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Seducing Sarah


I am a very, very lucky man. I've got a fantastic girlfriend called Kelly, and not only is she young and great-looking with a wonderful body, but she's also a complete slut in bed. Further to that, of late I've been letting her sleep around a bit, because her experience with men before me was very limited. She recently started seeing a guy from work, and would always come home to me and describe everything she had done in such detail that I always ended up with a raging hard-on, and a mega sex session would always follow. One night I went out with my best friend Richard, and because he knew me well he could tell that something was up. I decided to explain, and told Richard fully what was going between her and I. Richard was intrigued, if a little puzzled. Kelly was such a good-looking girl; he said that if he was her boyfriend, he wouldn't let anyone near her! However, the thought of her being such a slut did turn him on, he had to admit.

Richard was married to a brilliant girl called Sarah, and while she wasn't as good-looking or as shapely as Kelly, she was still very pretty and well worth one in my opinion! I told Richard so, and he looked at me disbelief. He said he didn't think I would look at his wife twice, not when my girlfriends (past and present) have all been so fit, but I told him I would love to have given Sarah one, in fact before they got married I once tried it on with her, but she told me that she fancied Richard, so I left it.

Richard was quite surprised at that, but looked secretly happy at my compliments towards his wife. I had some videos and photos on my mobile phone of Kelly naked, including some pictures she had taken for me while on her adventures which I had transferred from her phone to mine. They included shots and scenes of her fucking and sucking her bit-on-the-side, a man called Steve who she worked with, and I showed them to Richard.

He was quite taken with the ones of her sucking him off, and he admitted that while his sex life with Sarah was still quite good (they did it twice a week on average) she never went down on him anymore. I felt sorry for the poor guy as he also commented on how nice Kelly's pussy was. She kept it shaved completely bald for me, and Richard told me that Sarah had given up shaving hers since they had their last baby a couple of years ago. He enjoyed watching the videos and when the pub we were in closed, we agreed to go out again tomorrow to talk further.

We went uptown the following night and saw Kelly, who was also out 'with the girls' hanging around the guy she was playing about with. She never saw us as we watched her secretly, dancing, kissing and flirting with this guy, as well as several of his mates. She was very drunk and when one man started to grope her boobs and bottom in the middle of the dance floor, we decided to go home, leaving Kelly with her friends.

We went back to my place, carrying on drinking and as usually happens between drunken blokes, the conversation turned to sex. While we waited for my girlfriend to come back in, hopefully with cum in her pussy and a mobile phone full of filthy pictures, we stuck on a porn DVD and together we pondered what Kelly might be up to right at that particular moment, wherever she was. We laughed and joked that she might be getting gang-banged; the same way a porn-star was at the moment on the television screen.

When Kelly did come in a little while later, Richard was still there much to her surprise, but she was fine about it, in fact she even let him look at the new pictures and videos on her phone. They showed her sucking and fucking the guy we had seen her uptown with, and we all got pretty horny. Before long, I had Kelly stripped off and I fucked her right in front of my best friend. He even managed to join in a bit, getting his first blow job for several years, but nothing further than that!

The next week, Kelly went out again, and so I went out with Richard, who this time told me he had something to tell me. As we sat down with our drinks, Richard asked me where Kelly was tonight and I told him not get excited. She was only out with Tracey and he signed in mock disappointment, saying he had been looking forward to another blow job! It was karaoke night in the local pub and we had a great time, both getting pretty drunk and once his tongue was further loosened by the beer, Richard started talking about how good last week was. He couldn't get over how sexy Kelly was, and how fantastic it was to have a blow job again at long last.

Richard admitted that he had told his wife Sarah about Kelly sleeping with other guys, and that we had watched the videos of her. He said he hoped I wasn't cross with him, and I told him that as long as she promised not to say anything to anyone then it was fine with me. He hadn't told her about the blow job he got though, and asked me to keep that a secret when I spoke to Sarah next.

I asked Richard what she had thought to it all, and he said that it had got Sarah quite hot under the collar, although she had been angry with him at first for watching dirty videos. After he had explained it to her properly though, she had been quite intrigued and she had made him tell her everything which he had, apart from the bit where I fucked her in front of him, and of course when she sucked him off.

