tagIncest/TabooSeducing Dad

Seducing Dad


Tasha was looking out of the window, "Have you seen dad?" Tasha was 25 years old, tall, blonde and she was wearing a shirt that was cut short and showed the tattoo she had right above her butt.

"He's bringing some more of his stuff. I decided I need a break. I didn't think he would move in so fast, the house just sold." Amber was 23 years old, but a lot shorter than Tasha, and her hair had been colored a strange red.

Dean was the father of both step sisters. Tasha's mother had died in child birth, when he met another woman Tasha was given a little sister. Tasha and Amber never referred to themselves as step sisters, ever. The two sisters had lived by themselves for some time, when Amber's mom had gotten cancer and died they invited their dad to move in with them.

Amber joined Tasha at the window; she saw their dad, a large man who was unloading things from a moving van and putting the stuff near the house. He was nice looking but not exceptionally handsome, "All I see is dad unloading the van, where are the nosey women watching him moving in?"

The sun was hot and soon their dad took his shirt off. Both women just stared at him from the window. He was tall, and his shoulders, chest and arms were massive. The sun reflected off of the sweat on his chest and back as he moved things. Amber just ogled her dad's bulging muscles, "Holy shit!" She finally managed to force her eyes away, "That will bring the women out. I had forgotten how awesome dad looks."

Tasha knew the women of the neighborhood were pretty well informed on what was going on, "We just have to remember to say two things," she paused to do some admiring of her own, "-- that's our dad --" Amber looked at her sister expectantly. Tasha chuckled, "-- and no, he isn't married."

Amber turned back to the window, "Um."

Tasha let her mind drift to the past. The girls had started hanging out with the wrong crowd and they both had wound up in a biker gang. Their mom had pleaded with them to come to their senses, but it only drove the rebellious girls further away. She had been a control freak, and was embarrassed by her two daughter's actions and what her friends would say. The girl's only contact with them was an occasional phone call to their dad.

Dean hadn't said anything bad about or to them. He told them that he loved them and missed them. When the two had figured out that being in a biker gang wasn't all that great a future, their dad had helped them get a house to live in, and he had paid for them to get some training so they could get a job. The house wasn't in the best part of town, but it was what the two girls, with their father's help, could afford.

Tasha let out a sigh, "We had better go and help him finish."

It was an adjustment at first, the two sisters having been on their own for so long. They both loved their dad, and Amber's mom was the only mother Tasha had known. Even though she grated on their nerves, her death had hit them both very hard. It was a shock for the girls to learn that the doctors had discovered the cancer almost a year before the girls found out. Their mom went through the various ways to fight it, but instead of going away, it was over in a few short months. They had since found out she had lingered slowly getting worse and worse before she finally died, their dad had taken care of her and never complained once. At the end, she didn't even look like anyone they knew. The girls had convinced their dad to move in with them. They knew he was a nice guy and all, but was basically helpless in the kitchen.

The three were sitting on the sofa watching the television. Dean was sitting between his two daughters, with his arms around them. "I want to thank you two for having me move in with you." The sisters loved their dad, and scrunched down so that his massive arms surrounded them. Both girls told him he was welcome. That became their new family time. Each night, after supper, all three sat and watched a little television. Dean and the girls grew closer and closer, and all three looked forward to the evening and just being together. The girls would chuckle when their dad would fuss at the contestants to wait until Vanna had gotten out of the way before spinning again. The other thing the girls did was go to the YMCA with him. Dean liked to work out with the weights. The girls just started using the different exercise machines to give them something to do.

Late one night, Tasha was lying there unable to sleep. She had tossed and turned until she just got up. She went to the kitchen to get a snack and was surprised that Amber was up. "How come you aren't sleeping?"

Amber held up a sandwich, "This was calling me."

"Looks good," Tasha went and made herself one. Sitting down with her sister she munched her sandwich, "I've seen the women of the neighborhood starting to notice dad."

Amber chuckled, "Well he's kind of hard to miss."

"I don't like it, they're all wrong for him."

"So what can we do about it?"

Tasha stared at her sister, "There are two women in the neighborhood that would be perfect for him. If we can get them to have sex with him he'll be hooked."

