tagLetters & TranscriptsSeducing My Lover's Wife

Seducing My Lover's Wife

bySassy Susan©

This is all your fault, lover. You introduced me to the idea of being with you while you are with Kate. That excites me: seducing a man's wife while he makes love to her. I want that. I want to be in a threesome with you and her. So I am going to do it, first in my imagination and then, if you like how it works out, in real life. Your marriage may never be the same, love.

Imagine her reaction when I slip into your bedroom while you are fucking her missionary style. The room is dim but she sees the movement, and then me, over your shoulder. Her eyes go wide with shock. But she doesn't stop fucking you. She just stares at me, a strange woman in her bedroom. What could I be doing there? What can she be thinking? I don't know, and I don't know why she doesn't say anything. Did you tell her I was coming? No, that can't be it. I didn't tell you when I was going to do this, just that I would do it.

She just lies there, her legs wrapped around yours, her hands on your back and her hips humping back at yours as you pump into her. I can hear the wet sounds you make as you fuck her. Her eyes are locked onto mine as she moves under your assault. I undress slowly, watching her watching me as you fuck her, unaware of my presence. About the time I am pushing my wet panties down my thighs she comes. She comes hard, surprising you, I think.

Even as she is coming she doesn't close her eyes. She keeps staring at me as she moans and humps up into you. And then I am standing beside the bed, close by her head. Only then do you realize I am in the room. You haven't come yet; I am glad. We are in a sort of freeze-frame scene, you hovering, unmoving, over her body, her breasts damp with perspiration, and her gaze flicking from me to you and back again in confusion but with a background of lust. She is still breathing hard from her orgasm, and her chest seems to be the only thing moving in the room.

With my hand on your shoulder for balance, I lean down and kiss Kate softly on the lips. Still she doesn't close her eyes. She seems in shock, too confused to know what to do. I smile into her eyes and kiss her again, this time letting my tongue caress her lips lightly. My hand moves from your shoulder to her breast and we both feel her stiffen. But she doesn't stop me. She stares deep into my eyes and then shifts to look at you. Now her eyes have a question in them. After a long moment you nod ever so slightly.

Kate blinks and shifts her gaze back to me. I smile at her and after a moment she smiles back; not a big smile, just a hint of one. Something passes between us, an understanding. She raises her head slightly and I kiss her again. This time she responds, hesitantly for sure, but she does respond.

Our lips rub gently together and I tease her again with the tip of my tongue -- a soft lick across her lips. I feel her breath on my mouth; she has parted her lips and is kissing me back. Her eyes are now closed and she sighs into my mouth.

I back away slightly and her eyes pop open again in surprise and..... disappointment? This time she raises her head with purpose and our mouths meet once more. My tongue probes between her lips and meets hers just inside her mouth. Her eyes are still open and she is staring into mine from just an inch or so away. As our tongues meet and caress, her eyes glaze and the lids flutter closed. It is now that I know she is mine. She is giving herself to me even as she lies in your arms, your cock still hard inside her belly.

I give you a nudge with my elbow and you catch on. You begin fucking her again, slowly and sensuously as she and I kiss and I massage her breast, play with her hard nipple. I can feel her responding to your movement deep in her cunt. Her heart beat is clear, fast, and strong beneath my hand, and her breath is full and steady in my mouth. A moan passes between us and I don't know whose it is.

Soon, surprisingly soon, I sense that she is getting close once more. You must sense it, too, for you are picking up your pace. You are beginning to pant with your effort and I feel your breath against my cheek

Oh, John, this is so hot, being here with you and Kate. I can feel you fucking her and I am drinking in her saliva and her sweet breath. She is rising to her climax as I clutch her breast and wallow in her sexy mouth. I realize my free hand is busy down in my own wet center. I am suddenly aware that I am about to come, too. I can feel the rising tension in my belly, the swelling of my loins, and the building pressure of impending eruption. I cannot hold off, much as I try. It is overwhelming me.

Oh, fuck. Fuck. FUCK! I am convulsing in orgasm as Kate yells into my open mouth and comes with me. We are panting and groaning into each other's mouths as we spasm in unison. My legs go weak and I collapse on the bed beside you two. It is only a minute or two later as we regain a semblance of dignity that I realize you have come as well.

Kate is smiling at me, a lewd smile, and I cannot help but laugh. Her smile broadens into a laugh of her own. After a while we calm again and I say to her, "Hello, Kate. My name is Susan and I have been fucking your husband in cyber space for awhile. It's nice to meet the woman he really loves."

She pauses for a long space, all the while looking deep into my eyes as though searching for something. She then turns to you and punches you lightly on the chin. She pulls you down to kiss her and you do. Well and truly, you do.

When you part she smiles at you and then at me, and says, "Hello Susan. I know who you are. And I know what you have been doing with my horny husband. He doesn't know it but I read his email. All of it."

As though pausing for effect she smiles at you and says, "Honey, you really should pay more attention to the security of your computer. I know all about what you do on-line, including everything you and Susan have done."

Now it is you, John, who looks to be in shock -- and more than a little panicked. I can almost see your thoughts running amok in your mind: "Oh, God. What's on that hard drive? What has she seen? Oh, God, oh shit. I'm a dead man."

Kate must see the same thing because she starts to laugh again.

"Oh, darling, it's OK. I have seen everything and I have to be honest. I have been abusing my poor pussy right along with the nasty stuff you guys have been doing, and all the other stuff you have done and looked at, John. I just haven't known how to bring the subject up. Relax, honey. Everything's cool."

Truth be told, John, you look stunned. This must be too much, too quickly, for you to process and accept.

Kate turns to me and smiles again. "Susan, I knew you were going to come here. I read your note to John telling him what you planned to do. But you didn't say when you would come to us. So every time John and I had sex I kept one eye out for you. When I saw you come through the door tonight I almost fainted.

"I've been looking forward to this ever since I read your note to John. I have wanted you to come, but frankly I have been scared stiff that you actually would – and at how I would react. I have never been with a woman, although I've been curious. And I never mentioned it to John.

"Susan, although I knew you might show up some day, it was still a hell of a shock to see you actually here. And God bless you for coming."

She pulls me down and kisses me again. This time she is the initiator, and I fall into her embrace and her mouth. She is delicious and warm. As we snuggle and pull you into our embrace she giggles.

"I'm doing better than I thought I would. Thank you, guys. I like this. So what do we do next? I mean after we get John's blood pressure back down near normal."


Well, John, I think that went well, don't you? How about it? Want to go for real?

Love, Susan

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