I asked Richard what it was he wanted to speak to me about, and he went on to explain that the night he had told Sarah this, they had enjoyed the best sex for quite some time, so he wanted me to come over to their house one night for dinner. Then we could instigate the conversation again and hopefully it would get her all fired up for another good session for him.

I told Richard that he should return the favour and video it for me. He had seen my girl so I should get to see his. Richard asked me if I would really like to see Sarah, as she was nowhere near as hot as my Kelly, and I told him that I definitely would, and to get the video sorted. Rich said that he wished that Sarah was as adventurous as Kelly; he would love to see her in a threesome or something raunchy, like what the two of us had done with Kelly the week before.

Kelly was going to a barbecue at one of Steve's friends on Saturday, so I told him I would come over then if he could organize a babysitter. Richard thought about it for a moment, and then nodded and said he would work on it and the next day he called and told me he'd sorted the kids. The plan was for us to go for a drink in the afternoon, him, Sarah and I, and then we would head back to their place for dinner.

Richard had told his wife it was just a nice night in, but of course he really wanted me to try and bring up the subject of Kelly's slutty behaviour, so that it might get Sarah all horny and hence bag him another great fuck. Before he hung up, he also told me that they were going to video themselves having sex, to spice things up a bit and he promised he would let me watch it sometime, obviously when Sarah wasn't about.

Saturday came around and when Kelly went off to the barbecue, I went over to Richard and Sarah's where they both greeted me at the door and we all crossed the road to the local pub. We had several drinks and by the time we got back to their house, Sarah was already slightly tipsy. Despite her merry state while she cooked, the meal was great and afterwards we had several more drinks. By the time we were all sitting in the front room Sarah was definitely drunk!

Richard's wife looked great tonight. She was in her late twenties, almost the same age as me and Rich, and even though she had given birth to two kids, she still had a lovely figure. Her naturally curly hair was a dark blonde, and although she usually wore it up, today she had let it fall to her shoulders which really suited her. Her big eyes were a really dark brown and they still had the mischievous twinkle that I had noticed those years ago before she got with Richard.

She was both cute and pretty, with dimples in her cheeks and a perfect Cupid's bow mouth. Like me with Kelly, Richard was a lucky man. As I mentioned, her figure was curvy but sexy and her breasts were her best feature. Richard had once told me they were a 36E and I could believe it today, as she wore a black jumper with a deep V-neck that showed off her ample cleavage. The dark blue jeans she was wearing were tight, so they showed off her curvy bottom. Although she wasn't as slim as Kelly, she was nowhere near fat or overweight. No, Sarah just had the curves a woman should have, and in all the right places.

After a lovely meal, and more alcohol in the form of a couple of bottles of red wine, I tried to think of ways to subtly turn subject of our conversation to sex, but I was struggling and so decided to be a bit more blatant. When there was a lull in the talking, I asked Sarah what she thought to Kelly and I, and said that I hoped she wasn't mad with me for showing Rich the photos and videos. Richard spluttered, almost choking on his wine, and had to go into the kitchen to clean himself up.

Sarah was quite drunk by now, and just shrugged her shoulders. She said that what Kelly and I did together was up to us, and she wasn't one to judge anybody. I asked her if she could understand why I wanted to let Kelly experiment, and after a moment Sarah nodded. She admitted that she sometimes regretted not playing the field more when she was younger. Richard looked at her and asked 'Really?' and Sarah nodded, but reassured him that she was very happy with him and their family, and the life they all had together. He had nothing to worry about.

I asked Sarah how many men she had been with before Richard, and she wouldn't tell me exactly, but she did say 'Not very many.' I didn't push her any further, but said that Kelly had only been with a couple of men before me, and neither of those experiences was particularly memorable, so I was letting her 'get it out of her system' so to speak. Sarah nodded, and then to my surprise, she asked me if she could see the videos. I looked at Richard and he just shrugged, so I passed her my phone.

