tagLesbian SexSeduced Teenager Ch. 02

Seduced Teenager Ch. 02


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It was a Friday night in July and Tanja was excited to hang out with her best friend Anna. Tanja and Anna had been best friends since kindergarten and now they were both 19 years old. Tanja was also excited to see her younger sister, Frida.

Tanja was in Anna's basement, where there was a large storage freezer; looking for the frozen chicken they were going to cook. It was about six, and Frida who were going to the party, was in the shower. Tanja became aware of a strange sound in addition to the shower's persistent drizzle. She frowned and listened extra carefully.

There it was again and again.

The walls were thin and it didn't take long for Tanja to realize that it was Frida, groaning. There was a muffled thumping, as if someone had collapsed against the wall like their legs did not carry them.

It was a pure coincidence that Tanja heard Frida masturbating.

Tanja listened, stunned with her mouth hanging open. Actually, she should have been embarrassed. She should have found the chicken and gone upstairs. But she stayed and listened to Frida gasping and whimpering. Tanja became very horny.

She was not a lesbian, but something about the situation, something about Frida, who she basically had seen grow up with, masturbating just a few feet away from her made her unbearably excited. She gasped and pressed her hand against her crotch outside her sweat pants. She was quite happy that she had not had on jeans or anything.

She stood for a minute and listened to Frida until Anna shouted down the stairs wondering where she had gone. Tanja jerked her hand away from her crotch as if she had been caught. Tanja took the chicken out of the freezer, and hurried up, red in the face of both arousal and shame.

All evening, Tanja could not stop thinking about Frida. While Tanja and Anna cooked, Frida had come out of the shower and up the stairs, wearing only a towel. Tanja stared at her. Frida was great looking, 170 cm maybe, fit but curvy, her legs, which were almost completely bare, were long, slender, and perfect. She had a beautiful, elongated face with a rather large nose that she bemoaned but Tanja thought it contributed to her beauty.

Tanja thought about her own appearance. She was tall for a girl, tall as a man even. She wasn't the least bit thin or fit. Curly hair that never few where she wanted and fat thighs. Tanja did not have a high opinion of her own appearance, being unvarnished and boringly dressed as she was, especially when she compared herself to Frida, who had come out of her room fixed and stylish.

Frida looked at Tanja and quickly looked down at the salad she was making. Her cheeks burned. She shyly looked up again and saw that Frida had a strange little smile on her face.

Frida went out into the hall, and soon after she shouted goodbye. Anna shouted goodbye back, and the front door opened and slammed shut. There was silence for a few seconds, and then Anna said, "Hope she doesn't do something stupid."

Tanja smiled. She said nothing, but she knew Frida actually had some common sense, unlike her older sister, whose adventures Tanja had observed first hand. Her phone vibrated, with distraction she reached for her phone.

The text was from Frida and said: " Did you like what you heard? ;) "

She blushed heavily and pushed the text hastily away without answering. Then she continued with the salad.

Tanja did not do much for a few days as she was on summer vacation from school. She had plenty of time to reflect on what she had heard or the sight of Frida's almost bare bones. She had barely been able to tear her eyes away. There was definitely something that aroused her about Frida, she admitted to herself.

After a few days, the phone rang. Tanja was sitting at the computer and surfed the internet. It was Frida. Tanja stared at the phone for a few long seconds. It rang for a minute and then stopped.

"One missed call "it said. Just a few seconds later, it vibrated again. A SMS from Frida: "Can you come by? I want to talk!"

She sighed and stared at the phone in her hand. On one hand, she did not know if she would dare to meet Frida after what happened last time. On the other hand, maybe Frida wanted to talk about something important, a big problem perhaps. Or worse yet, maybe something had happened at the party? Perhaps Frida had been assaulted?

It was this thought that made her stand up and walk the few blocks to Anna and Frida's house. It was around seven in the evening. She went into the house, which seemed empty and quiet, and cried out, "Hello?"

"Hello," Frida's voice was low. It came from the basement. "Come on down!"

She sounded too cheerful to be distressed, Tanja thought, and once again felt that she would prefer to be elsewhere. But then, suddenly, she saw Frida's bare bones in her mind, how she could almost see the curve of her butt in the towel. She took off her jacket and shoes and went down into the basement.

Frida sat in an armchair, smiling at her. "Hey Tanja," she said, and sounded so happy to see Tanja. Tanja smiled back despite her nervousness. She stood up from his chair and hugged Tanja and Tanja held on to hug a little longer than necessary.

When they let go of each other, they stood still in silence. Frida was still holding her hands around Tanja's waist; their faces were only a few inches apart. Tanja spoke nervously, "Where is everyone else?"

"I'm home alone," Frida said and kissed her.

Tanja froze, not knowing what she would do. But Frida's lips were soft and warm and soon she kissed her back. Frida steered her down in the chair and sat on top of her.

Frida kissed her on the cheek, the chin, and the neck. Tanya's hands explored Frida's body. "I'm not a LESBIAN," gasped Tanja as she kneaded Frida's buttocks.

Frida kissed her on the collarbone and then looked up, smiling. "And my name is Donald Duck."

She pulled up Tanja's shirt. Tanja lifted her arms up obediently, but said in frustration: "I'm not a LESBIAN."

Frida giggled and kissed her. Their tongues wrestled and played together. Tanja gasped hot air into Frida's mouth and felt how Frida put her hand on one of her large, heavy breasts. After the kiss Frida said with a smile, "Then I'll try to convert you then."