Amber almost choked, "So we just go up to them and say do you want to fuck our dad?"

"Those two would be so good; he wouldn't even look at anyone else. Plus they would be good to him out of the bed. He needs them"

"So who are these two wonder women?"

"Remember Pam?"

"From the gang, sure I do." Amber's eyes got huge, "She was doing her dad."

Tasha nodded, "Yeah, and she said it was not only the best sex she had ever had, but they had gotten so much closer than a daughter and her dad ever could."

Amber thought about it for a few minutes, "It could be interesting, but how are we going to get him thinking about us sexually?"

"I don't know yet, I'm still working on it. I wanted to see if you were interested, I know I am."

"Let's do it."

Life continued rather normally for the three, except that the girls had come up with a plan to seduce their father. They started flirting with him. Both Tasha and Amber were office workers, and had to dress appropriately. After their dad had moved in, they would get home and change out of their skirts and dress blouses for jeans and tee shirts, now, they left these on but would take their pantyhose and panties off when they got home, so they when they cuddled with their dad, they could show off their legs.

Dean would be sitting with his daughters, and couldn't help himself as his eyes drifted when their skirts would accidently ride up. He found himself getting a quick glimpse of thigh, and then the offending skirt would be straightened.

The girls got a book on body language and practiced presented themselves as approachable. They experimented with their appearance until they could look at their reflection in the mirror and feel like they had given their beauty the representation it deserved. They never slouched and would cross their arms to draw his attention to their breasts. They became playful, laughing at his jokes. Both girls would touch him lightly on the arm or shoulder when talking. One or the other would hold his hands lacing their fingers for a moment, until they were sure he was comfortable with it. They would subtly touch him by just reaching up and grabbing his arm or to brush imaginary fuzz off of his shoulder or to pick an imaginary hair off of his shirt.

All three were sitting on the sofa watching the television, and the girls were sitting so that their breasts were pressed against him in an innocent manner while casually resting their heads on him. Dean couldn't have told anyone what it was they were watching. He could feel their breasts against his arms. He knew he shouldn't feel this way about his daughters but their touch sent shivers all through him.

They felt him squirming, then Amber got Tasha's attention and made her look down, their dad was having the desired reaction judging by the bulge in his pants. After that the gloves came off. Each night as they sat on the sofa both girls would press against him, lay their heads on his shoulders and kiss his neck. They started removing their bras and having their blouses opened some so he could get teasing glances. Each night the goal of the girls was to give him an erection and it was obvious they succeeded.

The nights passed with each girl getting equally turned on and equally frustrated. When they had been members of the gang either Amber or Tasha could bring most of the gang members to their knees, being able to out drink, out fight and out fuck most of the guys. As they sat in front of the television father and both daughters were all getting more and more turned on.

The girls were kissing and teasing Dean and giggling at his reaction. Tasha loved his not having any experience with them, it was like a drug. She gently blew in his ear and placed her lips on his neck. "I love you daddy," she whispered as her tongue made a wet trail on his skin and in his ear.

Dean couldn't speak, his mouth was busy. Amber had had enough of the teasing and was actively demanding his lips on hers. "Girls, I..."

The teasing was over. The sisters played and kissed, rubbed and licked him in all kinds of places. The one thing they did not do was actually touch his cock, they played with him through his jeans but they purposely teased him and didn't take him out. Something else they didn't do, was let Dean touch them, they kept his hands trapped. By the time they were done their father was in a very bad way and had a raging hard on.

Dean was in a sexual fog. His brain was telling him he was walking to his room, but he never could remember it. When the three got to the room, he was made to lie down on the bed. The girls stripped his clothes off of him, making little claw marks on his skin but being careful not to actually touch him in a sexual way. They used his clothes to tie his hands to the bed, but left his legs free.

Tasha put the pillow under his head while her lips gently touched his, "Look at Amber." She saw him close his eyes in response to her kiss and she slapped him, "Bad boy! Don't you want to watch Amber as she takes her clothes off?"

As his eyes popped open, Dean groaned, "Yes."

