tagMind ControlSeducing Mother & Daughter

Seducing Mother & Daughter


This is my first story in several months. This story does not contain any incest or wild sex. It emphasises hypnotic technique. I hope you enjoy it and vote. Five is nice. MH

* * * * * *

I'm 48 years old and frustrated. I've been divorced for a year and the single's bars are just not my thing. I want action and I am clueless. I am an investment banker by trade and a hypnotist by avocation. I am tall and well built, go to the gym every day. None of which has helped my sex life. The young things at the gym seem too young and the women I think I would be interested in don't appear.

I was thinking all this as I was running to the gym for my morning workout. I decided I was going to get one of the "young things."

I went to one of the many elliptical trainers and started pedaling. The machine next to me was a treadmill with one of the "young things" on it. She was 5 feet 4 inches tall and lovely. Probably 28 years younger than me.

"Hi," I said, "I've seen you here almost as often as I am here. You must really like to exercise."

"Not really, I'm just scared not to."

"How is that?"

"I've got to keep up with all of the other girls. If I fall behind with my looks, I'm lost."

I was pedaling along at a high speed without breathing hard. "I can make it easier for you."

"How can you do that?"

"When you finish the treadmill, we'll go out to the patio and I'll tell you. No charge."

She looked at me quizzically. "Sure, what do I have to lose."

I didn't respond. When she stopped, about fifteen minutes later, we went to the patio. There was a soft drink machine near the door. The patio was empty.

"Can I get you a soft drink?"

"Thank you," she said, "I'll drink my water. Tell me what you were talking about."

We were at a small table. I took my Diet Coke and sat next to her. "I'm Mike."

"I'm Cheryl, hello."

"Cheryl, what I can do for you is teach you to use concentrated thought to make your actions easier and more effective. Look at me, I certainly don't look like I'm almost 50, do I?"

Her mouth fell open. I definitely didn't. "What is concentrated thought?"

"It is the ability to focus completely on what you are doing to the exclusion of everything else and to focus all of your energy on whatever you are working on."

Breathless. "How do I do that?"

"I can train you to do it."

"Will you, please?"

"I'll consider it. First I need to see if you are capable of that much concentration. Close your eyes and picture yourself in a coma where all you can hear will be your heartbeat. I will tell you when to stop by touching your arm. Now!" I said now sharply.

She closed her eyes and her head fell backwards. At first she was squeezing her eyes, but soon they were just closed gently and I could tell her eyes were rolled into the back of her head. I let her stay that way for about two minutes. I touched her arm. She opened her eyes and sat up. "Will I be able to do it?"

"Yes, I would say so. I have a studio where I work. When can you come by?"

"I'm out of school at 2:00 I could be at your studio by 3."

"Here is my card, I'll see you at three."

She would do just fine. She just about put herself in a deep trance. This was going to be a new experience for me. I had never used hypnosis without permission. I had certainly never used it to obtain sex. To say I was anxious, is understating it dramatically.

At 3:00 sharp Cheryl showed up at my studio. It was a two room loft. High ceiling with a downstairs work area and a balcony that had a large bed that I would use occasionally, if I didn't feel like going home. She was wearing a dressy sweat outfit. Powder blue with white trim.

"Well, here I am. I'm ready for you to make my exercise more productive."

"Come on in." I took her hand and led her to a couch in the office.

"First, describe your routine to me?"

"It's pretty unfocused. I get to the gym and walk on the treadmill until I get bored and then I'll get the big medicine ball and do stretches. Sometimes I'll work on some of the leg machines and rarely I'll do upper body stuff."

She was looking embarrassed as she told this to me.

"How often do you go to the gym?"

"Every day."

I didn't really care about any of this, but I wanted to create realism and credibility. "What are you studying?"

"Criminal Justice. I hope to go on to law school or maybe a police department."

"We need to get you focused. What parts of your body where you trying to work on?"

"Basically, the whole thing. I want to be totally tight, no fat."

"Close your eyes." She did.

"Picture yourself walking on the treadmill at a very fast pace. Can you do that?"


