Seduced by Sister-in-Law


I had never experienced a breast so large in my life. She was full and soft and heavy. As I suckled, I caressed her back and her sides. I eventually found my hands on her breasts, squeezing, stroking, just experiencing the moment. Her nipples responded so differently than Abby's. Whereas Abby's would get solid and smooth, Lauren's nipples puffed and puckered. They were definitely hard, but their size made for a wider range of texture. Her areolas must have been two or three times the size of Abby's. I buried my face in her cleavage and reveled.

"Yes, yes, John. Enjoy me, enjoy my body." As I continued to suck, Lauren pulled my shirt off and ran her hands up and down my chest. She then took my face in her hands, leaned over, and kissed me with a passion I've rarely known. I fell back on the couch but we continued kissing. Her breasts smashed against my chest. I could feel her nipples rubbing on mine. We thrust our tongues in each other's mouths. We clawed at each other's backs. Our breathing sounded desperate, our moans overflowed with lust.

She moved her hips, grinding her pelvis on mine. My hard cock ached. I grabbed her ass, a full cheek in each hand. She reached down and groped at my cock. Somehow, in a flash, we had removed our clothes and were back on the couch, naked now, locked in an adulterous kiss.

Lauren threw her head back and screamed, "Oh god!" I looked up at her and the realization of what was happening hit me square in the gut. My wife's gorgeous sister was straddling my naked body with her incredible, perfect, sexy, naked body. I held on to her hips as if by letting her go I would awake from a dream. She reached behind her and stroked my cock, looking down at me with the eyes of a predator. "I've wanted you for so fucking long, John. You were a hard one to break."

"I've wanted you, too," I said, mesmerized by the beauty straddling me. I slid my hands up her body and grabbed her breasts. She continued to massage my cock and balls behind her. But as I fondled her nipples, her last statement finally sunk in. "I was a hard one to break? What's that mean?"

"It means, brother-in-law, that you took the longest to seduce." She kissed me, sloppy and frenetic.

"The longest as compared to who?" I kissed back.

She sat back up and slid down my body so that my cock was now in front of her. She grabbed the shaft with one hand and my balls with the other. "Why, my sister's boy friends, of course." She began stroking my shaft and tickling my balls, a look of smug pride upon her face. "Usually I can fuck them within the first few weeks. But you, John, you resisted a long, long time. I finally had to resort to slut tricks." She leaned over and took a long, slow lick of my cock, from balls to head. "But it worked. Sometimes the simplest ways are the best." She winked and took another long lick.

I felt queasy, both from desire and from foolishness. I was a toy. I had been played. Lauren sensed my change in mood and slurped loudly at my cock. She swayed her dangling breasts so that they skimmed my leg. Our eyes met and locked. She stared at me for several seconds as she continued to lightly fondle my saliva-coated cock and sway her breasts against my leg. She pouted, like a little girl who was told she couldn't have a tea party, and said, "aw, poor John, feeling betrayed by his big, hard cock."

She was right. Even though I was sick at being so easily manipulated, the power over me she had just demonstrated ratcheted my lust up several more notches.

She squeezed my balls hard and gave me a stern look. "You've already cheated on your wife—with her baby sister, I might add. You're laying here, naked, getting off on me blowing you. You've groped my tits, sucked my nipples. Face it, John, you might as well stay and enjoy it. It really can't get much worse for you." She softened her look and added, "besides, aren't you having fun? What's wrong with a little fun?"

She began to pump my cock with long, strong strokes. As I moaned, she quickened the pace. "Look at me," she said. I had closed my eyes, reveling in the attention she paid to my cock. I opened them and Lauren was staring intensely at me, her hair cascading around her face, her breasts jiggling with her hand's motion. She looked gorgeous.

"Oh, Lauren," I sighed.

This seemed to satisfy her. She blew a little kiss toward me and I felt my balls tighten. She must have sensed my impending orgasm because when I was only about two strokes short, she stopped.

"No! Please!" I begged. "Don't stop."

