tagErotic HorrorSeduced By An Entity Ch. 21

Seduced By An Entity Ch. 21


Warriors, witches, warlocks of the White Light from every corner of the world all showed up at the castle for the engagement party of Mystic caster and Lightening caster, the seven witches and Mystic Shadow picked the largest room in the castle turning it into the ball room. Fredrick hardly ever came to it when he was alive so it normally just sat abandoned. Everyone looked so elegant in their gowns and jewels. The happy couple waltzed most of the evening.

Murk caster stood before everyone getting their attention.

“I am proud to announce the official engagement of Mystic caster and Lightening caster.” He announced over a micro phone.

Everyone applauded the happy couple even Fredrick who was accompanied by a very pretty blond who was killed in a plane crash.

Once everyone returned home they were informed of a witch who seduced men to their death’s by transforming into a were wolf. She would choose men who were homely with low self-esteems. The warriors with Mystic Shadow watched from a large screen television as Brandy began her game of hunt for her prey.

Brandy a beautiful red head, her body in perfect shape, she had large rounded breast and wore tight fitting clothes showing her cleavage guaranteeing a successful hunt. She visited a bar in New York wearing a tight low cut black dress, black spiked heels. She quickly spotted a man who was obese watching all the women; walking up to him she stood very close to him so he would have to look at her cleavage. She placed her hand on his arm.

“Excuse me is this seat taken?” She asked him smiling up at him.

“Please sit down.” he said looking right at her cleavage.

“Thank you.” she said as she purposely had her breast graze his arm.

“Can I buy you a drink?” he asked looking her body up and down.

“Yes thank you.” She told him smiling as she turned slightly towards him crossing her legs.” why is a handsome man as your self here all alone?” she asked him looking seductively. This won’t take long he probably hasn’t had a woman in years. She thought to her self.

“Women aren’t interested in me.” He told her as he felt her hand rubbing his thigh.

“I Am.” she told him leaning closer to him, she placed her hand on the back of his neck bringing his face closer to hers and kissed him.

” would you dance with me? I am sorry, what is your name?” she asked rubbing his thigh and moving her hand up higher knowing he was becoming aroused.

“Fred and I’d love to dance with you.” He told her imagining her in bed with him.

He held her close as she wrapped her arms around his neck letting him touch her, caressing her ass. ”would you take me home?” she asked him looking seductive. “By the way I am Brandy you can drink me all night long.” She said licking her lips sensually and very slowly.

He hurried to get her back to his place, she teased him in the taxi rubbing his crotch and smiling at the cab driver looking in the mirror at her. She began blowing him kisses. He is a nice chunky size man she thought to herself of the cab driver looking seductively at him. I love dark meat too, she thought to herself smiling.

Once up stares she removed her clothes helping him to remove his. “Brandy needs to be filled up by Fred, she’s on empty.” She told him pushing him back on the bed and straddling him as he entered her. She moved her hips slowly.” I just want to feast on your body.” She told him as she got excited thinking about it with her eyes closed.

He thought he was sexually satisfying her as turned on as she was getting, not realizing she was getting turned on from thinking of the feast she would soon have. She was oblivious to him touching her breast or even having sex with her, she was getting into eating him. She began to move faster and wilder, he was so into the sex that he did not notice when she began to growl, her nails began to grow. She began to grow more hair on her body and face. The closer she was to climaxing the closer he was to being dinner. They both exploded into climaxes, she turned completely into a were wolf, killing him before he could scream out in terror when he saw the creature she had become. She ripped his body apart eating it until she was full. Turning back into the witch she showered there washing away his blood on her body. She took her time dressing since there wasn’t any screaming. She left the apartment walking down the street when the cab driver showed up.

“Need a ride? It’s on me.” He said smiling.

Brandy looked at the man smiling, tomorrow nights dinner she thought to herself. “Thank you I would love that.” She told him as she sat in front with him.

He looked at her body; he wanted to drive her hard.” What are you doing tonight?” he asked her hoping to take her home with him.

Smiling at him, ok breakfast she thought to her self. “Whatever you are doing tonight and in the morning.” she told him sliding across the seat feeling his arousal.” I love thick dark meat.” She told him licking his neck.

