Seducing a Friend


John liked to wear pretty dresses and loved the feeling when he wore sexy lingerie. His favourite dress was a black short dress with pink highlight strips and lacy black bikini brief g-string (which made his bum look very cute) with a sexy push up bra which he wore with implants. Just the feeling of slipping on this sensual underwear made his member grow with excitement and the pre-cum flow.

Now John was not out and doubted his ability to pull off being a woman and had not built up the confidence to venture outside the bedroom as Belinda the blonde fun loving girl which he transformed when in her favourite black dress. Belinda had always fantasised about how she would lose her virginity and hoped it would be one of Johns hot friends, as they might understand how important it is for a woman to lose their virginity to someone they trust. But this was not and easy thing to bring up in conversation and offend one of Johns friends of being gay.

One day after putting on the final bit of blush, Belinda thought to herself if I can go out of town on a small trip and fool the people there that she was a real woman she could seduce one of Johns friends for sure. Carefully planning all the arrangements so she would leave late at night as not to be noticed by the others in her building she booked all the necessary details online.

The plan was set and the weekend had arrived. Belinda had shaved her silky smooth legs the night before; they were a great set of long legs and began to slide on a red lacy g-string and matching bra. Her member began to stir with the excitement of what she was about to do. She then slipped into her tight leather mini skirt, red blouse and finished her make-up. Looking in the mirror she thought to herself you little whore bag your going to break their hearts.

Three hours latter Belinda arrived at the hotel and sat in her car working up the courage to walk inside. After 3 slow breaths she exited the car and entered the hotel. Walking through the lobby and passed a group of men waiting for a cab, she feels their eyes focus their attention on her as they stop their conversation to have a perve at this stunning blonde with beautiful long legs in a short mini skirt. Belinda knows she has succeeded and takes a deep sigh of relief. After getting her room key she approaches the gentlemen and begins to flirt like she has never done before, not as Belinda anyway.

Belinda ask the gentlemen if they would like to buy this lady a drink and get more relax and know each other, so they head to the lobby bar. Belinda orders a Cosmo while the boys start drinking scotch on the rocks and the conversations start following. Turns out these gentlemen are from the same city as Belinda and they all become quite friendly. Tom and Nick sit across from each other while the one that Belinda really wanted, Nathan sat across from her. Belinda felt a little naughty with her new found confidence and began to massage Nathan's balls with her feet; this went on for ten minutes with Nathan struggling to keep up with conversation. Nathan then announces he was going to the little boy's room and Belinda said she would love an escort to the ladies with a little giggle.

Belinda grabs Nathan by the arm and leads him into the disable toilet where they begin passionately kissing trying to ram each others tongues down their throats. Nathan's hands are fondling Belinda's great ass as he slides under her skirt and touches her smooth ass grabbing a handful of her bare ass tightly in his hands. Belinda begins franticly undoing his belt and unzipping his pants to revile a 7 inch erect cock. Belinda takes a moment and slowly strokes the shaft down to Nathan's balls and takes a deep breath as she places her first cock in her mouth. At first she begins to choke a little but then soon gets the hang of working her mouth up and down Nathan's shaft while fondling his tight balls.

Nathan begins to moan and twitch but Belinda stops holding the tip of his penis. Belinda wants to work his hot cock more and builds up a load worthy of her first attempt. As she slides up and down the 7 inches of cock, she plays with herself feeling her own cock begin the twitch, the pre cum juices flow and she moans in pleasure she is having.

Belinda has worked herself up so bad she begins to orgasm in her lacy red panties and moans causing Nathan to clutch her hair as he shoots a hot salty load into Belinda's mouth which she shallows every last drop of. They both clean up and straighten up before heading back to the group before they notice they were missing. Belinda decides it time to head to bed and gives Nathan her mobile number to call when back in their home town.

Belinda's went to bed thinking her weekend plan went better than expected and she was thrilled to have sucked her first cock. She went to sleep dreaming about her next cock she would like to suck. Belinda was back in her town and it was Friday night, she was ready to start the plan which she had though of last week. John had called his friend Vic knowing very well he was not going to show and wait till the last minute to cancel on Vic leaving him all for Belinda.

Dressed in her favourite dress the black dress and her sexy lingerie lacy black bikini brief g-string with sexy push up bra the blonde bomb shell waited for Vic to arrive at bar.

Using John's phone she text Vic with a very sorry message she then walked over to the table where Vic had sat. Belinda stood in front of Vic, a very well presented strong Black man and introduced her self, asking if she could join him as she was stood up. Vic did not hesitate and began to say he was also stood up by a friend and asked Belinda what she would like to drink. Belinda asked for a sex on the beach and began conversation. Was not long before she was flirting and the foot was massaging Vic's balls. After a while Vic ask Belinda would she like to blow this joint and she replied saying I thought you would never ask.

Once back at Vic's apartment over looking the water they shared a glass of wine on his balcony and locked lips in passion, one hand slid up the back of her short dress onto the lacy g-string while the other caressed her tiny breasts in her implentanted bra.

Before long Belinda had Vic's pants down with his 8 inch cock in her mouth, something she would not have dreamed of before now. She worked every bit of his cock into her tiny mouth and could taste his salty pre-cum on her tongue. She could feel him twitch under her command and did not want to waste his load in her mouth but wanted him to fill her virgin hole with his steamy load.

She stopped and asks for him to take her as she could not take it any more; she needed to feel his cock deep in her. She told him it was that time of the month so he could fuck her in the ass and normally she would have blow him off but she need his cock bad. Moving to the bed Vic eagerly pulled her panties aside and began to rim her ass providing lots of spit while fingering her hole.

He rested the head of his 8 inch cock at the entrance of Belinda's ass as she laid on her knees waiting for her first fuck, Belinda said "Take it slow baby I'm a virgin, its my first time in the ass" and giggled. Vic slowly slid an inch of his ridged cock inside of Belinda, she moaned and could not believe it was finally happening.

Slowly Belinda's ass relaxed and opened allowing Vic's cock to slide in to the hilt. He began to slowly thrust, Belinda moaned in ecstasy screaming fuck me baby and began to push back on Vic's hard cock. The feeling was amazing for Belinda as Vic's cock was tight filling her virgin ass and touching her deep in all the right places. Her own cock was now fully erect and was twitching ready to explode in orgasm. The thrusting was faster, Vic was thrusting as hard as Belinda was pushing back on his cock to feel his cock deep inside her.

With one last thrust deep in Belinda touching her in her spot she began to orgasm wave after wave in her panties clenching her ass while she bucked in her own orgasms sending Vic over the top. Vic shot his steamy white load deep into Belinda's ass and spilling out the sides and over her panties. Vic pulled out and Belinda cleaned his cock with her mouth smiling then kisses him with thanks.

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