Seducing Mom


I continued pinching her nipples as she pleaded, "NO, no please stop!" As I ripped her dress off and could see her lingerie, I shot some precum.

I ripped my pants open as I "fought" with her, and told her, "Oh no BITCH! This is going to happen!"

She quickly quit "struggling" as I pried her legs apart and forced my self between them.

Once I was there, it was not hard to penetrate her through those crotchless panties. I forced myself into her really hard, but she was already wet with anticipation.

I remember telling her that she was so wet this must be turning her on.

She continued with the no,no,no's as I told her she was a slut and all mine that night! Mom was still resisting me a bit as I rammed her, but her hips were moving to meet my thrusts. I didn't last long at all and had a huge explosion deep inside her. She came big time right after me.

As we agreed, we took a short break. That was the most intense sex I'd ever have and I was instantly hard again. When we continued, I just started fucking her wildly again and she cam more than me, some "rape".

Then when I went flaccid, I got off her and forced her head back around to my cock. I grabbed her hair much more firmly that I had before and I enjoyed watching her suck me hard, suck me to orgasm, and then suck me dry as I told her to swallow every drop. Then, I told her that I really liked fucking her and this party was just beginning. I pulled her head back to my cock and she sucked it hard again. This time when I was rock hard, I rolled her over on all fours.

She thought I was going doggy style, but I grabbed the Vaseline under the bed and put some on my tip and her anus, and suddenly she knew what I was about to do.

She said, "Joe, be careful now." As I eased into her tight ass.

I worked myself all the way in and she pleaded for me to stop along the way. Then I started slowly fucking her. Mom's ass was so tight it hurt both of us at first. Then she relaxed and loosened up and the sensations were fantastic!

Suddenly she went wild and just started screaming at the top of her lungs. I put a pillow in front of her mouth because I was afraid the neighbors might hear her and think something was wrong. Then she just started cumming and she was yelling with each of my thrusts, which were getting harder and more forceful. She was squirting almost non-stop now and it was all over the bed. I was getting close to another big one so I started ramming her ass harder. I felt myself cumming and just grabbed mom's hips with all my strength and rammed it in.

She arched up and let out a huge wailing scream as I came in her ass. She scared me when she collapsed on the bed after that. She blacked out for a few seconds, and was lying there under me, just trying to breathe. We were both sweaty wet messes when I slowly pulled my flaccid cock out of her ass. I needed a shower then, so I left her panting and softly moaning on the bed.

As I showered, I was just starting to get hard again as I thought about what I had just done to my mother. Feelings of guilt swept over me, but I had to plan the rest of this out. I wanted my mother to be my complete sexual slave before the night was over and now I needed to continue.

When I came out of the shower, she was in the bathroom in her wet black lingerie asking if she should change and touch up. I agreed and told her to get her white lingerie on. It was a bridal type outfit and consisted of a thin teddy, panties, a thin robe and white stockings.

She came into the kitchen where I had made a snack of fruit and sliced cheese. She poured another glass of wine for herself and offered me some.

We talked about the rape and she told me she absolutley loved it. She added that having her son do it made it very special to her.

We then talked about what was ahead-—how she would become my slut and later sex slave. She was so "sexed up" at that point, I had no problems just telling her how it would be.

We went back the bedroom where I tied her to the bed spread eagle, untied her panties and just started fucking her pussy until I came. Then I ravaged her body pinching her nipples and clitoris with clothespins. I spanked her wet pussy with our new crop and pulled out her vibrators and the other things we bought as I played with her.

She came several times and whenever I started getting hard I either fucked her pussy or her mouth.

I didn't say much at first, but then I started calling her a slut and whore--my own mother. She just agreed and begged for more!

It was getting late and we were both getting tired. I was starting to have dry orgasms by then and decided we needed another break before I made her my slave.

She stripped out of her sweaty outfit and took a shower while I got something else to eat. Her bed was soaked! She got a bite and asked what was next because she didn't know how much more she could take. It was after 3 by then.

I led her back to her room and put her on the soaked bed. We were both naked and I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with her next other than make her my slave. I decided to put her on top of me and let her ride me awhile, since we both enjoyed it so much the Sunday before. She followed my instructions and we were both soon fucking full force.

As soon as I thought she was getting close to orgasm, I told her to stop and just stay there with my cock inside her. I leaned up and gave her a long slow kiss and she started wanting to ride me, but I stopped her and asked, "Do you want more SLUT?"

She begged yes as she started trying to ride me and kiss me.

I told her to stop again and went on, "If you want more of me, you need to agree to some things."

Mom stopped and looked at me.

I went on, "I will call you 'mom' when we are not alone, but when we're alone I will call you SLUT. Understand?"

She looked puzzled, but nodded her head in agreement.

I continued, "When we are alone and have nothing to do, you will be my sexual slave and serve my desires. Right there, right then, and you can have NO reservations." I finished by saying, "You will have no other men but me and I may add to the rules later; but for right now they are the rules for as long as I live here. Do you understand SLUT?"

My mom was frozen on me for a few seconds and she nodded. I had her tell me she understood and she did.

Then I laid back and told her to fuck me until she couldn't fuck anymore tonight.

She immediately did so and we each came a couple of more times before we got too tired. I told her to come with my to my room where the bed was dry.

We went to bed and slept until 10 a.m. Saturday. When I awoke, I was hard and decided to put my new slave through her first test, as she lied there sleeping, I rolled her over on her back, spread her legs as she woke up dazed, and started fucking her.

She asked what I was doing and mentioned needing to go shopping.

I reminded her of her promise and that she belonged to me as I came inside her.

We got up and she went shopping as I started my chores. Her room still smelled heavily of sex. When she got home, she put the food and things up and had a snack.

I then walked into the kitchen and told her to follow me to her room. Once there, I told her that as she is a slut, I expect her to wear slutty things around the house and open up her drawer of slips and camisoles. I threw her a thin black shear camisole and told her to wear that and nothing else.

She did as I told her and came out to the living room. I got hard quickly and spread her legs on the couch and started fucking her. We both came quickly.

I then got off of her and told her to start sucking my dripping cock.

She did until I came again and she sucked it all up.

Then we talked about it and she admitted that she liked the way our relationship was going. She said she really got turned on shopping when she was thinking about me being able to take her and use her anytime I wanted.

Through time, the agreement was modified a bit, but our dirty secret remained and mom remained my very willing sex slave until I moved out. I did stay there for college and even had a couple of girlfriends along the way. More to come.

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by ROCKY7007/02/17

Mother and Son incest

Now this is the BEST INCEST EVER. Don't mess up a good story by adding a third or even forth person. Moms love to fuck sons I know. a good read THANKS

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