“Damn I can’t wait to get you home!” he told her as he was getting so turned on by her. Once at his house she began removing her clothes before they even got to the bedroom, she undressed him pushing him down on the bed.” Ride me mama!” he told her as she sat on top of him enjoying the sexual gratification now that she had been fed he was safe for the night.

After they had sexually satisfied each other she had heart burn.” Do you have anything for heart burn?’ she asked him.

“Sure do let me go get it.” He told her. “Ate something that didn’t agree with you?” he asked her coming back to the bed.

“Yes to much fat has that effect on me.” She told him smiling.

Brandy slept soundly in his bed with a full belly and being sexually satisfied by the man she would have for breakfast the next morning.

The eight witches could not get anything on this witch wolf, not that she would be any trouble to vanquish since her only powers were to transform into a were wolf , hunt her victims to kill, evidently she did not cause them any fear for Mystic Shadow to receive any type of visions.

Tammy and Margaret were whispering about Tammy and Rogers fling last night.” is he getting over her yet?” Margaret asked Tammy.

“No, and I don’t think he ever will.” She told her shooting a quick glance at Cheyenne.

.” Damn it!” She said to herself aloud,” I am going to find her if it is the last thing I do!” she told the women as she fumed. “Ok Cheyenne think like the detective that you once were. Tammy find out where the victim was last seen last night.” She told her as she stood in the middle of the room in her blue jeans, a long white T shirt, with just a pair of white socks, her long brown hair pulled up on her head held with a clip. Her finger nail was between her clinched teeth.

Tammy jumped when Cheyenne spoke thinking she had seen her glance at her. “I am on my way to New York.” She told her vanishing.

It wasn’t long before she returned. “ok, he was last seen leaving the local bar he hangs out in with a sexy red head, they both left in a taxi together.” She said looking at Mystic Shadow dressed so drab.” what is with the new fashion we have going here?” she asked her.” Being a house wife now?” she asked regretting those words coming out of her mouth, it made her sound so bitchy.

“I am tired of always dressing like a slut; don’t you get tired of the image?” She asked her with a fake smile.

“Ouch that hurt.” Gloria said under her breath who was dressed in a yellow summer dress and sandals.

“Is my dress style offensive Mystic Shadow?” she asked looking at her white low cut jeans, purple half shirt, and white sneakers.

“No it’s me; I am just going through something personal with in myself.” She told her.

“Can we help in any way?” Tammy asked “is it Hank?” she asked her not wanting to tread on to thin of ice with her.

Mystic Shadow sat down on the couch holding her head in her hands.” I just have something I need to deal with myself, no one can help me. No one.” She told her as tears filled her eyes. “I am going to New York alone.” She told them changing into her warrior uniform and vanishing with out another word.

Roger came down the stares.” where is Mystic Shadow?” he asked looking around.

“She went to New York, alone.” Tammy told him trying to cover the jealousy she felt.

“She was acting strange though, she was crying.” Margaret told him.

“Damn it! Where in New York?” he asked them.

“Why? Are you going to go running after her?” Tammy yelled at him feeling Jealous sitting on the couch.

Roger walked over to her, he leaned over her with his hands on the back of the couch.” you have no reason to be jealous! I was drunk and longed for someone. We were just bed buddies, but as of right now that no longer exist! Moreover, for your information Cheyenne’s adoptive father was killed by what they said looked like a fucking wolf! But how would you know since you were not there? I was though and will always be there for her no matter who doesn’t like it!” he told her.” Now that I got the information from your mind that I needed, good bye!” he told her vanishing.

“I didn’t know about her father. I have been jealous of her and Roger after that night they spent together in Florida. I mean she had all these men wanting her; I just became jealous of her. ” she said feeling lousy thinking he was just going to go to have sex with her.

“You better forget having anything with Roger, because only one woman has branded his heart and that woman is my wife.” Murkcaster told her knowing she was safe with him. It must be a hurtful time for her though; he has not called her Cheyenne in years. If I am not worried about them being alone then you haven’t any reason at all to be concerned.” He told Tammy. He knew when her father was murdered it was the toughest time in her life. ” And another thing he is the only man I don’t have a problem with being in love with my wife.” He told her as he went to the kitchen.

Tammy looked at Margaret full of guilt.” I didn’t know.” She said walking out of the house to be alone as tears filled her eyes.