Amber turned the alarm clock / radio on and got a station she liked. She stood in front of her father and slowly gyrated to the music. Tasha moved down his body, gently blowing, as Amber slowly, little by little, stripped her clothes off. Softly moving up and down her father's hard cock Tasha made sure her lips never touched it, just her hot breath.

By the time Amber came over to the bed with no clothes on, Dean was only certain of two things, his youngest daughter also had a tattoo above her butt, and he was losing his mind. Tasha had his cock standing up. She was pleased when she heard him moan as her tongue licked across his swollen cockhead. She stood and was replaced on the bed by Amber.

Tasha stood close to the bed, Dean's face just a short distance from her. As she reached for her shirt buttons, she whispered, "You haven't fucked for some time Daddy, but what have you done? Has a girl recently licked your cock like I did?"

Dean choked out a "No."

"Then I bet it has been awhile since a girl has licked your balls until you almost scream?"

"Ahhh," Dean closed his eyes as he felt Amber's tongue all over his balls. Tasha slapped him and fussed at him, "You naughty boy, you aren't looking at my breasts."

Dean forced his eyes open and just inches away were two nipples standing out from two magnificent breasts. The ivory of her skin where she wasn't tanned made Tasha's nipples seem blood red. A nipple was placed in his mouth, first one then the other. Tasha bit her lip as she felt him suck. "Easy," she whispered, "if you suck too hard it will be painful." She smiled as she felt him suck even harder, "Mmm." Tasha knew she was in the minority and liked to have her breasts and nipples grabbed and handled roughly. She also knew from being close up that her dads hard cock was about 8", but as Tasha glanced down at Amber licking his balls, she would have sworn he was more like 10". Straightening back up Tasha opened her jeans and put her fingers at the waist. She slowly started to peel them off making sure he was watching.

Dean was having trouble breathing as Amber did wonderful things with her tongue. She had it everywhere, except his cock, and his brain had to sort the pleasure out of the pain. Plus, Tasha had her still covered pussy so close to his face he could smell her scent, and realized that their teasing him was turning the girls on almost as much as it was him. His breathing turned into panting.

Tasha's voice was husky with passion, "Daddy do you want to see my pussy?"

He somehow managed to gasp out a "Yes."

Her fingers hooked her panties and pulled them down. "Maybe Amber should let you experience what it feels like when your hard cock is surrounded by her lips."

Dean arched his back and closed his eyes, "Oh shit!" His cock throbbed as it sank in her mouth. It was over in a second, just one suck. Dean groaned, "Damn!"

Tasha forced herself not to laugh at him as she grabbed his nipples and gave them a good pinch, "You bad boy! You're not looking at my pussy." Dean couldn't figure out if he was in Heaven or Hell as he forced his eyes open. Tasha had placed her pussy only an inch from his mouth. His tongue snaked out to lick, even as Amber sent more delightful messages just barely touching his cock all over with her tongue.

Tasha used her hands to hold her pussy open. "Ooh, there's my clit. I think you should lick me there. "Mm, that's nice." She let him play for a few minutes, "Why don't you stick your tongue deep in me? "Ooh, yeah." She bit her lip, "Amber you should feel this."

Dean was totally disappearing into a fog; the erotic pleasure of the teasing was fighting with the pain of the punishment for disobeying. He felt Tasha and Amber switching places. He stared at Tasha as she got on the bed and placed her legs one on either side of his. She used her hand to guide his cock to her pussy. He forced himself to breathe, mesmerized by the sight of his cock getting ready to enter her. He was going to experience being inside of his daughter's pussy for the first time!

Tasha watched his face, knowing he thought the teasing was over. She placed his hard cock to her pussy lips, let her weight down ever so lightly so that just his cockhead went inside of her, then she stopped right there. Dean pulled at his bonds and gave an agonizing groan, "Aagghh!"

Amber chuckled as she put her legs on either side of his face, "Put that mouth to use daddy."

Dean felt Amber's pubic hair touching his face, but she wasn't using her hands to help. He stuck his tongue out but it did nothing but land on her, it didn't go in. Amber reached down and placed her hands on either side of his face and pushed her pussy closer, "This should help." It took several tries for his tongue to lick her pussy lips apart and make contact with her sensitive flesh beneath. She pushed her pussy even closer to his mouth as she felt his tongue. Looking over at Tasha still teasing him, Amber didn't know how much more she could take, much less Dean. She loved it.

