so sensual. He knew it was Gore warrior.

"What are you crazy? Gore warrior, my lover?" I killed him why would I have killed him if he was my lover? I haven't killed you!" she yelled at him not believing what she was hearing.

"You told me you loved him, you told me you had sex with him!" he yelled as he got out of their bed.

"I also told you that I have had sexual contact with other demons or warlocks to vanquish them are they my lovers too?" she asked feeling rage build within her.

"No I guess it makes you a murderous whore." He said as he stormed out of the room.

Gore warrior was very pleased with the chaos he just caused between Cheyenne and Hank. Keep up with those words soon she'll be back in my arms where she will stay for eternity. He thought to himself as he watched the whole fight being undetected by Cheyenne.

Now he knew that not even the witches could detect his presence.

Cheyenne sat there not moving or saying a word as the words Hank cut into her heart like a knife. Cheyenne got out of bed using her magic she dressed her self looking around the room a tear rolled slowly down her face. She appeared in Aggatha's room.

For only a second did her tear affect Gore warrior emotionally, he actually experienced a moment of guilt.

"I am going away for a while watch my son and Gina." She told the woman.

"Where are you going? "Aggatha asked her feeling something was wrong.

I have an assignment." She said avoiding Aggatha's eyes.

"I didn't get any orders from the council." She told Cheyenne.

Cheyenne just looked at the woman with the saddest look Aggatha had ever seen on her face then she vanished.

Cheyenne appeared in her bed room at the manor where it was cold and lonely. Just the way she was feeling at the moment. She walked to the window to look out at the night so still and beautiful with the stars sparkling. Tears rolled down her face." I did not ask for this role in my life, but it was given to me. I do my work no matter how I have to do it even if it means sleeping with the one I am suppose to kill. So yes then I guess I am a murderous whore!" she said to herself as she cried to the heavens when a bright light appeared in the room. It was an elderly man dressed in a white long robe with long white hair and a white beard that touched his stomach.

"Who are you? She asked through her tears.

"I am from the council my name is Ezekiel. Do not let tonight distract you from your work Cheyenne you are needed to do this work with out you we would be in a world of trouble." He told her.

" You have gone through this for almost sixteen years, remember true love does hurt, does not speak with hurtful words. Is not jealous, You have not completed you destiny and you will know when you have finally achieved true harmony with your mate." He told her in such a kind voice." but do be aware there is an entity out there causing chaos amongst the mortals raping women, causing fights between men in public places and we cannot locate who or what it is." He told her. "Rest my child you have a battle coming up soon." He told her as he vanished.

Cheyenne sat at the window for hours as she watched the sun rising in the sky it made everything so different looking. The seven other women appeared behind her.

"So you think you can just go on Vacation with out us?" Alicia asked her.

"Don't you know how to knock?" Cheyenne asked them.

"Knock- knock "Patty said as she sat in the air." What is going on Cheyenne?" she asked as the other's sat floating sitting crossed legged.

"Hank and I had a fight because I had an orgasm in my sleep, he accused me of thinking of my lover Gore warrior, he called me a murderous whore and here I am." She told them as Gloria materialized hot cup's of coffee.

"I am glad I am not married to a mortal or anything because there are things we have to do to accomplish what has to be done. Not that it's right, but it's how we have to work it." Cathy said.

"Saunders has been asking questions lately too like a jealous husband." Lindsey told them.

"Maybe in our work we are not meant to be married or attached to anyone or anything." Cheyenne told them.

"Your not serious Cheyenne, you love Hank with all of your heart." Margaret told her not believing what she heard.

"I am serious, I am thinking of asking for a divorce so he can have some what of a normal life while he is still on earth." Cheyenne told them as the women sat silent not wanting to accept that there could possibly be no more Hank and Cheyenne.

"Don't decide until you talk to Hank it's only fair." Gloria told her.

Cheyenne looked at her with tear filled eyes. "is it fair that he is married to a witch? who bore a powerful demons child, who is bonded to this demon for eternity?" she asked as she held her hand up showing them the scar on her hand. " and yes who at one time had feeling's for this demon? " She asked them crying.

"Do you still have feelings for him Cheyenne?" Tammy asked her.

Cheyenne looked up at the ceiling closing her eyes as the tears came.

" I fight any feelings I had because I know it would be my own destruction and everyone else's along with it. "She cried into her hands.

" I know its some spell he has on me and I fight it like hell! I know he is not the one who has branded my heart." She blurted out to the other witches as tears streaked her face. "I will never be able to hold him ever again, to let him know that I have not stopped loving him. I made a commitment to Hank who say's hurtful words to me. "she said wiping her tears away with both hands. "sometimes I think I should go and surrender to Gore warrior." She told them trying to pull her self together.

The witches were not aware that Gore warrior was there listening to everything being said he smiled to himself knowing he was causing the destruction he wanted to happen between Hank and Cheyenne, but who owned her heart if not him self?

"You still love Roger." Cathy told her.

"Yes with all my heart and soul. I have known since my so-called wedding night to Gore warrior, it was Roger's voice I heard calling to me breaking the spell. I love him and can never be with him because I made a promise to make it work with Hank." She told them the truth crying.

The seven witches felt shocked at the news of her unconditional love for Roger. They were not sure how to react to it.

Tammy looked at Cheyenne. "Roger loves you and you love him, is it fair that you have made him live with out you? "she asked Cheyenne." To make him finish his life here on earth, with out his soul mate?" she asked putting her arm around Cheyenne's shoulder. "Never to know that his love is being returned by the woman he has devoted his life too?" Tammy asked Cheyenne holding her now tightly as she cried hysterically.

Cheyenne looked at her and then the six other witches. "What have I done?" she asked them through her tear-filled eyes.

Cathy stood in front of the two witches.

"It's time to get your life in order. You can't run away from it." She told her gently.

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