"As you walk your mind will get totally blank and you will only hear my voice. You will not want to speak or move, just the walking on the treadmill. Faster and faster. Your focus on the treadmill is total. You can feel yourself tiring, it is getting harder and harder to walk, but you keep walking. The effort is straining you. You can feel yourself passing out, but you keep walking." She was starting to breath deeply.

"Can you hear me?"


"How do you feel?"


She was laying on the couch with her head resting on the top of the padded back. Her arms were flopped at her side as her diaphragm went in and out. She looked unconscious. I touched her eye lid and pulled up. Her eyes were rolled up.

"Are you still walking?"

"No, I collapsed."

Her legs were splayed in front of her. I took her heels and pulled her legs in front of her. I held them so they would be straight out. "I am holding your legs. Make them stiff and hold them here."

This was no small task. I could tell that she was in very good shape and I was convinced she could hold them at least a minute. I slowly let go of her legs and they dropped an inch and steadied. They slowly started to drop. "As your legs slowly drop your coma is getting deeper. You are getting in touch with your soul. Keep your legs stiff."

Her legs continued to drop until her heels were on the floor. They were still stiff. I took her by the hips and made her body straight. "Keep your body stiff until I tell you okay."

I let go of her hips and her body remained stiff. I let her stay stiff for three minutes. "Now, your body will soften and collapse. You will now be completely unconscious."

Her body collapsed and she was like a rubber doll. I picked up her leg at the knee and it dangled. I dropped it and it plopped with a thud. Now for step two.

"When I tell you, you will awaken feeling very good. You will feel like you can do anything I ask. You will want to do anything I ask, It will make you feel terrific. If I ever say coma to you, you will go back to the stage you are in now. Do you understand?"


"Cheryl, wake up!"

She opened her eyes and sat up. She stretched her entire body. "I feel terrific, what did you do?"

"It is all part of the program. Now we will do some working out. First, sit-ups. Do fifty sit-ups?"

She got on the floor and quickly did fifty sit-ups. "Now, fifty push ups."

She quickly did fifty pushups. The last few were clearly strained. "Is that the first time you ever did fifty pushups?"

"Yes. I feel great."

"Take your sweatshirt off and let me see your abs." She did. She had a clear six-pack. She was wearing a blue sports bra. Now let me see your leg musculature?"

She did that also. She was wearing matching blue panties. Her legs were very trim. "Coma"

She collapsed in a heap in front of me. I had to catch her to keep her from hurting herself. She had just let go. I gently laid her shoulders on the floor as her head hung back and touched the floor slightly before her shoulders. "You like showing me your body, don't you?"



"My father is dead and I always wanted to show him how well I developed my body. He was into physical culture. You remind me of my father."

"Did you ever feel like you wanted to make love with your father?"

"Oh, yes, I had fantasies. I was devastated when he was killed in a robbery at his store."

"Is your mother alive?"

"Yes, I live with her."

"What is she like?"

"Very pretty, she also is into physical conditioning."

I took a chance and felt her crotch. It was damp and she did not react.

"You are getting very aroused laying here almost naked in front of me. When I wake you, you will put your arms around me and kiss me. That will make you even more aroused. You will want me to make love with you."

"Cheryl, wake up."

She woke up and stood up. I was sitting on a large chair a few feet from her. She came over to me and sat on my lap, put her arms around me and gave me a lingering kiss. When I opened my mouth her tongue darted in. We kissed like that for several minutes. I felt her groin and it was wet. I put my hand under her panties and into her cunt. It was sopping wet. She moaned.

"Make love to me, please?" I reached around her back and unsnapped her bra. Her breasts were firm and beautiful. I took her in my arms and carried her upstairs to the king-size bed in the loft. She clung to me as I climbed the stairs. I put her down and took off my shirt.

"Let me do the pants, please?" With pleasure.

I was standing next to the bed. She reached over and undid my belt and unzipped my fly. She reached in and pulled my penis free. It was getting very hard. She pulled my drawers over my engorged penis and let my pants and drawers fall to the floor.

"Put it in your mouth?"

She did and sucked it all the way into her throat. Heavenly. This was working better than I had dared contemplate. While she was deep throating me I was massaging her clit. She was humming over my penis. Her hips were gyrating over my hand as she moved up and down on my penis. Finally, I stopped her before I came.