Then she stood up suddenly and held out a hand to Tanja. "Come on." Tanja stretched out her hand and Frida pulled her out of the chair.

They kissed again. Their hands began to explore each other's bodies. Tanja tugged Frida's shirt and stroked gently down her back and over her flat stomach. Frida seemed very interested in Tanja's breasts, which were large and soft. She kissed once more downwards Tanja's throat and continued, this time over Tanja's breasts. Tanja closed her eyes and enjoyed it... any thoughts about her sexual orientation were forgotten.

Frida's hands went down over Tanja's stomach, and finally reached her jeans. Tanja did not protest. Before she knew it, Frida had unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down so that they lay in a heap on the floor. Tanja sighed and kicked them away.

Tanja gasped when Frida kissed her crotch, just outside her panties. She was suddenly aware that she was very wet and very excited.

Frida was just as horny as Tanja. Although Tanja had no high opinion of herself, she knew she looked fantastic through Frida's eyes. To Frida, she was curvy without being fat; she was plump in a way that made her look that much sexier. She had big boobs and a soft belly and big firm thighs, an incredibly sweet face that was framed by dark curls.

Frida had known that she was a lesbian for as long as she could remember, and she had always had her suspicions about Tanja, or perhaps it would have been wishful thinking that Tanja was the prettiest girl Frida had ever seen? Wishful thinking or not, this was better than Frida had dared to hope. "Come on and take a shower with me," she said, and unbuttoned her pants.

Tanja knew how much of an extrovert Frida was, but she was still surprised and excited how quickly Frida undid her bra and pulled off her panties as they stood outside the shower. Without hesitation, Tanja undressed Frida in the same way. She had thought she was horny when she heard Frida in the shower, but now it was ten times worse.

Frida steered her into the shower and turned on the water. It was still cold and they both gasped, but soon it was pleasantly warm.

Tanja was about to say something, but Frida bent down and took one of her nipples in her mouth. Tanja closed her mouth again. The way Frida licked and sucked made Tanja wonder if she had done this before. Frida caressed her breast and played with the nipple, pinching it until it was stiff. Then she continued downwards the stomach, along the hip and thigh.

Tanja did not know what she would do. She stood straight up and let Frida do what she wanted, with her hands lying quietly on Frida's spine. She whispered something inaudible.

"Huh?" Frida said, with Tanja's breast still in her mouth.

"Caress me," murmured Tanja.

Frida smiled, and Tanja moaned as she felt Frida's hand against her wet pussy. Tanja's hands went to Frida's small but nice breasts, which she began to knead and squeeze. Tanja did not know what she was doing, because she had never been with a girl before, but she did what she thought was nice and by judging Frida's small moans she did it right.

Frida definitely knew what she was doing. Her fingers explored Tanja's labia and avoided teasing her clit, while she continued to suck on her breasts. Tanja gasped and groaned.

She gasped and leaned back against the wall when she felt Frida bring a finger into her vagina. Frida came up and kissed her mouth gently, again and again. She smiled and asked, "Was it good?"

"Mmm," Tanja nodded.

"Are you horny?"

She nodded again and gasped when Frida suddenly caressed her clit with the thumb. "Maybe I can make it more comfortable?" Frida asked and smiled innocently.

"Aaa," was the only Tanja could say, even if she really wanted to say was something like, "Frida do whatever you want with me, I am all yours!"

Frida laughed and Tanja wondered for a second if Frida had red her thoughts. She thought that her eyes, or her stiff nipples showed her feelings.

Frida knelt down and focused on Tanja's pussy. Tanja's hands stroked the top of Frida's head, as she closed her eyes and focused on the fantastic feelings coming from her vagina. She could hardly believe it was true, but it felt too nice to be a dream.

Tanja took her hands away from Frida's head and started to knead and fondle her breasts. Soon, she cried and looked excited when she felt Frida's tongue against her clitoris.

Frida looked up and met her gaze with a smile, as she inserted a finger into her pussy.

After a few minutes, Tanja felt like her orgasm was coming very fast. Frida had been unable to resist the temptation to caress herself and inserted several fingers into her own soaking wet pussy. She suspected that if it had not been for the shower and Tanja's lustful moans, she would have been able to hear the splashing from her fingers in her pussy.

Tanja moaned frantically, looking down at her best friend's sister who was kneeling on the shower floor and licking her pussy. She was filled to the limit with Frida's three fingers in her pussy, and she felt the excitement increasing when Frida's tongue played with her clit. "Damn, I'm coming!" Tanja tried to shout, but it came out like a panting. "I cum!"

Frida looked up at her. She sucked on her clit and she did not stop sucking for a single second, but said, "Come for me, Tanja."

Tanja came for her.

She sank to the floor and could not help but loudly moan persistently. She jerkily kneaded her breasts when the orgasm overwhelmed her. Frida proceeded recklessly with her sucking. She slowly inserted her three fingers in and out of Tanja's pussy to prolong her orgasm as long as possible. In the end, Tanja said, "Please stop," in a voice that was barely audible.

Frida smiled and laid down beside her. Tanja watched her with misty eyes and groaned, "How nice, I think I'm dying." Frida laughed.

"Any time," she said. I won't be so hard on her in the future; she thought to herself and smiled.

They got out of the shower and wiped each other off with big fluffy towels, in a friendly way. Then they went up the stairs and collapsed in Frida's bed. They fell asleep naked and tightly entwined. When Tanja drove away, she thought happily, "I will be a lesbian for Frida, anyway."

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