Seduced By Her Neighbor


I sucked the inside of her juicy pussy. She was enjoying herself too because she was full of wetness. I buried my lips and tongue inside her slit. My nose wiggled around her clit. I was licking up all her juices. Julia moaned and grabbed her tits. I was no expert but I was pretty sure I had just given Julia her first orgasm of the night.

"Ah. Mmhm. You are a natural Ali. You are a quick learner" she said as I moved back up by her. "Are you ready for more? Let's get a little wilder..." she teased. "I like to get kinky" she giggled.

She walked over to her TV, underneath was a shelf full of DVD's. Until now I hadn't gotten close enough to read the titles. They were mostly girl on girl porno. She picked out one and played it on the TV.

A scene came up with two women on it just like us – one was in their 20's the other in their 40's. The older woman was licking the younger girl's pussy. "May I again?" she asked. I fearlessly opened my legs and let Ms. Julia lick me to climax.

She was really good at knowing where to lick. She focused on my clit, sucking gently. I loved how she would look up at me while she ran her tongue up and down the outside of my pussy lips. She would work her fingers into my tight pussy and pump them in and out.

I couldn't help but grab my tits, and play with my nipples. Julia was taking her time. She would lick all around my ass, teasing it, all the way up to my pussy. She would push her tongue inside my hole and twirl it around. She was an expert at this.

I noticed the scene changed. Now the older lady was bringing out a toy. I'm not naive to the sex toy world – heck I was single in college. I had bought a few goodies from those sex toy parties. But I didn't have the toy this girl was wearing.

This was a strap on! The older women was wearing it and there younger woman was licking the dildo that it held. Julia seemed to like this scene. Her eyes were glued to the TV as she played with my perky firm titties.

"Let me fuck you," she begged. I wasn't turning down anything Ms. Julia asked. I had been in her bed for under an hour and I already had a couple orgasms.

She didn't wait for an answer. She crawled over to a draw beside her bed. She pulled out a black leather harness and a thick pink dildo.

She strapped the harness on and laid back. I needed no instructions. I slowly started licking that pink dildo like it was a fat cock. My bare pussy was getting wetter and wetter. She played with my clit, and she worked her fingered inside me as I sucked on her kinky toy.

"I want you to fuck me, Ms. Julia" I begged. My shyness was fading. Pure raw sexual desire was taking over. My pussy lips were throbbing and I wanted her to fill me up with her thick toy. I wanted her to thrust into me while she sucked on my bouncy titties.

She licked my pussy and stuck in three fingers. She was going to have to get me ready for this thick cock. She finger fucked me while my juices ran down her hands. She made me lick her fingers, and as I was sucking and licking all my wetness off of her fingers she started to rub that thick dildo on my pussy.

I wanted it to bad. She started to push open my pussy lips and slide it inside of me. I moaned so loud I am surprised it didn't shock her. This cock was fat, almost too big, but I was so horny I could take all of it. She pushed it deeper inside of me. She planted the most passionate kiss right on my lips to muffle my moans.

The dildo was all the way inside me now. She thrusts in and out as she starred at me intensely in the eyes. I found myself saying, "Harder" and "More"... I was becoming Ms. Julia's little slut.

I had resisted so hard but now I was completely caught in her temptation.

I sucked on her hard nipples as she shoved the dildo inside me. She pulled out and told me to get on all fours. "I want to see your sexy ass as I fuck you my sweet Ali" she said. She didn't hold back, she was thrusting and pushing that dildo so deep inside me I wanted to scream. I loved it. I thrusted back towards her to make sure I got every inch of it inside of me.

"Sweet Ali, my sweet, sweet Slut" she said.

I continued to watch the porno on the TV as Ms. Julia laided her thick cock into my tight pussy. I was in heaven. She was making me her little slut. She was bringing out my dirty side. My pussy tighten up as I orgasmed from the deep thrusts. She played with my clit as I climaxed. I even squirted a little bit as she got me off.

She undid the belt, releasing the harness. She handed me the harness. "Put this on; let me ride you my sweet slut. I want to feel filled up too" she moaned.

I strapped on the dildo to my pussy. She pushed me back and crawled on top of me. Her full D cup tits were in my face now, and I took advantage as I grabbed and sucked on them. I could see her pussy spread apart for the huge dildo. She slid down on the pink cock as she let out a huge moan. Just like me this dildo filled up her pussy, and it needed to be worked in. She lightly grinded on the cock as she smiled at me. My pussy was getting wet again from all the grinding.

"This is one of my favorite toys" she said with a huge smile.

She started bouncing up and down taking all seven and half inches inside of her. She was bucking back and forth, holding on to my tits. She grabbed my nipples and twisted them playfully. I was in awe over her sexy figure. I held onto her hips as she grinded into her orgasm. Like me, Julia squirted a bit. Some of her juices landed on my stomach. As she crawled off of the dildo she licked up all her juices on my stomach. She was kinky, and that excited me. She untied the harness and tossed it aside. She was working her fingers into my pussy again.

"Let's lick each other again at the same time. I want to cum with you" she said. She straddled my face, and spread open my legs. Her tongue was licking my pussy lips.

She was using her fingers to spread my lips wide so she could lick my pussy hole. She sucked on my clit, and I did the same for her. We worked our fingers into each others pussies. She grinded her pussy on my face until she came all over me, I craved the taste of her. I loved the way her pussy tasted, smelled, and looked. She pushed her fingers inside me so fast I squirted again all over her.

Just as she had before Ms. Julia got up, grabbed a towel, and patted me dry.

"How did you like that my sweet Ali?" she asked.

"It was... it was... perfect. I loved it. You taste so good." I replied not holding back.

Julia pulled back the covers, and jumped into bed. "Lay with me darlin'" she said.

I snuggle up next to her our tits facing each other. "If you really liked it, then you will love tomorrow..."

"What could be more special about tomorrow?" I asked.

"A few other friends are coming over, they would love to teach you a thing or two. We're going to play truth or dare." she whispered. I blushed.

"I cannot wait" I said truthfully. My mind racing as I fell to sleep

"Goodnight darlin'" she said as she kissed my chest.

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Tell more about the next day with the mom daughter and girlfriend

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Seduced lesbian by a hot mom daughter

We were in key west, my girlfriend wearing a thong string bikini- watching a fun show with hot music , this mom and her daughter starting to hang with us- the mom said that my girlfriend had some sun burnmore...

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