"Stop? John, we're just getting started." She stood up and motioned for me to do the same. When I was standing, she kissed me and said, "give me your ring."

I wasn't sure I heard what she said, and my face must have reflected my confusion.

Lauren grabbed my left hand and started to wriggle my wedding band off of my finger. "I said, 'give me your ring.' I have a game I want to play with you."

Before I knew it, she had my wedding band in her grasp. She reached down and took hold of my cock, then sashayed toward her bedroom pulling me along in her grasp. Seeing her full, round, naked ass in front of me mad my cock twitch with excitement. She felt this and gave me a wink over her shoulder. In her bedroom she said, "lay down," and pushed me onto her bed. She flopped down next to me and spread her legs lasciviously. She fingered her pussy which was wet and messy. It made moist noises as her finger played with the lips and her clit. She stuck one of her pussy soaked fingers into my mouth and said, "suck." She tasted wonderful—similar to my wife, which surprised me some, but still different, muskier. I sucked her finger clean and she enjoyed the show. She shoved it into her again and, again, made me clean it. The third time she plunged her finger into her pussy, she rubbed the juices on her nipples. They glistened with her wetness. Laying on her back, her breasts flattened some and fell to the sides a bit. She looked like my idea of the perfect woman. "Clean my tits," she said, and I did.

Then, after repeating several times, she abruptly announced, "the name of this game is 'Bobbing for Your Marriage." She held up my ring, which I had forgotten she took from me, and quickly inserted it into her pussy. With one hand she held her lips open, with the other she shoved my ring deep into her. She laughed as she leaned back, legs spread wide and wantonly. "You can only look for your ring using your mouth. Ready...go."

I had no choice. Nor did I want one, really. I dove into my sister-in-laws pussy and began slurping and sucking. I shoved my tongue deep into her but didn't feel any trace of my wedding ring—the symbol of my marriage to this woman's sister, the symbol I may have lost in many ways that afternoon. She kept on laughing and waggling her hips. "Oh, yes, you letch, deeper, deeper. Stick your tongue into my cunt to find your precious wedding ring. It's in there somewhere. You'd better find it, or how are you going to explain it to Abby?" She took on a mocking tone that was so incredibly sexy in it's humiliation, "'Oh, by the way honey, I'm not wearing my wedding ring because I lost it in your baby sister's cunt.' How I'd love to be there when you try to explain that one!"

I panicked. However, my panic only seemed to increase my desire. So many emotions were swirling around in my head that I felt I would short circuit. I stretched my tongue so deep into her I thought it would rip from my mouth. Every once and a while I would feel it, just out of my reach. Still, Lauren taunted me.

"Oh, John, you ARE good with your mouth. Abby told me all about you." I hesitated for a split second. "What, she didn't tell you we talk about those kinds of things?" She pressed my head harder against her body. "Silly boy, that's what sisters do. We talk about sex and especially our sex partners." The ring had dislodged and bounced across my tongue. I redoubled my efforts. Lauren yelp in response, then, "Oh, and am I going to have some stories to tell her about my new boyfriend." I moaned, and she caressed the back of my head. "Yes, that's it, you've almost got it, haven't you?" And at that moment, the ring fell into the folds of my tongue. I curled it back, took it into my mouth, and sat up panting. My face was a sticky, slick mess. Lauren just laid back and clapped like she'd seen her first circus. "Wow, John, you're good at this game! Wanna play again?"

I took the ring out of my mouth. It was coated with Lauren's juices. I put it back on my finger and it slid mighty easily into place.

She curled her finger, beckoning me to her. "Come on, give your sister-in-law a nice big kiss." I did. I laid down next to her and kissed her. She licked her juices off of my lips, my chin, and my cheeks with long, deliberate strokes. Then we kissed again. Our hands were all over each other, groping, grabbing, fondling.