"Wait, lets get more intimate. Lay back on the bed and spread your legs. When I enter you, you will have a huge orgasm." She lay back and spread her legs, wide. I got on top and slowly entered her. She was tight, very tight. I could feel her vagina walls clutching and releasing my penis. I held on and kept pumping. She was screaming: "Oh, yes, oh, yes!"

When I finally let go Cheryl came again, wrapping her arms around my chest and moaning. I could feel her vagina pumping my penis. I laid with her as she came down from her second orgasm. When I was sure she was through I said "coma."

She went completely limp. "When is the last time you made love?"

She answered in a monotone, like she was far away. "Over a year ago."

"Why so long?"

"I wanted to find just the right person and it wasn't happening."

"How do you feel now?"


"The next time you workout you will feel like you have more concentration and the time will pass faster for you. Your muscles will feel as if they are getting stronger as you slowly increase your reps. Do you understand?"


"You will tell your mother about how I was able to help your workouts and suggest she try to work with me. You will give her my telephone number and suggest she call me. You will not mention the sexual relations and you will not think about the sex when you are away from me. Do you understand?"


I gathered her panties and sports bra and picked her up and took her downstairs. I sat her on the couch. "Wake up and get dressed."

She opened her eyes and looked around. Without a word she put her clothes on. I acted like nothing had happened. "The next time you workout you will notice a remarkable difference."

"Thank you very much. I feel terrific. I can't wait to see what happens. I'm going to suggest to my mother that she ask you to help her."

"I'm sure I'll see you at the gym. Anytime you want to boost your performance just tell me. Coma." She started to collapse. I caught her and sat her back in the couch. I just wanted to see if it would work out of context. We weren't calling it hypnosis, but Cheryl was certainly hypnotized. "Cheryl wake up."

She woke up and looked around. "Did something just happen? I feel strange."

"You got up and sat down again. Everything looks fine to me. Have your mother call me. See you later."

This was working out even better than I hoped. I wonder what I will be able to do with the mother, if she calls.

She did call the following evening at six. "Hy, this is Sybil Stark, I am Cheryl's mother. She tells me you helped her make her workouts even more productive. Could you do that for me."

I had seen Cheryl at the gym and she was clearly working out with purpose. Very impressive. Now I get to train mother. "Sure, when do you want to have a session?"

"If it isn't too presumptuous, could we do it tonight at eight?" Wow, that was quick.

"As it happens, I am free tonight. I'll see you at eight at my studio."

The call had come in to the studio so I just straightened up and waited for Sybil to show up. She showed up at eight exactly. Sybil Stark was a replica of Jodi Foster. She was beautiful. She also looked like she kept in shape. She was wearing a sweat suit like Cheryl, except hers was coral. Unfortunately, I did not know how far I could push her physical endurance. I would have to use other methods to control her.

I shook her hand and led her into the office. I sat her where Cheryl had sat. "Tell me what your goals are?"

"I want to stop the clock. Cheryl said you did it for yourself, I want you to do it for me." She even sounded like Jodi Foster.

"I have no magic, all I can do is make you focus on your physical activities, better."

"What ever works. What do I have to do? Cheryl was very vague as to what you did, all she knew was it worked and she felt terrific."

"I do concentration and relaxation drills and I simulate a workout to get you started with the method. First we will do a relaxation drill. Put your head back and close your eyes. Take forty deep breaths as deep as you can and as fast as you can." This would help her hyperventilate.

"With each breath you will feel your body relax more." She started taking deep breaths. She had great lung capacity and I enjoyed watching her chest rising and falling. Soon she stopped and lay there. "How do you feel?"

"Relaxed." She clearly was not hypnotized. But, she did not open her eyes. I had to wear her down and make her more susceptible.

"Now we will do some exercise. Focus on the exercise to the exclusion of everything else. Do one hundred pushups or as many as you possibly can. When you finish stay in position."

She got on the floor and started doing pushups. She slowed appreciably after twenty five. She kept pushing through forty five when she stopped and lay there.

"Now, again take deep breaths. With each breath you will become more relaxed until you feel as if you were unconscious." She started taking deep breaths. As I watched the deep breaths became slower and slower. Sybil's forehead was on the floor and her arms were folded under her. Now, I had to take control.