Brandy woke up the next morning with the cab driver unaware that Mystic Shadow walked the streets of New York hunting for her. The cab driver rolled over touching her breast.” I think I want breakfast.” He said smiling at the gorgeous woman lying beside him.” I do too.” She told him deciding that she would just go for feeding since she was not in the mood for sex. Her eyes began to glow, fangs were growing from her mouth as her body began to transform into the wolf.

The cab driver jumping out of the bed in fear for his life tried to get out of the room. She leaped across the room from the bed jumping on his back, slashing at his flesh, ripping his back open as he let out a blood-curdling scream. She was biting into his flesh torturing him before the kill. Mystic Shadow appeared in the room grabbing her with such strength she flung her across the room standing between her and the victim who was still alive.

“come on you big bad wolf , come and get me!” she yelled at the creature when it leaped on Mystic Shadow clawing and biting into her flesh as it did to her father fifty five years ago. Mystic Shadow relived that day when Roger came to her house to tell her of her father’s murder, which was the day they first met. The wolf was all over Mystic Shadow. It was as if she could not fight off the creature as it was ripping and biting her flesh in a frenzy. Suddenly the wolf went flying and hit the wall as Roger stood in front of Mystic Shadow.” You might have killed her father, but I’ll be damned if you take her too!” he yelled at the wolf.

The wolf getting to its feet leaped at Roger as Mystic Shadow lay bleeding with her eyes closed, she did not move. He did not think she was breathing.

“No!” Mystic caster yelled raising her hand up blowing up the wolf before it could reach him.” please don’t let me be to late.” She said looking at her mother.

“Cheyenne why didn’t you defend yourself?” he asked holding her in his arms as her blood seeped from the wounds made by the wolf.

“I could only think about that day when I met you, it was the same day she killed my father, I saw her kill him and froze.” She told him with gashes on her face and entire body.” Help heal him.” She told Roger as her voice was low, almost a whisper

“What about you?” he asked her worried about her becoming so weak.

“I will take care of her uncle Roger.” Mystic caster told him.

“Save him.” Mystic Shadow told Roger.

He laid her down gently, he did not want to let go of her for fear of her slipping away.

Roger laid his hands on the man as he began to glow, Mystic caster chanted for his and her mothers healing laying her hands on her mother. The man had not one wound on him. Getting up off the floor he looked down at Mystic Shadow. ”man please save the brave lady! She took on that creature to save me!” the man yelled seeing his guardian angel lying on the floor so still and bloody

“I am.” He told him going back to her laying his hands on her with Mystic caster still nothing happened.” why isn’t it working?” he asked her.

Mystic caster crying touching her mothers hair softly “she’s gone Uncle Roger.” She told her leaning over kissing her mother on her forehead.” we don’t have the powers to bring her back. She told him lying across her mother crying.

The man began to cry hearing she did not make it after saving him.

” No God please! She is a good lady.” He cried looking out his window at the heavens.

“Aggatha does though.” Roger told her picking Mystic Shadow up in his arms looking down at her.” Cheyenne you’re coming back to me.” He told her with tears falling from his eyes onto her face. He looked down at the only woman he ever loved. She was his friend. Even though she knew him and forgave him for everything he had ever done to her, she was his friend and lover.

The man watched as the three of them vanished in front of him.” angels they are truly angels.” He told himself as he looked out the window hoping to catch a glimpse of his angels flying up to heaven.

Roger laid her on the couch yelling for Aggatha when everyone came running.” She’s dead! Bring her back before its too late!” he cried out to Aggatha who laid her hands on her grand daughter praying. Mystic Shadow glowed so brightly as her soul lay back down in her body, she had been dead for thirteen minutes.

“Let me heal these nasty wounds my sweet child.” Aggatha told her crying, they were almost to late in getting her back before the time would have ran out.

Murkcaster stood by Roger.” What happened?” he asked since she never lost a battle.

“She told me she froze remembering the day of her father, when the damned thing was leaping in through the air at me Mystic caster blew it up.” He told him still covered in her blood.

Murkcaster looked worried.” She has never frozen on any battle.” He told him.

“She has never had to battle the beast that killed her father either. She watched the whole attack in a vision; it must have sent her into shock. She snapped out of it to tell me to save the man.” He told Murk caster.