"I'm glad you took my advice. I'm glad you decided to just enjoy this." I was on top of her now and she had my cock in her hands. With practiced ease, she guided me into her pussy. I felt her warmth and wetness engulf my cock. In one, smooth motion, I was buried deep in my wife's sister. We embraced and I held myself in her, not wanting to move. Her body was so soft, full, round. She felt nothing like Abby. Fucking Abby was tight and immediate. Fucking Lauren was warm and fleshy.

I stroked deep and long into her. Our sweaty bodies slid and mashed against each other, forming a single sexual being. She gnawed on my earlobes and bit my collar bone. I suckled her swaying breasts and nibbled her neck. Our orgasms built slowly, deliberately, perfectly. As our pace increased, so did our breathing. I moaned. She whimpered. We both grunted. The room spun as I became more and more lightheaded, pumping toward an orgasm.

"Fuck me, John. Fuck me, John, Fuck me!"

"Yes! Your body is so fucking perfect. You feel so fucking good!"

As I pumped, my balls slapped her full ass. A soft spray of her juices coated our thighs. We slammed into each other and my balls tightened. She squealed as I shouted, "I'm...cumming!"

Through clenched teeth she hissed back, "Me fucking too!"

And with that I exploded inside of my wife's sister. My cock churned and pumped cum into her body. I shot five years of frustration into Lauren's pussy: five years of secretly lusting after her, five years of forbidden, adulterous thoughts, five years of secret masturbatory fantasies all consummated in one orgasmic moment. My cum gushed in thick, hot spurts, leaving me, entering her. I was amazed my cock head could accommodate such a flow.

I collapsed on Lauren, trying to catch my breath. We laid there for several minutes, our sloppy bodies still connected. We kissed softly and when my cock finally slipped out of her cum filled pussy, she whispered, "aww."

"Wow." It was all I could muster.

"Wow indeed," she replied, sounding as spent as I felt.

We laid several more minutes in silence, finally regaining our breath.

"It was a good run while it lasted," I said to myself.


"Nothing. I just, well, I was thinking about my shattered marriage."

"Shattered? Why?"

"You said it yourself. You tell here everything. And, like you also said, it must have been in trouble for me to end up like this."

She cocked her head toward me. "Are you fucking nuts?"


"Do you seriously think I'm going to ruin one of the best set ups I've ever had?"

Now it was my turn to cock my head at her.

"Think about it John, if I tell Abby about us, we're pretty much fucked. She'd kick your ass out the door so quickly your head wouldn't have time to spin. You'd have nothing to lose, so you'd be pissed off at me and tell me to take a flying fuck. I get the cold shoulder from Abby...again...for fucking her man. And trust me, I don't think she'd forgive me as easily this time. She's crazy about you. So if we tell her about it, we all lose. If we don't say a word, you keep your marriage, I keep me sister, and we can keep fucking."

The weight of the world melted off of my shoulders. "Really? You mean you want to keep this up?"

"What do you think?" She started to caress my cock and it sprang back to life. "Well, I think I have my answer."

We fucked again, hungrily. Her pussy, wet with sloppy second, proved to be so soft and lubricated that it took a nice, long time for me to cum again.

By the time we finished our post-coital kissing and caressing, it was late. Very late. I had been with Lauren for over four hours.

"I should really get going."

"Yeah, I know. I don't want you to, but..."

I pulled my pants on and said, "what about this home theatre. What am I going to tell Abby?"

"That? Oh I had the store install it yesterday." She gave me a sly grin, and walked me to the door, naked. We kissed one last time and I ran my hands all over her wonderful body.

Before I left, she grabbed my left hand and, pointing to my ring, simply said, "you'd better wash that." Then slapped me hard on the ass and shimmied her pendulous breasts for me before shoving me out the door.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/17/18
by Anonymous01/17/18

similar situation

I screwed my sister in law several years ago in our swimming pool. We were drunk. The next morning we talked about it and she said she knew exactly what she was doing and that she wanted it to continue.more...

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by Anonymous09/13/17

Just for fun

What a setup! She will fuck him until she gets tired of his cock, then move on. He will be left with some sexy memories and a bunch of guilt, then likely find another fuck buddy. Ah well.

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