"Sybil, I am going to count from 10 down to one. With each number you will give up more control of your body to me. As you feel the control of your body leaving you it will make you feel as if you were in suspended animation. Your mind will be completely blank." As I counted I watched for subtle signs. Her body seemed to get even more limp. When I got to ten I went over and gently rolled her onto her back. She did not react. My state of arousal was almost painful. This was a very desirable woman. I didn't want to miscalculate and ruin it.

"Can you hear me?"

Her voice was very soft and indistinct. "Yes."

"Stretch your legs and put your arms over your head." She slowly did so.

"Now, make your arms and legs totally stiff." The arms and legs stiffened without any other change. She was deep.

"Let your whole body go completely limp. As I speak to you your body is getting warm, very warm. In fact you have never felt so hot." She began to perspire over her lip.

"I am going to waken you. When I do you will feel marvelous, except for the heat. You will have a glow and you will feel very happy and trusting. You will really like being near me. You will not know why, but you will know that it feels terrific being near me. If I tell you to relax, you will revert to the state you are in now. Wake up Sybil."

She slowly opened her eyes and sat up. "Wow, that was something, what did you do? I feel wonderful, but I'm so hot. Temperature that is." When she said the last comment she blushed. I was charmed. This is a women I wanted to posses.

She stood up and was creating air by pulling her sweat top in and out. "You really are warm, why don't you take your sweat suit off?"

"You'd like that wouldn't you?" She smiled.

"Oh, yes I would." She proceeded to pull the top over her head. Like her daughter, she was wearing a sports bra. Big deal. She sat and pulled off her sweat pants. She was wearing running pants! Was I disappointed.

Smiling. "That's better, but I am still hot." She walked up to me. She was about eleven inches shorter than me. She looked up at me from close range.

"Would you like me to take the rest off?"

"You bet!" She reached behind her back and removed her sports bra. She then sat down and removed her running pants. She was now completely naked.

My erection was obvious.

She put her arms around me and tilted her head to be kissed. I accommodated her. We kissed for several minutes. I decided I wanted to stay in control. I pulled slightly away from her and looked at her. She was so pretty. Her breasts were soft, but they hardly sagged. Her pubic hair was red and trimmed. Her body was as tight as her daughter's and she was much more my type then Cheryl. "Relax."

I caught her as she started to collapse. I took her upstairs to the bed. I laid her on the bed and took my clothes off. I was wearing a sweat suit and no underwear. I was ready. I felt her pussy. Very wet. Her nipples were hard.

"Do you want to fuck?"

"Yes, yes, please."

"Have you ever done it in the ass?"

"Yes, I don't like it as much."

"Do you give good head?"


"Do you enjoy that?"

"Yes, I like being in control."

"Do you like my controlling you now?"

"Yes, it gives me a high I have never felt before."

"I am going to mount you. I will wake you when I am fully inside of you. You will start having the biggest orgasm of your life."

I spread her legs and lifted her knees and slowly entered her. She was much tighter than I expected. She probably wasn't having much sex. It was very lubricated and felt terrific. "Wake up!"

Sybil woke up and began to shake. Her vagina went into spasm. I had never felt anything like it. At first she was moaning then the moans got louder and louder. Finally, It turned into a very loud ah. I had a wonderful orgasm.

She lay there with her arms around me. "That was terrific. I don't know how you did it or how I got up here and I don't care. Cheryl said I should meet you and she was right."

"Relax." She collapsed. "When ever I touch any part of you and talk to you, you will do exactly as I ask without any thought. Do you understand?"


"Wake up."

"You did it again. I really feel stupendous. Can I see you again?"

"Absolutely. Would you like to go out for desert?"

"That would be fun. We should get dressed first."

"Cute." My sense of humor.

"I know a little Italian restaurant near the River Walk that serves wonderful spumoni."

We went in my car to the restaurant. I held her hand as we walked in. I asked for a table in the corner. We sat down and she snuggled next to me. With my arm around her I whispered, "Go take off your bra and bring it to me."

She got up and went to the ladies room. She came back shortly and handed me her bra. "Did you want this?" I took it and put it next to me. She sat down next to me again and I put my arm around her and on her bare breast. The waiter came up to take our order. I thought his eyes would bug out.

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