Sarah sat and watched them while Richard went into the kitchen and refilled our glasses. Sarah's eyes went wide when she saw certain things on the video. From where I was sat, I couldn't see exactly which bits were provoking the reaction, but I was sure that what she was seeing was turning her on a little. I could hear Kelly's moans and the guys saying stuff coming from out of the phone's speaker though, and I saw her mouth drop open in shock at some of the dirty stuff the guys were saying to my girlfriend.

Sarah looked up at me finally when the films had all finished, and said that Kelly had a nice body and that she looked really adventurous in bed. She had a slightly jealous look in her eyes, and so I explained that she hadn't always been that way, but the things she had done with these other guys had really opened her up to trying new stuff in bed. It all meant that I was getting the benefit of everything we were doing. Sarah commented again on how slim and sexy Kelly looked and I butted in before she could get depressed at all, saying that she had a nice body too. Sarah argued back that hers was nowhere near as good as Kelly's but I argued otherwise, saying that Sarah's boobs were much bigger than Kelly's and that she was sexy in a much more womanly fashion, with her curves and all. Sarah asked me if I was telling the truth, and I said 'Of course' as sincerely as I could. She blushed and I saw her suppress a pleased little smile.

Richard had come back with the drinks, and said that he and Sarah were planning to make a naughty video together. Sarah looked embarrassed, her face turning even more crimson and I saw her aim a kick at Richard to shut him up. I saved him by saying that I thought it was a great idea, and to give it a go, because I was sure she would enjoy it! I paused to take a drink, and then cheekily asked if I could watch it when it was finished. Sarah's mouth dropped wide open in surprise, and she shut it with a click, before stammering that I wouldn't want to see that, would I?

I looked her dead in the eye, and put a puzzled look on my face. "I definitely would!" I said to her, and when she shook her head, I reminded her that I once asked her out when we were younger. She looked at me quizzically, and I confessed that I really fancied her before she got with Richard. She was still blushing and she now told me to shut up, but I could tell that she loved the attention and flattery. She was getting drunker and drunker now and it was making her more and more relaxed with the tone of the conversation.

We continued to talk about sex, and a bit later on we were talking about our favourite sexual positions and suddenly Sarah asked if she could watch Kelly's videos again. I passed her my phone, and as she was watching them with Richard, she would comment on some of the positions that Kelly got up to with Steve on the screen. She couldn't believe that Kelly got turned on by the bad language and the rough treatment and I just shrugged and said that she never knew she liked it rough until she went with Steve.

I could tell that Sarah was getting horny. I looked at the clock and noticed how late it was. That afternoon while we were all in the pub, I had nipped to the toilet and spoken to Kelly on the phone to see if she was alright. She had told me that she had already had a session with Steve at the barbecue and was looking forward to another one later. Since then however, I had heard nothing or received any messages from her at all.

I asked for my phone back for a moment to send Kelly a text message, and sent her a short one just asking how she was. It was strange for my girlfriend to go so long without letting me know anything; about seven hours had passed since I spoke to her last. I told Richard and Sarah that Kelly was probably getting screwed senseless right now because of the late hour, and the fact she hadn't text or called me meant she must be busy. Sarah said she couldn't believe how cool I was with it all, and I told her that Kelly had already had sex this afternoon with Steve, before I called her.

Sarah said something about Kelly being a lucky girl, and Rich asked her what she said. Sarah said she never got any from him anymore, and giggled as Rich wrestled and play-fought with her on the settee, asking her to take that comment back. He was tickling her, and then suddenly they started kissing, quite passionately on the settee opposite me. I pretended I wasn't there as they made out, but watched as his hands groped her tits. After a moment or so, I decided to go and get myself another beer from the kitchen. A bit of time would also hopefully allow the situation to develop a little bit further too.

When I came back and sat down, five minutes or so later, the two of them looked up at me startled, almost as though they had forgotten I was in the house. Sarah's jeans were undone, and Richard yanked his hand out of them as though I was his mother catching him in his bedroom when he was a kid. Sarah's jumper was pulled up, exposing a pretty, black bra. She pulled her jumper down quickly, but I told them not to stop on my account and grinned at the sight before me.