Mystic Shadow sat up on the couch with her wounds healed by Aggatha; she looked strangely as she glanced at everyone. “When I was dead my adoptive father met me telling it wasn’t time for me to come home yet.” She cried into her hand. “I begged him to let me stay!” He told me I had to come back!” She told them crying. “Someone else spoke to me.” She cried so hard curling up in a ball on the couch. “If I have always been a witch why didn’t I have my powers then to save him?” she asked Aggatha.

“The council kept your powers dormant to protect you from the dark side finding you until the time came when you would need them.” Aggatha explained.

Mystic Shadow quickly rose up off the couch standing up in front of her grandmother.” The council?! The council has cost me my father! Patty! All because they keep making decisions of what I can handle and can’t! Interfering with my powers, causing people I love to die!” she yelled as tears were falling down her face.

“Child stop you can not speak about them as you are.” She said frightened for what the council would do.

“The hell I can’t! You’re scared of them aren’t you?” she asked her grandmother. ”well watch this, I learned a lot from being dead.” she told them as her clothes turned into a long white gown made of chiffon that fit her body tightly, the cleavage was cut low to her belly button exposing a diamond belly ring, she had a silver slave bracelet around her bicep with a wolf’s face engraved into it. She had a sterling silver necklace with turquoise stones with matching bracelets on each wrist. Clear six inch spiked heels, her hair up in small ringlets with a thin silver headband around her forehead.

“Council I demand your appearance!” she yelled as she orders them, by her tone of voice, it was obvious she was agitated with them.

Twelve men appeared before her, their faces turned from anger to pure fear. “Yes your Highness how may we serve you?” they asked as they bowed to her.

Everyone looked surprised to see them act like they were in fear of their lives; this was something no one had ever seen before.

“Who has been running the white light, giving out orders and making up the rules?” she asked them with a look of contempt.

Their faces expressed the dread they were feeling.” We have your Highness.” They told her so humble.

She walked around them, her hands behind her back as if inspecting them. “Who is supposed to be giving orders, making decisions over everything?” she asked with raised eye brows.

“You are your Highness.” They replied standing straight and still.

“And at what age of my life was I to become High Priestess? “She asked now standing directly in front of them.

“At the age of twenty one your Highness.” They replied looking straight a head avoiding her eyes.

“That never happened due to your greed for power, ruling the warriors, the riches you enjoyed, and living in my palace was just too much for you to give up! After my real father Fredrick found out what you were doing when my parents were the High priest and priestess he confronted you alone and you then vanquished him! This led him to turn to the dark side where they made him whole again! You dealt with the Dark side to destroy the white light! He was evil and you twelve, the so-called council erased his memory of your betrayal of the white light, the love he had for my mother; you even arranged where he would kill her with the help of the Dark side. She chose death then to join the forces of the Dark side because of her loyalty to you!” she told them, as everyone in the room looked surprised. “You arranged for my death with the wolf by planting the vision of her murdering my adoptive father so I would freeze instead of fighting! You actually succeeded. Except that our Higher Power gave my grand mother the ability to bring back the dead so long as they were not dead for longer then fifteen minutes, because they knew of this day even before you did, during the time I was dead for those thirteen minutes, my Lord informed me through my adoptive father of your dirty dealings . These are the punishments they ordered that I am to hand out to you.” She told them as she had already seized their powers once they entered the room.” your powers are gone so your chants in your minds to destroy us are useless.” She told them with a smile. “You haven’t any powers left. To make sure that you never return to any kind of life form you are being delivered to the one who eat the vile evil souls which this time he gets you alive.” She told them as they tried to run but could not move she had frozen them.

She made a large cage to trap them in to deliver them to the one who eats only an evil soul so it can not ever return. They vanished entering the cave where he stayed. it was only lit by torches on the walls when she entered another cave where he sat on a large throne, he was huge weighing twelve hundred pounds, green skinned, looking almost like a toad with large fangs and nails.” I have been waiting for your arrival .” he told her taking the twelve screaming men opening the cage door as they all fell into his mouth at one time devouring them. “I like souls better they don’t have to be chewed.” he told her after he had ate them burping so loudly it shook the walls of the caves.

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