While the girls weren't as bad off as their dad, they had both gotten to the point where the real fucking needed to start. They got off of him and each one untied one of his hands. Both Tasha and Amber had done just about everything a woman could do sexually. But this time their teasing had produced a raging beast. They had a wild animal on their hands, one that demanded satisfaction. They had both fucked men in various stages of passion, but neither had experienced the pure animal lust that exploded from their father.

Dean jumped up, got on his knees, and showed how strong he was as he threw Tasha on her back and rammed his cock into her pussy, deep and hard. Even as he started fucking, he grabbed Amber threw her on her back next to Tasha and started to ravage her pussy with his mouth, lips and tongue.

Tasha screamed as his hard cock rammed into her. She clawed his back as the intense pleasure filled her completely. She gasped! Was he trying to get his cock to her mouth by ramming it in her pussy?

Amber felt like she was being fucked by his mouth. She had never been faced with such wild and unrestrained desire. Her body actually started to hump his face as she moaned a steady "Yes." Both of the girls chorused a stream of "Ah's" and "Oh's as their bodies raced to a wild climax.

Tasha was bewildered, just how fucking big was he? Her dad totally filled her up and he never decreased his thrust. Harder and harder, she matched him making him go as deep as he could go. She arched her back to get him in deeper yet, his thrusting cock made her explode into an intense orgasm!

Dean took his mouth away from Amber as he felt Tasha's pussy grabbing at his cock. His passion became more powerful and extreme as he tried to drive his cock through her. Harder, faster, deeper were his only brain functions and he smiled at her screams. Suddenly, he ripped his cock out of Tasha, and moving as fast as he could, he rammed his cock deep into Amber.

Amber grabbed him, making an animal sound. She was completely filled up, where only seconds before there was nothing in her. It wasn't gentle in any way as his hard cock ravaged her pussy. Waves of devastating pleasure coursed through her as she bucked him. Amber's body response actually made the animal Dean had become even more of a beast. Tasha was opened mouthed as she saw Amber being bounced off of the bed.

Squealing, Amber wrapped herself around him; her orgasm rocking her entire body. Her body convulsed as her pussy sent her a mind blowing explosion! Even though her arms and legs surrounded him, Dean was too strong, and too far gone to be contained. He ripped his cock out of Amber, leaping over, grabbed Tasha.

Tasha found herself on her knees and didn't really remember how she got that way. She felt her dad behind her, and then his hard cock buried itself into her pussy again. Her throat produced a shuddering sound as she gritted her teeth and ground herself into him.

Dean plunged his hard cock into Tasha; his strong hands were on her hips pulling her into him as hard as he could. He slammed in and out, in and out at a blazing pace. His balls felt like they were on fire!

Tasha tried using her hands for balance but it was useless, she was being held in a viselike grip that only intensified her experience. She had finally found someone that could match her in what she needed and desired. She loved it rough. Her pussy was suddenly filled with his cum and she exploded in a second orgasm. Dean let out a noise that sounded like a wolf howl as he shot his cum into Tasha. He pumped and pumped and never stopped fucking. He let go with his hands and Tasha fell face first to the bed.

Amber looked wide eyed at her dad's still hard cock. Her mind was trying to figure out why he had shot his cum and was still hard. She was still trying to figure it out when she found her legs spread apart and his cock deep inside of her again. Tasha, lying on her back, stared wearily as he actually picked up Amber and continued to fuck her. He was using his hands on her hips to push her on and off of his cock!

Amber felt light headed. The angle of his fucking made everywhere his cock touched inside of her body magnified. Waves of pleasure, bordering on pain, swept through her young body. Her mind wasn't ready for another orgasm; it was too soon after the first one. The human in him had been overpowered by the wild animal, and the animal was not through. He kept fucking her and fucking her, as his massive arms shoved her onto his cock. Her dad exploded in her which triggered an orgasm that was more intense than the first one.

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