Sarah giggled and blushed again as she tried to pretend nothing was happening. She asked me if I had heard anything from Kelly yet but I shook my head and said she was probably getting gang-banged or something. Her eyes went wide, and she asked me if Kelly would really do that - let them all shag her - and I nodded and said 'If it's what she wants.' Again, I could tell Sarah was getting horny, and I moved my eyes to the television screen as they started kissing again.

Within a few minutes, Sarah's jumper was pulled back up, and then Richard slipped his hand back down his wife's jeans and from the movements I could see of his wrist, I gathered he had started fingering her. She was moaning quietly, but she didn't stop him as he lifted her jumper up over her head and off. I saw Sarah glance at me before returning to kissing Richard, who I saw throw me a sly wink as he carried on fingering her. Sarah's tits looked fantastic in her lacy, black bra, and I could see that he was easing her jeans down inch by inch with the hand he was fingering her with.

They were laid fully stretched out on their sofa after a few minutes, and I saw Richard's hand go around her back and unclip her bra. Her large breasts came out into view as he pulled the bra away, and I gasped at them and said 'Wow.' To say she had given birth twice, they were looked firm, and her nipples were large and a dark pink. Sarah looked over at me, and I openly stared at her boobs, hoping it would turn her on. I saw her stare at me for a moment, and then she returned to kissing her husband who had now taken his shirt off.

Sarah made no moves to cover up at all as they resumed kissing, not even when Rich eased her jeans and black knickers down to just below her hips, so I could see her light brown bush. Richard had told me previously that he wished she shaved her pussy like Kelly did, but Sarah's wasn't as hairy as I thought it might be. It was trimmed into a neat triangle, and her light-brown pubes were quite fine and fluffy. I felt my cock going hard as I watched him finger his wife right in front of me, and I wondered whether I should join in or not.

Richard was whispering into Sarah's ear, and I could see her saying something back to him, but couldn't hear what either of them was murmuring to each other. After another minute or two of pretty heavy making-out, which included Sarah undoing Richard's trousers and reaching into his shorts to play with him, he suddenly pulled away from her, and pulled down his trousers to reveal his quite impressive erection. My cock was probably about average length, about six inches long. Richard's dick was probably slightly longer than mine, maybe seven inches or so, but not as thick as mine. I've always prided myself on having decent 'girth.'

Then Richard tugged Sarah's jeans and knickers right down and off one leg. I thought he was going to fuck her, and I could see Sarah pulling him towards her, but he held her at arms length and looked over to me with another wink. Sarah was looking away from me, out of embarrassment I think because I could see that she was blushing bright red. She was still trying to pull Rich on to her, as much to cover her up as anything, but Richard kept her laid out on the sofa and asked me what I thought to his wife's body, now that she was naked and I could see her properly.

Although her head was turned away from me, I could see enough of her face to see her wince in embarrassment, so I answered as sexily as I could, saying quite honestly that I thought she was gorgeous. I said truthfully that she looked even better naked than she did dressed, and that I had wanted to see her tits for years now - finally, my dreams had come true! Again, I just could see the side of Sarah's face, but I definitely saw her smile at my comments.

Her body really was beautiful, her breasts were much larger than my girlfriend's, and were still quite firm for their size because they sat up quite well, despite her lying on her back. Richard pushed her legs open, and asked me what I thought to her pussy and I whistled in appreciation! I could see it properly now, and I sat up and leaned towards them for a better look. My hard-on was straining to get out of my trousers as I looked at her wet pussy. Even though I preferred women shaved like Kelly, hers did look nice with its neatly trimmed triangle of fawn-coloured soft hair curling on her nicely shaped pubic mound. The hairs around her clitoris and labia were sticky with her juices.

Richard asked me - if circumstances were different, and we were single, would I fuck her? - and I said that I definitely would! It was a no-brainer question if I had ever heard one! Sarah laughed at my cheekiness and Richard said 'I told you so' to her before finally allowing her to pull him on top of her. They started kissing again as he reached down and slipped his cock inside her. Sarah buried her face into Rich's shoulder as they made love, but I could hear her muffled moans as he started to move inside her.

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